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Life in the After Today world (108): Ste watching an episode of a series he and Brendan have been following alone (Brendan’s not pleased.) Declan and Paddy taking Leah and Lucas bowling. Declan on a Brady-Hay holiday abroad. Heart shaped coffees in the lead up to Valentine’s Day. 

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C-could you translate this please? ;a; twitter.)com/moegimomidori/status/694525836376944642

Sure thing! ;D

Link: https://twitter.com/moegimomidori/status/694525836376944642
It’s an arisasa/arikane comic btw.

page 1

Arima: It’s been a while since we last went here.
Yami: Yes, that is true.

Arima: Haise, Ken. Are you ready?
Yami: It’s the usual activation process right? I know.
Haise: Okay, I’ll be going ahead!

Haise: Looking forward to working with you today, Arima-san!

page 2

Arima: Is your body’s condition alright?
Haise: Yes it is!

Arima: You’re next.
Yami: Oh well, can’t be helped.

Yami: This process is just a perk for you, right? Special Class Arima.

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Hoopa saw the embarrassment in Sandokan and didn’t bother to ask. He didn’t want to use the power of his rings in front of him, but done so anyway because he had to feed his son. Hoopa summoned a bottle of milk that he stole from a farm. He lifted the infant’s head with two of his fingers and gently inserted the bottle into its mouth. Hoopa then looked straight ahead of him and wondered. “Your mother is the one causing the storm?”

“Mhm..” Sandokan nodded as he sat down and seemed to be fatigued a bit. It seemed like a constant stream of telepathy speak was enough to tire him out for a moment and he needed a breather.

Now that he was in a tired and weak state he actually looked his age for once. With his energy drained his lanky build was more noticeable as he stayed down. 

“Yeah… she’s really good with Thunderbolt… but her emotions make her energy run wild.”

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Leekusu rp part 2

“Y-Yes -k-kusu-chan!” he said, flustered as he placed a second straw in the drink. It was a tasty soda, and an extra large size.

The movie soon began, and the awkward nervousness quickly passed as the opening scnes played through.

Action; adventure; drama; words of destined glory, and even romance were the themes that played out before them. the nobility of the heroes made Lee’s eyes water in pride, the heroes he admired, like Gai-sensei were just as true to their determination as the fictional ones.

After the first first fight scene had ended, and more plot commenced, Lee turned to the soda, his mouth dry from the excitment of what he had seen, and as his lips covered the tip of the straw, he felt something touch his nose. Looking straight ahead, his eyes gazed directly in to Arekusu’s as they both kissed with the tips of their noses, both preparing to drink some of the soda, and both flushed.


It took but a pause…with held breath they looked into each other’s eyes, which weren’t far from each other. The movie and the thundering sound in the theater had become silent. Eventually, She took initiative and planted a sweet, long kiss on his lips. 

Whenever she kissed him, her whole body tingled. It..made her never want to stop. She let the kiss go after a long while being stuck on his lips. Her face was absolutely red. 

New Fire Emblem Fates Video Offers a Primer Ahead of Release

Nintendo has released a new video dedicated to Fire Emblem Fates, detailing an assortment of features and changes boasted by the upcoming strategy game. Elements like the weapons triangle, pairing up units, and even certain story beats are touched upon, so anyone looking for a primer ahead of the game’s February 19 release should check out the video below.

Go see!