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Group/Member: BTS // Yoongi

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word count: 634

Summary: Yoongi is looking through his phone, his insecurities hitting him. You comfort him and fluffy fluff :))) 

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The noise from the TV in front of me was distant as my gaze around the room fell on my boyfriend of 8 months. He had a hurt look in his eyes while his thumb were scrolling down his phone, his black hair falling down in front of his eyes. I sat up scooting a little closer looking over his shoulder. “What is it?” He just kept looking down on his phone. “Babe?” I said a little louder. My arms found their way around his waist as I put my head on his back. “Am I really that bad Y/N?” I hear his voice weak in the dark room. “Where does this come from, Yoongi?” I asked shocked by his question. He got out of my arms turning around looking at my confused face. His eyes fell down to his hands, as I knew he were struggling to find his words. “I just… You know… Am I really as cold and heartless as people say I am?” I felt my heart sink as I heard his voice full of insecurities. “Do I give you enough love Y/N? Am I really that emotionless?” I knew that Yoongi had a certain reputation being an idol and all, but this? This made my heart hurt so much. He is the most loving and caring man I know, even if he might not always show it, you can always see it through his small actions every now and then. I took his phone out of his hands making him look me in the eyes. Even though he’s cold sometimes and mostly it’s sarcasm that comes out of his mouth, he is full of emotions and it’s times like these where he can’t hold it in that he really opens up. I took his face in my hands looking him deep in his eyes, letting him know that what I was going to say was truly what I felt and knew “Yoongi, You are the most caring person I know and you’re not heartless or cold. I can’t ask for more love from you, as I know your giving me all the love you can. I love you so much and I know you love me too, so please shut up about this and don’t take it in because we both know none of that is true.” I kissed his lips, feeling a tear on my cheek. I pulled away looking at his beautiful face, wiping a tear of his away with my thumb. He pulled me in close for a long hug, his chin resting on my head. We stayed like this for a couple of minutes just listening to each other’s heartbeats, enjoying the silence together. He pulled away taking a strand of hair behind my ear, smiling down at me with loving eyes. And people say this little fluff ball is emotionless?

That night Yoongi held me closer than usual. Don’t get me wrong we always cuddled, just that this time it was different. It was like he wanted to prove something, I don’t know if it was for him or me but I knew how much he cared and that it was hard for him holding his emotions in all the time. I don’t know why he always did that, I’m just happy he at least has me, and his music to get it all out. I felt his hand take mine, and a kiss on the back of my shoulder, “Goodnight Y/N” he whispered in my ear. “Goodnight Yoongi” I closed my eyes feeling my breath get heavier by every second that passed. Right before I fell asleep I heard a soft whisper from the man beside me “I will give you almost all my love so no other man can take my place”.

Sooo @taovol posted a shance apocalypses au were lance and shiro knew each other before it, but after meeting up later, shiro doesn’t remember who lance is and is also super cold and i drew a thing for it kek

 I just pictured lance sitting next to shiro as everyone’s eating by the fire and lance is all like “ Shiro!! I wanted to say thank you for saving my ass back there! You don’t know how great it is to see someone familiar that’s alive for once!”

and shiro just gives him this cold blank expression 

“You’re welcome. Go rest…” only for lance to look at him confused like what happened to the shiro i knew??? 

Get out!

Pairing : Past!JaredxReader, Genevieve, Jensen
Word count : 1,485
Author :Mel
A/N : More parts for @bigdaddymongoose.

Part 14 of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

Jared stood there staring at you, his heart sinking into the pit of his stomach. “Wh-what?”

“I’m pregnant.” You sounded annoyed.

“Oh…” His eyes drifted down to your stomach. You could see uncertainty there, and…

You groaned. “It’s yours, you fucking asshole.”

You smacked him in the chest, and made to leave, but he grabbed your wrist and his eyes shot back up. “Wait, what!? But we- It was-”

“I haven’t been with anyone else since I moved back.” You shrugged pulling from his grasp. “I haven’t even dated since coming back.”

“Why?” Now he looked confused.

“You know why.” You answered softly. When he continued to look confused, you rolled your eyes. “Because, I was madly in love with this guy? He’s tall, kind of an idiot at times, married though. But I ignored everything that told me to stay away because he’s the father of my kid?” You glanced down at your stomach. “Kids?”

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Bucky and you walk into the lounge at the tower. You get everyone's attention as you both have something important to share with everyone. At the same time, you and Bucky announce that you two are parents. Everyone is cheering, getting excited, giving their congrats, when all of a sudden a little white and grey kitty shoots up from underneath Bucky's jumper. They all look at you confused. Yes we are parents to this fur baby and a human baby. You pull a ultrasound picture, cheering is resume.

this is the fucking best holy shit I wanna write this

Daddy Wednesday™ 

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The office au gives me life. Going around interviewing everyone asking them what's up with Stanley, and everyone answering with something along the lines of "He thinks we don't know that he has a crush on Lefou and he's very hopeless" and then it gets to Lefou looking confused and just being like "Wait what's up with Stanley did I miss something". Stanley's up to speak and he's just like "I danced with him once and then excused myself to go scream in the bathroom for 20 minutes"

I snorted so loud just now. This needs to be written or illustrated or something because this is genius.

Also after the “I excused myself to go scream in the bathroom for 20 minutes” bit it cuts to Stanley just shrieking into a pile of towels. Then back to his completely straight face. Then Tom’s just like “I walked in on him screaming his head off in the bathroom. I just let him do his thing at this point.”

@daughterofscotland now you got me looking at engagement rings! How dare you XD I’m not even dating anyone! Oh well, in case anyone wants to legit marry me, I like these:

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Peace signs make me look less confused
Hi, I’m Caden or Matthias [he/him they/them] I’m pre-everything (I’m also panromantic demisexual) and I usually have a deep voice since I’m sick 70% of the time. I live in the beautiful ashtray of California and I love eating sushi along with playing a copious amount of video games! I’m also 18 and old
@quietsapling is my main blog if you want to talk!

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EE quits, he is fed up with Arme and Apost's fights. Who's gonna stop their fights now?

Elsword looks so confused when Arme and Sia pounced to hug him. He tried to shake them off when they latched on him and when that fails, the boy just lets the Celestials hug him.

He can feel the hostile glares coming from the two, but when Elsword pats their arm, they immediately relax at his gentle pats. 

Elsword wonders why Mochi stopped. Was it because they argue too much and Mochi snapped? Is that why he turned to Elsword?

All the boy can do was to sigh and pat their arms if Arme and Sia glares at each other.

“This is going to be a long day…”

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A jealous Nico, please? ^.^ (I love your blog by the way!)

-becomes a lil baby worry wart because he thinks his s/o is w a y out of his league (spoiler his s/o thinks nico is out of their league)
-he just kind of. awkwardly watches. kind of clings to his s/os arm while theyre being flirted with. the person flirting probably has no idea that theyre flirting with this guys s/o because his expression is just. calm. kind of confused. he looks like a lost kid.
-absolutely CLINGS to his s/o later he needs a lot of smooches
-“i loooove you.” x10
-please tell him u love him sm hell be very excited and hqppy and blushy just like the first time you told that to eachother
-from now on whenever he gets jealous he just puffs out his chest a little and blushes rly hard and makes a proud smile. hes so cute i
-his s/o giggles and smooches him and the flirter kind of backs off bc they know theyre taken now and Respect

  • Imp: Ohhhhhhhh shit! Look at that door, guys. See that door there? The one marked "Pirate"? You think a pirate lives in there?
  • Tattletale: I see a door marked "Private". Is that the door you're talking about?
  • Imp: Nah, I was talking about... I didn't say... did you... what did you hear?...
  • [Everyone looks around confused, suddenly unsure what they were discussing]

July 2004, Granite Falls

‘You should tell him.’

‘There is nothing to tell him,’ grunted Heda, kicking at a lose stone.

Laney huffed out an annoyed breath. ‘You are in looooove with him!’ She giggled at the L world, eyes shining so bright Heda didn’t even need a flashlight to follow the forest path in the dark.

‘Shut up!’ she grunted. ‘Audrey is in love with him. I’m his friend.’

‘Audrey-schmaudrey! You have his picture under the pillow!’

‘It’s my dog! He is holding my dog!’

‘You’re such a bad liar!’ laughed Laney, looking around in confusion. ‘Where are we going anyway?’

‘We are going to the camp leaders’ shack?’

Laney frowned. ‘But why?’

‘Because it’s Friday and every Friday they watch horror films together!’

‘But… they won’t let us watch it with them, will they?’ 

Heda laughed, stopping under a shack and slowly tiptoeing over the porch. She knelt down on the sofa under the window and looked in, whispering, ‘We don’t have to tell them.’

Laney followed her, eyes big and scared as she sat down next to Heda, staring at the flashing TV screen across the room. Screams were coming from the room and soft chatter of their camp leaders too. A roar slashed through their laughter and one of them yelped. Laney watched in fascination the great beast that appeared on the screen.

‘Ginger chew?’ asked Heda, making her jump up with a choked cry.

The camp leaders’ heads appeared over the sofa and the girls quickly dropped down, hiding behind the camping chairs. ‘Uh-oh,’ whispered Laney, making Heda sigh.

‘I heard something! There is somebody out there!’ yelled one of the camp leaders.

Heda just shook her head, pushing Laney toward the stairs. ‘Just run.’

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"A Sweeter Place”

Summary: Y/N is shown her a different world by a Djinn and wants to savor the moment.

Characters: Dean X Reader 

Warnings: Fluff!

487 Words

You wake up startled, the last thing you remember was the Djinn touching your forehead.

Dean wakes up next to you looking at you in confusion and concern, “It’s okay sweetheart, it was just a bad dream.”

You stare at him blankly, you and Dean never shared a room, let alone a bed.

You look around, alarmed at the unfamiliarity of your surroundings. “Dean, where the hell are we?”

He groans as he sits up, still tired. “We’re home, sweetheart. I’m going to make you some coffee. Seems like you need it.” He kisses your cheek before getting out of bed.

You put your hand up to where he kissed you and fail to notice you’re wearing a silver ring, a wedding band.

You walk to where you saw him go, seeing him in pajama pants and a t-shirt, Dean cooking the two of you breakfast while humming an old rock song. You lean against the counter, watching him. “So, what’s the plan? Are we hunting anything?”

He looks at you and laughs. “Sweetheart, you’ve never held a gun in your life.” He shakes his head at you before kissing you lightly. You don’t hesitate to kiss back. You’ve wanted Dean to make a move on you since the moment you met. But hunting was always what kept the two of your from having a relationship. You wonder if whether the Djinn had made your wish come true. Maybe you and Dean aren’t even hunters in this life.

Dean kisses you again, any thoughts of Djinn erased from your mind. Kissing him is so much better than you imagined, his lips soft as they’re pressed against yours. You smile into the kiss before pulling away. “The bacon’s getting burnt.”

Dean looks at the frying pan before rushing to turn off the stove. “You need to stop distracting me while I’m cooking, Y/N.”

You smile at thinking of how distracting him is a regular occurrence here, you feel as though you’ve been missing out on an entire life.

He chuckles as he puts a serving of scrambled eggs and bacon on three plates. You think it’s for Sam. Until a young girl, who can’t be more than six, yawns as she comes out of her room.

Dean sets the plates on the table before helping his daughter onto a chair and sitting beside her.

The young girl looks up at you as you continue to stare, not knowing what exactly to say. “Are you okay Mommy?”

You can’t respond, you’re too busy focused on the fact that she has his green eyes, but your hair color. There’s no mistaking it. She’s your daughter, yours and Dean’s.

You smile at her and sit down, only wanting to savor this moment, even if it might not be real.

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Do you know how to apply to be a sister of sin?

During the Black to the Future tour you just had to email a photo and some info about yourself.
Last tour we were told it was through radio contests, etc.
There wasn’t an announcement on how to apply so I’m assuming its contests again? Which is kind of dumb, with all due respect all the sisters of sin i saw during Popestar were kind of, well unfamiliar with the process and looked super confused the entire time. They should go back to the online apps.

Falling for Audrey

@carbonated-beverage Here’s your request!! I’m really sorry I took so long to finish this but I was having a bit of a block, but it’s finally done and I’m actually really happy with how it turned out. I hope you like it! 

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader

Pairings: Sam Winchester x reader

Warnings: mention of death

Words: 1436

Forever tag: @deathtonormalcy56, @mamaredd123,  @my-sharpie-sketches,  @professionalfangirl03, @fangirl1802, @cozyjaws, @attackdogcas

Want to be tagged? just send me an ask and I’ll tag you on my next fics ❤

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“Hello miss (Y/l/n), I’m agent Cobain and he is my partner, agent Grohl,” Dean said at the (y/h/c) actress, she looked confused but quickly she stopped her rehearsal and joined the agents.

“Hi, huh, FBI agents?” she said and they showed her their badges. “Are you here because of Liam’s death, aren’t you?”

“That’s right, (Y/n). We will like to ask you some questions, in private” Sam said as he felt the eyes of the rest of the cast over them. 

“Sure, let’s go to my room,” she said walking away from the rest of the crowd. 

“No thanks, (Y/n) we will like to know your version of the event,” Dean said taking a sit on the couch that was set in front of her vanity, the three of them were already inside her private room. 

“I have said everything I saw. Liam and I were rehearsing, he was messing around with Audrey’s 2 leaves when suddenly it just wrapped its roots around his body and ate him alive” she said with a terrified look on her face, there was something she knew but would never tell in fear of ending locked up inside of a mental institute by the FBI. 

“Are you sure that’s everything you know? Because I get the feeling you are hiding something from us” Dean persisted and she only gulped. 

“(Y/n) if there’s anything else you know, you can tell us. It doesn’t matter how weird you think it is, we need to hear it” Sam shoot his brother a look in order for him to relax.

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@cecil-mudokon @sei-the-zordokon

As his body was hit by the lightning bold, it was instantly being repaired; flesh growing back, missing bits growing back, things going back to where they were supposed to be, essentially Alf looked how he did when he was alive, save for the blood stains still there. Moments after his body was fixed, his hand began to move, and he sat himself up, opening his eyes. He looked at his surroundings, then at Cecil and Sei. Alf looked very confused.

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i had a dream that hook was talking about his wedding to regina and regina looked at him and said "you can't marry emma" and hook look confused and said "and why is that?" and regina just looked so genuine and in love and replied "because it should be me" and then it panes over to a scene in the future where regina and emma are happily married lying in bed and emma's pregnant and they're cuddling each other and emma says "i can't believe i'm pregnant" and regina says "i love you, emma"

where’s a dreamcatcher when you need one