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He’s like the Sun, and I am just the Moon

So This is another thing for the Steven Universe AU We kinda made some art for sort of. Hinata is of course the Sunstone to Tsukishima’s Moon stone. Just some fun little concept art!!

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Jb be dressing like he in a 90s rap MV 😂

LMAO HE SURE DOES AND I CAN NOT😂😂 an anon said he lookin like LL cool J and now I can’t unsee it

LMAO but baby boy is rocking it tho!! I just need his bucket hats not to get any bigger and for his pants to stay OUT of his socks that look needed to stay in the 90s!!

All The Wrong Moves

Sorry for the wait! This is for @halfdreamingeverything as their gift for the Summer Festival Exchange! Fun fact, this was actually my tenth-ish draft, and the prompt I went with was:

Human AU where Alfred and Arthur are both nervous for their first date and they both want it to work out well but it doesn’t. 

I went a teensy bit overboard with this (about 6k+ words!!) so I hope I still stuck to what you’d asked for! 

(Thank you Drones and Mera for beta-ing this, you two are actual lifesavers).

The librarian was hot.

Alfred sighed, lashes fluttering shut momentarily before snapping back open to frame wide cerulean eyes.  

No! The library was hot! Yes, the building! Certainly not the wiry man he’d seen on his way in, with hair like spun gold and the softest pink lips sipping from his thermos-

Alfred took a quaking breath, carding through his hair in a half-hearted attempt to make himself presentable. Caramel strands had been swept and made unkempt by the relentless gusts he’d trudged through to make it in the building- Alfred hadn’t known he’d risk a terrible first impression by leaving the house in wrinkled clothes. If he had, he never would’ve shown face in public like he was doing now.

Not that he usually cared for his appearance, though. He’d been told on numerous occasions just how effortlessly flawless he was, but Alfred found that hard to believe as green eyes met his for just a second, and he was swimming in the perfect peridot pools that belonged to who had to be the world’s most alluring librarian.

Actually, the correct term was drowning.

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Hi! I'm the anon who requested the stranger flirting with RFA HCs and I wanted to say that they're all so goood. Idk, I was really craving seeing their reactions (especially Yoosung >< lol) and you wrote it perfectly *^* Could I request another one? I'm not sure if you did something like this already but... MC bringing RFA (and V+Saeran again, if it doesn't take too much of your time!) to an anime/video game convention? Bonus: who MC and they cosplay as! Hehe ^-^ Thanks, I love your writing!

//ayy, no problem my dude. that means a lot ^^ lol, also, sorry for including yoosung in like everything? he just fits so many characters. So, in order, the characters are from the animes: Noragami, Yuri!!! On Ice, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, Bungou Stray Dogs, Blue Exorcist (I haven’t finished this yet so i’m sorry if Yukio actually turns out to betray someone or something), and Tokyo Ghoul


  • you’re hiyori but just forget yatori for a second
  • Saeyoung might come and be Yato
  • he’s totally seen Noragami before, so he knows what’s going on, and you guys discuss theories n headcanons on the way there
  • you’ve decided to be Hiyori when her soul has slipped out, and he loves your tail
  • If you’ve got Saeyoung as your Yato, if he catches Yoosung staring at you, he’ll pretend to get stung
  • it’s perfect and people can’t get enough of you guys
  • “We’re so doing this again next year”


  • they’ve got the same personality and he can totally pull it off, except for maybe the ponytail, but it’s chill
  • you’re OBVIOUSLY yuri (katsuki)
  • “hmm… so i’m supposed to be very playful and you have to blush easily? that shouldn’t be a challenge at all!”
  • he gets excited because you get excited, because he knows that you really love cons and YOI
  • you guys are CHEERED on when you get there and so many people want photos of Vikturi
  • it’s the cutest because people are so happy that you guys play the parts so well


  • you’re Bishamon and she’s Kazuma
  • she keeps fretting over both of your cosplays because if you guys are gonna do this, you’d be going all out, not just a half ased attempt
  • she wants people to know who you guys are without asking
  • they aren’t too popular of characters but people still appreciate how you guys fit the parts
  • “So what does it mean that I’m your exemplar in this context?”
  • “well… you’re my blessed vessel, so it’s like you’re my most trusted Regalia, and so you lead me and give me advice, because Gods can be influenced by other things than good, you know?”
  • she gets herself more confused but all she knows is that Bishamon and Kazuma have a very strong relationship, just like the two of you, and she grows to enjoy the convention
  • “…can we go again next year?”


  • he’s kinda confused about it in the first place??
  • but you assure him that cosplaying is fun!!
  • you promised him that the character you’re dressing him up as is really similar to him
  • you’re totally Gou
  • “so i’m supposed to like swimming?”
  • “not just like, love it. Haru finds it very poetic and beautiful, especially the water. he’ll swim anywhere and everywhere there is water”
  • he gets more interested in the anime world as you keep talking about other shows and mechanics, and he thinks that he could fit Levi Ackerman, too
  • “hmm… maybe we can do that next year, and i’ll be Sasha”
  • if yoosung comes along, he’d TOTALLY be nagisa


  • he’s totally being Dazai and you’re being Chuuya
  • he can’t stop taking your hat off
  • he says that he doesn’t want to pretend to hate you in a playful way, he just wants to love you in a playful way
  • if yoosung comes, he’s being Kenji
  • you guys have definitely both seen the anime together
  • “DOGGGGSSS!!!”
  • people flip because soukoku kisses
  • soukoku everything
  • hand games, macarena, and just fluffy stuff that people want to screech at


  • he’s a little hesitant about it, but you assure him that it’s fine and there won’t be any problems
  • you decided to dress up as Yukio and Rin Okumura, because both of you enjoyed watching Blue Exorcist together
  • he’s happy that he doesn’t totally hate the character he’s playing, because he thinks Yukio is p reasonable and they aren’t too different
  • he generally just likes the concept of the anime, and the con goes better than he expected it to
  • he sees that everyone there has something in common, and it’s actually very nice, because anime is just one giant community, even though it is sometimes a little split on Subs v. Dubs. AN// im personally a sub person
  • he enjoys seeing you so happy taking photos with other people and characters and making happy memories to last a lifetime


  • he’s kaneki and you’re touka
  • he actually really loves the mask, and he feels he can relate to kaneki and it’s kinda sad but!! it’s okay
  • if saeyoung or yoosung comes along, they’d probably be Hide
  • he likes the idea of kagunes
  • he’s kinda nervous about it but sees you lookin chill and cool like “yo dude it’s gonna be fine it’ll be full of awkward people just like us”
  • “these are really flippin cool. can i wear them everyday??”
  • your costumes are by far the most popular there
  • he isn’t really used to be around so many people, but he just gets absorbed into kaneki that it doesn’t bother him anymore

4 bag celebratory shots are nice 😋💉

i see ppeople out there who love jericho so much and thatS GREAT!! SHES AN AMAZING CHARACTER AND ALL BUT WHYYY doesnt everyone love guila too?? shes so badass and cool lookin like wow she collectively kicked diane, meliodas, and ban’s ass while she was still only a crystal holy knight??? shes sooo amazingly gorgeous and has a rlly cool BACKSTORY and concept design?? shes loyal and strong and she loves her BROTHER AND JERICHO SM!! and I LOVE GUILA EVERYONE LOVE HER TOO DAMMIT! !!