lookin angry

My little brothers first impressions of Haikyuu characters, he’s never seen an episode. Just walked in and saw this and started pointing them out; this is what he had to say.

Bokuto: Creepy lookin guy

Tsukishima: Cool looking guy, glasses are cool

Kageyama: Angry lookin dude, why is he so mad.

Yamaguchi: This is the “What happened?” Guy. He must never know what’s going on

Lev: Scary tall guy

Kuroo: he looks a little cocky, so he’s the cocky guy

Akaashi: hang on let me think. To me he looks like a bad mouth. Yup, a bad mouth

Kenma: and now this dude, he looks like a girl. But a pretty girl. But let’s call him a sad sack that likes Pokemon.

Hinata: Saved him for last. Hmm hmmm hmmm determined? No, skinny? Wait a second. He looks like a… Yeah. He’s the determined one.

  • someone: look at these beautiful mods of fenris/isabela/dorian/zevran!! omg they look so much better now WOW SO HOT
  • mod: *pale skin*
  • mod: *freckles*
  • mod: *lightened eyes/hair*
  • mod: *whitewashes the character*
  • me: *looks @ camera like im on the office*
H2OVanoss: Don't Know, Don't Care

“Oh my God, Evan! You weren’t supposed to be here until Friday!” Jonathan shouted angrily down into the parking lot of his apartment. Evan didn’t even look up at him as he practically power walked across the pavement. He was taking the stairs two at a time and Jonathan was livid.

“I was gonna have a surprise for you, but NOOO, your bitch ass had to come early and unannounced and all angry lookin’.” Jonathan was talking with his hands and then he stopped suddenly. “Why do you look angry? Evan?!”

Evan was glaring up at him

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