lookin' pretty tonight


You’re lookin’ pretty fine tonight, Jodi giggled, leaning in & kissing her boyfriend softly.

When they pulled away, he smiled back at her adoringly, his hand sliding down her slim figure & resting on her hip. They were happy & the move to Twinbrook had only made their relationship stronger. Most days Ronan felt incredibly lucky that they found one another. You’re not too bad yourself, he laughed, pulling her in closer.

A wide smile spread across Levi’s face as he practically threw himself into his boyfriend’s arms. There was a dreamy look in his eyes as he studied the man’s face. It was the first time in weeks that Levi had seen him look so content & carefree. I’m so glad I convinced you to come out tonight, blondie. This is kind of like…

The blond laughed when Levi paused. Like what?

Like our first date since… ya know, the man continued. And the last time we went out like this, you weren’t even old enough to legally drink. 

Well now you know the real secret behind why I married someone over twenty-one, Archer joked, already feeling the two drinks he’d consumed before heading to the dance floor.

While Levi’s face stayed soft, his tone changed slightly. I was twenty-one.

Archer nodded. I know. We’ll have our time, Levi. 

The brunette leaned in, whispering in his boyfriend’s ear. You’re really going to marry me this time?

You’re not going to take off this time, are you?

I won’t, Levi chuckled, laying his head on the man’s shoulder. As long as you keep your dick in your pants & away from my boss.

Archer burst into laughter. Considering your boss is my father this time, you have absolutely nothing to worry about… Not that you would otherwise. I learned my lesson the last time. Nothing is worth losing you again.