Sorry for another body post. I’m posting this for everyone who is ashamed of who they are and also for the people who are disgusted by fat. I never show my stomach this way and my muscles aren’t that big, but whatever. I’m working on it.
Instagram is full of people sucking in their stomachs and using different angles to make themselves look thinner/thicker. And that’s peachy, but for people who are trying to lose weight or gain muscle, it can be discouraging. Don’t put a mask on to please the world. You are what you are. Thin, overweight, short, tall, etc. Do not make yourself feel bad for letting yourself gain/lose weight. It’s in the past. All you can do now is change or accept it. Do whatever you have to do to be where you want to be, but please do not damage your soul with negative words. Do not be a bully to yourself and do not let society into your head. EVERYONE HAS STOMACH ROLLS. Maybe I’m wrong, but I haven’t seen a single person without them yet. If you don’t like them, then work hard to change it. But if you have them and you’re ashamed, just know that most of the pictures you see on social media have been altered to make that person look “better.” It’s fake. So here’s me in all of my pudgy glory. I workout and am attempting to eat healthier. But I’m doing that because it feels good. Not because I hate my appearance or the fact that there is fat on my stomach. I don’t care what people think, obviously. And you shouldn’t either. Because the people who sit and criticize others for their appearance are too scared too look at themselves in the mirror. They are insecure and want to bring you down to their level. Rise up and show the world that you’re strong and that you know you’re worth. You can be whoever you wanna be and look however you wanna look. Just put forth the effort and love yourself along the way. #selflove #dontgiveup #keepbreathing #keepmovingforward #honormycurves #healthonmyterms #justdoyou #loveisunconditional #befree #benicetoyourself #bodyappreciation #behealthy #motivation #effyourbeautystandards #positivity #honesty #dontbefake