lookin' so fly

I'll bet you, Nicki's starting to notice that Drake's been looking a certain kinda way lately, and Meek's probably a bit insecure cause Nik and Drake got maaaaddddd history...


Today I went in to get my hair touched up. It looks 2340923490809482x better than the awful mess it was last week and they curled it for me when they were done too, so it was lookin’ extra cute today. After my appointment, I went to the bus stop, but the next bus wasn’t scheduled to arrive for 30 minutes, so I decided to go across the street to Caribou Coffee. There I bumped into my old high school friend i hadn’t seen in something like 4 to 6 years. So we’re hamming it up, catching up, etc etc, just chatting endlessly, and then she points to the barista guy who made us our drinks. “This is Josh, he’s in a band, what’s your bands name again?” Insert some band name I totally blanked on. “it’s got screamo and mullets.” Cue me realizing his ponytail was the longer half of the mullet. Um. Okay. You’re still sorta cute.. I guess. I ask my friend how they know each other and she jokes that she’s there, literally every day. 
Cue me, going home, getting ready for work, and going to target. Hours later, GUESS WHO I SEE. MULLET BOY. I’d completely forgotten his name, completely. But like, when you happen to see someone twice in a day like this, you just have to say hello. So I poke my head around the isle he’d gone down and I’m like “hey! don’t you work at caribou? the guy with the band?” And he gets all excited, “yeah yeah! this is my band!” and attempts to gesture to his totally uninterested friends continuing down the isle. We make further comments about how crazy it is to run into each other and move about our merry way. Fifteen minutes later, the front lanes are backed up, so I’m up there backing up, trying to move people through. OF course mullet boy and entourage come to my check lane. “Amanda, right?” Please note that I am not wearing my name tag. He only just met me today. Supposedly, my friend is in this coffee shop he works at all the time. “What’s your friends name again?” I have never wanted to laugh of pure shock so hard before in my life. You remember my name after meeting for a split minute, but not my friend who’s a regular customer?! Like. Who does that. Bro. You’re totally embarrassing. Stop. Why did you just do that to me?

SO yeah that’s my punch line. My amusement for the day. Definitely a self confidence kick in the ass because I obviously took it as he remembered my name because i was lookin’ so fly after my salon appointment. He didn’t mean it that way? Too bad. Don’t care. I will and did and am still enjoying all the slightly more attention than normal I got today. Even if it might have been all in my head.


OMFG I am sooooo cute in this sweater today I am very grandma chic and I’m diggin it I’m diggin my makeup too I’m just lookin so god damn fly hahaha I love me