BTS Reaction | Seeing your body for the first time.

Anon request:  Hi! Can I get a BTS reaction when it’s their first time doing it with their gf and they finally see her without clothes, wearing very sweet yet hot black lacy bra + panties for the first time? Hope it’s not too weird. PS: I SUPER LOVE your blog I come here everyday~

A/N: Thank you so much ^-^

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anonymous asked:

thought of a super cool au. an au where instead of just giving a little squeeze or something, apollo's bracelet breaks his hand every time someone lies

omg omg omg this is amazing

like he’s done it so many times that his pain threshold is off the charts like he cant even feel it anymore when his wrist breaks

when klav first saw it he totally freaked and was about to call an ambulance but apollos like “nah man im good” and klav gives him this totally perplexed look

good au thats some good shit right dere

This shirt. On the left is a picture of me from last night, on the right a picture of my from October 2014. To get that shirt to hang the was it looks on the right I had to suck it in all night. It was terribly uncomfortable but I wanted it to work so badly. Last night the shirt fit exactly like it should. I didn’t have to hold anything in or feel self conscience. It was a loose silky flowy top.

This is all because of hard work- I’ve lost almost 20lbs! And I have to keep going! I started this journey in January and I don’t plan to ever quit!