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Why do you like ferrets so much? Don't they steal, like, everything?

I could write an essay why I like LOVE ferrets, but I would rather share somee gifs of Bumblebee.

They follow the beat of their own drum.

They are very playful.

A bit of trouble makers.

Can be awesome companion and look for attention…

…and they love being spoiled.

They can be a bit derpy.

Which is very entertaining.

Though they do like to steal stuff…

it is hard not to love them.

My hand writing is still horrible and I made my Eevee look a bit derpy, but I’m happy with how this came out. First time in a while that I’ve been able to finish something the day I start it. Anyways, this is something I made for @coobiespacecat. I hope you like it XD


Moving some Daspletosaurus eyes thanks to my attempts in making a rig for it.


I was visiting friends over new years and like 30 minutes before the year ended I thought “Holy crap I NEED to draw iwaoi last thing this year

- - - - - - - - - - so I rushed this, yeah :’D
I didn’t manage to draw the fireworks and stuff before actual new years and added them in 2016.
So technically this is both the last drawing of 2015 and the first of 2016 \ o /

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His blow dry is beautiful. That hair looks like it smells amazing!

the fluffiness of it all. in my experience he tends to look a bit derpy when his hair is styled that way (au naturel has always worked best for him imo) but they really nailed it here. the people over at CR fashion book should learn something from this. 

Every Prouvaire.  Ever.

You know broadsword guy is the star of this show.

^^^1934 French movie.  Yeah, he exists.  For literally these couple of seconds captured in this still-shot.

^^^1937 Soviet movie, Gavrosh (Гаврош).  Ohhhhhhh man, this guy.  This.  Guy.  I’ve already discussed this version at length, but this Prouvaire was so memorable that he deserves a moment more of my time.  My pet name for this one is “Prouvaire Bezukhov,” because he bears every physical resemblance to Pierre Bezukhov, the protagonist of War and Peace: he’s big and bulky, kinda broody and drunk-looking, and even a bit derpy.  He’s kinda like Grantaire!Prouvaire.  One thing that Prouvaire Bezukhov has that Pierre doesn’t have: a medieval broadsword.  

^^^Even the movie’s OC thinks his medieval weapons stash is a little eccentric.  But he sure proves them all wrong when his trusty blade is there to strike down that evil Enjolras-killer Javert at the critical moment.  Yes, this movie is that weird.  Yes, you should run out and watch it right now.

^^^1957 French movie.  Well, compared to Prouvaire Bezukhov right above him, he seems downright mundane.  Like, he likes books and stuff, not broadswords.  Dislikes include “ugliness and injustice,” apparently.  This Prouvaire’s main claim to fame is the consistent attempt to usurp Combeferre’s duties, such as “Artillery Sergeant Incident” scolding of Enjolras, hanging with Enjolras at street-corner republican speeches, and so on.  Maybe the movie-makers were such complete morons that they became confused since both “Combeferre” and “Prouvaire” end in the sound “-aire”…?  Just thinking out loud here, because I have no reasonable excuses for why anyone would want to put a Prouvaire in charge of a Combeferre’s duties.  But I guess if the movie-makers were really that stupid, then we’d be lucky they don’t have Grantaire doing all of Combeferre’s parts and Combeferre doing all of Javert’s………Jesus, could that be fun.

^^^1964 Italian movie/miniseries, I Miserabili.  The first time you see this Prouvaire, he is cheerfully strumming a guitar and leading the gang in a rousing round of cafe karaoke.  In other words, he is wonderful.

^^^1972 French miniseries.  Skeezy bohemian Prouvaire.  Not a good look for him.  Also, this Prouvaire is like the most useless barricade worker ever–as everyone else is working their asses off prying up the paving-stones and constructing the barricade, this Prouvaire is busy leaning on the wall, playing with his pipe, looking pretty high, and doing exactly fuck nothing.  He’s like an opium fiend who just goes around making inappropriate comments to Enjolras and doing no actual barricading.  Boo.

^^^1985-present, British stage musical.  As with Joly and Laigle, I know Prouvaire exists somewhere in here, but he really doesn’t distinguish himself…  If he had only worn a bright orange-and-purple outfit, I would’ve recognized him…

^^^2007 Japanese animated series, Les Misérables: Shoujo Cosette (レ・ミゼラブル 少女コゼット).  Hahaha, look at this Prouvaire, trying to convince us that he’s smoking and and drinking and cool and all.  You’re not fooling anyone, kiddo.  You still get to be adorable and sweet while reciting poetry and dying horribly on a firing line at the barricade.

^^^2010 French bande dessinée.  Okay, they’re all in this one, I know he’s here somewhere…wait, no, I know he’s here somewhere…wait, no…!  No.  That can’t be right…Oh my God.  I think Prouvaire is the Bahorel of this version…!  Yes, that’s right.  He’s not here.  It’s okay; considering the character designs of the other Friends, he should feel relieved to have been spared.

^^^2012 American-British musical movie.  Oh my God, ridiculously cute.  Especially in this picture.  Also, that waistcoat is amazing and understated and way too practical and shy-retiring to ever be worn by a Prouvaire…

^^^2014-2015 Japanese manga.  Ohhh, definitely crazy.  I start getting concerned when I can’t see a Prouvaire’s eyes–he’s definitely plotting something…….Other than that terrifying fact, he has the requisite level of cuteness to pass for a Prouvaire, I think.

Prouvaires seem to do okay for themselves in adaptations, even if they do vary from Grantaire!Prouvaires to Combeferre!Prouvaires to, well, Prouvaire!Prouvaires.  Most of them are pretty inoffensive, except maybe lazy old SkeezyBohemian!Prouvaire.  More of them should be jamming on guitars, though, if you ask me.


Like I promised,  more TF2 sketches :D

(at this rate this blog will turn into a tf2 blog haha … >_>; )

Medic, Heavy and Pyro are the only characters I referenced before,  so the others look a bit derpy

+ bonus  quotes written by my classmate.  (the  really ugly handwriting is mine though, her’s is the clean one lol)


(also excuse the poor quality, I don’t have a scanner so I had to take multiple photos and patch them together <_<;;)