Joy burning bright

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The sea plane is banana yellow, a colorful smudge against the horizon. Dean shades his eyes and squints at it, tracking its flight against the cerulean sky. His stomach does a complicated set of sympathetic loop-de-loops as he watches its progress. He presses the phone to his ear and takes a deep, calming breath. It’ll be fine.

“So you told him there was a case?” Sam sounds amused and Dean imagines him leaning back in a library chair and grinning at the phone – which he’s undoubtably holding a few inches from his chin. God forbid a phone should touch his ridiculously long hair.

“Yep.” The sand is hot so Dean burrows his toes under the surface to the cooler layer beneath. “Told him there was a ghost haunting that plane. And I can’t check it out because…”

“Flying bad.” Sam chuckles. “Was he excited?”

“Trying not to show it.” Dean grins and wiggles his toes out of the sand, then tunnels them back in again. “Smiled like an idiot when he got on the stupid thing.”

“So what’ll you tell him when he lands and there’s no ghost?”

Dean shrugs. “Turns out it was just an urban legend. Worth checking out anyway. Blah blah blah. Gotta be thorough.”

Sam snorts. “Right. You really think he’ll fall for that.”

“Please. I’m the best liar.”

“Uh huh.”

“My talent for lying is unparalleled.” Dean picks up the daiquiri he’s nestled into the sand and takes a long, cool sip. The drink is fruity and overly sweet and freezes his throat when he swallows it down. It’s fucking perfect. It took a whole hell of a lot of credit card fraud and a tiny bit of blackmail, but he’s managed to put together a damn fine trip, if he does say so himself. He shades his eyes again. Does that speck of yellow look bigger? “Listen, Sam. Looks like they’re heading back. I’m gonna go meet the plane.”

“Tell Cas I said ‘hi’.”

“Will do. See ya next week, man.” Dean ends the call and drops his sunglasses back onto his nose before scooping up his drink and heading back towards the bay. After Cas lands maybe they’ll do dinner. Or maybe they’ll just go for a walk up to the sea cliff again. His feet slide and shift in the sand and a light breeze paints salty spray onto his legs. He finishes the drink as he nears the resort, drops it on one of the cabana stands, and picks up the pace. The plane flies lower as it approaches the bay, nose slightly up as it prepares to land. His gut doesn’t settle until the pontoons land safely on the water and the plane trundles towards the shore.

When Cas jumps from the plane onto the dock Dean is there waiting. He rocks back on his heels, faux-casual with his thumbs hooked in the pockets of his shorts. Cas looks like he’s just been soaking in sunshine. There’s so much joy rolling off of you, Dean thinks, I gotta wear shades. He smiles to himself and says instead, “So? Any luck?”

Cas scratches at his neck and crinkles his nose, turning to look back at the plane. “No, I detected no spirits.”

“Huh. Well, probably just a story the locals drummed up for business.” Dean shrugs. “Worth checking out just to be sure.”

Cas nods solemnly, though his eyes still crease at the corners. “Of course.”

“You have fun at least?”

“Oh yes.” Cas steps a little closer and tugs at Dean’s elbow. Dean takes the hint and pulls his hand from his pocket, offering it up to Cas.

“Well. Shall we?”

Cas intertwines their fingers and together they walk off the dock, palms and shoulders warm where they touch. They stroll casually back towards the resort, back towards the beach. The island is gorgeous this time of day, the sun catching the trees and the distant mountain just right to bathe them in supersaturated emerald and teak. It’s a last hurrah before the sun sets. Dean sighs and pulls away his hand so he can wind his arm around Cas’s narrow waist instead. He twists his fingers in his old Metallica t-shirt (which looks fucking good on Cas) and asks, “What do you feel like doing now?”

“Hmm.” Cas snakes his arm around Dean and pulls him closer. “I think the word you’re looking for is 'who’.”

Dean barks a laugh. “You cheesy fuck.” Their legs tangle and Dean swings them to a stop, leaning in to taste Cas’s lips. Cas melts into the kiss, one warm hand spread wide between Dean’s shoulders, his body pressing in.

When they pull away, Cas runs his tongue between his teeth. “You taste like strawberries. I like it.”

“Yeah, you do.” Dean nabs one more quick kiss before stepping back a little and drinking him in. Cas stands in front of him, lips parted, looking well fucked already from the plane ride messing up his hair. Okay. Room service, it is. He grins and takes Cas’s hand again, tugging him towards the bungalows tucked behind the resort proper. Cas follows him.

When they get inside their room Dean heads straight for the bed but Cas pulls him back. “Wait.”

“I thought you said you wanted–” Dean takes a look at Cas and freezes at his suddenly serious face. “What’s wrong?”

Cas lifts his fingers to gently trace along Dean’s cheek, before brushing back again to slide into his hair. He holds him steady and stares until Dean begins to shift uncomfortably. Finally, he says in a low voice. “There was no ghost.”

“Yeah, I know, I–”

“The flight was wonderful. Fast and wild, the wind raking at my skin. My hair. Scouring tears from my eyes so it hurt to see sometimes.” He presses his forehead to Dean’s. “Thank you for that. Thank you for…for everything.” Cas’s breath ghosts along Dean’s lips, feather light. “I know you don’t like flying. But tonight I’m gonna make you feel what I feel when I fly.”

Dean tries to crack a joke. Old habits die hard, after all. But Cas overtakes him, a whirlwind tied into a fragile human shell. He surrounds and fills Dean, relentless and hard and gentle as the ocean.

The sun sets and the stars wheel over the bungalow on the windswept beach. Joy cracks Dean open until he feels as bright as angel light. The bungalow would be a tiny thing from the air but, with the two of them in it, Dean imagines it as a lighthouse beacon burning against the shadowed ground. He hums, exhausted and utterly sated, then picks up Castiel’s hand with his own so their wedding rings roll together. “Love you.”

Cas tightens his grip. “And I you.”

The ocean’s steady pulse lulls Dean to sleep and he dreams that night of flying. For once, he’s not afraid.

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A Walking Disaster

Pairing; Robb Stark x Female Reader 

A/N: This is the first thing I’ve ever written on tumblr, so hopefully it is good! Feedback is welcomed with open arms! Also, in my perfect GoT world, Robb was never dead and gets to go back to Winterfell and remain King in the North

Warnings: N/A

Prompt: As a token of gratitude to the King in the North, your father decides to ship you off to Winterfell to become a Lady in Waiting to the King’s younger sister, Sansa Stark. Unfortunately, you find yourself messing up left and right.

 You had to be the worst lady-in-waiting the seven kingdoms had ever seen.

Honestly, Ghost probably could’ve done a better job than you and he didn’t even have working thumbs. 

 It had been about 2 months since you had walked through the gates of Winterfell and joined the royal court. It had also been about 2 months of a constant flow of royal screw ups. 

After the sack of King’s Landing, everyone had shown their gratitude toward the Northern army and their King, Robb Stark. The reign of King Renly could not have come about without their help and as a sign of gratitude, Renly had granted the Young Wolf his request to be separated from the seven kingdoms.

Following in Renly’s act of kindness, you father had also given the King of the North 60 of his most skilled men and you as a lady-in-waiting to Sansa.

As a lady-in-waiting, it was your job to follow Sansa around and do practically everything with her. Sadly, for you, that meant doing the type of things you weren’t very good at. It wasn’t like the tasks were hard, you were just a very accident prone person; as your father would always tell people. Whenever you were presented with an activity or task, it had been followed by some type of disaster. 

Including the current one where you had accidentally set Lord Umber on fire.

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AU PROMPT: z is a single mom that signed her son up for dance classes at DWM. Val in infatuated with z but he didn't know she was a mom.

I changed from boy to girl please forgive me! :D

He notice her coming every Friday. It was hard not to pay attention to such a beauty. Long legs, beautiful eyes and wavy brown hair, she was definitely a pleasure to the eye.

He saw her from afar but never build the courage to come up and introduce himself even if he was the owner of the dance studio.

He could walk to her and start a casual conversation about the progress the girl was making.

It made him wonder who was that little princess for her. She was definitely too young to be a mother.

“Will you ever like walk up to her? Or you will act like a stalker and admire her from afar?” Alex, his best friend teased him.

“Shut up.” Val nudged him lightly. “I am not stalking or admiring I am just….”

“Gazing?” Alex asked.

“Looking.” Val said giving his best friend ‘you are pissing me off’ look.

“Yeah right.” Alex chuckled. “I will leave you to your looking then.” He patted his friend’s shoulder and walked away.

As Val was ready to do the same he noticed the little girl lifting her head and looking at him.

He smiled at her as she waved. Then he was met not only with small eyes but with the big brown one he loved so much too.

He was thanking himself mentally for standing so far from her otherwise he would feel even more embarrassed.

The young woman smiled at him and he nodded his head lightly and then just like that the duo walked out from his studio.

Okay he definitely had to stop staring at her so much it was starting to get creepy.

The next day Val was strolling down the park with his dog. He was passing the playground and stopped for a second when suddenly he heard a tiny voice.

“A doggie! You are so cute!” He looked down and saw a little girl kneeling next to Sir Sleep.

Val smiled and knelt down as well.

“You like dogs?” He asked and immediately recognized the little girl.

She looked at him and nodded few times. “But mommy doesn’t want a dog she says I am too young to have one.” She pouted cutely.

Val laughed lightly. “Well I think your mom is right.” He cocked his head. “This is Sir Sleep you can play with him if you want to.” 

The girl’s eyes shone with happiness. “Really?”

“Of course.” Val smiled at her.

“Sophie I told you not to talk to strangers!" 

When Val lifted his head he was met with those beautiful brown eyes he would recognize every where.

"But this is Sir Sleep mom.” The girl said as she hugged dogs head.

The woman just shook her head and then she looked at Val. “I am so sorry she loves dogs but I told her she won’t have one until she is older.”

Val straighten up and smiled at her. “That’s okay I am sure my buddy would like some company right?” He looked at the dog who barked as he seemed to like little Sophie’s company.

“Hey I know you.” The mother of the girl said pointing a finger at him. “From the dance studio, you are like the owner.”

“Val.” He said simply reaching out his hand.


So that was her name. Beautiful just like her.

“Sophie loves that school and I think she loves Gwen even more.” Zendaya laughed.

“Yeah she is really good with kids.” Val agreed.

“Can I walk with Sir Sleep?” Sophie asked looking at both her mother and Val.

“I don’t know it’s not up to me.” Zendaya said stroking her daughters hair.

“Well if it’s up to me, of course you can.” Val gave her the leash.

“Just stay close please.” Zendaya leaned down and kissed her baby’s head.

And just like that the duo was left alone.

“You know I noticed you staring at me every time I come for Soph.” Zendaya said lightly smiling.

“I…” Val rubbed the back of his neck. 

It made her laugh and it was a beautiful sound.

“That’s okay I stole few looks when you weren’t paying attention too.” Her smile soften.

He grinned at her. “My friend told me I was stepping onto stalking territory.”

Zendaya gigled sweetly. “Well I was really flattered by your stalking moments.” 

When he looked her deeply into eyes she blushed. 

“Would you go to dinner with me?” He blurred out of sudden.

Zendaya gasped. She opened and closed her mouth few times.

“You don’t have too if you don’t want too.” Val rushed to explain.

“No it’s just…” She sighed as her eyes moved until they settled on her daughter. “I am a single mom at age 23 I am not the best dating material.” She smiled sadly.

Val looked at her daughter as well. She was having the time of her life with Sir Sleep and his dog didn’t look unhappy even for a second.

“Can I be the judge of that?” He said after a moment looking back at her. “Your daughter already stole my dogs heart I think this is meant to be.” He tried to joke but he also looked at her with an honesty in his eyes.

She looked at him for a long moment. “Okay.” She nodded her head lightly.

“Okay?” Val repeated after her.

She smiled. “Yes I will go to dinner with you.” She bit her lip.

“Tomorrow at 7?” Val didn’t want to risk waiting any more time for their date.

Zendaya giggled. “Someone is eager. I will ask my mom if she can stay with Soph and I will text you?” 

“Sounds good.” He took out his phone and gave her his phone.

She took a picture of herself winking at him and saved her number.

“Sophie we gotta go!” She yelled at her daughter.

The girl run to them. “Can we take Sir Sleep home?” She asked hopefully.

Zendaya looked lovingly at her little girl. “No baby we can’t cause he will miss his daddy.” She looked quickly at Val.

Sophie looked more than sad. She gave the leash back to Val and has almost tears in her eyes.

“Hey.” Val nudged her shoulder gently.

She looked at him as he bent down.

“I will tell you what.” He smiled at her. “Tomorrow while me and mommy go out you will take care of Sir Sleep okay?”

Sophie was so excited that she started to jump up and down.

Zendaya chuckled looking at Val with such a warmth gaze.

“Thank you.” She whispered.

Val leaned closer to her as he kissed her cheek. “Now you have no other choice.” He said lightly.

Zendaya blushed as they pulled away. She gave him a little wave as she took Sophie’s hand and they walked away.

Not even an hour later Val’s phone vibrated. He took it out from his pocket and seeing the picture he smiled.

Tomorrow at 7. Can’t wait ;)

ps- Don’t forget Sir Sleep or Soph will kill me xo