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How could i find the right tarot, the one i am meant to be with?

I only have one Deck, and not all that much experience. So my experience with this may be different to others.

Before you look for a Deck, there are some things you need to figure out;

What do you want from your Deck?
Do you want something dark and gritty? Something pretty and light? Something cosmic? Something generic? 

What is your budget for a Deck?
Decks can range from £5 to £500. I’m not even joking. I’m fairly certain you could find Decks even more expensive. There are a lot of sought-after artists, sets, etc.
Try to research Decks only within your budget. Don’t fall in love with a deck that’s going to cost £50 when you’ve only got £10 set aside.

Do you follow a particular path/keep under a label?
If you choose something that vibes with your aesthetic, or craft, or whatever else; you’re going to have more success. If you’re a green witch, for example, the Badgers Forest Tarot might suit you best.

Are you new to Tarot/Divination?
This isn’t as important, it’s more a safe-guarding, and something a cheapskate like me kept in mind. Everyone starts somewhere, and you shouldn’t not do it just because you’re new! This is again about cost!
There’s no point in purchasing a £50 deck, even if you absolutely love it; because you may find that it’s not actually something you enjoy in practice! If that’s the case, it’s totally fine; but imagine how bummed you’ll be if you spend all that money to not actually enjoy something.

Have a look at this site and just mooch around there/the internet/your local witchy shop/book stores until you find something you like. Research whatever it is (especially if you’re buying online), and make sure it fits the above criteria.

It’s all about following your intuition; when you see a Deck that makes your heart go !!!!, you’ve probably found the right one. If you go !!!!? then give it a go, still. When you know, you know. But it’s not all plain sailing. It’s like introducing a pet in to your life, there’s always that weird adjustment period where you’re both a little uncertain until you settle with each other.

The worst thing that happens is you’ve spent a little bit of money on something you can’t use; but you could either up-cycle it (turn it into a picture backing or something), gift it, or donate it to a charity shop. You could even sell it on, I know many witches would not be upset with buying a second-hand Deck, especially if they’ve never actually been “used”.

I know @cosmic-witch has spent time actually crafting a tarot deck (Edit: So it’s an Oracle deck! But it’s still a divination Deck and is frankly gorgeous (What’s the difference?)) as have many others, whether they’re Photoshopped beauties or scrapbooking cuties!; so that’s always an option if you’re crafty! You’re bound to be attuned to something you create yourself, you can literally pour your energies into it as you create it.

Remember, witchcraft is a journey. It’s about learning, growing, and exploring. So just do you; and have fun with it!

~ Autumn.


Hey, I’m Taylor.

I’m currently a senior(…ish) biology major, trying to get my degree and better myself as a person. Those of you who know/follow me may know that I occasionally make art in my spare time, which is something I’ve always mostly kept to myself. Recently, I’ve been having a tough time financially, and I was looking for a way to make a little extra money. I’m pretty good friends with a few of the art kids at my school, and when I asked them what I should do, they told me that they make most of their money selling commissions. I’m still pretty new to this, but every little bit counts, so I figured I’d try this out. Thank you for giving me a chance!


Send an ASK or SUB, giving me lots of details about what you want. Pictures and examples are encouraged, but if you have a description written out then I can work from that too, but it may not be perfect. 


I draw a lot of head and bust shots but I’m working on full figures as well. I won’t draw nsfw or fetish art so please do not ask. I’m also not great at drawing animals so please do not ask for that either (unless it’s an anthropomorphic animal, in which case, it will have to be more human than animal). I will draw OCs if you give me enough info on them.

ADDITIONAL NOTES (please read before commissioning me):

  • I’m not a super amazing artist so please go easy on me!!

  • I will only be able to take a couple commissions on at a time because of my busy schedule. I don’t really see this as a problem right now, but if a lot of people are commissioning me then I may have to take a break.

  • I have anxiety issues and a lot of school work to do so please do not demand things from me or have a strict deadline…
    I will typically take 3-7+ days to finish a piece.

  • I use Paypal and everything should be set up. If there’s a problem with a payment, I’m flexible so just talk to me!
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I always feel so… vain? rereading my own stuff. I feel weird laughing at my own jokes and congratulating myself on particularly good lines. But you’re totally right: if you write things because you like them and because you want them in the world, OF COURSE you can go back and read them! That’s why you put them there! Enjoy them! (Thank you for helping me figure this out!)

yeah man – i mean, sure. we’ve all had conversations with people who are so fucking impressed with themselves that it’s like look, why don’t you just go home and wank yourself raw over how great you are. that’s clearly what you’re doing now, don’t involve me in this process.

but almost as irritating are the people who constantly shit all over themselves and their work. oh, that old thing, i can’t believe anyone liked it. or those people who write about how bad their stories are in the notes. believe me, i understand the impulse, but if you think your story is bad, writer, i sure as shit am not going to read it.

no reason to be a smug asshole, but it’s not all or nothing. take a little pride in what you’ve done! you did a thing! it was probably hard. it took some guts to put it out in the world for strangers. you probably had other shit to do with your life and had to carve out the time to do the thing, but you did it, because you wanted to. you cared about it. it mattered to you.

liking the thing, after all of that, is not unreasonable, and it’s not the end of the world. we do this for the satisfaction of doing it, right? so sit there in your underwear and laugh at your own stupid jokes. you’ve earned it. 


Whew boy this took longer than I thought it would… hahaha. Here’s @therealjacksepticeye as a Jedi!! I saw how happy and excited he was when he played Star Wars in VR so I figured he might like to see what he’d look like as a Jedi! (complete with his very own SepticBB8 of course ^_^)

This drawing/animation probably took about 18 hours total… I loved how it turned out and hope y’all enjoy it as much as I do! 

I made a speeddraw video of this and will upload it as soon as i have time to edit. Stay tuned!

I’m pretty sure that Sirius’ favorite pastime was putting himself and James in awkward and embarassing situations every time Lily was nearby, so at some point she was really confused if they fancy each other or not.

I’m also pretty sure James started to get his own back on Sirius when he realized that a certain werewolf was very confused too (and a little bit jealous I guess?), and started to use it to puzzle Remus and then Remus was also insecure about what the hell was going on between James and Sirius.

I’m completely convinced that when Remus and Lily figured out what they were doing, they started to hit on each other in front of James and Sirius just because yes, and the boys went hysterical in just a few weeks because there’s no fucking way I’m gonna lose Evans for that bloody stupid werewolf, and there’s no fucking way Remus fancies Evans because c'mon have you ever looked at me? and that’s the awkward story about how their love life has started.

Nobody can convince me otherwise that Peter knew about what was going on during all the time BUT omg Prongs, I think Lily really fancies Remus you’ve lost and of course they are not kidding, Moony, they’re just not ready to come out yet was.so.much.funnier.


J: The box isn’t coming back up. How long do you think we can last?
N: No one’s said that. Let’s not jump into any conclusions.

All of a sudden Taylor Swift stands up and says, ‘I’ll play a song!’ I was like, 'Thank god, Taylor Swift is here!’ So she gets on the piano and I think, 'Okay, I’ll jam with her.’

“So I pick up one of Paul’s left-handed basses off the wall; I’m super high, she starts playing, and I’m just trying to figure out how to play along to what she’s doing. It was kind of like one of those nightmares where you’re running backwards, or you’re always late for whatever you’ve got to go to.

"She was playing this really beautiful thing on piano, and I look at my wife like, 'I know this fucking song!’ And she was playing our song, 'Best of You’…

"As if I wasn’t high enough, that fucking blew me into outer space, man! I was like, 'Wait a second, Taylor Swift, 'Best of You,’ Paul McCartney, pot, what?!’ I just lost my mind, so I felt obligated to sit next to her and duet. But her voice, she’s got a good voice, she can sing, man.”

—  Dave Grohl on playing with Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney at a party

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errrr, could you do what Disney kisses the RFA would be? with a gif? maybe? thanks ^^

Author’s note: I forgot how to spell author so I stared at the screen for 3 minutes trying to figure it out… WHY AM I A WRITER jk I haven’t slept in 29 hours I’m just tireeddd


  • well, yoosung is already a cUTE LIL PUPPY 
  • plus this is just so adorable ??? 
  • his face would turn BRIGHT RED


  • LOOK how cute it is when he puts the crown on top of her head
  • you’re his princess, and he’s your queen prince 


  • why is this Jaehee’s gif, u ask ???
  • because the two of you were sharing a cute and sweet little kiss
  • but then you gave her a tug and deepened it
  • justttt to make sure she knew you were more than a friend 


  • okay I realize how weird it is to compare V to Tarzan
  • but just look at how gently he grabs her face
  • and how slowly he pulls her in
  • he’s just so pure and deserves better


  • edit: ok this isn’t disney but it still fits
  • this happens to the two of you all the time
  • but instead of the dog it’S HIS STUPID I love you Elly you just ruined the moment CAT


  • probably something like this
  • Seven is definitely the one pushing you two together 


  • you see, this kiss is just the right amount of cute and awkward to fit Seven
  • he’s such a dork I love him

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HEYYO :o i love how you draw side profiles and anatomy and hands and everything?? But could you give me a few tips on side profiles please? thank you by the way c:

hiiii ahhhhh thank you so much!!! :’D I’m not great at explaining or tips but I’ll try. I figured out how to draw side profiles by looking at other people and art, by analysing I found somethings that I never realised before and it helped me see what I was doing wrong, tbh it’s all about practise and trying out stuff, I use to draw people with a flat head, like not giving enough space for the brain in the back XD and it took me a while to realise that that was what made my heads look alien and deformed. tracing over photos could also help a lot, that will help you see where all the curves and edges are. It also really depends on your style but I’ll show you the steps that I take when I draw a side profile and maybe by seeing how I draw it, It may help? (I hope XD)

wow I hope this isn’t confusing

maybe this will make it more clear? ^.^; sorry for the really awkward explanation but I hope you can find this helpful <3

A lot of people live in fear because they haven’t figured out how you’re going to react when faced with a certain set of circumstances. I’ve come to terms with this by looking deeply into whatever makes me fearful - what are the key elements that get the hairs up on the back of my neck - and then figuring out what I can do about it.

GMM Whiteboard, with who wrote what episode of gmm, here just a few.

We also can observe from this:

  • They record multiple episodes on the same scheduled day, like Jason had told us; 
  • Up to 4 episodes as we see;
  • They record at least one week in advance;
  • Lizzie has great ideas

And here is the storyboard, since they record multiple episodes in a day, this is where they can see what to do next in the episode they’re currently recording, without having to make a cut (you can see Rhett/Link looking at it very quickly before the announcements in the end of the GMM episode)  

Let me talk at you about Iron Bull’s armor

So I was figuring out how to do Iron Bull’s armor, and it’s pretty interesting from both a technical and a characterization standpoint. Bioware has long made an effort to have their characters’ costumes obey the laws of physics, to include actual pockets, straps, etc, and Bull’s armor is no different – I can look at the decorative scrollwork on it and tell you what tool is used to apply that design.

This one, called a pear shader

But – and this is the cool part – that’s a pretty off-label use of that tool. The pear shader isn’t normally used for making an entire design, it’s used for adding depth to specific places, such as the curve of leaves or petals:

Moreover, almost all leather tooling is first carved before it’s stamped – you cut the general outlines with a swivel knife, and then use a variety of stamping tools to create different depth and texture effects. Here’s the progression, as taken from my Thorin bracers tutorial:

But there is no cutting anywhere in Iron Bull’s armor. It’s all stamps. (Different stamps; I think parts of the belt are going to take a beveler instead of a pear shader, but my point stands.) From a world-building perspective, this is such a cool detail. That the qunari don’t just put different designs on their armor, they use entirely different techniques in their leathercrafting – as they would, if their tradition had evolved independently of human craftsmanship. This thrills my nerd-artisan soul to the core – that somebody at Bioware thought of that, and that it showed up in the game.

So anyway, here is my first foray into off-label use of the pear shader, experimenting with both smooth and textured versions:

I’m not loving the wobbly lines on it – as happens, when you’re not following cutlines – but then I looked at the reference pic again, and that is… exactly what Iron Bull’s shoulder is doing. Whoever designed his armor certainly knew what they were on about, hats off. :)

Continued in Part 2!


I’ve wanted to draw the Dantalion djinn equip for like a million years and here I finally go oh boy

My favorite thing about language is when the name of a place acquires a regional pronunciation. For whatever reason, a name gets pronounced a certain way in a certain region and only people from around that region say the name right and then an out-of-towner says it wrong and the natives give each other a knowing look.