lookin cool like

He’s like the Sun, and I am just the Moon

So This is another thing for the Steven Universe AU We kinda made some art for sort of. Hinata is of course the Sunstone to Tsukishima’s Moon stone. Just some fun little concept art!!

See some of our Gems Here 

4 bag celebratory shots are nice 😋💉

i love this panel because their eyes are like, full fledged demonically identical here all red n what not, but i also like thinkin bout implications here…idk….avas just like ‘well, if this is it and i die oh well’, in that ava way, sleepy acceptance + reluctance to fight against it (plus like, lmao, theres probably a severe lack of oxygen in the ship in this panel) (odins weird f*ckin alien ass can handle it but ava bein’ human here, she can’t), and odins fuck-uped montage of his entire life while Hello Darkness my Old Friend is being kazooed in his brain right now,knowing how much a failure he is for gettin his sorry ass killed b4 completing his mission

anyways, i like their eyes in this panel this is one of my favorite panels , it’s up there on the personal fav panels 

i see ppeople out there who love jericho so much and thatS GREAT!! SHES AN AMAZING CHARACTER AND ALL BUT WHYYY doesnt everyone love guila too?? shes so badass and cool lookin like wow she collectively kicked diane, meliodas, and ban’s ass while she was still only a crystal holy knight??? shes sooo amazingly gorgeous and has a rlly cool BACKSTORY and concept design?? shes loyal and strong and she loves her BROTHER AND JERICHO SM!! and I LOVE GUILA EVERYONE LOVE HER TOO DAMMIT! !!