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Emily Scully, ~4-5 yrs, completely convinced that if she stole Mulder’s glasses, he wouldn’t be able to read her a bedtime story, and thus bedtime would never exist. 

Star-Crossed Part 1

Request: Would you mind writing a story (or oneshot) on High School AU! Bucky x reader where reader is dating a big douchebag while Bucky likes her? Its kinda cliche but fun ;)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: none

A/N: I hope you guys like this also apparently there’s a guy who’s name is actually John Grimes so pretend the John in this story is portrayed by Dylan Everett. Anyways, continue on :)

It started freshman year of high school. You caught Bucky’s eye the very first day in English class. Ever since then he was completely smitten with you. You held the strings to his heart, no one else. Sure, he went on dates but they didn’t go any further than that.

But, freshman year was also when you met John Grimes. He was a sweet guy - at first. John would flirt with you constantly freshman year. By your sophomore year he asked you out to which you said yes. You liked him, no doubt. Sophomore year Bucky tried everything to get your attention. He was going to ask you out after winter break but John beat him to it.

It was senior year now and you and John are still together. He was really sweet at first, always taking you on dates and showing you off to all his friends. It’s not the same now. He’s not as affectionate as before but you don’t mind, you love him.

John didn’t like Bucky. He didn’t like when you talked to him. He would try stopping any communication you had with him like threatening Bucky but it never worked. Bucky wasn’t intimidated by John. You didn’t have much friends, only a girl named Barbara who you met your freshman year in integrated science. John didn’t like you having guy friends, he would always scare them off so when Bucky was unfazed by John, it made you happy.

You were oblivious to Bucky’s feelings for you, you thought he was just being nice and such. Bucky tried giving you hints, hoping you’d catch on but you never did. His best friend Steve would tell him to just tell you how he felt but Bucky never did. So, he watched you be happy with someone who wasn’t him.

“She deserves better, Steve.” Bucky says as he watched you walk hand in hand with John over to your locker. You grab your books and turn back to John while he talked with his friends. You tried wrapping your arm around his but he shrugged you off, causing you to frown.

“Babe, I’m talking to my friends.” Bucky could hear him tell you and it made him grip his books tighter.

“Sorry.” you respond, stepping back and leaning on your locker while he continued to talk to his friends.

“Do you see how he treats her?” Bucky scoffed.

“Let it go, Buck. There’s nothing you can do about it.” Steve pats his shoulder.

Bucky watched you stare off into the void, bored out of your mind before gathering his stuff. “I’ll see you calculus, pal.” and with that, he walks up to you.

Steve chuckles, shaking his head at his determined friend before walking off to his class.

“What’s a pretty dame like you doin’, lookin’ bored outta her mind?” Bucky questions, leaning against the locker next to yours. You turn your head towards him and smile.

“Just waiting for John to be done talking to his friends.” you respond with a sigh, your eyes flickering to your boyfriend.

Bucky looks at John and blows raspberries. “You shouldn’t be waitin’ up on him, it should be the other way around.”

“Mmm, I don’t mind.” you shrug.

“You know, in my experience, ladies like to be treated like a princess.” Bucky says.

“John treats me like a princess.” you say, looking at Bucky before frowning. “Well, he used to.”

“You deserve someone better, Y/N.” Bucky suddenly gets serious and you smirk.

“Someone like you?” you joke.

Bucky opens his mouth to confirm your suggestion but was interrupted by John.

“Hey Barnes, back off my girl.” he says, stepping up to you and Bucky.

“We were just talking, Johnny boy.” Bucky puts his hands up in defense as he takes a step back.

“Yeah, sure.” he nods.

Bucky smirks, knowing he was already getting on John’s nerves as he turns to you. “I’ll see you in french class, Y/N.” he says and you nod. “Thank you for gracin’ me with your presence, Johnny.”

You let out a small laugh at John’s annoyed look.

“It’s John.” he calls out to Bucky who was already walking away.

“Sure thing, Johnny boy!” Bucky laughs, not looking over his shoulder.

John rolls his eyes and turns back to you. “I don’t know why you talk to him.” he says as he takes your hand in his.

“He’s my friend.” you reply, the two of you walking to class once hearing the bell ring.

“Well you need to pick your friends better. Bucky Barnes is annoying.” John scoffs.

“You find him annoying, I find him funny.” you say.

“Whatever.” he sighs, stopping in front of your class. “I’ll see you at lunch.”

“Okay.” you nod. John pecks your lips quickly, not being fond of PDA, before walking off. You sigh and enter you class, smiling as you spot Barbara who saved you a seat next to her.


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I’m starting to think it’s a good thing they’ve been placed in separate classes. If they were in the same class it wouldn’t be long before they’d start messing around to entertain each other and themselves. They’d be horrible influences on each other I just know it XD


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