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Today I finished reading World Ain’t Ready by idiopathicsmile and honestly I wasn’t ready for the ending and it reduced me to a puddle of teenage emotions and adoration for that amazing writing.

I thought drawing Enjolras from chapter 13 in glasses and pajama pants might make it better. It did help like 14.7%

Ask Responses: MISC

In the Bolshoi movie, do the girls at the barre attend the Bolshoi academy or a different school? What about the other students and auditioning children?

I don’t know but I think the film-makes would’ve had an open casting to find the girls, and they could be from any Moscow ballet school or studio.

@meikoriley: Okay this might sound weird but I’m in the cinema watching Le Corsaire right now and on screen, it looks like Ekaterina Krysanova is wearing braces, and I was wondering if you or anyone else noticed if she actually does?

Can’t help you there… Maybe someone else can.

Did you see the live showing of Le Corsaire? I enjoyed it so much. I do have a question–where do they get all of those grandpas?! Are they regular Bolshoi dancers with makeup or are they borrowed stage actors? I know local academies will sometimes use family members for their Nutcracker party scenes but I’m sure that’s not the case here hahaha! Much love <3

No, I didn’t. Unfortunately, due to the time difference I miss out on all the live transmissions. The “grandpas” are character dancers in makeup.

Also, quite randomly, here’s a hilarious behind the scenes video from Anita Pudikova:

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Hey Mel! Recently I stumbled upon the Instagram of Sophia Gilpin who appears to be American but in the 4th class and is 13. I was wondering, do you know what’s up? I thought that the minimum age for the trainee program was 16?

I’m not sure what Sophia’s situation is. She initially came to Vaganova for a summer intensive, but that finished in August. VBA may have asked her to stay as a trainee. Yes, they generally only start accepting foreigners after 16, but they have been known to make exceptions in special cases.

What do you think of Maria Khoreva as Princess Masha? I was impressed by the snippet of her performance, but I would like to hear your thoughts.

We’ve only seen a snippet so far but I think she’s stunning. You can really feel the difference between her and other students (though many are very talented). Masha isn’t only gorgeous technically but she obviously enjoys every second of her performance. You can really feel her joy and the love she has for ballet. She’s very special.

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