looking afar


I feel bad for old and homeless people on the streets. My heart turns heavy like the clouds everytime I see these old people alone, sitting on the side of the road and eating leftovers they probably found from the garbage, while some are lying on the cold hard ground without any clothes to cover their backs. I have the softest heart for old people, but I can’t seem to help them enough.

This afternoon, I took my usual route to the train station. The heavy rain had just started to calm down, but the strong wind kept fighting on. I saw this old lady on the side of the street, sitting on her pile of cartons, staring into nothingness. I knew she would be there because I see her all the time on the same spot. But today was different. She was just sitting and looking from afar while the light rain pours down. I cannot and never want to imagine how cold she felt at that moment. I thought of giving her some coins or bills for her dinner, maybe, but I ended up giving her my crackers and a 1-liter bottled water. She took it like it was her first meal of the day, and my heart can’t get shatter more into pieces. When she took it gently from my hands, her face lit up and she smiled slowly until it reached her eyes. And god, that was the most beautiful and most pained face that I ever saw in my entire life. I literally wanted to start crying because as a student who doesn’t have her own salary, that’s the only help I can give her. I don’t have the ability to take her home with me or to give her the best roofs in the world. So why? Why do they have to experience this kind of cruelty– these people who could be someone’s mother, father, grandma or grandpa? These people who once cared for the safety of their children, these people who built shelters for their families. How did they end up alone in this scary world?

I saw you today…I see you everyday, but today you had this type of glow…a glow that I want. You were smiling about something your friends said… your dimples shined when you smiled, I wanted to be the reason behind that smile

But I can’t…so I’ll just look at you from afar, wondering what would happen if I told you how much I loved you

—  p.s.w

@muddyguts said:  if you’re still doing the character thing could I ask for super punk jirou maybe;;;

what you said: punk

what my boring ass heard: undercut

also this one is better:

(Momo complimented her outfit and she’s dying)

I really want casual malec flirting. Like everyone’s working on something and, barely even realising, they just start flirting with each other, not caring that there are a load of people around

After more than 10 years of waiting, FFXV is finally released~! Happy release day~!! Although this is posted a day early for the west lol

I remember the first announcement of this game back in middle school and OMG that made feel so old just now. o<-< There’s a lot of changes that had been made over the game productions, but I hope that everyone will enjoy the game regardless~!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a PS4 to play it but I’ll look at it from afar. TTwTT 


Today in Middle-Earth: After eight days of pursuit underground, Gandalf follows the Balrog on to the peak of Zirak-zigil. They battle, using fire and lightning (January 23rd, 3019 T.A.)

‘The sun shone fiercely there, but all below was wrapped in cloud. Out he sprang, and even as I came behind, he burst into new flame. There was none to see, or perhaps in after ages songs would still be sung of the Battle of the Peak.’ Suddenly Gandalf laughed. ‘But what would they say in song? Those that looked up from afar thought that the mountain was crowned with storm. Thunder they heard, and lightning, they said, smote upon Celebdil, and leaped back broken into tongues of fire. Is not that enough?’.

Ivar falling in love with you would include :

(So I finally had the chance to watch the new episodes!!! They were great, I can’t wait for more! Ps. I love Ivar already XD So hope it is as requested and you all like it!!! Gif not mine/found it in google/credit to the original owner.) 

-Him always telling his brothers to back off from you and having to go against them for your attention 

-Him proving to you he can be an independent man 

-Him always smiling at you when you would look his way  

-Him enjoying to lay next to you by the river and spending the day just talking about anything and everything 

-Him eavesdropping and looking at you from afar when you’re working around your house

-Him sometimes acting like he needs your help and liking it when you would gladly do so

-Him paying attention to every little detail of you and talking about you to his mother

-You finding different kinds flowers everyday in front of you doorstep

-Him daydreaming about kissing you, holding you and much more

-You ending up truly falling for him and telling him about it

Yamaguchi turned, lifting his head from the water. “Tsukki, you don’t need to worry, it’s not that cold.”

Tsukishima blinked at him. He was still standing at the edge of the ocean, toes barely sinking into the water. He looked like a deer caught in headlights; eyes huge, glasses lopsided. Yamaguchi stared back, then laughed a little.


Tsukishima broke out into laughter and took a step forward, and then another, until he was leaning against Yamaguchi. “Sorry,” he said, voice light. His breath was right over Yamaguchi’s cheek. “I got distracted.”

Yamaguchi tilted his head so that he could see Tsukishima’s face. From afar, Tsukishima looked older than he actually was. His height didn’t do him any favors for looking his age. But up close, Yamaguchi could see the fat on his cheeks, the warmth underneath his eyes. The flutter of his eyelashes as his eyes crinkled from delight. Yamaguchi’s smile grew wider in return.

“From what? You shouldn’t zone out while swimming or you’ll get swept up, Tsukki,” Yamaguchi admonished, shifting so that he could hold one of Tsukishima’s hands.

Tsukishima’s laughter died into a small, happy smile, and his gaze met Yamaguchi’s for only a moment before he looked at the ocean floor, instead. “You, obviously.”

Breath caught tight in his throat, Yamaguchi ran his thumb over the back of Tsukishima’s palm; Tsukishima might have been too embarrassed to meet his eyes, but there was nothing in the world that could make Yamaguchi tear his from Tsukishima’s smile. He wanted, dearly, to protect that smile; too often, Tsukishima was scowling. Or, even worse, frowning.

“That doesn’t sound like a bad thing,” Yamaguchi said, laughing, and Tsukishima nudged his shoulder to get him to turn back around towards the expanse of the ocean.

“It’s not,” Tsukishima replied, still a little bashful.

Yamaguchi looked over his shoulder and kissed Tsukishima’s cheek, pressing up on his toes to reach him, before breaking away from him. “Last one to reach the rock has to buy dinner!” he said, and dove in while Tsukishima’s cheeks reddened.

“That’s not—Hey!” Tsukishima yelled, and followed quickly.

In the end, Tsukishima’s long legs won out; but Yamaguchi got to kiss that smile, so he was clearly the real winner.


Taehyung x Fan (Tae POV)

    ✧ short imagine

    ✧ I was feeling cheesy.

The countdown in my headset began as the last movement of our choreography was complete, my breath was so heavy but yet the applause was louder. 

5.” The voice spoke up, my eyes wandering through the crowd trying to catch her eyes one more time. 

4.” I squinted, seeing her radiant smile in the third – no; the fifth row. 

3.” She tilted her head carefully, turning around, finally noticing that my eyes were glued onto her figure.

2.” Her lips were now agape, as I traced my tongue over my own; wondering if her lips were as delicate as they looked from afar. 

1.” Anxiety overcame me, I looked at her with much more concentration now, trying to remember every detail I could read off her face.

Sorry.” I mouthed before the lights turned off and I deeply was. 

But I swear I saw her eyes glisten even in the scary darkness that was surrounding me …

Bucky Barnes Imagine

Imagine walking with Steve and Bucky can’t keep his eyes off you.

Steve was beside you, smiling and laughing. You two started to playfully shove each other as you threw jokes at one another. 

‘’You’re to funny Y/N.’’ Steve laughs.

‘’Not as funny as you.’’ You laugh back.

You suddenly felt like somebody was watching you, you turn your head seeing Bucky looking at you from afar. You panic and immediately look forward again, hoping you didn’t make eye contact for to long.

‘’Bucky’s coming, you should tell him the joke you told me.’’ Steve smiles.

‘’Nah, he won’t get it.’’ You shrug.

‘’Hey guys! I see that you two were having fun, can I join in?’’ Bucky asks, barging into your little conversation.

‘’You were watching us?’’ Steve asks, looking around.

Bucky nods and you giggle, which made Bucky smile. Steve stared at you and Bucky, you glanced at Bucky who was already glaring at you. You look at the ground smiling.

‘’Well, I’m just going to go do.. Um, other stuff.’’ Steve excuses himself, making you angry.

Steve knew that you had a crush on Bucky, and him leaving you with Bucky didn’t make it any better. He knew you were a stuttering mess around Bucky. But you actually talked to him and had a good time. And the joke you told Steve, he found funny as well, even though it was an inside joke. You gained a bigger crush on Bucky, as for Bucky, you stole his heart.

I need wingman Winn in my life. I want him trying to set up Alex on dates and going with her to gay bars but instead of helping he just scares women away with his eagerness when he approaches them.

I want men at the bar to hit on him and him being super cool about it. Maybe even suspiciously OK with. He is so cool about it that at one point he gets distracted talking to a hot guy that looks a lot like Superman and that keeps complimenting him.

That’s for the better though cause with him distracted the girl who had been looking at Alex from afar finally gets to make a move and buy her a drink. Alex is all shy with her, and she doesn’t really feel the same things she feels about Maggie but it’s still exciting and she has a good time talking to the girl. Even gives the girl her phone number.

When Winn and Alex talk the next day at the DEO about how much fun they had Kara joins in and say she wants to go with them next time, to support Alex. They do and now it’s Kara who keeps getting hit on and the only thing she does is laugh nervously but doesn’t reject anyone.

When two girls look about ready to punch each other fighting for Kara’s attention, Alex resorts to putting her hand around Kara’s shoulders and kissing her check, along with a pointed look to scare the women away. That means she doesn’t get to meet anyone new that night but she doesn’t mind, she has a lot of fun just drinking and dancing with Kara. Winn also gets to see his Superman look-alike friend again.


Alfie Solomons getting jealous when a stranger flirts with you at a bar would include:

- Him absolutely destroying the vicinity in anger, smashing tables, chairs and glasses whilst everyone looks on in horror and confusion.

- Him muttering all the violent things he’d do to the bastard who’d dare to talk to his lady as he paces up and down, arms folded and head bowed.

- Him charging straight up to the guy, grabbing ahold of his collar before forcing his head into the corner of the bar, whilst yelling how he better pray to his God if he wants to survive.

-Explaining to him that you weren’t flirting with the random guy, that he just decided to invade your personal space giving you no choice but to talk back however reluctantly! Alfie believes you without a doubt after observing the whole situation transpire from afar.

-Him looking frenzied with blood splattered across his face but you could see the worry hidden behind his eyes.

- Going home and showing him who you really belong to.

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Taehyung, son, I pray the best for you and your grandmother. I might not be able to be by your side during this hard time, but believe me, prayers go pass all of the distance between us. I as an intl ARMY can only cry with you, without hugging you, let alone give you words to make you feel better. I let Jimin and the other members and the whole people in your career to do that. So please, don’t fake it with them, only with them you shouldn’t. Cry when you want to, I’m sure Jimin would listen or even Yoongi.

I’ll be looking over you from afar as your grandmother would do from the heavens.