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guys guys lets vote hard until the end!!! gogogo


I agree Viv is the best wingman ever

i spent way too much time on this, but heres a little animation of marco and tobias with some lines from the In The Heights finale. 

The situation is basically that marco commissioned tobias to paint a mural of rachel and theyre showing it to jake now

Hey y'all quick thing

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It’ll really make someones day

He’s like the Sun, and I am just the Moon

So This is another thing for the Steven Universe AU We kinda made some art for sort of. Hinata is of course the Sunstone to Tsukishima’s Moon stone. Just some fun little concept art!!

See some of our Gems Here 

What I LOVE abt mac mcdonald is that u watch the first season and he’s this cool twink lookin guy, like he’s a proper frat bro and he and dennis are just “cool guys” u know and then u compare that to mac in s12 who’s like a completely different person where he’s just so LOVING to his friends and he’s constantly so close to dennis and smiling at him and giving his presents and wanting to sleep in the same bed as him and father his children I just really love ronald mcdonald I could SCREAM

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You have a kin/are kin?

I’ve been starting to feel really strong kin feelings for Karkat. Like idk how else 2 explain it but if you’re uncomfortable with doubles and shit, I can always tag or you can unfollow. I don’t bite!