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I need to know what shampoo does your sakura uses... Her hair is flawless every single time... (And please give us some more sasusaku/kakasaku hotness...) ... A big hi from the faraway land of Chile <3 Adoro tu arte!!!

She is definitely using L’ORÉAL. Just look at all the hair porn above, seems like even the bad guys are worth it ;-). Pro Tip: Groomed hair makes 90% of a neat and elegant appearence and is the key to world domination.

I will do a ss piece as soon as I can and of course ks will be in my focus too from now on :) Obrigado pelo elogio!!! I am very happy to hear that I have supporters from so far away! ♥♥

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I am the anon who didnt see the big deal about Tao leaving. Yeah, it will be a big blow but then they will realize that they can still keep track of what he is doing through internet and all those amazing fansites (who i expect will keep blessing us with their hard work). being an international fan it will be the same. We will be there for him to the best of our abilities. And one day we will look back and say, good for him. Our baby healed properly and is rocking the world now :)

No lie, If Tao really left EXO, I would miss him so bad. He was the realest member I ever known and I am a big Taohun shipper lol. Him with Sehun always gave me life.