(from last screens)

Guillermina (left)

Hat - me / Hair - elliesimple / Necklace - leahlillith / Swimwear - chisimi / Phone - tok–sik.

Ebony (right)

Hair - elliesimple / Earrings - leahlillith / Swimwear - black-le / Smoothie - tok–sik.

Float - chisimi // Lot: Babylon Resort & Spa by Spectedcody (Gallery)

Pose - me : Download (dropbox)


Read about pose: Default replacement. “Swim here” in the pool. // To make the float pose compatible: Open the package in S4S, click warehouse, footprint and the three boxes under “linked footprint” change them to 0. Save with another name so you have the original file. The floater will place on the floor of the pool, move up (9) with bb.moveobjects enabled until the floater is on waterline. It’s a loop, once the last pose is finished it will start over and over and over until you either get out of the pool or swim to other part of it. The face reaction will change depending on the sim’s mood. It’s not perfect, but since you guys are always asking for the poses i make for myself.. here you go :)