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Teenage Feysand

I saw the post about how 17 year old Rhysand would react to 17 year old Feyre. It’s my first fic so it is probably shit, but I just had to write it. 

Description: 17 y/o Feyre comes into the Illyrian camp that 17 y/o Rhysand and his mother are living in. All 17 y/o Illyrian males want to do is fuck and fight, and Rhysand is no exception, but darling Feyre won’t accept his advances.

I had had my fair share of good romps in the 17 years I’d been in the world, and it turns out that not many girls can resist the son of the High lord. Or so I thought…

           I was in the middle of sparring with Cassian when I caught an unfamiliar scent coming from the direction of the entrance to the camp. My brother must have caught it too because he looked at me with a devilish smirk. The scent was sweet like vanilla and something else, and it was most definitely female. At that moment, my mother came around the corner, her arm around what I assumed was the new mystery girl. I stepped out of the sparring ring and walked to where my mother and the girl stood.

“Ah, Rhysand, I was just looking for you,” my mother said as I approached, “There’s someone I’d like you to meet.” She motioned with her hand to the girl standing beside her.

Now closer, I could actually get a good glimpse at the stranger. She looked around my age, but nothing about her screamed ‘Look at me’. She lifted her face to me then, and my snarky remark died in my throat as I looked at the girl’s face. She was the most beautiful person I had ever seen. Her pale skin was clear, only marked by light freckles across her delicate nose. Her blue-gray eyes shone with a challenge that I was certainly up to accept.i allowed my eyes to roam further down her body. Slowly, I gave her one of my dazzling smiles that always worked on females, and held out my hand.

“Rhysand. It’s a pleasure to meet you…”

She took my hand gently and shook it once before letting it fall.

“Feyre. Nice to meet you,” she replied, completely unfazed by the look I had just given her. Challenge accepted, I thought as Feyre brushed past me and continued walking toward the barracks at the other end of the pitch.  

⃰           ⃰            ⃰

I tried for weeks to get Feyre’s attention, but none of my usual advances worked. She would just smile at me and shake her head and go back to whatever she was doing. The tension was driving me crazy. I had never been one to stumble over words, but this girl, this beautiful girl, with her full pink lips and stunning eyes made me want to roar in frustration whenever she shot down my advances.

I decided to try one last time, so I invited Feyre on a walk with me in the forest surrounding the camp. We had been walking for a good hour, and our conversation had been the same flirty banter that it usually was. Feyre seemed to be in a particularly good mood, so I decided to try my luck.

“You really should consider my offer, Feyre darling,” I said as we walked along one of the mountain streams.

“Oh, should I? Well tell me Rhysand, what would be so appealing about sleeping with you,” Feyre replied, rolling her eyes at me in the process. The way my name rolled off her tongue when she was being sarcastic…

I had to physically stop myself from pouncing onto her as I replied confidently, “I am the son of a High Lord, I am gorgeous, and I’ve never had a complaint about my skills in bed”.

Feyre snorted at this and shook her head, “Hard to get a complaint from your own hand, Rhysand.”

I smiled wickedly at her remark, “Such a foul mouth on such a stunning creature. Show me, Feyre, exactly what that mouth of yours can do”. She simply gave me a smile that left me feeling dizzy and continued walking along the stream.

I made to follow her when I slipped on a rock and lost my balance. I did not have time to catch myself as I fell backwards into the stream. The rush of the freezing water took care of any evidence of what I had been thinking about doing with Feyre’s mouth, along with any pride this amazing female hadn’t already crushed. Feyre stood on the bank now, laughing so hard that she had peeled over. I took this opportunity and grabbed her arm, pulling her into the water with me. She screamed at the coldness of the water, but I quickly pulled her against me before she could attempt to climb out of the stream.

“It’s not kind to laugh at people in distress, Feyre darling,” I said as I pushed back a wet strand of her hair.

She shivered, but I was unsure if it was from the touch or the temperature of the water. My answer came a second later when she took my face into her hands and kissed me gently. I was so taken aback that I forgot to kiss her back for the first few seconds, but I deepened the kiss when I felt her body melt into mine. I gathered her into my arms and laid her down onto the bank before covering her body with my own once again, kissing her like I needed the feel of our lips together to breath. At this point, I did.

Feyre flipped us over without breaking the kiss and straddled me. I made to run my hands over her back, but she grabbed my hands and held them down above my head. She broke the kiss then, and I didn’t realize what she had been doing with my hands until I tried to move them and felt the restraints now around my wrists.

She gave me a wicked smile as she leaned down and whispered in my ear, “If you can get out of these, come find me, and I’ll accept your offer”. I groaned as she nipped my ear and made to stand. She gazed down at me with those beautiful blue eyes and took off running back towards the camp.

I stalked back to the camp mere minutes after breaking the chains with my power, frustrated and cold. I looked for Feyre everywhere, but she was nowhere to be found. Cassian took one look at me when I finally came home and burst into laughter. I gave him the finger and made my way up to the bath. I could still feel the sensation of Feyre’s lips on mine, her body underneath me, the way she nipped at my ear before she left me on that bank. Shit, I thought as I sat down in the bath, this girl is going to be the death of me. Even as the thought struck me, I couldn’t help but think, maybe some things are worth dying for.

The Tenth Floor pt 1

Min Yoongi had gone through 34 secretaries in the past 24 months, and each one of them left in tears. This fact alone should have warned you against taking the job, but the pay was too good to pass up. Surely you could put up with a billionaires temper-tantrums, right?

Reader x Yoongi

Genre: Fluff, humor, probably some angst

Warnings: Strong language at times

You certainly looked the part. Dress slacks, light-blue blouse, a blazer with the sleeves rolled up once. You were even wearing heels, much to your distaste. You had bought your slacks at a consignment store cheap, and they fit other than the length. You planned to either have them hemmed or buy new ones as soon as you got your first pay check, but for now you would have to survive without practical shoes.

The elevator you were standing in was basically a box of mirrors, and everywhere you looked you saw yourself. It was a little disconcerting, so you tried to focus on your phone. You felt the elevator stop, and you glanced up at the numbers on the wall. You were only on the fifth floor, so you guessed someone else must be going up as well.

You were right, and watched as two young men stepped into the elevator with you. The taller of the two gave you a smile as the other almost pressed the button for the tenth floor, noticed it was already lit up, and dropped his hand.

“You must be the new secretary.” He commented, and you raised your eyebrows.

“Yeah, how did you—“

“We know everyone on the tenth floor.” The taller man replied. “My name’s Seokjin, by the way.” He held out his hand for you to shake.

“Nice to meet you.” You said, giving them both a smile. “I look forward to getting to know you both.”

“Don’t count on it.” The second man snorted.

Seokjin shot the other man a look, and hit his arm lightly. “Jimin, don’t scare the girl off on her first day.” Jimin shrugged, unperturbed.

“What do you mean, ‘don’t count on it’?” You asked, and Jimin smiled.

“I mean, you won’t be around long enough to get to know us.” He looked over to Seokjin. “I’d give her a week, tops.”

Seokjin sighed. “Such a pessimist.” He chided before sizing you up. “She’ll last a month.”

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anonymous asked:

your line art style is so smooth and real looking omg if it's not too much trouble, could you make a tutorial showing how you do it?? like what is your process?? how do you get your proportions so perfect and the lines so clean?

first of all I’m so sorry about how long this took! second, thank you?? you’re so sweet <3 I wasn’t really sure what you meant by “tutorial”, and since I was already in the process of drawing something, I hope some screen caps will do 😁

please bare in mind that this is what works for me and may not be the best method for someone else! I’m still working on improving, and this is what seems to work best for my style.

  • I use a huge brush for blocking out the basic shape and proportions of whatever I’m drawing, based off of the reference. No worries about whether it actually looks like anything or not.
  • Next I lower the opacity of the first layer and start a new layer, sketching out the general location of features and such with a slightly smaller brush.
  • Then I lower the opacity of that layer, start another new layer with an even smaller brush, and sketch out features more detailed, mostly focusing on where the eyes, mouth, ears, etc are and basically creating rough line art without worrying about how clean it is.
  • Lastly, (you guessed it) I lower the opacity so that all three base layers are faint enough to simply act as guidelines, start a new layer, and use a hard ink round brush, 100% opacity, to create the clean, detailed line art using my ref photo as a guide.

And I think that’s it?? Idk tbh anon I’m still working on getting better! oh, also, be sure to pay attention to line weights. See how my lines aren’t the same thickness everywhere, but are thinner in some places, and darker in others? I find that doing this really helps emphasize depth and lighting without actually shading anything in, if that makes sense.

as for how I get my lines to look clean, it’s really just lots of practice and LOTS of using the undo button!. but basically, it’s all about creating your lines in one fluid motion with confidence.

I hope this was at least somewhat helpful?? ^^ please let me know if not!

final taehyung line art can be found here

psycho 04 / taehyung

Originally posted by kittylalisa

warning and a note: this chapter has some sexual harassment/slight violence (knife&rope) in it so if you are uncomfortable with reading this kind of story please stop right here, i understand this might be hurtful to some people but this is just my crazy imagination and I’m sorry if you have ever experienced anything like this and I also wish this doesn’t happen to anyone ever, i know that taehyung isn’t like this in real life this is just a story

note: not putting a summary because I might spoil stuff idk

chapter 01 | chapter 02 | chapter 03 | chapter 05 | chapter 06—> new!

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Mistakes and Erasers (Part  2) | Jeff Atkins

Summary: After a campus party you found yourself awake in another bedroom that isn’t yours. Naked.

Warning: Mature Language.

Note: The amount of feedback and love I have received from you, is incredible. I can’t believe you guys loved the first part so much. I didn’t want to upload this part so soon, but I couldn’t resist. I wanted to thank you for the lovely messages! ♥ You made this week much more bearable. 

gif is from the lovely knightlley

‘Why won’t you answer me, Clay?’ you muttered under your breath. Since you came back from your late-night adventure you tried to reach your best friend, but he wasn’t answering. Clay always knew what to do. He was the calm one. He was always the one with a plan. With a way out. While you were surrounded with chaos. And ‘idiot’ was engraved on your forehead. As if on cue, your phone started buzzing and Clay’s name appeared on your screen.

‘Why weren’t you responding?’ you muttered. Instead of Clay, you heard other people mumbling words you couldn’t quite understand and the aggravating sound of a coffee machine in the process of making coffee which made you realise Clay was in the middle of one of his tutoring sessions at Baristas, the most popular coffee shop on campus.

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Reggie Mantle x Reader: Not Alone


i wanted to request a reggie imagine where the reader is friends with archie and the others. she was best friends with jason and before that she was always really happy and a ray of sunshine and reggie always had a crush on her. after jasons death she’s really sad and shy and doesn’t talk much anymore. when they have to do a school project together reggie sees scars om her arms and asks her about it and she tells him that it’s because of jason. he comforts her and they talk and kiss and fluff!

A/N: Okay changed the requests up a bit, but not too much I wanted to do justice to the requestor; hopefully you guys like it. I am back from Hiatus thank you for being so understanding. Remember I love you all and thank you all for following me and being a great support system. Man I missed writing, enjoy.

Words: 2272

Summary: Reader is going through the motions of losing her best friend Jason.  

Spoilers: I LOVE YOU!

Warnings: !!Reader has depressing and suicidal thoughts!! Like one bad word, and if you have depression that leads to suicidal thoughts reach out, don’t suppress it, you’re worth everything in this universe. Remember that harming yourself is not the answer and the world wouldn’t be the same without you babe.


It was a nightmare it had to be.

You woke up your heart racing feeling like it was going to burst out of your chest. The sweat dripping from your forehead, yet you were shivering. You opted out of the dance because doing things without him was hurtful. A nap had always been more your style especially these days when your insomnia seemed to take over. Your nightmares kept you awake any sleep you got was a miracle.

You sat up wiping the sweat off with your sweater sleeve. You hated these vivid nightmares, hoping that’s all they were, nightmares. Something in your heart just hoped that maybe just maybe he was still alive and well somewhere away from this horrid town.

Those thoughts pushed away as your father entered your room. You caught the look in his knowing the news you were about to receive. He sat in bed next to you as he revealed that Jason’s body was found in Sweetwater River. He was gone, he was finally gone, no more hoping he was alive. Much to your dismay the story was everywhere, your best friend was murdered, and the asshole who did the deed was nowhere to be found.

He was shot.


The sound made you shudder, maybe you weren’t there, but the sound felt fresh in your ears and you couldn’t escape it.

Who would somebody do that to him and why? You didn’t know. What did Jason do? What did the person want to accomplish murdering your best friend? But you couldn’t handle it anymore. You’d never see his charming smile, his crappy jokes. The person who you had formed a strong bond with since your childhood was gone. Tears started dripping out of your eyes as if their life depended on them.


The weekend was over, it was time to go to school. To roam the halls without him next to you. Sure you had other friends, but no one could compare to Jason Blossom.

You looked into the mirror the bags under eyes revealing your lack of sleep and your nonstop crying. You almost crawled back in bed, but you couldn’t hide in your room forever. Walking into your closet choosing a black sweater he had gotten you for your birthday. As you placed on you were about push your sleeves up when you saw your handiwork. This weekend was hard and the razor sharp blade helped you realize that this weekend wasn’t a nightmare. The scar was fresh and you hid them and made your way to school.

You swore people were looking at you, at the bags under your eyes, that the color of your skin seemed to drain as well. Whispering making its way through the little cliques. You were so distracted that you didn’t realize the red-haired boy made his way towards you, you almost lost it, he reminded you too much of Jason.

“Hey (Y/N), How are you?” Archie gave you a sad smile as he pulled you in a small hug.

A tear dripped from your eye as he pulled away, he was reminding you too much of Jason, you couldn’t do it. You didn’t want anyone to see you have a freak out so you made a run for it. The closest place being the empty girl’s locker room.

Archie almost ran your way, but someone stopped him, someone who maybe felt the same loss you felt.

“I got her Arch” Cheryl spoke bravely as she opened the door to the locker room seeing you crying in your hands coiled up in one of the benches.

“Hey (Y/N)” Cheryl spoke shyly as she sat next to you.

“I’m sorry Cher, I just I don’t know how to do this without him” you cleaned up your tears.

“I was his sister, his twin (Y/N)” she spoke a bit coldly and you grew confused and hurt.

“I know that, I- I didn’t mean to” she cut you off.

“Oh no I get you, you were his friend, but me (Y/N) I was his sister. I am also a Blossom so I can’t look pathetic or else people will talk” she kept on and you grew even more hurt “Look (Y/N) he’s gone, he can’t come back, so do yourself a favor and stop dwelling in the past.”

Here you sat hoping that maybe she was going to comfort you. That maybe Jason’s loss would somehow help you two connect or least maybe she’d stop hating you. You wondered how she could function with him gone. She said it best he was her brother, he was always there for her. You heard the stories you often watch them unfold as The Blossoms favored Jason more than Cheryl. She was never fond of you because Jason spent time with you, time he didn’t spend with her. Jason always tried to get you both to hang out, he wanted his two girls to like each other.

The bell rang, you waited a while to get to class because you didn’t want to face anyone. You washed your face so the puffiness of your crying didn’t show so much and made your way to class.


You started to shut everyone out, your friends grew worried, but also respected the fact that you wanted your space. Any day going to school they tried to get you to contribute to their lunch conversations, but your mouth stayed shut.

What the point of living without him.

It got to the point where you skipped lunch and snuck into the library and hid yourself from all of them. You started cutting more often to release the pain. Your wardrobe was only long sleeve clothing. The color of your skin felt like it was losing its pigment. Your eyes were lifeless, the bags under eyes covered with the bit of makeup you wore just to cover up your pain. Your appetite grew small until it was no more. You started to lose weight, everyone was worried about you.

You looked dead.

You caught the eyes of one of Jason’s friends, Reggie Mantle. You knew him, you often hung out with him thanks to Jason. You had worked with him for a school project recently, it was a while since you had smiled and somehow Reggie helped ease a bit of the pain; but sadly not all of it. Recently he was the only one who didn’t get the memo you wanted to be alone. He even let you hold his hand during the funeral to help you get through it in one piece.

With the recent current events Reggie sure missed Jason, he missed his friend and teammate. Something that he missed the most though was the smile that used to take place on your face. He missed how you were the only last good thing in Riverdale. He hated how you were in pain and it seemed that all his efforts weren’t working. He missed the light in your eyes, if only you knew how much you meant to him. He remembered when he started crushing on you he felt terrible because he thought you were with Jason. Jason went out of his way to get you two together, but it never happened. You both didn’t know why since you returned those feelings.

Now your mind wasn’t occupied in crushes no matter how amazing Reggie was being. Your depression was at an all-time high. You couldn’t bear it anymore. The cutting wasn’t helping anymore and you were tired of the pills.

You were tired.

Tired of living.

You decided on something, you wanted to be Jason again. You made it seem as if you got better, you fake smiled and started to contribute to your friends conversations. You pretended to be the person you used to be. You wanted the image you were showing to be how your family and friends remembered you. You even gave one of your most prized possession that Jason gave you to Cheryl. You went on a few more dates with Reggie, you didn’t take it too far though; you couldn’t live with yourself if you hurt him.

You decided on a day, you left a letter for your parents at home, and you sent a message to your friends. You made sure you sent it at a moment when they were all together.

They sat in a booth at Pops, you asked them to meet you there knowing well enough you weren’t going to show up. You just wanted them to be together. No one deserves to be alone at this time, you didn’t want to hurt them; but this is all you could think of. The group coincided with Archie, Kevin, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Cheryl, and Reggie.

The thought of them together made you smile, you sure as hell were going to miss each one of them.

“Where is she?” Reggie broke the conversation that was taking place. Betty was about to speak up when they all received the text.

(Y/N) Messaged ‘The Sad Breakfast Club’:

Thank you guys, you have made my time amazing and I couldn’t ask for better friends than you, but I’m gonna be with Jason now. ❤❤❤❤❤

They all stood up and got out of Pops.

“Where would she go to be with Jason?” Reggie fidgeted.

“Sweetwater River” Jughead added and so they ran, hoping to be on time to rescue you. They arrived to the river wanting to find you as quickly as possible. They all separated in hopes to get you sooner.

“There she is” Cheryl shouted and the ice cracked and you fell right in.

The water was freezing, the current took you.

Reggie ran as fast as he could and they all followed.

“The current has her” Betty grew scared.

“Fan out” Kevin added.

“Over here” Veronica yelled.

Reggie ran towards it, trying to break the glass, Archie helped as well.

The cold water taking effect, you started to lose consciousness. Water started to fill your lungs, you swore in those last moments you saw Jason.

You missed him, but was this the right thing to do?

They were successful in breaking the glass. You were out, Reggie’s hand dripping blood as he settled your body on the ice. He gave you CPR trying to get a pulse and get the water off your lungs as the others had notified the hospital.

“Come on baby, breathe for me” Reggie kept trying a tear steamed down his face.

“The ambulance should be here soon” the others notified, but Reggie kept trying.

They all watched as Reggie tried his best and winced at the look of your arms at the scars you had tattooed on yourself.

Soon the water escaped your mouth, and you started to cough it out and trying to regulate your breathing.

Reggie and the rest of the group sighed in relief you were alive and you heard the sirens coming closer.

The tall handsome caramel skinned boy saved your life. He took off his sweater and wrapped it around you and carried you bridal style closer to the ambulance as it arrived.

“Thank you” you smiled at Reggie looking into his eyes.

“I couldn’t lose you too” he spoke as he placed his lips on yours.

Those lips electrified your body you forgot what it felt like to actually feel alive. All the pain in that moment was no longer there, with one simple passionate kiss he washed it all away.

You both pulled away as the paramedics place you on a gurney.

The hospital called your parents and your friends were awaiting for the clear to see you.

You weren’t ready to explain your reasoning to everyone. Yes you did what you did, it was a planned, but impulsive move and you felt terrible for putting everyone on edge. Thankfully Reggie snuck into your room to talk to you, he was tired of waiting.

“Hey” Reggie scratched his neck making his way next to you.

“Hi” you smiled “listen I’m so sorry about-” he cut you off by kissing you once again, the familiarity of them made your stomach go crazy.

“It’s okay (Y/N/N), you missed Jason, we all do; but he meant a great deal to you. I just feel bad that none of us could change your mind” he frowned.

You reached your hand to his and intertwined your fingers. He looked down at them and caressed your scars and he started to cry.

“It’s not your fault Reg, this was all me. I suppressed everything because I didn’t want to deal with it, I didn’t want to burden anyone with my pain. I made myself think I had nobody when I clearly don’t” you cupped his cheek and cleaned his tears.

“You Mantle and the ones out there, you all saved me. I miss Jason and sadly I’ll never have him in my life anymore, but I do have some amazing friends and I wish I would’ve seen that sooner.”

“I don’t want to be your friend (Y/N)” Reggie replied and you pulled your hands away shocked at his revelation “No, no (Y/N), I want to be more than friends, I always have” he collected your hands once again and placed a kiss on your knuckles.

“I’d like that” you smiled.

You kissed one last time only to be interrupted by your friends. Cheryl being the one who ran in and pulled you in a warm embrace, then the rest all followed and did a full on group hug. And you couldn’t help but smile like a fool because clearly you weren’t alone.

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Dirty Little Secret, No More.

I’ve decided to split this up into multiple parts, as it was getting very lengthy as I wrote it.

A/N: this is super long and is basically an intro into the readers life, then and now. There isn’t much dialogue in this, but I would suggest reading this if you do plan to read future parts, as I have decided to kinda drag this out and see it as more of a multi-part fic. Please feel free to leave feedback and give any suggestions for future parts. I know this is a really slow chapter but the next chapter will have smut, I promise. [Also, any gifs that are used, do NOT belong to me. All credit goes to the original owners.]

Simon x Reader, Negan x Reader

Word Count: 4,410

Originally posted by ask-savior-simon

Nineteen. I was nineteen when it all started. Nineteen when the rumors of the end of the world spread like wildfire, with panic being the number one state of mind people were in. It happened over the course of a week in my hometown. At first we thought it was some sort of joke that was made to scare people and it would all eventually go away. We were wrong, we were so wrong. 

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*Headache* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

Hey! How about a Newt x Reader where they both are in the case and the Reader has a headache so that Newt instructs her to drink one of the potions. But Reader grabs the wrong one and it gives her all symptoms of being drunk/a toddler or something, so Newt has to chase her through the case before she does something stupid. When it’s over she’s like ‘oh my god what have I done’ while Newt can’t stop laughing :D Thanks ❤

Rubbing your forehead again, you set down the bucket of food pellets and leaned over letting out a heavy irritated sigh.

“Still have that head ache, Love?” 

“It’s pounding!” 

Shutting your eyes closed, you tried to fight off the nausea and the feeling of your head having it’s own heart beat.

“Here,” Walking over to you, Newt placed his hand gently on your low back and led you towards the hut. “I know I have something in here for you to take that will help.”

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anonymous asked:

I have a question: could you make one where you and shawn are at his parents house. You both wake up and decide to make pancakes together? Then his family comes home and makea fun of you two cause you're so cute together.


Originally posted by illumeshawn

The sun shone through the curtains and you peaked an eye open. The left side of the bed was unoccupied and you looked around to see where Shawn had went. When you didn’t find him in the room, you checked everywhere else. Finally, you found him in the kitchen with his earbuds in. He was starting on the pancakes you guys had discussed last night. However, he was so tuned into his tunes that he didn’t even notice your presence. You just laughed and pulled out your phone capturing his cute little dance moves as he glided across the kitchen. He spun around and caught a glance of you as you posted the video to your snapchat. 

“How long have you been standing there?”, he asked pulling out an earbud. “Long enough to get some great footage”, you said, slipping your phone back into your pocket. “So lets get back to these pancakes.”

The two of you decided that you’d rather have the music on a speaker as you helped Shawn with the pancakes. His parents and sister would be back from the store soon so you wanted breakfast to be ready when they arrived. The last batch was on the skillet cooking when your favorite song came on. You grabbed Shawn’s hand and swung him around. He couldn’t help but laugh at how cute you were singing your heart out. He pulled you in close as he checked on the last pancake. Both of you were so wrapped up in your activities that his family slipped in unnoticed. You were only made aware that they were then when you saw the flash of a camera. Aaliyah smiled as you peered over Shawn’s shoulder. 

“I couldn’t resist. You two are such dorks”

EXO Wolf Reaction when their mate thinks she doesn’t deserve them

Have a nice week everyone, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Devastated* “Do you think we would be meant to be together if you weren’t enough? Why do you think like that? You are.. more than enough… you are… everything I need, everything I always wished and more. How can I make you believe me? I’ve been waiting for you my whole life…”


“You see this? This is all because of you… my powers work because of you… they are meant to protect you. If you can’t believe my words, believe nature. This is who we are and my love for you grows stronger by the day”


*Decides to give you your space, but he’s always watching, he’s always protecting you, he’s always loving you* “One day… you’ll see that you are the air I breathe, you are the energy that gives me life. One day you might realize you are more than enough, probably more than I even deserve… and that day, I’ll be here, standing by your side”


*Runs away with you* “If the pressure is too much, all you have to do is tell me and I’ll take you away from the pack for a couple of days. Babe… I love you so much I can’t even explain it, but if you want to wait and be ready… I’ll wait with you. I’ll be here through your break downs, in your happy moments, everyday. Don’t be afraid to love me, don’t be afraid of me”


*The moment he hears the rumors he runs to find you* “I’ve been looking for you… I heard what you… feel. I don’t know how to convince you to stay… and be with me… so I’ll just prove myself to you. I want you to see… how much you mean to me, how important you really are. And this isn’t just about the mate bond. This is real, my feelings for you”


“Everything you feel… I feel too. It hurts… and yet I’m not sure how to make it stop. I want to help, but I’m scared too. It’s too beautiful it paralyzes me, you are too beautiful and pure. I’m yours Y/N, I’ll always be. So there’s time, all the time you need to be ready, I’ll be here to make it less hard”


*He’s at the edge of breaking down* “Please… don’t go. Please… stay with me, I’ll do everything… you are my life, my only one. This life seemed meaningless until the day I found you, that day I took the risk and almost lost my life, just to be with you. You are more than enough, you are my other half”


*Looks for you everywhere, until he finally finds you hiding, alone and suffering* “I thought I lost you for a moment, I thought you were gone for good. Is it really what you want, because I’ll respect it babe… but you have to know I love you and it breaks me seeing you like this. I want to heal you with my love, stop all those insecurities with my care, I want you to find home in my arms. Tell me, are you scared that I won’t love you? Because that’s just impossible…”


“Why didn’t you tell me sooner you felt that way? This is all my fault… I’m sorry jagi… It’s impossible for you to not be enough. I never told you this but… I waited for years to find you, not just the girl meant to be with me, but you. You’ve been in my dreams since I have memory… you are the only one I want, only one I will ever love. You are my girl.”


*Feels useless, like it’s all his fault. Feels that maybe he’s the one not good enough* “I’m scared of losing you, I’m scared that one day you’ll go and never turn back. My heart beats fast when I see you, I become brave but I’m also afraid, because I’ve been waiting… my soul has been waiting a thousand years. I love you, darling please don’t be afraid, please let me in your heart. I won’t let anything stand between us”


*Prince has to come and save his princes, he always does* “I know you have doubts, I know being with someone that makes your heart beat that way scares you. But my love is genuine; I’ll take all those doubts away. Please take my hand, be by myself, because without you I die everyday”


*He can’t think if you are not there, he goes crazy if you aren’t there* “The thing is… that you are everything to me. You are all I’ll ever need and I’m probably the one who’s not enough for you. You are the princess and I’m just some boy, someone who doesn’t deserve you. So I’ll fight for you, for your love. Because you are my reason to live”

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Shklance fic thing

Just I quick warning major character death

Ok so kill me later but I read about Hanahaki Disease and I kinda want to see this with shklance.  Also I wanted to make it into a flower shop au but I thought that was to much for even me to handle.

(for anyone who doesn’t know Hanahaki Disease is  an illness born from one-sided love. The person throws and coughs up flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. It can be removed through surgery, unfortunately the feelings disappear along with the petals. It can be cured when the feelings are returned.)

Lance loves both Keith and Shiro, watching them from a distance wanting to be part of the relationship they have.

It starts off as an itch in his throat, then a scratch causing him to cough and gag till he coughs up yellow chrysanthemum petals into his hands. The sudden realisation of what’s happening to him hurts, his chest feels tight as tears slip down his cheeks, Hanahaki Disease. Nobody sees him for the rest of the day, they don’t question his disappearance only believing it to be his homesickness.

For the first few weeks he manages to hide the petals that were slowly becoming more and more as he coughed them up. Hunk finds him in his room after he coughed up a pile of yellow petals some flecked with blood. Pailing instantly he goes to lance’s side and demands who, the look of terror on his face. He doesn’t tell hunk who in the beginning but eventually he cracks and tells him. Even if they could give him the operation to remove it he would rather die than forget them and go through the same thing again.

They all find out eventually and try their best to help him everyone but shiro and Keith know who he has feelings for. Pidge, hunk and allura try their best to get them to return his feelings but they don’t.

When Keith and shiro finally find out about lance having Hanahaki Disease there shocked. They searched everywhere for lance, rawrs could be heard from the Lions hanger and a feeling of sorrow flooded everyone. When everyone got there all the Lions were curled around blue. Black looking up to the paladins nudges blue, she looks up and opens her mouth allowing them to enter.

Lance sat limp in the pilot seat, blood stained yellow chrysanthemum petals surrounding him. That how they found him a soft smile on his face and clothes spattered with blood and petals.

A video pops up on blues dash and began to play. Lance tells them how sorry he is and that he should have told Keith and shiro he loved them and that they were so perfect for each other before beginning to cough up a chrysanthemum and the video quickly cuts.

Tears streem down their cheeks, shiro is the first to move and picks up lances limp body and holds him close and cry into his shoulder. Keith collapses to the floor, sobs wrecking his body calling lance an idiot for not telling them and that they loved him to.

Ok so I wrote this while I was feeling really shitty so I’m sorry lance.
I was originally going to write it as he thinks he’s only loves one of them and when Keith or shiro goes to lance they’re confused as to why he’s still ill but then realised that he loves both of them. (yadda yadda they live happily ever after) I can’t even deal with character death fics but I did it anyway. Also don’t look up the meaning of a yellow chrysanthemum.
No its not amazing but I’m happy with it.


pairing: Lin x reader

warnings: cursing

summary: You and Lin keep attending the same New Year’s party but never get to kiss at midnight.

This was inspired by Rainbow Rowell’s Midnights, a short story I read years ago. The idea sort of came to me when I woke up, I spent the whole day thinking about it and I finally wrote it down. This is kind of a mess, but it has fluff because I feel bad about the ending of That Night. Enjoy, pals!

words: 2012


December 31, 2013

“Do you think this is chocolate or cinnamon?”

You turned and were met with a guy with wide eyes and a grin too wide for his face. He was holding a chocolate-coloured biscuit.

“Yes,” you replied, anticipating this guy to be either a creepy stalker or just plain weird.

He laughed loudly, even though your reply wasn’t that funny, and stepped closer to you. “The thing is, I’m allergic to cinnamon,” he said, inspecting the biscuit closely. “Maybe you could break off a bit and tell me?”

You grinned back, deciding that he was a nice guy. “I’m allergic to chocolate, actually, so we’re at an impasse here.”

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Bellamy Blake imagine: My Queen (Part 2)

So here’s the part two of my imagine. Hope you like it…

Part 1

Summary: Reader gets back to the camp and Bellamy decides to take care of her wounds. Then he apologizes and finally tells her what she really means for him. Two of them then make up.

Word count: 2054

Originally posted by killianjonez

When I had woken up feeling that someone was carrying me I panicked, but then I remembered what had happened. I tilted my head to look up at Bellamy, who hadn’t noticed that I was awake, till I hadn’t shifted a little in his arms so I could see our surroundings. Just then I realised we had just reached the camp and we were already surrounded by the night.

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[WARNING: Dub-con]

Marrying your High School sweetheart can be great but I think people build it up too much. You’re not the same person as an adult that you were as a teenager. That’s not to say I had a bad marriage but it wasn’t exactly that perfect white picket fence life I had built up in my head.

Our biggest problem was conceiving, as in, we couldn’t do it at all. Time and time again we tried and time and time again there was a negative where there should have been a plus. And my wife, my Mel, grew more frustrated and sad the longer time went by without her getting pregnant.

I told her it was okay, said ‘baby, we can always adopt. There’s nothing wrong with adoption.’ We’d have a better chance of getting a kid, something we both wanted but clearly God was not going to let us have. At least, not one that was made by me and Mel.

There was a while there where I thought she’d warmed up to the idea and so I started setting up a nursery and calling adoption agencies. Mel seemed so much happier until suddenly, out of the blue, she began to act so strange. Quiet and distant and she was reading things that she wouldn’t allow me to peek at. Mel would glare at me if I even tried and hid the books who the hell knows where.

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Dean Winchester x Reader

@abbessolute​ asked for drabble prompt #5:  “You haven’t even touched your food. What’s going on?”

If you want a drabble prompt request here’s the list!! Please send one in, they’re fun!

It was easy to see Dean was having an off day. Not sure why, but he just wasn’t himself, and you wanted to help him. It wasn’t easy seeing your boyfriend shutting you out, closing himself off from anyone who cared about him. You should be used to it, that’s always how he handled his problems. But you had thought the two of you had finally moved past that.

Trying to make him feel better, you had turned the radio to his favorite station, wearing nothing but socks and one of his FBI shirts just like in that one movie. But when you held your hand out as he walked by, wanting to dance with him, he just kept walking his gaze down, his shoulders slumped.

Trying to shrug it off, you had changed into jeans and a t-shirt. By the time you had made it back to the library, Dean was gone from view. Checking the kitchen, you saw him rummaging through the near empty fridge. “Why don’t we go to that diner you love? Just the two of us? We haven’t done that for a while now, and it sounds like fun!”

“I guess.” He grumbled, but you could have sworn he perked up a little at the thought. Rushing out of the kitchen, you found Sam, who was reading in his room.

“Dean and I are taking off. Need anything?” You asked, but he just shook his head.

“I’m good. But maybe you can get that blockhead of a brother to finally open up to you. I’m tired of his moping.” Sam told you.

“I sure hope so.” You answered, stepping out into the hall to meet Dean at the Impala.

Soon enough the two of you were seated in your favorite booth, a milkshake to share in between you. Fiddling with your hands, you watched as Dean looked almost everywhere but at you. It stung, but you knew something had him hurting, and he wasn’t trying to be mean.

But when his double bacon cheeseburger showed up, and then just sat there, hardly touched at all, you had enough. “ You haven’t even touched your food. What’s going on?”

Finally, those green eyes that you had been missing turned up, staring at you with a mixture of pain and guilt. It was enough to have you biting your lip, wanting to crawl over the table and wrap him up in your arms. “Y/N, I don’t… it’s just…” He stuttered the words, not knowing where to start.

Reaching over, you grasped his hand. “Hey, do you remember our last talk? Where you promised not to shut me out anymore? I can handle anything you throw at me. You don’t have to bear that weight alone.”

“I know. I just…” He said before sighing. “Do you know our anniversary is coming up? We will have been together for three years now.”

“Our anniversary is what has you so down?” You asked him, your hurt showing a little through your words.

He shook his head emphatically. “No, not our anniversary. But what it means. It means that you have stuck with me through three years of this horrible life, and what have I given you in return? A couple of scars, nightmares that you can’t hide from me. But not what you truly need. A house, a family. A normal life. You deserve all those things and so much more, and it kills me that I won’t be the one to give them to you.”

Tears pooled in your eyes at how he was tearing himself up over not being good enough for you. “Dean, I don’t care about those things. I care about you, and our life together. Sure, it’s crazy and weird and dangerous. But I don’t mind. As long as that means I get to spend every day with you by my side. I love you Dean, and I will take that love over a white picket fence any day.”

“You just deserve the world.” He insisted. “I wish I could give you more.”

“Dean, I’m happy the way it is. Well, not with you sulking around me, missing out on my outfit this morning. But I’m okay with our life, and I want you to be too.”

“Okay.” He said, taking a deep breath. “But you’ll let me know if you want more? And I can try.”

“I don’t need more. I have you, and you are more than enough.” You insisted again, watching as the sparkle returned to his eyes, his stomach grumbling.

“Well, let’s finish this meal, and then maybe you can do another showing of that outfit? That’s too good to miss.” He said, acting a little more like the Dean you had fallen in love with.

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The Lesser of Two Evils

Request: “I was wondering if I could put a request in for something with Demon Dean and Soulless Sam? And also thank you for the follow btw I love your blog” @leenasleena-blog

A/N: I hope that this turned out the way you wanted! This is AU ish in that Sam never got his soul back, but everything else progressed the same, maybe with a little more bitterness and coldness from Sam…. ALSO OMG THIS IS LONG.

Characters: Soulless!Sam x Reader, Demon!Dean x Reader, Cas

Warnings: swearing, violence, references to sex/talking about sex so I guess maybe some smut? Not in detail? I’m sorry, angst, possessive Sam and Dean

Tagging: @percussiongirl2017

Originally posted by helvonasche

Originally posted by tallyiaboo

You loved Sam. You really did. Even when he came back from the dead. Even when he dragged you along with him, his cousins, and his grandfather who somehow came back to life. Even when he was a lot colder to you. Even when he told you that you couldn’t tell Dean that he was alive. Even when, after Dean found out he was alive, you found out he was soulless. You still loved Sam. You weren’t sure that anything could ever make you stop. Except maybe his brother…

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Beach Watch

Title: Beach Watch

Characters: Dean and Reader

Word Count: 1,060

Warning: Just some much needed fluff

A/N: This is for @uttertrash–butlikecutetrash and for everyone else who wants some fluffy Dean. Summer can’t come soon enough! Enjoy!!

“Dean! Come on! We didn’t go all this way for you to mope in the car.”

When Dean didn’t get out you went to his side, opened the door, and tried to drag him out.

“Come on dude. You’re gonna love it!”

“Yeah, I doubt it. Just gonna get sand everywhere.”

“Yeah,” you laughed turning towards the water and squinting your eyes in the sun. “Take off your shoes and enjoy the beach!”

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Shut up and dance with me

I wrote this for ursulaismymiddlename as a thank you for helping me figure out this world of Tumblr and for the fun talks we’ve had over the last few days!

Her request: Okay, so how about Peter Quill loves to watch you dance around his ship in just your underwear and one of his old shirts.  Sometimes, he can’t keep his hands off of you *wink*

I might be the only one silly enough to wonder how the Guardians would wash their clothes in space, after seeing the movie and especially after getting this request, but there you have it. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this. Let me know what you think!

Word count: 3282

Warning: contains smut!

The title and the lyrics are from the song ‘Shut up and dance with me’ by Walk the Moon!

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