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fiki week, day two - inspired by art:  pirate au

Dwalin had once asked him, bare-headed and rough-skinned, if he’d rather have stayed safe and dry at home, after all. Fili’s gaze had naturally sought Kili, and found his familiar frame pinned against a hazy dawn, his hair still damp from a stormy night on deck. He’d been smiling his secret smile, the young rogue, all pink lips and starlit eyes, his shoulders curled in Fili’s jacket against the morning chill. “No,” Fili had simply said. He couldn’t have longed for home if he wanted to. Home had set sail with him a long time ago, and it was standing right in front of him, mischievous and beautiful and more his than his very soul had ever been. ~by rillils

one of these days I’m going to be the epicenter of a major traffic incident all because I can’t control myself when I see a dog, It’s gonna be like “I’m sorry officer but I didn’t notice the minivan making a right turn, there was a pomeranian in a stroller crossing the street and I had to take my hands off the wheel to wave at it like a dipshit” I’m public enemy number one