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Reasons Why I Need S4

Will and Hannibal at a party. Hannibal is charming a small group, dressed to the nines. He pauses as Will comes up behind him, also dressed to the nines, curls perfectly tousled and Hannibal goes “And I would like you all to meet..” and Will cuts him off, smiling at Hannibal as he holds out his hand to the people. “His Husband.” 

Hannibal looks at him like Will just gave him the world and people comment on how perfect they are together.

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Ford feeling bad about his fingers, and stan comforting the the little baby ;v;

Ford rushes into his and Stan’s shared bedroom and rubs at his burning eyes. Tears were rolling down his flushed cheeks and his breath was labored form running all the way home from the school. He hiccups and flops onto his bunk feeling himself let go and finally begins to cry. His pillow muffled most of the sound but no all.

The kids at school l were ruthless this time. They often picked on Ford for the sheer fact he was a walking encyclopedia but sometimes they’d pick on his physical deformations. His hands were always a sensative topic to him and an easy target for bullies who had it out for him. This time however it was worse. The boys in gym class tied his hands together with the climbing rope and called the entire class over to look at gawk at his hands. Some began calling off bets for people to buy the “six fingered freak.” Kids left and right were calling out prices and raising their hands. It wasn’t until the coach blew the whistle signaling the end of class that the kids backed off and left Ford there tied up. He had to wiggle himself free and once the ropes were off he bolted out the door.

Ford stares down at his hands and the bright red burns on his wrists from the frayed rope. He frowns deeply at his extra digits and closes his fingers in tight fists. He holds his hands closer to his chest as another round of cries released themselves from him. He cried softly into his pillow once more but suddenly stopped at hearing the door open.

Stanley had come into the room. He the his boxing gear into the corner and wiped his sweaty brow clean with his shirt. He was red faced and sweaty from practice and he looked as exhausted as Ford felt.

Ford tried his best to wipe away his tears but as he looked at Stan and their eyes met he saw the immediate worry flash In his twins eyes. Stanley was up on Ford’s bunk in nearly seconds. He was always quick to Ford’s side.

“Fordsy..what’s wrong!?” He asked. Ford cringes at the god awful nickname that Stan had found a liking to calling him.

“N-nothing…it’s nothing…” Ford says shakily.

“Font lie to me sixer. We’re practically the same person. I know when you’re sad…” Stanley says. His tone had gone soft as if he spoke top loud Ford would crumble to dust.

“I…just some stupid kids…” Ford says and sniffles. Tears were rising in his eyes again.

“What did they do six-”

“Don’t call me that!!” For d suddenly shouts with tears rolling down his cheeks.

Stan looks to him In shock but he doesn’t back away. Instead, he pull Ford towards him and his twin all but collapses into him sobbing into his white tshirt. Stan held his brother close as he cried. He had seen Ford at his worst and this was defiantly close to it. Ford was a mess of whimpers and cries. His words were slurred and mixed between his sobs and barely eligible.

“Ford hey…hey calm down. Tell me what happened…” Stan coos into his brothers ear. Ford slowly leans back holding out his hands to show Stan the rope burns there. Stan’s eyes widden in shock before settling in pure rage, “who did this…?”

“Crampelter and his gang…” Ford says with a hint of mirth in his tone.

“I’ll kill them…” Stanley’s voice was suddenly hard and full of rage. It caught Ford of guard and he looked to his brother in pure shock.

Stan sighs shakily trying to release his rage. He reaches out and grips Ford’s shoulders and lays him back on the bed. Laying himself beside his brother, Stan wraps his arms around his twin and nuzzles him, “Ford, you don’t ever need to be ashamed of yourself. You’re so smart, so talented, and the extra fingers are just a bonus in my mind~ they just give you more character and I love it~” he says and kisses Ford’s face gently.

Ford looks to his brother with wide teary eyes. His heart began thumping in his chest rapidly at the sweet words Stanley was saying. Ford smiles softly and hugs his brother whispering shakily, “thank you Stanley~”


Adam Driver and Joanne Tucker on the red carpet for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens World Premiere 12.15.2015 (x)

So I’m making a Ninjago squad and the people [so far?] are:
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And even more people, I kinda have an Army now instead! xD

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Psychological impact, both on the reader and the characters. The way the characters react and cope (or not cope) always feels very real, like, this is the way real people would react to things. It really makes the characters come to life, and makes the impact on the reader that much worse when anything happens to them. <3

Thank you, anon. I do like to bring some realism to very unrealistic subjects (fae! Fae healing! Curses and magic! Heh).

When I was a teenager, I used to be angry that there were no books of like…mundane subjects set in fantasy worlds. Where were the coffee shop AUs set in the fantasy world? I used to think that no one was creative enough (not factoring in publishing trends and so on) and it used to make me mad that I wasn’t getting straight up romance or comedy and so on without…fantasy tropes. Why couldn’t I read about fairies starting up a haberdashery? Where was the story about the cook and the butler and how they were downtrodden because the kind of creature they were was disrespected? And why did they have to become great heroes?

And while I write a lot of standardised tropes now, I suppose one of my favourite things is actually trying to create real moments in the story. Augus making a salad or sharing a recipe with the trows. Gwyn inspecting the blocks of wood that will make longbows one day. Ash slowly accruing a greater collection of alcohol from fae merchants and being shooed away because he’ll steal what they won’t let him pay for. And then outside of that, I like looking at how people cope with things a lot. That’s where the humanity of any story is. In what people are feeling, and whether their emotional responses are real for them.

I don’t know, it’s something I’m kind of addicted to as a writer.

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40 for jikook, btw, i love your writing!

Aw thank you ^.^

40. Exes meeting again after not speaking for years
word count: 402

“…Well, this is awkward.” Jimin just wanted coffee. He’d been up all night, trying to grade all the damn tests that he had given the week before. Why had he given so many tests? 

But tests were the furthest thing from his mind when he stumbled into the first cafe he could find and found Jeon Jeongguk working the counter. He was halfway through his order when he looked up, staring into eyes he hadn’t seen in years.

“No shit.” Jeongguk replies, looking as shocked as Jimin. Jimin looked around, finding only a handful of people milling around the small cafe. 

“You…work at a cafe?” Jeongguk snorts and rolls his eyes.

“I own a cafe. I own three, to be more precise. We were short on staff today, so I took a shift and why am I even explaining this to you?” Jeongguk speaks more to himself than Jimin. Jimin shrugs and studies Jeongguk. Still taller than him, that asshole, and his face has matured a little, but other than that not much had changed.

“Are you doing well…then?” Jimin asks hesitantly, cursing his voice for shaking slightly. Jeongguk smirks. That bastard’s always been able to read Jimin more than Jimin would like.

“I’m fine. Are you going to finish ordering now…hyung?” Jeongguk says, and Jimin’s heart squeezes at the honorific that is most definitely supposed to be a tease. 

Jimin quickly finishes his order, adding a Jeonggukie for good measure. Because two can play at that game. He feels a sick sort of satisfaction when he sees Jeongguk visibly wince at the forgotten nickname.     

Jimin doesn’t know why, but he keeps coming back. He’s a bit of a masochist, he guesses. A lot of the time Jeongguk isn’t working there, he’s the owner after all, but sometimes…sometimes he’s standing behind the counter, or off at a booth talking to customers, and Jimin reminisces about old times. That is, before a hand is waved in front of his face and Jeongguk calls “I got this one” with a look of annoyance that Jimin knows from experience is fake. 

They get teased by the rest of the staff constantly, telling them they should just date already…or again…or whatever. Jimin wants to ignore all of it, but when he starts noticing that familiar feeling in his gut, that feeling he always gets around Jeongguk, he thinks maybe. Maybe they could have a second chance. 


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The Signs' as stupid things I do
  • Aries:Shout and yell at people for no reason at all. :/
  • Taurus:Stay up all night then sleep all day. I end up being nocturnal.
  • Gemini:I talk so fast nobody understands me, that's what earned me the name 'Chatterbox'.
  • Cancer:Crying like a little b***, worrying about people too much.
  • Leo:Biting people's hands without permission.
  • Virgo:Looking in the mirror comparing my friends to me, I end up sad because my flaws wont leave my face.
  • Libra:Not making up my mind about important things.
  • Scorpio:Thinking how it's so obvious this girl is trying to flirt with my crush and be pretty. It disgusts me.
  • Sagittarius:Ranting on about this s*** and being in a pissed mood.
  • Capricorn:Working too hard and keeping my tears and emotions inside. I end up looking like those stoic statues.
  • Aquarius:Roll on the floor laughing about absolutely nothing. I look like I'm on drugs.
  • Pisces:When in sad moods, drawing dramatic pictures.

I am really glad that I have someone I can talk to about mortgages and loans because that shit is complicated and banks/mortgage lenders always put their own interests first. 

I am in the negative for spoons though, since I just spent an hour and a half on the phone with a friend of my mom’s (who I’ve never actually met, his wife taught me how to knit (using pencils) when I was younger though) talking about mortgages. He was extremely helpful but I barely feel functional.