lookin good for jesus

thenuclearkid  asked:

so, i have your human version of Wreck Gar saved on my computer for reference bc I wanted to draw him later but so i was looking through my pictures so i could show something to my mom and i went past that image of wreck gar. she stopped me and asked me if it was Jesus and I just kinda sat there in disbelief

headcanon: wreck-gar is the antichrist

anonymous asked:

okay but in the sitcom what if dean's like "ugh fine where is this priest" and witch!cas is like "it's me" and he's this little ninteeth-year-old twink and dean's like "oh shit"

“how old are you?”

“approximately 2,456 years old. the calendar has changed a couple times since my birth.”

“lookin’ pretty good to be older than jesus.”

“someone said you like cheerleaders, so i got one.”