deanhugchester asked:

Whenever someone asks the question about when I started shipping Dean and Cas, I can't come up with a specific answer. I don't know what the tipping point was. I feel like I've always shipped them. Weird, right?

I don’t think that’s a weird answer! I don’t have a shipping moment for Star Trek. I just…shipped Kirk & Spock, but there was no specific thing that happened, no moment or episode. I was just in love with them.

anonymous asked:

The video you reblogged with the guy kicking the bottle off the mannequin with the tags as a "young Garrett hawke" I was actually thinking that omgg!

Yeah, the same thing actually happened to me– I saw the clip and thought that, then saw that the person I reblogged it from had also made a comment about Garrett! I guess it’s official then :D

Also, I forgot to tag this when I reblogged it (I’ll go back and do it now), but the guy’s a model/martial artist named Nick Bateman, in case you wanna look him up!

2bee-desu replied to your photo “LOOK WHO I GOT TODAY! I know the reason why i got him. It’s because…”

OMG SEN!!! You’re in swords hell too?? And may you never get an F again 8D

YUP DEEP DEEP IN SWORD HELL!  (probably one of the reasons why I got an F) its okay it was a hard test I doubt a lot of people did well. 

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“LOOK WHO I GOT TODAY! I know the reason why i got him. It’s because…”

omg you got an f im so sorry ;a;

Lol it’s okay I know I wasn’t going to get a good mark. I’m just surprised I did that bad.  We didn’t get a lot of time to study for it

Got a reply from the gentleman who was looking for…whoever that bloke is to him…the other week.  As it happens, the obituary I found was in fact that of the person in question.  So now I’m doing some quick looking around for possible contact info on the listed surviving relatives.  Found a few addresses so far, I figure I’ll double-check them if there’s still phone books at the library tomorrow, and send ‘em on.

Meanwhile, simultaneously checking travel info for the Manics concert next Monday and struggling to breathe normally.

Manics Manics Manics Manics Manics Manics

We think we’re gonna be ok to get out on the last bus home.  Probably.  Possibly. 

TBH even if I was horrifically killed right after the concert I’d still count that as a victory.  Making it home alive is a bonus, making it home alive that night would be the ideal outing…