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Where does all the glorious cockatoo floof come from?

it comes from lil seeds that are planted deep within the cockatoo body. they sprout out into real life cotton balls and marshmallows which FLOOF out and looka like this 


lq power couple?🌧🌧

idk i just,,,, don’t have the effort to look decent today

but thank you @xiiumin nd @baekhyuns you both are prettier than i could ever hope to be???

i’m tagging @sleepysugarmoon @21jd @chanyoles @beetender @attemptingtocurlmyhair @babekhyun @valuekook @kthyvngs @miirai nd @lauvnder !!!! don’t feel like you need to do it (nd sorry if you’ve already done it rhegkjfdn i’m so forgetful) but have fun!!

webisode cleuce moments we all need to remember
  • him kissin her cheek and saying “you killed them out there babe” after she just waved her arms around on a stage
  • draculaura telling cleo about a guy she met and she says he’s the hottest and cleos like “nope deuce is the best one you are mistaken”
  • them straight up murdering whatever was in the egg for their home ick project because deuce stoned it
  • deuce ruining another monsters happiness at the carnival in an attempt to cheer cleo up because he knows she loves other people’s misfortune
  • cleo straight-up hugging deuces arm after stopping a large cookie dough monster
  • draculaura, with grave sincerity: “the evil aliens are invading our school! they want to control us” / cleo and deuce: laugh and walk away 
  • deuce beating up a plant because it called cleo ugly
  • operetta asking deuce “you really like her huh?” and him replying “totally! sooooooo much” like a smitten 12 year old
  • hissette drawing cleuce fanart
  • cleo taking care of deuces injuries and holding his hand after hoodude made the school go haywire
  • cleo’s inner monster app translating deuce stumbling over his words to “he likes you, too" and then they hold hands and touch heads

i like all his body doodles and I like his cute chin and pointy looking face. his so sexy , overlal speaking. I think it is cute that he is drooling when he loks at me and all the time. I like him and am aexcited to think avout what the rest of his body lookas like as I have only sen his head and neck so far.

if there’s any proof that computer art makes you lazy...

in this nastee comic i’m drawing, there’s a panel where i want to have cartoon gears but i don’t want to draw straight lines because those are for chumps

and i’m already using a 3d set i made to block out the background and perspective in nearly every panel for the comic

(it looka like dis roughly except less overexposed and more in in black and white)

so I’m like fuck it let’s just make some gears

copy paste those fuckers so it looks like clipart hell yeah

and that’s the story of how i wasted 20 extra minutes on something that would have taken 5. 

Moral of the story:

actually this is more work what the fuck