Moe’s Books - Berkeley, CA

This is one of those “little big things.”

Spending time in a bookstore, to me, is the equivalent of spending a day at Disneyland for others. Minus the crowds and waiting in line. Whether alone or with company, I feel the same rush and bliss when I can browse, take a physically printed book, and sit down to enjoy it for some time.

Noel Hospital 광주 노엘 병원 - Gwangju, South Korea

I struggled, wondering if I should even have taken out my phone. Would it be disrespectful? In most cases, yes. But I may never step foot into this hospital again. The infinite silence and the repetition of bed after bed, tile after tile, and floral wallpaper squares had to be documented because they remind me of the rhythm and reality of life: death. 

N Seoul Tower 남산타워 - Seoul, South Korea

Korea in the winter is a whole ‘nother beast. A beautiful one, albeit extremely cold. I gladly welcomed the creeping onset of sweat while walking up steps upon steps. Peeking behind a mass of trees stripped of their leaves (a rare sight in California) was the famous tower overlooking the entire city behind me.

Awesome patch of grass - Berkeley, CA

This is what resting at the feet of God looks like. 

I imagine God to be like a big, all-embracing, blossoming tree. Much, much bigger than this one, but just as bright and comforting. When Kari Jobe sings, “I want to sit at your feet,” I imagine it to be just. like. this. 

Canal St. Station (A C E) - New York, NY

There’s no reception and, sometimes, no air while waiting for the train. Other times, there’s people-watching or simply thinking back to the last time you stood there. It’s almost akin to listening to the radio while driving… nostalgia inducing & thought provoking.

Deoksu Palace 덕수궁 - Seoul, South Korea 

The symmetry and connection in that moment was somehow undeniable. Standing in front of the vast palace where, presumably, my ancestors had lived, a place I had studied in textbooks during my sophomore year of college… It was quiet, isolated, and icy under my feet—yet warm and welcoming knowing this was somewhere I could call “home.”

“Introduction to Visual Thinking” Kroeber Hall - Berkeley, CA

This is a thing of beauty.

The Hasselblad 501CM. It doesn’t have a battery nor the ability to delete unwanted photos—every shot takes careful thought and intentionality. Stop. Wind. Think. Compose. Adjust. Shoot. The sound of the shutter is a delectable snap that is so incredibly satisfying, I can only wish my digital machine sounded the same.