looking at harry


uhhh i have no excuse for this….. (phone doodle)

  • Draco: *locks his emotions inside a large chest*
  • Draco: *wraps a long chain around the chest*
  • Draco: *padlocks the chain*
  • Draco: *goes to the forbidden forest*
  • Draco: *digs a 600 ft hole in the middle of the forbidden forest*
  • Draco: *drops the chest inside the hole*
  • Draco: *buries it under a ton of sand*
  • Draco: *uses a bulldozer for good measure*
  • ---
  • The next day
  • Harry: *walks into the great hall*
  • Harry: Malfoy.
  • Draco: fucK

The interim Ministry of Magic, in the aftermath of the war, gives heroes of the war a lot of say in the restructuring of their world. 

Harry’s priorities lie in clearing the names of people who were Imperused or deprived of choices during the war, and convicting real Death Eaters and sympathizers. Hermione wants to put a new system together, the most effective system possible, one that will allow everyone a voice. Ron’s main concerns are with the Muggleborn registry, destroying it as unceremoniously as he does everything he believes in. 

Of course, the Malfoys, the Cattermoles, and all the House Elves who were exploited in that war and all the past ones receive a bit of special attention.


Cho, Harry, and Cedric after playing some Quidditch, lying on the pitch and joking around

Because nobody dies and these three have the chance to live out their crushes on each other