lookin 2 good

Arm day

. The only day it actually looks like you worked out. By lunch they’ll be noodles again.

anonymous asked:

Your poetry is so bad, but you're pretty so at least you have that going for you.

I’m grinning! O, I lov my poetry., I think my work is so different n important, & my hart is safe inside it. I am beautiful n confident in my beauty, as a poet, as a woman, even as a prostitute, even as a junky. I hav what nobody can teach me, & I kno I will b crown’d again in my field of white roses, gold-coated n stood on god’s throat!

                    &          /          panthea,    divine - mother  of  humanity.  ( edit 01. )

when her eyes open and gaze upon her lover for the first time,    she speaks a single word :  panthea.    the divine - mother named herself,    ‘of all gods.’