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Taeyong’s “cute” expression when he is practising revealed😂😂


Not completely sure why I love these idiots, but man these boys are my world


Working on my design for fem!/nyo!England. I still haven’t nailed down a hairstyle, so let me know which one’s your favorite!

I kind of like C even though that’s basically just male England’s normal hair, pffft.


high necklines make me emotional now bc thIS SCENE


In a surprising plot twist Syaoran has located Kingdom Hearts. 

It was in a library all along. 

Okay but you know what Star Wars Rebels fanfic I’d like to read?

Mira and Ephraim Bridger get arrested, get sent to some shithole Imperial prison, and escape after like two, three years, and quickly make their way back to the Rebellion. And then immediately start their main priority, which is looking for their son, Ezra. Unfortunately, Ezra was taken into Imperial custody when the were arrested, and there’s been no trace of him since. Like, the records of his existance have been deleted kind of no trace. So for obvious reasons, while the Bridgers keep an ear out, it’s just generally assumed that the Empire murdered a 7 year old boy over his parents treason and isn’t that just fucked up?

So cut ahead to when canon would have started in the show. Now fourteen, Ezra Bridger is very much not dead. And almost immediately after his arrest was discovered to be Force sensitive, and taken into the Inquisitor program, with his parents lives being hung over him to make him cooperate. So when Ezra manages to find out that his parents escaped years ago, he’s not thrilled, and gets the fuck out of dodge, immediately making the Imperial wanted list in the process.

So since they would not advertise that one of their Inquisitor’s betrayed them, the Empire obviously isn’t sharing that little detail with anybody, so all that the Bridgers know is that their son was imprisoned, and has managed to escape. And more importantly, their son is alive holy fuck and they need to find him like yesterday. Now on the other side, Ezra might hate the Empire, but he doesn’t trust the Rebellion in the slightest, because come on seven years of brainwashing and conditioning are not going away overnight. Not to mention he’s obviously aware of the fact that the Rebellion would probably not give a warm welcome to a literal ex-Inquisitor. So he’s trying to do his own thing and avoid everyone.

Enter the Ghost Crew. Due to working around Lothal, once the Bridgers joined the Rebellion proper, they probably worked together a fair amount. After all, no risk there, everyone already knows that Mira and Ephraim Bridger are with the Rebellion. So, at the very least, Hera and Kanan probably are friends with the couple, and have heard of their murdered or kidnapped son. I mean, Lothal was the last place anyone knows Ezra was, so the Bridgers would probably ask the Ghost crew to keep an eye out, even if it was just to confirm that he was dead. Because I mean canon!Ezra’s reaction to his missing-probably-dead parents was to refuse any information, because he lost them as a young child, and is a very jaded teenager who would like to ignore his trauma forever. The Bridgers would be grown ass adults who would like some closure on what happened to their son.

So because some things just need to happen, the Ghost Crew finds Ezra. Recognizes him, is about to bring him back to the Alliance, and then Kanan notices haha wow this Force sensitive child who was in Imperial custody for 7 years has an awful lot of the dark side in him and control over it that’s not suspicious at all. And so the Ghost crew is stuck in an awkward limbo of trying to figure out if Ezra is a legit escaped prisoner, or an Inquisitor that was sent to infiltrate them, while at the same time knowing that they can’t just ditch the kid because his parents would literally kill them if they abandoned their long lost son for anything other than hard proof.

Wheras Ezra would not like to be with the Ghost crew, does not want to go to the Rebels, and does not want to get left for the Empire, leaving him in an awkward situation. And knowing that it’s his parents waiting for him in the Rebellion makes it more awkward, because while Ezra never stopped loving them (the Grand Inquisitor had to allow that or he wouldn’t be able to blackmail the kid), he’s probably got some massive issues from everything he’s been through, and really doesn’t want to see his parents again, because yknow why would two devout rebels feel anything but disgust for someone who folded under the pressure and agreed to work for the Empire? I’m not saying Ezra’s right, because he’s not, but the self loathing in that boy would run even deeper in this AU so that’s probably the direction his mind would go.

And, of course, the battles with the Grand Inquisitor would be even more fucked up, because there is History there now, and it is a very fucked up one.

(BONUS: Ahsoka joining the crew is incredibly awkward, because Ezra was probably getting sent out into field missions when he was like, twelve, and hey Ahsoka Tano’s been a pain in the Empire’s ass, none of the Inquisitors are good enough to get rid of her, and the Emperor doesn’t trust Vader to follow through, but they’ve got this vicious little twelve year old that a former Jedi would probably be very reluctant to kill or injure, giving him a very good shot at taking her out. He does not kill Ahsoka, she knocks him out and leaves. There’s awkward between them because A. Ezra absolutely would have killed her if he had the chance, B. Ahsoka is the only person in the Ghost crew that saw Ezra in action as an Inquisitor, and he’s not enjoying two very different stages in his life being blended, and of course C. Knowing the Sith methods, Ezra would have been in deep shit for being defeated by Ahsoka. Like, ‘she didn’t kill you so now we’ll make you wish she did’ kind of deep shit. So Ezra probably has some resentment to her over that, because he got tortured over her and was encouraged to be angry about it so he fucking is. and upon finding out what exactly she let that kid go back to after failing to kill her, Ahsoka is probably more than a little horrified, but Ezra reads it as pity and gets pissed, and its this whole fucking thing.)

Also at some point in it all happy ending of Ezra being reunited with his parents and his worries over it being put to rest, and yeah they might have had a rougher go of it than in canon but they’re a family again and they’re all alive and there and together so maybe it was all worth it in the end.

there is crying. some of it may be mine.


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