THE SIMS 4 CAS: Creating Lana Del Rey!
Hi guys, here it is serenity, cc creator and today I bring a simple video, my first here, and hope you enjoy it! I do not I put much effort into it, so if I ...

Hi guys, today I bring my first video, creating lana del rey!

The quality is not that great, actually is very bad D:. The  video saved with a lower quality than I expected, and I was too lazy to save it again because it takes a lot of time, but if I decide that I will continue with the videos sure the quality will be much better than this video! Here below I am providing the sim to download and cc you will need:

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lookbook #15

outfit 1: hair / choker / dress / heels

outfit 2: hair / necklace / dress / bomber / heels

outfit 3: hair / sunglasses / necklace / biker vest / bodysuit / heels

outfit 4: hair / sunglasses / shirt / leggings / bracelets / bag / boots

outfit 5: hair / necklace / bomber / top / jeans / sandals