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Hey I recently started listening to exo and now I'm slowly becoming obsessed with them.... yeah so could you maybe give me some basic background info about the different members


(note: I am mentioning all OT12 and if any complaints are made you better prepare for a foot up your ass)


  • Leader of EXO - Main Vocalist
  • Is an actual living breathing meme
  • Everyone loves him even if you don’t love him you love him
  • Cute as heck is the self proclaimed mum of EXO
  • Embarrassing mum like he is the embodiment of second hand embarrassment
  • Loves his kids to death will protect EXO with his god damn life (also very sweet like so fukign sweet he’s an angel)


  • Main Dancer
  • I’m like 99.9% sure he has the most fans in EXO like my cat and my fish are probably Jongin stans
  • Don’t be fooled by his sexy he’s fukign dumb
  • Grabs his dick a lot
  • Boy loves to love
  • He’s rlly sweet rlly nice always caring hugging a lot
  • Always embarrassed by Suho probably because he’s embarrassed for Suho since he loves his mum a lot


  • Main Dancer - Maknae
  • He’s dumb too him and Jongin are dumb together
  • Has a lithp but it’s cute
  • Pretends to hate Suho but actually legitimately loves him to death
  • He has a nice face vry nice
  • “YEHET!” “OHORAT!!”
  • Loves his hyungs to the moon and back he may have that neutral asshole expression but he’s so very sweet literally so nice


  • Main Vocalist
  • Squishy penguin
  • He isn’t glaring he just has bad eyesight
  • Pretty savage tbh but loves his members a lot
  • The harder he slaps you the more he loves you (Baekhyun is his favourite)
  • He’s precious and incredibly kind hearted and sweet like tbh he’s pretty perfect
  • Also cooks wOAH!!


  • Rapper - Songwriter
  • ngl shoulda been a vocalist too cause damn husky af voice
  • his voice so deep it reaches the pits of hell
  • so tall fuking tal l
  • smiling is his natural state
  • he’s that one guy old ladies smile at and say “what a fine young man”
  • pretty fukin talented and so very kind and sweet he will make you melt


  • Main Vocalist - Eyeliner King
  • I don’t think he really exists he’s literally the cutest human being I have ever seen
  • Precious pREcious fUKigN PRECIOUS!! ! ! !
  • His smile turns everything into rainbows and flowers
  • It’s been reported people who’ve seen him live have gone blinde because he’s such a ray of sunshine
  • !!SMOLL!!
  • is fukin so kind hearted and cares about everyone in exo so deeply like really so deeply he probably wants to marry all of them I’m not even jk
  • high notes will slay you


  • Previous Rapper - Previous EXO M Leader
  • Left EXO because of health problems, personal problems and SM. People hate him for it and come up with conspiracy shit on why he left but I still love him and so should you because he’s actually a sweet dork who couldn’t harm a fly
  • Is Chinese and speaks like a billion languages
  • Boy fine af literally so fine
  • Mr. Galaxy
  • (was) Known as the dad of EXO (apparently because he’s tall ???)
  • He’s also a living breathing meme like he says a lot of dumb shit
  • “Chicken is not my style”
  • Lookin so sharp he could cut you but is actually so dumb and vry clumsy he needs to be protected he really does


  • Main Dancer - Main Vocalist - Rapper - Composer
  • Shit man he’s just so talented like honest to god he’s Chinese Jesus
  • The fluffiest, cutest, sweetest, adorable-est, kindest, most wonderful, fantastic and beautiful person you will ever see on this earth
  • There are people that hate this man??? Tf???
  • He has a cute laugh and a cute smile and a cute everything he’s cute
  • Likes EXO’s asses will probably write a book about them
  • Speaking of books he actually wrote a book fuck me he’s talented
  • Dancing on point af boost his dancing appreciation


  • Previous Main Vocalist
  • Left EXO because of health reasons, personal reasons and SM. Just like Kris people hate him because of it but no need for hate he’s precious and no.1 bae
  • Chinese Deer
  • Broke some record for most amount of people wearing deer antlers in one place like what’s there to hate about him??
  • Angelic af voice so ffukign angelic
  • He’s so pretty you’ll cry
  • Manly apparently idk
  • Very kind very sweet the world doesn’t deserve him
  • Go listen to his song Lu it’s lit


  • Rapper - Main Dancer
  • Amazing singing voice hits high notes like a pro but doesn’t sing much???
  • He’s the oldest in EXO don’t even question it
  • Will deal with no one’s shit absolutely no one’s he’s ruthless af
  • Absolute cutie, baozii bun, normally quite quiet but when he speaks everyone will stfu and he is always so kind and gorgeous and wow I love him a lot
  • So precious very precious absolutely precious the brightest ray of sunshine
  • Has abs and an inner stripper


  • Previous Rapper - Previous Main Dancer
  • Left EXO because of health reasons, personal reasons and SM. Again is hated because of it but really doesn’t deserve it because he’s a cinnamon roll
  • Tao is an angel, an actual angel, he is a blessing to this world
  • Absolutely adores every EXO member and like idk why that would ever change???
  • Knows martial arts and shit and would probably be real fukin deadly if he wasn’t so cute
  • Like Sehun, he loves Suho to death
  • He’s the Chinese Gucci King
  • Super emotional, cries a lot, has a very soft, kind and sweet heart
  • He’s fukin fabulous the most fabulous fashion sense on point


  • Main Vocal
  • Holy FUCK he is attractive
  • His high notes will hit your ovaries so hard you’ll die no I am not joking
  • He’s so god damn gorgeous and sweet and wonderful sweet jesus I love him
  • hIGH NOT ES!!!!
  • His arms mmm good shit good shit right ther e
  • Cheekbones so sharp they’ll cut you

THERE YOU GO SWEETIE!! I hope this was helpful!!