So my scalemate giveaway was on dA, this Nakodile one will be on tumblr!


  • One of two nakodile plushes, each about 10" tall, I believe? Huggable sized. You can win One. Not both. Depending on how my sewing machine is feeling, there may be bonus nakodiles made.


  • Reblog up to 5 times BEFORE April 13, for up to 5 entries.
  • Like this post for one entry.
  • Follow MY FANTROLL BLOG for 5 entries.
  • Draw a nakodile. No entries for this, but Nakodiles are adorable.


  • I am supreme overlord of changing the rules without notice, but hopefully I’ll get it right the first time and won’t have to.
  • Random.org will pick the winner.
  • Play nice
  • Ask or submit has to be open, if you do not respond within 48 hours, I’ll pick a new winner!
  • International is allowed, if you are willing to pay shipping costs. I will pay shipping inside the United States.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable giving me your address, I will do my best to read your mind and/or just throw the thing cross-country to you, but I highly doubt you will receive it.


If you have questions, I’m almost positive my ask is open??

A filthy rich, snarky and egotisitcal jerk, when the world needs him, Pony Stark dons his suit and becomes Iron Pony with minimal whining.

Working on Captain America (Equestria?), Hulk, Loki and Thor ponies, then I shall take pictures of them all together and reenact the most awesome scenes of Avengers, and then probably sell them because I have no job and no monies and for some reason food costs a lot??

Fleece and stuffing and lots of pricked fingers.

Thor, the pony of Thunder(ing hooves? whatever. I’m not funny), sans armor and cape.

For my Iron Man, Captain America, and Hulk ponies, I came up with a little blurb pony-fying them, but I haven’t come up with one for him yet. I’ll have one once his armor is done, but I don’t know when that will be.

But yeah.


Mjolnir is stuck to his face with a magnet, and unfortunately does not return when thrown. And as always, if you’d like a plush, ask me about a commission!

Your name is Muireach Batynos. You are a deep sea troll that lives on the bottom of the trenches, in the dark, with your giant isopod lusus. Your ‘hive’ is a collection of junk (“treasures”) that you stick in nets and then tie to the back of your lusus. You also catch luminescent creatures in traps and then use them as lights to guide you and your lusus’s paths.

Your lusus’s wandering nature means that your hive constantly changes location. And as you are extremely territorial and possessive, whenever your territory comes in contact with another troll’s territory, you fight like hell to defend it. …Then your lusus trundles off, you loot the other troll’s hive, and you leave.

You have two strife specibi, but there’s probably a few more tied up in nets on your lusus’s back. To be honest, you don’t always look at the things you take. But you are content with your short spear and shield specibi, and wear armor cut from the shed scales of your lusus. (You also use your short spear to stab and scavenge trash, but that’s not really something you had to train.)

Your fetch modus is Scavenge, which is why you prefer to just put things in nets. Whenever you put something in your sylladex, another 4 things are randomly captchalogued from around you, forcing you to search through junk to find the things you originally wanted to put in.

You secretly love doritos. One of the only reasons you will leave the depths of the ocean is to find doritos. You are absolutely devastated that they can’t survive the pressure of your home. The bags kind of pop and turn the chips to dust. Soggy, soggy dust.

Your trollian tag is abyssalTrawler and You tnd to conserv your leters, but for what purpos, no one knos.

With my prototyped Moose Pillow and Chitauri Action figure, and wielding the Nerf Mjolnir, I proudly embark on my quest through sbarg into the glitchy Land of ‘undefined’ and Webs!

In related news, if anyone needs a screwed up player on their team, I don’t have a team yet OTL Whoo! Got a team, but totally unsure of what we are calling ourselves, except AWESOME, because we are calling ourselves that.

pageofhopes’s title test, I’m either a Monk or Maid of Blood, but idk if that will matter for Sbarg?