MVP of the Week | Week of Mar 19–25

Looking‘s love triangle between Patrick, Kevin (Russell Tovey), and Richie (Raúl Castillo) spent all season building to a point of no return. The proverbial other shoe certainly dropped in this week’s season finale (now, with the exception of an upcoming special, the series finale after HBO’s cancellation announcement earlier this week). Patrick moved in with Kevin, but they didn’t even make it through the first night without getting into a serious argument over Kevin’s still-active Grindr profile and the revelation that he was hoping for an open relationship.

While not everything Patrick said during the argument was fair, Groff’s vulnerable and earnest portrayal made you ache for him as he realized the move, and perhaps the entire relationship, was a mistake. Patrick has always been a painfully real character whom you can’t help but root for—despite his frequently questionable choices.

At the end of the episode, when he leaves Kevin and finds himself in Richie’s barber chair, ready for a new hairstyle that seems to symbolize a larger change, Groff’s subtle sadness speaks volumes. While he is relatively new to TV, Groff has been beloved in the theater community for nearly a decade. The show may be ending, but his time in the spotlight is surely just beginning. (x)


Jonathan Groff on HBO’s Looking, Old Spice Deodorant, Hamilton & Pancakes

We’ve loved Jonathan Groff since he was one of the originals in Broadway’s Spring Awakening (we are true theater geeks at heart). Now the actor’s been starring on HBO’s Looking, a show that follows a group of gay friends in San Francisco. With the recent news that he’s also set to star in theater’s newest phenomenon – Hamilton – and the fact that the Looking Season 2 finale hits screens Sunday, we couldn’t help but sit down to chat with Groff about Looking, his message to the young LGBT community, personal grooming essentials and why his perfect first date is walking around Manhattan…

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