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Borderlands Appreciation Month → [BTPS] Day 15: Favorite Vault Hunter

“Something something hero stuff. Something something I’m attractive.”

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Maybe Tenten accidentally mentions infront of everyone how uptight Neji can be, and how he's a huge dork/genius. But instead of taking it in a positive way, because he is a super smart dork, Neji takes this to heart and shows up unexpectedly outside Tenten's house with a leather jacket and cool sunglasses on, even though its night out. Because he wants the girl he admires to think he's 'cool'.

Crush//Chibs Telford

Info: Opie’s younger sister comes into Charming to reconnect with roots and get away from city life but a son catches her eye.

Warnings: swearing, smut

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y/n was Opie’s younger sister by a year, making her thirty years old. After she turned eighteen, she hit the road, seeking city life. Charming was a small town, everybody knows everybody, same stores everyday, nothing changed. Big city, the big city has thousands of people, ever changing stores and landscapes, that’s what eighteen year old y/n craved and got. But after a while, it was tiring and maybe sleepy ol’ Charming was what she needed. Reconnect with Opie, her nieces and nephews, even the sons. Opie had kept her up to date, joining the club, its members and everything else, they were close. Sure the members may have changed, but Jax had to still be there, at least she’d know him alongside her brother.

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Part One

Part Two

Any other day you would be pissed off with how hellish things were, but today you were grateful.

Hellish, means hectic, and hectic means busy. And busy meant that you didn’t have time to worry about last night.

You had woke up at eight and made sure the bus was on it’s way. Then sat out trying to find all the guys, half of them weren’t in their assigned rooms, the ones that were were so hungover it took you an hour to get them up and moving.

You sent Slim to get Kells up.

Once they were all getting packed, you had to find the missing half of the group. Checking with the front desk, blowing up their cell phones.

They had all went to the rooms of their one-night-stands, wasn’t too hard to find them.

The bus came and you loaded everyone on and off you went.

Kells, now sober had made a few attempts to talk to you, but you just kept replying that you were busy. 

Because you were.

You had to call and let so and so know that yes Kells was on his way to the interview and he would be on time, had to make sure the venue you guys were going to be at later tonight was ready for their equipment and going through the usual checklist.

You were sure that everyone on the bus could see that you were avoiding talking to Kells and that it was making the bus vibe kind of awkward, but you put on your headphones and continued avoid Kells.

So you didn’t hear the conversation about you a few feet away.

‘Damn, what the fuck did you do?’ Dub asked.

‘Something super fucking stupid.’ Kells groaned into his hands that covered his face.

‘Did you smash her last night?’ Slim asked as he rolled a blunt.

‘Nah I just…I almost did, she wasn’t interested.’ Kells said, not wanting to tell them about what really happened last night.

‘I just need to talk it out with her and she won’t even look at me right now, I fucked up.’ he sighed.

‘If all you need is a moment then we got you.’ Slim said.

‘What?’ Kells asked in confusion.

‘After the interview, we will make sure you two are the only ones on the bus.’ Dub promised.

‘Good lookin out man.’ he said as they bumped fists.

‘Speaking of good looks, check out this bad bitch.’ Slim said as he held up his blunt.

‘Beautiful.’ Kells laughed.

He was feeling better knowing he would get his chance to talk to you about last night


“We’ve had a doozy of a day.”
“You thought I looked like some kind of freak?”
“I never thought I’d say this, but I’m glad I’m not hung like a bear.”
“How is he even walking right now?”
“He looks like he’s gonna walk it off, he’s gonna be fine!”
“Uh-oh-oh, it’s the pancakes! You don’t like pancakes, I will get you somethin’ else!”
“We have go to hide all of the sharp objects!”
“Everyone just stop for a second and let’s talk this out, okay?”
“Nobody wants to hurt anyone.”
“You could’ve fooled me!”
“How ‘bout I make some tea and we all sit and talk this out.”
“When you see a college girl prancin’ around in front of you half naked, you do not call out my name!”
“Oh my God, they cut off his bowling fingers!”
“There ain’t nothin’ up there but pain and suffering on a scale you can’t even imagine.”
“Like I said, I remember weird stuff.”
“I thought it might look kinda intimidating. Does it?”
“I’ve never stood so close to pure evil before.”
“It’s time for you to feel my pain!”
“I’m ready, frat bitch!”
“It’s true. You’re half hillbilly.”
“They’re never gonna believe that.”
“She’s just human. Why don’t you go over and talk to her?”
“Talk to her? What… What in the world would I say?”
“Girls can smell fear.”
“You are a good lookin’ man… more or less.”
“You got a damned good heart.”
“I told you, I’m a zero with the ladies… they hate my face!”
“Dreams are not stupid.”
“There is no truth! Everything is a lie!”
“This vacation sucks.”


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