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Conversations with my kids...
  • (Classic edition...3/23/2015...he's 7 now)
  • Playing with 5yr old...I assume we are Avengers because he's got a bow (Hawkeye), we watched it yesterday, and we are shooting people.
  • 5 yr old: Mommy, (he's fighting an invisible foe with his bow) help me!
  • Me: Pew Pew (I am shooting with a fire extinguisher from a potato head).
  • 5 yr old: You just shot Black Widow. Good job.
  • Me: Wait, what? Are we bad guys?
  • 5 yr old: Yes. (giving me his best "duh" look) We are controlled by Loki's staff.
  • Me: So, we are the villains?
  • 5 yr old: Yeah. We are trying to take over the world.
  • So, apparently, I am raising the Brain and that makes me......

Literally 5 minutes into my gym session and I already got asked by 2 employees to show my ID … they thought I was under 16

guys ok mmmm i dont know what’s up with that post with thousands of notes but my humble (lol) opinion is, DO NOT START YOUR IRON MAN READING ADVENTURES WITH THE POST CIVIL WAR MATT FRACTION RUN DO NOT DO THAT the fraction run is WILDLY INCONSISTENT you deserve SO MUCH BETTER

also just to clarify

tony doesn’t have ~some~ ~~good guy tony moments~~ he literally has about FORTY YEARS GIVE OR TAKE worth of those before THE POST CIVIL WAR MATT FRACTION STUFF STARTED WARPING HIM UP i repeat DO NOT START WITH POST CIVIL WAR MATT FRACTION :DD

i’m sorry it’s just that SEEING REC LISTS ABOUT HOW NARCISSISTIC SELFISH AND EGOCENTRIC TONY IS just makes me SAD because ta-da look at how this character has been slowly and methodically ruined by recent canon and it makes complete sense because canon builds upon the canon preceding it and who even has the time to look at stuff that’s more than 5 yrs old, let alone rec it to new readers and it’s so??? SAD????? save iron man comics oh god???? sometimes it feels like it’s too late IM SAD

i’m sad bc luke is so nice and he makes stupid lame jokes that are actually funny and he has a cute giggle and smile and he’s got a dimple too and sometimes looks like he’s actually a 5 yr old trapped in an 18 yr old’s 6ft tall body but then other times he looks like some punk asshole and he’s also so musically talented like not only can he shred guitar but he’s got an amazing voice as well and i’m just so sad bc luke is like the perfect person

Whenever I see pictures all children that have their ages posted I can’t help but think “That is what a 5 yr old/ 10 yr old/ 15 yr old looks like. That is clearly not an adult. How could you possibly have looked at me while I was that age and thought what you were doing was okay? How could you not see that I was a child and that I should not have been introduced to such adult things!”
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Enfp : bad mood face

So…a couple days ago a little girl bumped into me. On a day when i was in one of my ‘i hate everyone and i dont give a fuck moods’. I looked at her and she looked panicky as i stared at her apathetically. I thought i was scaring her but she suddenly calmed and instead kinda used me as a sort of shield. I was confused she was hiding behind me like i was supposed to protect her when ive been told i look scary when im in a bad mood. When i look up some morons are running toward her. 12 yr olds while the kid behind me looks no more than 5. I glared at the 12 yr olds stopping them clear in their tracks. They immediately turned and ran to their mothers as my eyes didnt leave them while i took the kid back to her parents. Before she left she hugged me and said “thanks for being scary for me” . it was weird but i think it was a compliment. And even weirder i thought. I hope my kids appreciate that my bad mood face isnt always such a bad thing and i hope that in one way or another theyll find some comfort knowing it’ll be there to protect them