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My boyfriend broke up with me because he said he didn't love anymore. It took him a week to realise that. I worshipped the shit into him and my heart kills and he doesn't care and I just need a hug and ten shots of vodka. I'm so hurt and idk what to do. I'm sick of crying over him and this when I know he's perfectly fucking fine. I really need help. I fucking loved him.

oh shit man that sucks so bad ;-; just remember that this guy did not and does not define you. You are something brilliantly individual and amazing all without him. The world is a big place with many opportunities and adventures, some so big and breathtaking that if you experienced them you would probably look back at all your past problems and laugh. life can only be lived once, and undoubtedly you will feel love- and heartbreak- again, and again. Take a deep breath, remember that this guy is only one small part of your life. 
Coming from someone who has never really experienced heartbreak in this way, i hope you really get my point here (i’m really not good with explaining and i’m slightly drunk right now). I don’t know if this will help or comfort you, but i really hope you understand me. I really hope you’re gonna be okay. 

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Charlie you look quite downWith your big fat eyes And your big fat frown The world doesn't have to be so gray Charlie when your life's a messWhen your feeling blue Or are in distress I know what can wash that sad awayAll you have to do isPut a banana in your ear Put a ripe banana right into your favorite ear It's true So true Once it's in your gloom will disappear The bad in the world is hard to hear When in your ear a banana cheersSo go and put a banana in your ear