looking a bit hippie there


aries: HOT ASFFFFFFF, makes a p powerful entrance + generally has a rlly nice face

taurus: an actual goddess, usually has a really attractive neck + gorgeous curves

gemini: usually slender or longg legs, seems intelligent as fuck !!! + has nice hands ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

cancer: either lanky or thicc, mysterious when u first meet them + nice boobs / chest

leo: GORGEOUS AF HAIR, lets u know that they’re there + something about them rlly stands out

virgo: kinda like those intelligent yet kinda quiet anime guys, may or may not have a resting bitch face + they look fucking perfect

libra: symmetrical faces, come off as a bit of a hippie + RADIATE BEAUTY

scorpio: something about them is rlly sexy, mysterious as fuck + they normally have dark features

sagittarius: nice butt, L O U D + they come off as super duper positive

capricorn: resting dead face, may come off as an asshole + there’s something about them that’s so sexy ??? but you can’t put your finger on it ???

aquarius: something about them usually looks unique, has a lot of cute lil freckles + has nice legs

pisces: so frkin ethereal, they just look otherworldly + they normally have nice curves

simlisssa  asked:

Hello! If you get inspired could you make a possible love interest/friend for my heir Flora? You can have free hands when it comes to her style and looks, but she could be little bit of a hippie (maybe a vegetarian) :D She can be little bit of a weirdo, so just go all out! as Flora's still a teen, she should be teen also :) I prefer maxis match only c: Thank you so much in advance!

I hope you love her! Thanks for requesting :) (Sorry for the fuzzy quality idk what happened)

Ollie Paige - Vegetarian & Outdoors Lover

She wants to have a beautiful garden someday and refuses to wear long pants ever. I pictured her birth name as Olivia but she decided to go by Ollie because it’s more relaxed lol.

hair - skin - eyes - eyelashes - eyeliner - blouse - shorts

She is available on the gallery! Just search Ollie Paige or my username alfalphadog

If you don’t want to download there you can get the tray files here (sfs - NO adfly) Please download all the cc first and give love to the creators!!

Let me know if anything is broken or wrong! Thanks for downloading!


Day three: Timeshift ☽ My Generation 

Why don’t you all f-fade away 
And don’t try to dig what we all s-s-say
I’m not trying to cause a big s-s-sensation
I’m just talkin’ ‘bout my g-g-g-generation

So one day Anne and I passed by some hippie and I greeted him with: “Namaste to you”, and I bowed my hand in prayer like the Hindus and Buddhists do. “Where did you get that from, Bernardo?” She looked a bit puzzled. So I had some explaining to do: “This hippie passed me a couple days ago greeting me like that. I was puzzled too, but I thought: When we pass by another living soul we should give a little more reference than just a shallow ‘hi and bye’.
—  –Sereno Sky…from my new book, out very soon.