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"*Augh... AU Jumping... Fun..."Cross slightly rubs his head. "8Hm. Where I am is unknown... for now." He'd look around, then at Gaster. "*You, what Universe am I in? Is It pacifist?" He'd Grab Gaster's shoulder.

Gaster had just been minding his own business researching a way to get his old solid form back. That’s basically all he’s been doing ever since he got out of the void. He just wanted to be normal.

The feeling of someone touching him and unknown at that startled him his void goop raising much like a scared cats and he shrank away nervously clutching the pen he was writing with. It took a moment to comprehend what this person-wait. Was that Sans? No. This wasn’t Sans. This was a colourful imposter…who wanted to know what universe they were in?

“Well…yes. It is post Pacifist…finally.” He did seem anxious as he spoke though even if he attempted not to show it.

Largest-ever map of 1.2 million galaxies measures dark energy

Take a look around. The largest ever 3D map of the universe pinpoints the position of more than a million galaxies, and has allowed scientists to make one of the most precise measurements yet of dark energy – the mysterious unexplained force that is causing the universe to expand at an accelerating rate.

“Over the last decade we have prepared and conducted the largest survey of the universe yet,” says Rita Tojeiro at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, who co-led the international team. “By measuring the positions of 1.2 million galaxies over one quarter of the sky, we mapped the three-dimensional structure of the universe over a volume of 650 cubic billion light years. Using this map we were able to make some of the crispest measurements yet of how dark energy is driving the expansion of the universe.”

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Ryan looked around.He was only at Auradon prep for a few days before moving to the University but he still wanted to look around the place, familiarize himself once again with the lay out. He had his headphones around his neck though he could still hear the music clearly and looked around.

“Have you seen Maggie Sherwood around? Or maybe Kit Ket Von Schweetz?” He questioned, asking the next person he saw.

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Everything went black for a moment, and Maya asked herself if she just passed out from crying so much. The next second however, she was in her class, in her University.

She looked around, not knowing what to expect besides that he did reset it all. She was happy however, it meant that.. Well, he wasn’t alright, but he was alive at least. And she could see him again.

Two months passed, and she found herself on the same place where she met him. The brunette looked around, prepositionally bumping onto the figure with the blue jacket. She excused herself, and without being able to hold it back anymore as she looked at him, she broke down

She had been waiting for this for two months. Two freaking months. And now that she was able to see him again, she cried. She tried to stop it, but the tears just kept falling. She just hoped that he understand what was happening. She didn’t want to explain all that happened..

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After hearing about Universe 6 from Beerus, Samantha decided to check it out herself as she brings some honey jars full of honey with her for the trip. Once she arrives, she starts looking around, becoming amazed by her surroundings "Woah... so this is what Universe 6 looks like? It's so different."

Yet another visitor from some other universe, and Champa could only guess this strange little girl derived from his brother’s universe.

“I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say you’re not a current resident of the 6th Universe? Would I be wrong, little girl?”

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Do you have any advice for how to get into a research program? I go to a very small college where research opportunities just don't happen, and I really would like to get into a PhD program right away.

Hi anon,

The simplest way is the one you’re suggesting- to work in a lab at your university or college with a professor who can then write you a letter of recommendation. Ideally that lab would be a psychology lab, but it’s also workable to find another lab in a different discipline, particularly if it’s still relevant to your interests and/or psychology (like genetics, health policy, etc.) 

If that’s not an option, I would look around at other institutions in your area. Are there other colleges or universities? Are there medical schools or medical centers? Are there VAs or other federal institutions? Are there non-profits or private research institutions? Are there any other programs or institutions that sound interesting to you or are relevant to your interests? It may come down to blind emails and phone calls, but there are likely to be other research opportunities in your area. Your professors may know of some even if they don’t have them themselves (like, what have other students who wanted to go on to PhD programs done?)

If you can’t do anything in your area, then you might consider traveling to do some research- either over a summer or two or as a semester or year away from your school. You might be able to some by distance but you’ll need to do some in person. Good luck! 

🎼 “So Shy…” Siren cooed as they picked up a picture of… a weird looking Sans. “Who’s this geek?” She growls feeling irritated at the sight of this yellow looking Sans (which was obviously not this universes Sans) arm around the meek and unattainably adorable Shyren.

Shyren sighed. “That’s Hyper.” She replied grabbing the frame from their hands and setting it down gently. “We’re… currently …s-seeing each other.” She stated as she blushed, glancing away from the other. Siren’s eyes glowed menacingly at the picture. “WHY?”

Shyren probably shouldn’t have said a thing when she noticed the hostile behaviour. And in that exact moment the door was kicked open and Shyren couldn’t help the shudder of knowing what was to come.


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[Ask-Minecraft-Universe] Jason walked around the castle, looking for Ryan. The thunderstorm really wasnt helping him at all, making the lights flicker and making his ears irritated at the sound at this point. "Ryan???"

Ryan was hiding in his room while wrapped in his own bed covers plus a pillow to hold. He tired to block out all sounds of the thunder and squeezing his eyes shut over the flashes of lightning near his window.

He couldn’t help but to weep once in a while from many sensory triggers. Every time there was a crack of thunder, he screamed into his pillow.

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Live @ T in the Park Festival, Scotland

Grab the show at Live Bootlegs

1.     Intro Jam
2.    Can’t Stop
3.     Snow ((Hey Oh))
4.     Scar Tissue
5.     Dark Necessities
6.     If You Have to Ask
7.     Nobody Weird Like Me
8.     Otherside
9.     Look Around
10. The Getaway
11. Universally Speaking
12. Go Robot
13. Under the Bridge
14. Detroit
15. By the Way
16. Goodbye Angels (Live debut)
17. Give It Away

au where a young little alien gets separated from his alien family so he flies around the universe in his little ufo looking for them and then one day he accidentally abducts a human kid and decides to keep him so he has company

Bonus points if it takes a tragic turn and the alien doesn’t know how to communicate with his human friend and vice versa