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Could you do a scenario where the Vongola learn their s/o broke up with them because the s/o figured out they were in the mafia and was afraid of being killed for it?

“What are you doing here?”  There was an accusation in your tone and the way you looked around worriedly confused him momentarily.

“I was coming to eat…apparently like you were.”  He was regretting choosing this restaurant, but how had he been supposed to know that you would be hear this evening as well.  There was still some pain from the break up that had come suddenly, only a few months before.

“Of course you were,” the sarcasm was clear in your voice.

“What’s the big deal?”  He was getting angry now.  It wasn’t like he was the one who broke things off without a word or explanation. If anyone deserved to be angry it was him.

“What’s the big deal?  The big deal is that cutting things off with you, doesn’t exactly work if I’m spotted ‘meeting’ you for dinner, in an out of the way restaurant.”  There was a touch of panic in your tone, but He couldn’t bring himself to care.  Righteous anger burning brightly.

“By who?”

“By your enemies.”

“So you don’t think I could keep you safe.”

“Two months ago you lost an entire squad of trained men.  You couldn’t keep them safe…meanwhile, I have no training. You’d better believe that I was getting the hell out of dodge, but quick.”


He couldn’t deny it, the accusation hit him hard.  He still was having trouble sleeping over the memories of the mistakes made – mistakes he should have realized would be a problem when he went over the mission plans.  “There were…mistakes, Y/n.  We know that now.  It was avoidable and we know what to fix next time.”  

It sounded weak even to his own ears, and clearly you weren’t falling for it. “Those mistakes, sure.  But others will be made.  And I don’t want to be the victim of those.”

“I can’t blame you for that.”  Tsuna offered.  He couldn’t ask you to come back, not when it was your life you’d be risking.  He paused for a minute before offering the last thing that he’d probably ever say to you.  “And I’m sorry that I dragged you into this, but for now, you’re right. You need to get away, run now and don’t look back.  Because you’re right, I can’t promise you that I’ll always be able to keep you safe.”  


“So you ran, like a coward?”  Gokudera’s tone was hurt, you recognized that, and tried to keep your own cool. But it was hard to in the face of such an accusation.

“While, if the other option was death it wasn’t that hard of a choice.” You tried to keep your tone even, you didn’t want to cause this to blow up.

“You don’t know that’s what would have happened.”  Your fear and the pain that you had had since you had left him all flare your temper.  

“Really, because last I checked, people dating mafioso’s tend to be used to send a message fairly often.”  You snarked back.

“The Vongola is the biggest mafia family, you would have been fine.”  Gokudera told you.  You could see in his eyes that he really believed that.  That he honestly believed with the Vongola’s protection nothing would happen to it.  

“What about the squad?  The Vongola was protecting them as well.”  You challenged.  You waited a minute for a response.  “See. You can’t promise me that.  And I don’t want to be the next one where the protection doesn’t turn out to be enough.”


“You should have told me.”  There was a gentle reproach in his tone.  “Didn’t I deserve to know the reason?”

“You would have just tried proving me wrong and convincing me to stay. I didn’t want to risk that.”  There was still a hint of something that sounded almost like fear – like you were afraid he would do that now.  

Yamamoto wanted to comfort you, promise you that he wouldn’t do that. That he respected your decision. But still, he couldn’t wipe away all the hurt that still was there.  He had spent months now trying to figure out what he had done to drive you away – and to find out it was this.  “I understand.”

“I’m sorry, Takeshi…but I couldn’t do it.  I hope you find someone who will be able to.”


“Is that why?”  Ryohei looked purely confused.  “But I wouldn’t let anything harm you.”  There was so much sincerity in his tone that you felt your heart ache.  You had always loved how honest, optimistic, he was.  

“But you can’t promise me that, Ryohei.  I know you’d do your best, but something would happen.  You don’t get to live in that life and be safe.  And I’m sorry, but I didn’t want to live like that.”

“But you would have been safe.  I could have extremely protected you.”  The confusion was still there and it broke your heart.  This was why you had left without explaining – he wouldn’t have understood.  

You could stay in the restaurant anymore.  It felt too small, the pain was coming back from when you had left the first time.  “I’m sorry, Ryohei.  I’m so sorry, but I couldn’t live like that.  With the fear.  That’s why it would never have worked between the two of us.”

You couldn’t turn around as you walked away, didn’t want to see the hurt and confused look that would undoubtedly be on your ex’s face.  You didn’t want to face his honest sincerity when he promised to protect you.  You didn’t want him to ever have to feel the pain if he wasn’t able to keep that promise – so it was better to just avoid it altogether.  


Lambo could barely form a reply.  He was confused, this was why you had left?  “But you wouldn’t be out there doing stuff.  You wouldn’t be in harm’s way…”

“Do you think just because I’m more of a civilian than any of the others that that would keep me safe, Lambo?  Do you really think that?”  Your tone was completely serious, hoping he would understand.  

And understand it…of course he did.  He grew up in the mafia.  His family was designed weapons, of course he knew that civilians would be in danger, but he was sure that given a chance, he could have protected you.  “But, we could have protected you, Y/n.  You would have been safe.”

“And what would have to be sacrificed for that?  More people’s lives to be sacrificed instead of mine?  Don’t you understand Lambo, I don’t want any of these prices to be on my head.  I’m sorry, Lambo, I just can take that.”


“What happened then was unfortunate, but unavoidable.”  Hibari’s tone was cold, letting you know that your own bullets had hit their mark.

“So basically, ‘It sucks, but wasn’t my fault.’”  You mocked his tone.  “Forgive me if I don’t want to be the next, person on someone’s hit list.”

You went to turn away and get out of the restaurant but were stopped by a hand on the arm.  “I wouldn’t let anyone touch you.”

“And I’m supposed to believe that now, how many men did you lose?  Forgive me for not being willing to take that risk.”

Hibari saw the determined look in your eyes and knew that you wouldn’t be changing your mind.  Turning away he went back to his table, he wouldn’t beg or plead for you to come back. Not even if at one point he had thought that you would be the one to stand by his side for good.  Clearly you hadn’t been as strong as he had thought.


“So you ran,” Mukuro commented dryly, his words meant to sting. “Clearly the best choice.”

“Oh really, what was your plan to keep me safe?  Keep me trapped away from the rest of the world?  Stuck far away from any danger but unable to actually live my life?”  You hardened your resolve.  “Sorry, but you’re not worth that.”

Mukuro grit his teeth at the pain your words brought him.   Obviously you felt the sting of his words and retaliated in kind.  “Of course not.  Instead you’re going to choose to live your life on the run, and eventually you’ll be too terrified to even leave your home.  You’ll just be waiting for them to come for you.”

Your eyes narrowed.  “And I’ll have you to blame for it all.  Right now it just feels like I should have gotten out sooner.”


Whew boy this took longer than I thought it would… hahaha. Here’s @therealjacksepticeye as a Jedi!! I saw how happy and excited he was when he played Star Wars in VR so I figured he might like to see what he’d look like as a Jedi! (complete with his very own SepticBB8 of course ^_^)

This drawing/animation probably took about 18 hours total… I loved how it turned out and hope y’all enjoy it as much as I do! 

I made a speeddraw video of this and will upload it as soon as i have time to edit. Stay tuned!


I’ve wanted to draw the Dantalion djinn equip for like a million years and here I finally go oh boy

Pokemon Go Teams as the people I've met on each team
  • Team Valor:Team valor is the best THE BEST, i drove to another town just to get a horsea and also used up all my pokeballs for the 5th time today i cant figure out how to aim
  • Team Mystic:I chose mystic cause my favorite color is blue? also mystic sounds cool. Im so tired me and my friend walked and went pokemon hunting till 3 am and all we caught was rattatas ive named them all joe
  • Team Instinct:Team instinct seemed nice and really chill, i liked that. Also I have no idea whats going on what tips how do you have pokemon tips??? why doesnt anyone tell me anything also hey u look nice today
Persona 3+4 cut ins vs Persona 5 cut ins

I’ve noticed something in regards to the cut ins in Persona 5 when compared to Persona 3 and 4

In the cut ins for Persona 3 and 4…

The casts look angry but with a sense of concentration as well, they all seem quite focused on what they’re doing (and considering they’re in battle, they should be)

But then we come to the Persona 5 cast cut ins….

Just look at how furious/frustrated  they look (especially Makoto and Yusuke). They’re absolutely livid, they’ve snapped and gone all out with their attacks. The only one I could say is possibly close to happy here is maybe Ryuji as he could be grinning (but that’s just a big guess based on what is possibly the corner of his mouth)

Trying to remember where it was said, but the sound of a persona being summoned this time is apparently meant to be akin to a ‘snap’, such as a snap due to strong emotion (in this case, anger. this played into another theory I posted a little while ago) and it looks like it carries on into the critical attacks of each character. They’re pretty pissed off at their current situations and, in this instance, with their enemy

It could just be a coincidence, but with all the care and little details Atlus have already shown in footage so far, I wouldn’t put it past them to have this in mind when designing their cut ins

i love that junkrat stood next to roadhog for pictures when arrested and the signs said their names on it and he still doesn’t know roadhog’s name like after that? like i know he has sprays that show his writing on it but like… what if he had roadhog do that for him… what if junkrat just doesn’t know how to read and he wanted to know his name because roadhog never told him and they got arrested and junkrat is like “fuck yes time to finally figure out his name” and he tries to read it and it just looks like a jumble of random letters and he just goes “dammit” foiled again by written language 

“Do you remember when you hung me like this?”

So, I made a thing. :-D It took a long time for me to figure out how to keep code text within Fatal’s frame- I didn’t even try to put it on the strings. I have even more respect for you now for being able to do what you do. But yeah, I was modeling this off of the last panel of the first comic post. I probably should’ve waited until you started the first chapter of the comic, but I made my best guess for what Fatal’s living space looks like. cx

Xedra’s Notes:

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@atrox-forensis asked me for tips on linearts so I slapped this super quick bc I’m kind of tipsy. Lots of wine lmao

Bonus tips:

  • Look up what other artists do. Try to replicate it. If you can’t figure out how, ASK. Most artists will be more than happy to help, specially during livestreams. I learned lots from watching @silvestervitale‘s livestreams. If you’re shy, many other artists put up tons of tutorials for their art process for you to study!
  • Your favourite artists are also wonderful sources of inspiration. I am a fan of Shirow Miwa and Patrick Gleason, to mention just two of them, and their b&w/inking works are great references for complex linearts. Even older artists are great study material-Gustave Doré is a personal fave bc of how good he is at using crosshatch lines for light and shadow in his engravings. STUDYYY
  • Experiment!!! Both Paint tool SAI and Photoshop have TONS of fun brushes and tools to work with. Each artist is different and has different methods. Play around, see what looks pretty and what you’re most comfortable with but remember that staying in your comfort zone will get you nowhere. 
  • PRACTICE!! I know most artists are super tired of hearing this but SERIOUSLY GUYS literally nothing comes out perfect on the first try, specially NOT art. PRACTICE. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.
  • Enjoy yourself-if lineart is simply not your thing, just leave it for a while. Many artists prefer to just clean their sketches up a bit or straight up paint on top of lose sketches. Art is like fart-if you gotta force it, it’s probably shit so you should let it be. Linearts in particular are super straining for me, so take breaks and don’t push yourself too hard if you notice pain or discomfort.

HELLO i am doing music commissions yet again because i need to get a new phone if i want to play pokemon go, (i do) and i just had a bunch of computer issues i had to take care of so i dont have any money in savings! 

If you’re looking for something for an OC, or just for yourself or anything really, I have a lot of options ranging from affordable to DELUXE so hit me UP at jamesroach.music@gmail.com and let me know a little bit about what you want, how much you’re looking to spend, and we can hopefully figure out something reasonably priced for you! examples can be found all over my blog, but also by clickin here and here

if you have a question, just send an email and ask! I’ll hopefully be able to answer it for you!

Date Night {Peter Parker X Reader}

prompts:  “I’ve been trying to get ready for like an hour and a half, because I know you’re going to look so good and I need to try and match up.”, “Would you mind if i kissed you?” and “I remember practicing how to ask you out to the mirror.”


Author’s note: I LOVE PETER PARKER SO MUCH I CRY. also, to anyone who gets offended by being compared to a pig that had been gutted and turned inside out, it was a figure of speech. suck it up.

WHYYY CAN’T I DO MAKEUUUUUP!?” you sang loudly, as you messed up your eyeliner for what seemed like the gazillionth time. peter was going to be here any minute, and you still looked like a pig that had been gutted and turned inside out.

you grabbed the rag that was covered in black smudges from your last few failed attempts, found a somewhat clean spot and began aggressively rubbing at your eye.

after a while, your eye began to burn from the friction. you stopped rubbing and threw the rag onto your dresser, before picking up your eyeliner pen and once again drawing a relatively straight, slick line of black liquid onto your eyelid.

“FINALLY!” you shouted. you heard a scream from outside your window, so you, being the curious person you are, went over and looked.

there you saw peter standing below your window, with a terrified look on his face.

“aww, petey, did i scare you?” you saked mockingly, peering down from your boyfriend. the terrified look on his face quickly dissapeared after he saw you.

“woah, (y/n), you look… woah…” he stuttered. you blushed before telling him to go to the door.

when you opened it up, you saw peter was holding a small white flower.

“is that a flower? for me?” you asked. he nodded in response.

“yes, it is. are you ready?” he looked you up and down, blushing. he was such a nerd and you loved it.

you looked down at your shoeless feet and told peter to wait there as you ran over to the shoe cupboard and grabbed a pair of black heels to go with your gold dress.

you sat down and began strapping on your shoes. “why aren’t you ready yet?” asked peter.

“I’ve been trying to get ready for like an hour and a half, because I know you’re going to look so good and I need to try and match up.” you said, almost as an off-hand comment. peter obviously didn’t see that, and began blushing furiously, clearly overthinking what you had just said.

once you had your shoes on, you walked out the door with peter and began walking down the road, hand-in-hand.

*after the date*

“thank you for tonight, peter. i had so much fun.” you said, squeezing his hand ever so lightly.

“no problem. you still on for next weekend?” he asked in response. you nodded. you noticed the gap in between you two was starting to become nonexistent, and that peter was staring at your lips.

“W-would you mind if i kissed you?” he asked, nervously.

“not at all.” you replied, smirking.

slowly, peter connected his lips you yours. your lips moved in perfect synchronization with his for what seemed like an eternity.

after breaking the kiss, you looked up to see peter, beaming, looking very poud of himself.

“this is great.” he said, breathlessly.

“what is?”

“I remember practicing how to ask you out to the mirror.” he said, “i’ve never actually kissed a girl before, either.”

“i find that hard to believe.”

“it’s true. like, no girls ever want to kiss me. honestly, i’m kind of weird. that explains it. am i rambling on? probably…”

you rolled your eyes and kissed him on the cheek.

“see you next weekend, peter.” you smiled, before closing the door.

Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen

I know the game changer and, let me tell you, the clues are really subtle but once you’ve seen them and figured them out, everything starts to make perfect sense. If you still haven’t figured it out, keep looking, focus on the details. The writers are amazing at what they do. They sure know how to foreshadow without making it obvious and my guess is that they want us to go back and rewatch old episodes, even BMW ones now. They know we know something’s happening. They know the people who went to the taping gave us clues.

Apparently it's easier to find out how to grow magic mushrooms than legal ones

I have been trying to figure out how I can grow ANY kind of mushrooms in a yard or anywhere else outside. I don’t want to eat them, just look at them, so it doesn’t matter what kind. No one seems to know how I can do that. But if someone wanted to grow illegal, hallucinogenic mushrooms that will land you in federal prison, well, they have all sorts of ways and equipment and stuff you can buy online to do that.
Why do I live in such a goofy, upside down and backward society, where it’s easier to find out how to do illegal things than legal ones?
But I am trying to discover on my own how to do legal stuff in spite of this goofy society.
And I figure if I get different kinds of mushrooms and put them in a blender with water to suspend the spores, and I add some kind of carbohydrate to feed the spores, and add a little food oil to also feed the spores, and then blend all that together, and then mix it into a mixture of wood chips and cow manure sitting in a pile on the ground, then, surely at least one of the kinds of mushrooms will like it and I will get something growing.
In theory…
But there is also the possibility the ground up mushrooms will either digest each other or be too busy competing with each other to actually be able to grow.
I guess I am hoping one kind will grow initially and use up what it needs but set the stage for the next one to grow in what’s left.
So far here are the kinds of mushrooms I have chopped up or blended and dumped in the pile: white button, brown button, shiitake, enoki, white oyster, brown beech, yellow oyster, king mushroom, seafood mushroom, grey oyster, and wood ear.
My carbohydrates have been diet coke, diet pepsi, corn syrup, sugar, soy flour, and different seeds. The food oil has been palm oil and canola oil. And composted hardwood chips and composted cow manure.
Nope, you will have to stop salivating now…
What I am hoping will happen is the button mushrooms will grow in the manure and sprout up while meanwhile digesting the wood chips a little, and the oyster mushrooms will like the wood chips and sprout out of that while doing something that will let the rest grow later and then sprout. I don’t know what the others do to manure or wood chips but maybe they will grow later.
I don’t see anything anywhere about any mushroom liking food oil. But maybe it will hold the spores in or something.