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Cracks~3~ Pete Dunne~Final Part

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Part 2

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Again, your heart was broken into small pieces that lay with a used bandaid on the ground. Everything has changed into the color or black and grey. It felt like every memory you had of him haunted you, making your chest ache. It felt like the whole world changed around you once again. 

Slowly putting yourself back together, falling the holes and the missing pieces to make yourself whole. It took time to fill the void in your chest, to figure out what you were suppose to now. How were you to move on from this? How were you suppose to let go of the one man that held your heart?

You had try to be yourself. You had ignore the image in your head of one of your friends being with the man that you thought was faithful to you. Everything just reminded you of Pete. You had your best moving on despite feeling numb inside. You reminded yourself of who you were, that you were better than Toni, that you had a title, that you had fans that supported you and friends that were there for you.

No matter the effort you made to forget him, it was no use. You still loved him. 

Slowly the numbness became a friend that lingered for a long time. You got used to being around Toni and watching Pete backstage feeling like someone kept knocking you back from your feet. You did your best to put a smile on your face, tune out Toni’s voice and his, trying to move on past this. You did this for the following two months, feeling stab after stab in your chest. 

Only for it to come back and break you into pieces. All your insecurities that you overcame came rushing back. You felt your heart no longer pulling strings at his voice. 

“ She said he’s good french kisser..” those words repeated in your mind like a record. 

You had barely spoken words to your friends and even to Smallman who tried his hardest to make sure you were okay. It hurt too much to listen to his voice when you were around. All you could see in your mind is his arms wrapped around her waist and his lips on her neck, making her gasp. 

All you could think was all the things that went wrong between you two. You had your own flaws, you had worries and you had doubts, but Pete always made sure that you stayed happy. 

Every word he said was one big lie. It’s been three week since the last time you spoken to Pete, seen her or Toni. Three week os torture, weeks of falling into the same hole you were trying to get out of. 

Pete had tried contacting you every day. He left messages on your phone, tried to reach you at the show or at a meet and greet or have Trent and Tyler stop by your room. He was desperately trying to find ways to talk to you, he even asked Eddie to help him. 

He wanted to know why all of sudden it was like you were dropped from the earth making him confused more than he ever was. You had to find ways to dodge him and his friends. Pete stopped by to wait when you were done with Smallman or one of your friend, to get you to talk to him to have you only tell him you had somewhere to be. Then, he tried sending Tyler and Trent to your room, they had your key card but you would never be there. When he tried with Eddie, Eddie begged you to talk to the Bruiserweight, even Havoc was sent you way. 

You wanted to talk to him, hear him say your name but also hearing him tell you that he cheated on you with one of your friends. You wanted him to comfort it, tell you that he wasn’t faithful. That he was in the wrong.

A part of you weren’t too sure if you could hear listen to him as he tries to explain to you how this all happen and make sense of it. You weren’t sure if it would hurt more to hear him lie to your face or have him tell you he kissed your friend. 

No one could tell the bags underneath your eyes due to the make up you had to hide the, body slouching when you sat down, and never-ending of biting on your chapped lips. You were more tired than ever. Your mind was hazy and a lot was going through it.

Some of your friends started to notice how not you, you looked anymore. You didn’t care though.

“ She said he was a great french kisser..” it played in your mind again and turning your heart.You wondered if you look as broken as you looked. All you wanted was to be home, at your home curled into bed and cry, but every time you did nothing would come out. You no longer had the effort for it. 

Your eyes focused on the title in your hands, grasping it with your fingers tracing the lines over it. Your back rested against a cool wall. Backstage of Progress was booming with loud voices, you noticed a familiar set of boots down the hall and familiar voice talking to Nixon. She was laughing at something she heard from before. Her lips painted in a red color with her blonde hair flowing down her shoulder. It disgusted you. 

Your eyes closed feeling the coldness from the title, sending shivers down your spine. You were crumbled in your own mind, tired of all of it feeling like a dry fish in the sun.

“Y/N?” you rose your head to meet one of the crew members. Right, one of them were here for your jacket to be fixed. Your eyes rose to him, standing as a small timid man with eyes wide looking out of place. He was biting his lips as he stretched out his hand, “ Uh Y/N, I need your jacket . You wanted it to be fixed…” 

You nodded, slipping it off yourself and standing up from the ground watching him leave when he took the jacket. Your shoes made a noise smacking against the ground of your sneakers. You walked past the two giggling girls, rolling your eyes at them. 

Making your way back into your looker room, having your own opening and shutting the doors. A smell hits your nose, a familiar one. It used to be something of his that had the same scent. However, your body freezes seeing he was sitting on your couch in your locker room. Your stomach twist and turns. 

Pete was here, sitting on your couch waiting for you. Your jaw clenches and nose flares up. You wanted to rip the hair from his skull at this very moment. You backed against the door wanting not to come any closer to him. Her voice comes back as the words repeat in your mind, “ She said he was a good french kisser.” 

You wanted to scream and run far away from here as possibly you can and avoid this from happening. He is here, waiting for you. He was stubborn and have his way one way another. He always did.

“ We need t’ talk” He says calmly, but his eyes are darker green than they usually are. You could see the annoyance behind them. “ ‘m tired of chasin’ yeh” 

“ Shame” you mumbled, arms folding over your chest as you sighed, glaring at hi, the urge of slapping his face and ripping his hair out of his skull grew stronger. 

“ Why are yeh bein’ a bitch?” He remained calm for the moment, but he snarled looking at you.His jaw was set tight, his fist clenching then unclenching. 

“Excuse me?”your nails dug into your palms, you were sure you were drawing bits of blood by now. Your eyes focused on him, holding yourself together, trying not break in front of him. 

“ Like this!” He shouts standing raising his voice, pointing a finger to you. “ Yeh shut me out when thing were about t’ get good. What the fuck did I do?!” 

You rolled your eyes with a shake of your head as you look away, staring at the table in the corner of the room that had your backpack on it. From the corner of your eyes, his face changes into hurt and tilting his head in question. He is trying to understand why this is happening. Why are you trying to avoid him, what has he done now? 

“ Did I do somethin’” He asks, that’s when your head snaps back to him, your face changes and crumbles, letting him know how much you were hurting. Your eyes looked at him, brimming with redness and tears. His face drops seeing how hurt you were, he want to touch you and hold you in his arms. 

“ Yes, you fucking moron. Yes, you fucking asshole did something!” your voice crack as you yell at him. “ You broken my heart over, and over again and again!” 

Pete doesn’t say a word, staring at you and blinks like an idiot, trying to figure out what to say. 

“ Do you have any idea how much it hurt when you just dropped me for her?Just like that. She became so fucking important to you that you forgot who I was to you!” you continue to yell. “ Do you have an idea how much I was hurting seeing you walk into our apartment to know you spend the day with her instead of me? How it felt to know I didn’t mean a thing to you? It was like you didn’t want to be with me anymore, you didn’t want to talk to me, you didn’t kiss me anymore, I was nobody to you!”  

“ It’s not that I didn’t want yeh…” 

“ I was miserable!” you didn’t let him finish, you were shaking by now. “ Because I was so stupidly in love with you that it hurts so much to see you every day. Losing you hurt, so much, you were always on my mind and it killed me to see you pick her over me” 

By now, tears were rolling down your cheeks and your body was shaking with so much pain, letting it all out. He finally needed to know what he put you through. 

“ I kept thinking to myself that you would come back for me and tell me that it was all a big joke. That you still loved me. I was so angry at you for being such an asshole. I was so angry, you distant yourself from me when she came back int your life, for letting me feel my insecurities again. We both hurt each other Pete. I know we didn’t end like we promised we would but I guess I thought for a moment when we fought, one last time that you needed me like I needed you. I thought you’d fight for me…” 

“ I do need yeh, I love yeh. I didn’t know yeh wanted me t’ come back t’ yeh” he says. 

“  I wanted you too, badly. You were my everything, Peter” your head shakes, wiping your eyes with your sleeves. “ At least, that you were my everything..” 

“ What are yeh talkin’ about?” 

“ I fucking know you kissed Toni” you tried to swallow the words, not even imagining that you said them. “ Stop acting like you have no fucking idea, I know you do” 

Pete’s eyes widen as his lips part, “ Why her? What did she have that I didn’t?”

“ What are yeh on about?!” He raises his voice, snarling, he takes a step forward. “  I didn’t kiss her! I never cheated on yeh, I loved yeh and still do!” 

“ You’re pretty friends with benefits told me, asshole!” you shouted, covering your face with your hands as the tears started to flow again, slowing your choked sobs, trying to contain yourself. “ She told me about  you and Toni, about you french kissing her. You couldn’t keep it in your pants, couldn’t you?”

“ Wait, what?” You could feel your blood boiling, emotions running all over, your heat aching. Pete had wounded you and this conversation wasn’t getting any better. You felt like a fool for caring too much, thinking about him still when there is a chance that this was all a dream. 

“ Your friends with benefits chick said that you and Toni hooked up, that you two had thing while you were with me. She told me, you can cut this act Dunne” you closed your eyes, feeling your heart clenching and it was getting harder to breath.

“ Y/N, babe. No that’-

Your eyes snapped open, glaring at him. How dare he? “ You don’t get to call me that anymore!” you glared. “ What the hell was I to you? I wasn’t worth it? I didn’t give you enough sex? What the fuck did I do for you to be so ungreatful!” 

“ I didn’t cheat on you!” Pete shouted, eyes full of agony as he shakes his head closing the space between the two of you. “ I would never cheat on yeh, Toni and I never kissed. Never.” 

“ No, stop” you begged him, feeling so tired of talking and thinking. Mentally and psychically being exhausted. His hands cupped your cheeks, bringing you to look at him.  His eyes boring into your eyes, his fingers moved the hair away from your face that sticked to your cheeks from crying. 

“ None of it is true” He says almost in a whisper, begging you to listen to him with his eyes, “ I would never lie t’ yeh or cheat on yeh. Never.” 

“ How do I believe you?” your hands are still shaking, but they are by your side while his thumbs run over your cheeks, brushing away any wetness from your tears. He was inches away from your face and it felt so long since he was this close. 

“ I never lied t’ yeh Y/N. Never” one of his hands goes from your cheek to your neck. “ Yeh and I had somethin’ amazing, we were bad towards the end. Yeh know how much of an asshole I am. But I was wron’ t’ leave yeh like that. Yeh cryin’ and seein’ yeh like this, makes my heart feel like someone is stabbin’ it” 

He continues to brush his fingertips across your cheek, looking at you with so much adoration in his eyes. 

“ I hate t’ see yeh like this, and because of me. I hate tha’ I hurt yeh this much, I hate for pushin’ yeh away. I didn’t know what I was thinkin’. No one in this world has made me feel like yeh have.”

“ Yeah, right” you rolled your eyes. “ It’s true” he nods, his hand that was behind your neck goes down to your throat, feeling your heartbeat on your pulse. “ I miss how yeh wake up next t’ me and greet me with a kiss on the nose. I miss the way yeh would cook me dinner, lunch or breakfast. I miss the way yeh hands fit in mine . I miss yeh soft lips against my own, I miss the nibble yeh do when yeh want t’ turn me on. I miss yeh fingers runnin’ through my hair when I lay my head in yeh lap. I miss everythin’ we used to have. I fucked up, I know. I love yeh so much, there isn’t a day where I don’t think about yeh” 

“That’s not true.” Your fingers brushed against his thigh as you shifted, body instantly recoiling them back and folding your palms over your stomach as your skin burned from the near contact.

“ Pete…” 

“ Yeh have to belive me, please..I would never hurt yeh like that” his hands go from your face to your hands, as he interlacing his fingers with yours.

“ Like yeh said from the beginnin’ our heart will always belon’ t’ one another. Always” 

“ I don’t know what to believe anymore, I have too much on my mind and my heart has been broken over and over, again and again” you say. 

“ Please” he begs you, his bottom lip out before leaning in brushing his lips to yours. The minute they do, your skin is on fire and it felt kinda right, it was like he wanted to try. Try again.He pulls away, brushing his nose against yours, “ Believe me.” 

“ Pete..” 

“ Please..” 

You stare up at him as he looks down at you, face inches away from one another, he holds your hand in his making your skin on fire, making your heart flutter. He was waiting for you to choose, to be with him again or to end it for good this time. 

You were unsure of what your choice would be. You could listen to the voice in the back of your head to remember what his friends with benefits says or listen to your heart.  His friends with benefits had no idea that you and Pete were exe’s. He hadn’t told him, it wasn’t right to him. 

You could listen to Pete talk all day to you or about you, who was staring at you awaiting your answer with his lips parted. This man that is fighting for you, the man you loved with all your head and wanted to be your one and only, the one who has never made an effort like he does with you. Pete was scared inside, he was scared of losing you for good this time. He believe you two can patch things up. 

“ Pete, I think-”

A knock came to your door. 

“ Y/N, your match is coming up in 10″ your words were cut off from the person who knocked, you stepped back from Pete dropping your hands from his. 

“ Give me 2 minutes” you responded, sighing but Pete kept his gaze on you.

“I need to go. We can talk later? I guess..” He nods, but a side smile reaches his lips as he heads out his pinky. “ Make it a promise” you chuckled, rolling your eyes hooking your pinkies with his. “ I promise” 

Pete wanted to say something else, but he knew you had your match in a few minutes. He leaves the room but not before brushing his lips against your cheek heading our. You let out a long sight from your lips walking out, putting on your fixed jacket with the title on your shoulder, the smirk appearing on your lips. You had your make up fixed last minute before hearing your theme. 

During the match, you had thrown into a stack of chair feeling the pain in your skull sending you into black. 

You could hear machines beeping around you as you stirred, wrist tapped to something as light filled the room, wincing as pain ran to your head. Your hand goes to your head skimming over the bandage wrapped around it. You felt like someone hit you with cinderblocks or something. You glanced around the room, needle in your arm and bandaged wrapped around your arm. 

You heard voices in the hallways, turning your head to the small window seeing Pete and Jim with a doctor.

“ Is she going to be okay?” you heard Jim ask the doctor, you saw the side of Pete’s head as he stood outside wearing a backwards cap on his head. 

“ She will be just fine, her head is bandaged and only a broke rib with a concussion” the doctor said. Pete and Jim both happily sighed, hearing it was nothing serious. “ She needs to take it easy for a few days before she goes. Now excuse me, I need to go” 

The two enter the room, Pete looked tired, his eyes had bags underneath them as he ran a hand down his face.

“ Hey, you two”

Pete’s head snapped up along with Jim’s, Jim had smile on his face while Pete ran over to you, his eyes running over your face making sure you really were okay. 

“ How are ye feeling?” his fingers brushes over the hair that kept going in your eyes, brushing it aways gently. 

“  Like I’ve been hit with a truck, what do you think?” you laugh, his lips goes into a smirk. Seeing him right now, forgetting for a moment what happened before the match, you were happy he was here. 

“ I’m still yeh emergency contact, besides, Jim here, of course” he motions to Smallman, who had vanished from the room for some reason. 

“ Oh, sorry” you shrugged. His fingers find their way to your hand, tracing along each finger as he looks down at you.  “ No need to be luv” 

“ Okay..” you nodded. “ Are yeh sure yeh okay?” 

“ Yes, I’m fine Pete. You should go back, the boys might need you and you have a match tomorrow” you say, pulling your hand away from wincing as you sit up. Pete shakes his head, “ No, I am staying with yeh” He helps you sit up on the bed. 

You looked at him, watching his expression lit up with a smile. 

“ Ye’ll be back in no time” he mumbles, knowing exactly what you were thinking about. You wanted to get back into the ring, you loved wrestling with all your heart. It mean a lot to you. 

His fingers hover over your and you let him take your hand in his. Things were going to be okay, you were sure of it. But there is still a part of you that wants to believe him and want him back but you still were not sure. You were healing and it would take some time. 


You held onto the title until you had your match with Dahlia, you were proud to drop off the title to her. She deserves it as much as you did. When the match ended, you hugged her and rose her hand in the air. Travis and TK rushed to the ring, both embracing you with a group hug before raising Dahlia’s hand again. 

Walking backstage, you wee greeted by Tyler and Trent who have been patching things up with you still. You haven’t fully forgave them, but you were getting there. They both hugged you telling you how amazing you did. Turning around you came face to face with the man you love. 

You had believed Pete, that he never cheated on you. Toni had told you that she would never betray you, never. She was your friend, friends don’t do that to friends. Pete was back in your life, slowing getting back to what you to were. 

Your heart was whole again and you were happy. 

Operation: Alola [Gladion x Moon]

Chapter 1 ↠ Chapter 2

Chapter 1: First Impressions

Notes: You all saw my weird af dream about a Spy AU. I decided to roll with it. :)

Anabel stares long and hard at the projection; pictures of their newly recruited International Police officers covered the wall. The hum of the projector, and the scribbling of her pen on a notepad were the only sources of sound in the room. Looker, with crossed arms and furrowed eyebrows, stands in the back. He watches Anabel drag a hand across her face in frustration.

“What seems to be the matter?” He asks, a smirk present on his lips. Anabel throws a tired gaze to the back of the room.  “Your boss is stumped and we’re running out of time” she mutters, turning her face back to the projection. She gives a vague hand gesture to the wall that causes Looker to shift his gaze from her to the pictures.

“You’ve trained all these recruits. Tell me who should we send on the mission to Alola?”

Looker lifts himself away from the wall and walks towards the front of the room. His footsteps and the rustle of his trenchcoat add a dimension of noise to the otherwise silent room. He approaches the computer and taps a key that quickly scrolled through all the candidates. He stops on the picture of a short black haired girl.

She narrows her eyes at the picture. “I may not work directly with the agents, but I hear rumors , Looker. And all rumors have a sense of truth to them.” 

Looker only chuckles. “Trust me on this”

Anabel let’s out a small sigh. ”We cannot and should not send someone who can’t hold their own in a battle.” Looker taps another key that opens up her stats.


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I’m Sorry... (Part 1)

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Pairings: Seth X Reader

Warnings: —-

Theme Song: I’m Not The Only One By Sam Smith

A/N: Finely now it’s time for a Seth story! And I just want to say the divas that I pick anything to do with this story, I have NOTHING against them! I promise! I just go with the first one that comes to mind, so please don’t be upset if I pick your favorite and she ends up being a bitch or some shit! Same goes for the superstars! NOTHING AGAINST THEM! 

You were walking into the building, bag on your shoulder. You were beyond happy to be back! You were away for a few mouths with an arm injure and now tonight your getting back into the ring against Brie Bella. 

You made your way to your boyfriend Seth Rollins locker room. You turned the corner and seen Summer Rae walking out of Seth’s looker room. At first you thought nothing of it but when you see Seth’s buttoning his jeans and lean over and kiss her. You felt angry, rage, but mostly the tears that seem to sneak up on you and spilt over.

You quickly wipe away the tears and turn back down the corner, walking fast. You shove open the divas locker room door and went in.

“Y/N? Y/N is that you!!” You heard you closet friend Lana say.

You turn around and were pulled in quickly for a hug. “What the hell! You don’t tell me that you’re back!” Lana said, pulling away, the smile completely wash from her face once she seen you had tears in your eyes.

“What’s the matter?” She asked, worried. You looked up at the ceiling, blinking back tears. You rubbed your face and say. “Can we talk later? I don’t wanna do it here.”

Lana looks at you, worry written all over her face, but she nods her head.

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You had not been seen by Seth all night, just the way you wanted it. But right now you sat on the ground with your back against the wall outside, smoking a cigaret. After wining your match against Brie Bella, you quickly changed and went to wait outside for Lana. You knew that once your match came on that Seth would know that you were here, you were just hoping he wouldn’t come looking for you. 

That hope was short lived when you heard the door to your right open and you looked up, seeing Seth.

“Hey! Why didn’t you tell me you were here!” Seth called, walking over to you.

You didn’t say anything, just continued to smoke. 

“I’ve been trying to find you since I seen your match!” Seth said, standing in front of you. 

You glanced up at him, before rolling your cigaret on the ground next to you, and then standing. 

You go to brush past him, but he grabs your arm, looking you over. 

“Hey, why-why were you crying?” Seth asked, seeing your mascara and eyeliner smudged around your eye. 

You had started to cry as you sat out here. I mean it’s normal when you see your boyfriend cheating on you. But right now you didn’t want him to see you cry, he was a cheating asshole.

“I don’t know, Seth. Why don’t you ask Summer. Since you seem all loving to each other” You said, jerking your arm out of his hold. Again you go to walk away but Seth grabs you once again.

“I’m sorry, Y/N” Seth says in almost a whisper.

“You’re sorry?! Oh well! Than this changes everything!” You say sarcastically, throwing your arms in the air.

“I am. Y/N! I’m sorry! I really am!

“Are you sorry that you did it, or are you sorry that you got caught?”

Seth went to say something, but the doors opened and other superstars and divas started coming out.

And thank god one of them was Lana. Once again you jerked your arm out of Seth’s grip and walk away.

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You and Lana were walking into the hotel, you had told her everything on the way over and right now she wanted to kick his ass.

“He’s lucky I don’t kill him” Lana says. You smile sadly. 

You check in and see that your room buddy is Seth. Of course. You wanted to ask Lana if you could stay with her, but you figured she probably doesn’t want to deal with your crying all night.

So you went to your other best friend, Roman Reigns.

You knocked on the door of his room, after asking Dean which room he was in.

“Hey, Y/N! I missed you!” Roman said, pulling you in for a hug.

“Hey, Ro. I missed you too.” You said, pulling away. 

“I-I was wondering if I could…..could stay here with you?” 

Roman looks down at you. “Yeah, sure. You and Seth get in to a fight or something?” Roman asked, as he stepped to the side to let you in.

You drop your bag and sit on the end of the bed, looking down at your hands.

“He…..he was cheating on me. I saw him.” You said, in a whisper.

“Oh my god, Y/N!” Roman said, coming at sitting next to you, wrapping his arms tightly around you.

“I-I don’t understand why” You say, as tears begin to spill over.

“Shh, it’s ok. I’m here for you.” Roman says, rubbing your back.

You put your face in his chest, crying harder as you take a fist full of his shirt. Roman just held you, gently rubbing your back.

First part!! 

ghostkani  asked:

the end of that imagine actually got me a lil teared up, it was really touching! if you wouldn't mind writing about it, how do you think gladion would react if it was instead the reader who approached him first to state their feelings? _(:3」∠)_

Crazy Little Thing Called Rotom

A/N: I was so excited, I had to post this as soon as I finished. So, here you go, un-proof read and straight from the brain.

Pairing: Gladion x Player or Gladion x Moon/Sun if you prefer.

You’d say you didn’t know what possessed you to come to this place except you do know. About ninety percent of the reason you’re stood outside the entrance to the Aether Foundation is the fault of one Z-Powered best friend of yours.

Lillie had been writing to you more lately since you shared your concern about not having seen Gladion recently. You put it off for as long as you could but after the second week of checking that motel he lived at for two years you were getting a tad worried. Mail was quick enough to Kanto through Pidgey or Fletchling or any of the countless other flying type Pokemon in Alola. But, you decided to send out your own bird Pokemon. After all, it didn’t do to have someone read it before Lillie did.

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Can I call you dad?

An: actually surprised that people liked the first imagine I did. PS sorry for deleting it, I didn’t like it but fear not for someone has sent me a request.

Summary: you have a child from a previous engagement and he or she asks Dean if they can call him dad. PS lots of fluff♥

Warning:I suck at writing and lots of fluff

Having a kid is a huge blessing,being a single parent and helping them through every thing is a bonus. Falling for someone that your kid like and vise versa,huge accomplishment.
3rd person p.o.v
You’ve been dating Dean for two years but you were friends years before.
At first it took a while for your son and Dean to be comfortable around each other but after a while your son started looking up to Dean,hell he wanted to be just like him.

Y/N’s p.o.v
“Mommy look,look look!” My five year old Liam yelled running up to me Dean following close behind. Liam was dressed as the lunatic fringe for some odd reason,hell if anyone who didn’t know you guys at all would surely think that Dean was his father just based on their similar looks,from the shaggy dirty blond hair to the baby blue eyes and the chubby cheeks.
“ hey baby,and particular reason as to why your dressed as dean?” I asked bending down to eye level.
“It’s my Halloween costume” he said like it was the most obvious thing in the world, which it kind of was.
“Did you out him up to this?” I asked an amused looking Ambrose.
“Not my fault that I’m so grate kids want to be like me” he said smuggly .
Playfully slapping his chest and rolling my eyes I went back to telling Liam how grate he was and asking Dean to look after him whilst I was at my match.

After the match I made way to Dean and I’s shared looker room and slightly opening the door only to find Liam and Dean on the couch watching a movie.
“Dean. Can-can I ask you something?” Liam’s soft voice rang through the room.
“Sure little guy what’s up?” Dean asked and I remains in my spot none of them noticing me.
“Well I was thinking that since your dad walked out on you and my dad walked out on me-well would you beokaywithmecallingyoudad?” Liam mumbled the rest of his sentence.
“I’m sorry what?” Dean asked trying to catch what Liam said.
“Nothing it was dumb anyways.” Liam said not even looking at Dean,his face falling looking as if someone crushed all his hopes and dreams or worse he found out the Santa Claus and the easter bunny were made up.
“C'mon lil man,what’d you want to ask?” Dean asked this time setting Liam on lap.
“Well since you and my mom have been friends since before I was born and you practically raised me along with my mom,and both of our dads left.. Would you be okay with me calling you dad?” Liam asked his voice becoming shaky a little.
It took Dean a while to answer and I was getting ready to consult my son just in case he didn’t get the answer he was hopping for.
“Do you really want me to be your dad?” Dean finally asked his blue eyes meeting Liam’s. Only nodding Liam waited for deans answer.
“Of course I’ll be your dad. I’ll be the best dad there has ever been. I’ll teach you how to wrestle and how to pick up chicks an-” Dean was cut off.
“No,no hitting on chicks until he’s at least 50 or I’m dead.” I replied making my presence known.
“Mom! Did you hear? I finally have a dad!” Liam said jumping into my arms.
“Is this really what you want? I mean you can’t just wake up one day and decide you don’t want to be a father anymore. You’ll have to be there for him day in and day out. Are you sure?” I asked Dean coming up to him.
“I’m positive. Heck the kid said it himself I’ve practically helped raise him since he was born. Plus this just means that I get to spend the rest of my life with the most amazing mom in the world and the best most adorable kid ever.” He said giving me a quick peck on the lips and ruffling up Liam’s hair.
My happy little family is finally complete♥

The Ring - A Gail and Holly fic

So my muse came running back slapping me vigorously in the face with a picture of Gail wearing a wedding ring. So I guess I had to write something to make her stop.

No smut this time, promise.

The Ring


Gail was running late, she knew that. In fact it had been intentional. She looked in the mirror inside the locker door and adjusted her already perfectly aligned collar on her uniform. The looker room was empty, everyone already on their way to parade and she was stalling. This was her first day back at work after three weeks leave. 

She adjusted an unruly curl of blond hair, it was longer now, darker too. She had decided that she was done with the platinum blonde. As Gail moved her hands through her hair it glinted in the reflection of the mirror, in that specific way only something new and shiny could do, as if it was beckoning her attention, so she wouldn’t forget. How could she forget? A small smile traveled over her lips. The wedding band was simple, clean gold without stones or decorations. They didn’t need anything more they had decided, after all they where never engaged and they never had a wedding. Her smile widened as she thought of that day and how her wife… her wife. The thought still stunned her, as if she still couldn’t really believe it, she had a wife, she was married. They where married. Holly and her.

No matter how much she wanted to stay and muse over the memories from the past weeks she knew she had to get going. Not only because she was running late but because she could swear that even though the switch of the boys and girls locker rooms was weeks ago she could still smell man gas and boy feet in the air.

The things was, this wasn’t just her first day back at work in a while, this was her first day wearing the ring at the station, and she hadn’t exactly told anyone  she had gotten married.


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Sentence Starters Based of Bad Lip Reading Videos

High School Musical: (PART 2)

“No, I was going to take an old person to prison.” 

“Now don’t run away from me, okay?” 

“Hey, did I tell you I’m a rodent?”

“Did you hear that? Oooh, woow… That’s a baby sheep.” 

“Basetball. Basketball. We love basketball.” 

“Yeah, I’m one of those rodents without fur.” 

“Once a week, my coach would come to the looker room and try to convince me he was an animal of some kind.”  

“So you know, I talked to that new girl, and um… I was really weird around her.” 

“I’m pretty sure you got a problem with walking. You need a scooter.” 

“Hey, now you look me in the eyes, kid. ‘Cause I wanna dump a jugpile on my face when I don’t have to, you know what I’m saying?” 

“Wow my feet are so raw. My ears are scared and the baby ostrich is so cold, now that makes you feel like you know karate.” 

“Right then there was only one thing that could make me feel better…” 

“It’s my bouncy ball.” 

“It looks like you ate a 26 year old man.”  

“Whoo, you’re quite the special bear.” 

“One thing people didn’t know about me was that I had an invisible cat named Corbal.” 

“A kick in the fridge? Oh, why must I just… Dance?” 

“Mmm… Awkward. Look, my shrimps aren’t around.” 

“I’m not a bear.” 

“Gotta clean my teeth and get some sleep and then we take the shot!” 

“Yo. Can I pinch your shrimps?” 

“I haven’t lost anything… Though I’d like a bikepump.” 

“Oh yeah, how do you know? Think about this; Can you play piano like the bear at the mall?” 

“You tripped over Corbal. He’s my spacecat. He’s invisible. Now you know.” 

“Do you wanna see something cool? Hand. I gave it to you so you can hold it.” 


Description: While Looker is on Archie and Maxie’s trail, he meets Violet in the woods.

             Archie slammed through the door of their safe house looking panicked. “Maxie!” He called. “Maxie! We’ve gotta go right now! Get Violet! We gotta move!”

               Maxie was out to meet him in a moment, eyes wide. “What happened Archie? What’s wrong?”

               Archie grabbed Maxie’s shoulders. “They found us Maxie! The Looker Squad. We have to get Violet and-“

               The unusual look of panic that crossed Maxie’s face made him freeze. “Max, where’s-“

               “She’s out exploring with Penelope.” He answered. “Archie we have to find her!” Without another word they gathered their Pokémon and rushed off. They had to find her before Looker did. Otherwise she would be taken away from them. The very thought made Archie’s heart ache. Both of the ex-leaders Crobat’s were released into the air with orders to search for Violet and either bring her back or lead them to her. They charged into the forest, searching for their daughter.

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