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why are they so in love after such a long time? why did harry change the little things lyrics while louis had some up and downs with his weight? why did they write so many love songs for each other? why did even ed sheeran write love songs for them? why do they love candles so much? why did louis not win the “most romantic” contest even if he made chicken wrapped in parma ham stuffed with mozzarella with a side of homemade mashed potatoes? why does harry still smile like a fucking idiot because louis blows up a stupid balloon? why do they still look at each other like the universe revolves around the other one when it’s been 5 fucking years?

Also brief heads up that I’m roughly planning to try another liveblog tomorrow. I’m not sure of the time exactly, but should we say about twelve hours from now? 


This has been bothering me for a while now

This is kind of a pointless subject to talk about, but I feel like it needs to be addressed. Over the pass few months I noticed something strange….I notice that the Boom Universe has kind of been overtaking the regular Sonic Universe. Now before anyone starts or says anything, let me explain. Since Boom’s release…we haven’t really gotten anything “main Sonic” related released or announced really. Yeah we get Sonic Runners but…look around. The Boom Universe has mainly taken over. Just, what I think was, a month ago Sonic Boom Fire and Ice was revealed…then as me and a lot of other fans were waiting, we expected something main Sonic related to be leaked next…well no. Then Sonic Dash 2 Boom was announced…then the return of the Tv was leaked out (thank god!!)…not to mention they’re in the main Sonic comics too, well is sticks anyway…. not to mention she’s in the Rio Olympic games also… What do modern fans have? Well…Sonic Runners was released…the Rio Olympic games were announced (though i don’t really count that)..and the Anniversary leak was-oh wait.. no the 25th Anniversary logo was leaked. Not really much for the main sonic franchise..

In all honesty, I feel like Sega’s not really balancing the two franchises. Last Time I checked, they made the Boom franchise for another audience to get more fans into Sonic. Now I get that they need to advertise to do so; however they can’t just leave Main Sonic out of that too. Where’s the new Sonic toys? Where’s all this new things for main sonic that boom Sonic’s been getting? There’s still a huge huge crowd of people who love and adore main Sonic… so what’s left for main Sonic and the many fans who love this Universe?! There’s all these releases for the Boom Universe and…practically nothing for the main Sonic Universe. This makes no since. Ever since Sonic Boom’s games were a failure, Sega’s been keeping quiet on the main Sonic games. First of all, why is that?! I mean, it wasn’t main Sonic that bombed last year, that was Both the Sonic Boom games Rise of Lyric and Shattered Crystal. I understand if they’re keeping silent for the anniversary game, but I feel like, and I’m sure a lot of another fans part of the main sonic franchise, feel left out in all this Sonic things happening. Sonic Boom stuff is everywhere and there’s little to almost nothing for main Sonic…. Now I have no problem with Sonic boom. It’s a fantastic Universe and i love it so much…but it’s the fact that Sega’s kinda focusing more on the sister universe over the main universe that’s been leading the franchise for a long time now and that’s where most of the fans are…Where’s the main sonic leaks and other sonic stuff Sega!? You have two different audiences here. You can’t just please one side and do nothing to the other. I mean Main Sonic is where you get most of your business from anyway! Yes, please the Boom side BUT you need to please the other side that you know is feeling like Sonic is hopeless…Sega you gotta give us something. You’re kind of leaving your main audience in the dust…..(i guess the 25th anniversary logo is a big sign of hope)

This is just how I’ve been feeling and what I see is going on..but don’t take my word for it. We just have to wait and see what happens….


I’m excited for generation 5 are you?

I’m thinking of sending the girls to University to make their story a little more interesting. Meaning, when that time comes, I’ll need sims to berrify the university. So I’m going to be looking around in everyone’s downloads and putting them into my game. Also if anyone wants to make some sims for University that’s cool too! Either way reply to this or send me a message if you have sims or want to make sims for uni!

Huge thanks to berrysim for Lightening (with Kiwi), gilded-phoenix for Cambric, and lynekosims for Foxtail! 

So I was looking around the steven universe wiki for anything I could possibly think of in relation to Sardonyx and I found this. Yknow whose gem this is?

The worm monster from Bubble Buddies! I know everyone is rooting for it to be centipeetle since sardonyx can be black and green too, but considering the crewniverse’s announcement featured the orangey brown type, I figured it’s probably not. The worm on the other hand? It’s got the orangey yellowish brownish palette present, and it’s safely bubbled in the temple.

tl;dr - If Sardonyx is a healed gem, I’m betting on Worm Monster

Looking around, Marcus began to regret not reading the pamphlet for the university. For being as smart as he was, he sure could be really stupid sometimes.
Then he saw a girl not to far away sitting reading a book, electrical engineering, and thought maybe she’d be able to help him out. As he got closer, he looked at the girl. She wasn’t unattractive at all, and he noticed that she was separated from any other people, meaning she was either shy or just reclusive. Either way he needed some help, so as he began to get close he stopped and made sure he was known as to not scare her
“Excuse me ma'am. Hi, I’m kinda new here. And I’m very lost. Normally I’d be able to figure out this place by myself, but I’m kind of running late for my next class. Anyway you can help me out?”

“If your ego starts out, ‘I am important, I am big, I am special,’ you’re in for some disappointment when you look around at what we’ve discovered about the universe. No, you’re not big. No, you’re not. You’re small in time and space. And you have this frail vessel called the human body that’s limited on earth.”
-Neil deGrasse Tyson

It is true, we are small. Even so, thank you so much for 600 followers!!!

Real question tho: is Dorian white

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I read SFS in two days and I'm caught up. (Luv) I thought I should let you know that there are random planets free-floating around the universe looking for an orbit to fall into. Known as Rogue planets, or Orphan planets. Fact of the day for ya'. :)


This is very interesting information I will file this away for potential space metaphor purposes thank


For those unbelievers, I tell you to look around you. Not only at the wonder that is Nexus, but the universe around us.  Look at what the Eldan have granted us, their chosen ones.  Look at the glory of the Scions and look at what grand gifts our faith has brought us.

I do not understand; how bleak a life those who do not See must live.  There is blessed wonder in all the world around us, if we but only allow ourselves to see it.

[Laelia Ford, another of the Ford clan!  I finally figured out what her Radiant Legion armor looks like, and when I was touring Illium for the millionth time, I was struck again by how beautiful some of the scenery is.  Carbine put a lot of love into designing the atmosphere and environments in this game, I can’t get enough of it.]

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A portal opened up and Shadic emerged mid air, through it and landed on the ground. He looked around. "Another universe...Tails tracked him here...but...I think he might be wrong"

 The dark hedgehog had been sitting under an oak tree in the back garden, when he heard the portal opening. Ear twitching, he closed his book and got up, muttering under his breath: “What the hell is this now?”

 He walked around the side to see the new comer.

 “Er, afternoon sir?”

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Can you make a oneshot about Jo getting back to Jason after the elevator incident and after a while she starts feeling sick in front of him and since Jason is an OB/GYN guy he takes her to do an ultrasound Abd they find out that she is pregnant but by how far along she is he immediately knows that the baby isn't his and confronts her about it?

Loved this angsty prompt! Thanks for it. :)


The elevator doors open up and when they do, the two of us are thrust into a totally different environment than I’m used to.  This is his usual, every day place of employment but for me, this floor is like a totally different universe.  As I look around at things that are brightly colored and give off a happy, more pleasant aurora than any other floor I’ve been on, I can’t help but feel like an alien.  I don’t feel like I belong on this planet.  Amidst a sea of light pink, salmon-colored scrubs, I’m the only one wearing a powder blue ones.  I want to turn around, get back on the elevator and run back to the surgical wing, where I belong.  When I can’t move my legs to make myself formally step off the elevator, he squeezes his hand around my forearm and forcibly tugs me; like he’s trying to knock some sense into me or something.  “Come on, Jo…” He clenches his teeth and talks to me through them.  I feel like he’s chastising me as his daughter and not as his girlfriend, significant other or whatever we are to each other.  I snap out of my nervous fascination with this place and make my feet move, matching ever step he takes.  He pulls me along, down a long corridor and the entire time he’s pulling me, I just look around.  It’s so much different than the surgical floor.  From the color of scrubs to the layout of the floor, it’s so much different.

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