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This kitty name is Lucretyiio.

He’s a smiler, you can’t see it now. But he is.

(He’s also gorgeous, but that you can see, I’m sure.)

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How about some angst headcanons for the Faller that died on that mission being Looker's S/O and his guilt that his hesitation lead to their death

Goodness that’s sad, I love it!

* He can hide his guilt pretty well. From other people’s point of view, everything seems fine with him, he keeps a really cheery attitude and always stays optimistic.

* When he’s by himself though, that’s when he breaks down. Even though it was years ago, it still feels to him like it happened just yesterday and the guilt hurts just as bad. 

* He always hesitated when it came to decisions that meant a lot and he feels he payed the ultimate price with this one, his indecisiveness being what caused your downfall. He hates himself for being that way and hates himself more that that hasn’t changed about him since that happened.

* He keeps a picture of the two of you together with him everywhere he goes. He hasn’t showed anyone this and he doesn’t plan on doing so. Every time he sees the picture, he apologizes for not being able to save you, quickly composing himself if anyone asked him if something was wrong.

Looker Missions in X and Y

Looker-“ Well Dr. X, you may have tried to destroy the world and then controled a young girls body to commit crimes throughout the city, but why don’t you stay and have dinner with us. You seem like a good guy”

get out of town Looker, you are suppose to uphold the law

p.s. Malva has got to be one of the most intriguing characters in the game