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Bo Lord | W.S.N. | #1

Custom content List:

Hairline | @daerilia
Hair | @leahlillith
Lipstick | @fashionroyaltysims
Eyeliner | @goppolsme
Body Suit | @bellaisadellima
Skirt & Heels|  @sims-boutique
Septum & Watch|  @arthurlumierecc
Lip Piercings  & Ear Piercings| @pralinesims
Choker | @toksik
Tattoos | @savagesimbaby

 Thank you to all the custom content creators! ♥

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One of my favorite sims so far, i can’t stop faling in love with her <3


CC: @hallowsims1 @s-sac @renorasims @annamsblue @spectacledchic-sims4 @meeyou-x @pralinesims @sims4-marigold @sclub-privee @madlensims @js-boutique @quen2n @catsblob @leahlilith @serenity-cc @dangerouslyfreejellyfish @remussims-ccfind + taraab


Had to try this hair out, model has no name yet.

Hair: Leahlillith
Top: Sims-boutique
Shorts: Salem2342
Thights: Fashionroyaltysims
Shoes: Madlen
Necklace: Slyd
Nosering: Pralinesims
Nails: Pralinesims


Luna Lenoir x Isa De Roche Lookbook

This is a lookbook featuring our rp sims, thank you @bellaisadellima for being part of it!  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


Hair: @simshallow  ❤
Top: @genius66613  ❤
Bottom: @elliesimple  ❤
Fishnet: @bellaisadellima  ❤❤
Shoes: @greenapple18r  ❤
Nails: @blackmojitos  ❤
Rings: @kiruluvnst  ❤


Hair: @adedarma  ❤
Top: @sims-boutique  ❤
Bottom: @sims-boutique  ❤
Shoes: @madlensims  ❤
Nails: @blackmojitos  ❤
Rings: @simpliciaty  ❤
Necklace: @simpliciaty  ❤
Body Chain: @jfc-sims  ❤

Pose: @dearkims  ❤

**The models for this lookbook are:

@isaderoche  ❤❤


October. This look was inspired by what I see around me during this time of year, as people move through the city in the last month before the weather starts getting unbearably cold. Everything seems crisper in the fall.

CC Used

Hair by Primadonna-sims

Turtleneck by js-boutique

Skirt by manueapinny

Socks by kedluu

Eyes, eyeshadow, blush, and lips by Screaming Mustard

Nails by Sintiklia

Poses by SakuraPhan


Acte 1 - Bienvenu

Automne//Hiver 2015 

Le parquet craque, il est érodé. Fatigué des allées et venues provoquées par les tendances. Pourtant il s’apprête à accueillir une troupe singulière pour une nouvelle représentation. Ça débute avec une révérence. Le témoignage d’un égard particulier aux pièces baroques. Tous dansent autour de Trame. Par rejet pour le conformisme, ils préfèrent l’émotion, la perception. Les vêtements sont les acteurs de cette pièce. Ils promeuvent l’irrégularité et le paradoxe, une création complexe aux multiples facettes qui provoque l’illusion. L’illusion d’un monde idéal. La représentation théâtrale d’un univers poétique. Les scènes se jouent dans l’impasse animée du 7 rue du Plâtre. Ces comédiens si particuliers vous invitent à essayer. A vous mouvoir avec eux. Virevolter sur scène, admirer le rendu. N’est-ce pas orgastique?



Hello everybody!!! Welcome to our house party in our new home after 1 millón year’s @freebackbird and @willclarksonphotograph came i was so worried they didn’t make it but they are here at last 🍺. We are living now in a beach house for now so why not throwing a house party with my family and friends . Enjoying the sun , sand , comida , cervezas…I wish you all were here ❤


👙Female swimsuits
@sims-boutique & @simplyking

👖Male swimsuits

🍔🍖🍺Food  & drinks by
@ebonixsimblr & @blvck-life-simz

🍫🍬🍭Japanese snacks by

👑Poses use👑

Acc red party cup + poses by @ebonixsimblr
Selfie & random poses by @iwikedsimblr
Acc cámara poses by @kiruluvnst
Sis poses by @kiruluvnst
Group pose by @iwikedsimblr
Couch couple poses by @helgatisha
Floor couple poses by @sionkanzaki-sims

Thank you all cc creators ❤

🎬And we order at nextflix ninja assassin best action gore movie i ever see 😮👍

With love Céline ❤

Anastasia Madden

Bodysuit [x] - @sims-boutique│Pants [x] - @toksik│Necklace [x] - @hallowsims │Hair [x] - @missparaply │Shoes [x] - @madlensims

Polly Miller

Bodysuit [x] - @sims-boutique​│Skirt [x] - @mayhem-sims│Hair [x] - @missparaply​│Shoes [x] - @madlensims

Poses by @flowerchamber