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Some time ago you talked about things that get you excited in games (like the dialogues in Uncharted 4). There are any upcoming game this year that are you looking for?

Persona 5 in two weeks, hands down, end of story. There are very few games I actively look forward to - the majority of games are usually more of a “Oh, that’s coming. I’ll probably get it” type acknowledgement than anything else. I know how much work goes into AAA game dev, and I enjoy my time with them, but they don’t really excite me much. I like playing them, and they’re interesting, but I don’t feel like I’m missing out if I wait a bit and pick it up later (or sometimes not at all, like how I never purchased a WiiU). My exception to this is the Persona series. I’ve been a huge fan since playing through Persona 3 on the PS2, and I love it from so many different angles. It is the one series I actually get excited about.

For those who are unfamiliar with this series, it’s an utterly bizarre combination of Pokemon-style battle and collection gameplay, Visual Novel Scheduled Dating Sim character and relationship building, and randomly-generated dungeon crawler all wrapped up in an urban fantasy JRPG setting, and it is wonderful. I didn’t think that such disparate core gameplay systems could work so well together, but they synergize like peanut butter and chocolate in a way that got me hooked from the get go.

The metaplot moves forward through day-to-day scheduled gameplay, where the player’s protagonist character meets and befriends characters in a Japanese high school setting over the course of a school year. Each character relationship is represented by a specific tarot arcana, and the strength of your friendship with that character also affects the strength of the pokemon you can collect and summon of that tarot arcana. The pokemon are necessary to battle the enemies in the randomly generated dungeons, which you must complete in order to advance the plot, which opens up access to more of the individual character storylines, which let your pokemon get stronger, which makes the dungeons easier, which lets you advance the plot… and so on. The relationships you build with your teammates translate into improvements in battle. The pokemon you collect also help build closer relationships with your friends. The money and items you collect in the random dungeons are used to buy better equipment, but also gifts for friends and toys and books for stat increases. It’s a fantastic multi-level synergistic feedback cycle that kept me playing for hours because of how many connection points there are between the different core gameplay systems. 

From a developer’s perspective, Persona 5 specifically has got me very interested in their presentation and user interface design. The game is highly visually stylized, and that extends to the UI as well. But it isn’t something particularly basic either - the fonts, the color scheme, the lettering are all highly stylized as well. Just thinking about how they managed to get the fonts to work with that kind of stylization must have been a huge design challenge… especially because they knew they had to localize it to a whole different writing system, while still maintaining the style of the game. I’ve done localization before - fitting stuff from other languages into limited text space is already a challenge, but doing so while adhering to this gorgeous visual style guide is a super daunting task. Are they only rotating or highlighting specific letters? Is there some kind of special preprocessing pass for the the text? Is everything drawn separately and simply treated as a texture? My mind is abuzz with possibilities.

As a player, I love great character development, story development, and deep RPG combat systems. As a developer, I really like seeing how different and deep gameplay systems interact and intersect with each other. The Persona series has managed to keep me fascinated as both a player and a developer for quite some time. Combine this with the totally addictive genre-bending fusion score by Shoji Meguro and I’ve got a game that I’ll easily sink 80+ hours into without blinking and still go back for more. Persona is the only game series I actively avoid spoilers and marketing for, because I know for certain that I will be buying it and I want to remain as unspoiled as possible. 

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Emotional Wreckage, One Line at a Time™
  • “Rubbish. We become rubbish.”
  • “Look. Look at me. Come wake me up. For still here I be.”
  • “I’ll never leave you again.”
  • “Can anybody be happy if they aren’t free?”
  • “There’s a beast running wild no question. But I fear the wrong monster’s released.”
  • “Because he loves her.”
  • “Let’s go home.”
  • “We’re together now, its going to be fine.”
  • “So much for true love.”
  • “Lumière, my friend. It was an honour to serve with you.”
  • “I set her free. I’m sorry I couldn’t do the same for all of you.”
  • “The outside world has no place for a creature like me.”
  • “Come back! Please don’t leave me. I love you.”
  • “It’s foolish I suppose, that a creature like me might one day earn your affection.”
  • “I can feel a change in me. I’m stronger now but still not free.”
  • “It’s as if I’m seeing it for the first time.”
  • “I am not a beast!”
  • “Easy to remember, harder to move on. Knowing the Paris of my childhood is gone.”
  • “It’s dangerous” // “Yes it is.”
  • “Keep it with you, then you’ll always have a way to look back at me.”
  • “He’s not a monster Gaston, you are!”
  • “Why are we not human?” // “Because she doesn’t love him.”
  • “When the master lost his mother and his cruel father took that sweet lad and twisted him up to be just like him… We did nothing.”

Finally, Evermore in its entirety, but especially:

She will still torment me, calm me, hurt me, move me, come what may. Wasting in my lonely tower. Waiting by an open door. I’ll fool myself, she’ll walk right in. And be with me forevermore.

You know I just cannot resist these… 😉
My word is ‘accident’!
Loves ya 😘  Submitted by @moonlitskinwalker

“Come on! Hit me!” you said, dancing back and forth on your feet. “I wanna see if you’ve still got it!”

Dean shook his head. “I’m not hitting you. You’re a girl!”

“So what! I’m a hunter first! Hit me, or I’m going to knock you out!”

Dean ran his hand over his mouth, looking at the ground. He didn’t seem like he was going to do it. You geared up to give him a little push when suddenly, he came at you with full force and knocked you to the ground.

You grinned and laughed, quickly shoving him off you and hopping back up. He made it too easy. 

“You’re gonna regret this,” he teased. 

“Not at all.”

You came at him this time, using all your weight to shove him backwards. He thought he was balanced, but he wasn’t expecting the full force of your body to hit him. He stumbled backwards, falling on his ass. 

He grumbled and picked himself back up. He was going to try to do the same thing to you, you could see it in the way he shifted on his feet and got into a running stance. You heard the doorknob behind you jiggle and you realized you had a golden opportunity. You let Dean run with full force towards, and you moved to the side right as he got close. Sam opened the door right then and Dean flew through the doorway, knocking Sam to the ground with a loud oomph. 

You couldn’t have timed it more perfectly.

“Dude, get off me! What the hell are you doing!” 

“It wasn’t me, she tricked me! It was an accident!”

You heard them picking themselves up.

“Are you guys play fighting again?” Sam paused, then groaned. “Seriously? Keep your kinky stuff out of our shared motel room.”

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Tfln, they're at a dinner w H family and he's feeling a little turned on by what the missus is wearing.. xxxx

Harry. Missus.

I can see down your dress when you sit like that.

Don’t look down there, you pervert.

You’re my girlfriend, therefore, your boobs are mine.

I am not a possession. And neither are my boobs.

You didn’t say that the other day when I spunked on them.

You’re disgusting.

You weren’t saying that either.

I hate you.

You definitely were NOT saying that either.

You suck.

No, you do. Sucked my cock reeeeaal nice before we left tonight.

Shut up!

Think I’m getting a little turned on again.

We’re not sneaking away, if that’s what you’re suggesting.

Me and your mum are going to discuss baby you when she comes back.


Meet me in the bathroom in 5, please?


Be patient and wait till we get home.

Seeing down your dress and remembering that I spunked on those pretty tits a few days ago is making a hard-on appear in my pants. Please.


If you be a good boy, I’ll do more than a blowie when we get home.

Like what?

That’s for me to know. And for you to find out. 

You suck.

I may just do a bit of sucking. ;))

I’m going to cum in my pants. Stop.



You look so hot, by the way.

Hotter than that fire in the back room.

Shut up and drink your drink. I can see you playing with the straw.

Why are you sat all the way down that end anyway? I miss you. Can’t play footsie with you all he way over there.

I wanted to sit with the ladies tonight. Amy wanted me to sit with her. You can do without me for a few hours. Talk to Mike.

I really can’t.

There’s only so much footie talk I can use before conversation dies. 

Just try, Peaches. They asked us to come to this dinner.

I know. I’m trying.

You’ll find something to click over, yeah? Talk about your Another Man shoot or your solo stuff coming up. They’ll like hearing about that, yeah?

I suppose.

I do love hearing about Archie. 

Uncle Harry… You cutie.

Not cute when you remember I cock-slapped you earlier tonight.

And that’s ruined.


Bathroom in 5?

How are you going to get there without showing your hard-on?

I’ll spill beer on my crotch “accidentally” and then you come with me to the car because I’ll “have a spare in my car from a meeting the other day” and we can have a quickie in the car.


Not the bathroom?

The car seems better.


I’ll go first then a 5 minutes later, you come out to see where I am.

Thought this through, huh?

I have, yeah. 

Always wanted to have a quickie during dinner. xx


my belly has always been my “problem” area, the part i’m most insecure about! but i’m loving it more and more, and seeing it as an adorable cute part of me! if your belly looks like mine, or is bigger, or is smaller, it’s beautiful because it’s part of you!

please try not to compare yourself to those polished, posed and “perfect” girls you see on the internet! it’s okay to be polished up sometimes and looking glamorous, but always remember: WE ARE REAL, WE DONT NEED TO COMPARE OURSELVES TO THESE IMAGES, WE ARE REAL WOMEN LIVING REAL LIFES ❤️ i know i for one don’t have the time and energy to look “perfect” all the time! and i’m sure as hell that “perfect” girl in the magazine or on the internet doesn’t look that “perfect” and glamorous all the time, because they are real women too! you are beautiful without being polished and glamorous, without being in the right angle, without being posed, you are JUST beautiful!


Seeing the baby for the first time after giving birth (Shinee)

Onew: -he was very excited by the birth of your daughter. The moment she came out he was yelling with pride- “I’m a dad!”

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Jonghyun: -he was instantly in love with your daughter. She was completely perfect to him- “look how pretty our babygirl is”

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Key: -he was completely amazed at the sight of your daughter laying there that he didn’t know what to say really- “we have a baby. We have a baby”

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Minho: -the moment your son was cleaned up he got his first real look at his son. He wasn’t disappointed with how he looked. You knew he was being playful for with you- “he looks just like me. He looks nothing like you”

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Taemin: -he would be very happy with the birth of your daughter but he was concerned about you as well- “how are you feeling honey? How is she as well?”

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ppl just dont understand that the way race works in the US is not the way race works in latin america like....your looks don't dictate your nationality latinx ppl are white black brown asian and every mix in between but they are STILL latinx, and we take our ethnicity very seriously bc it's important to our cultural identity. anyways. dont erase someone's ethnic, national and cultural identity just because they dont fit YOUR stereotype of it...(ur blog always gets me fired up lmao, lov u)

THANK YOU EXACTLY this is what i’ve been trying to say and you just said it, but like way better

Sometimes I imagine what my life would have been without you, mostly after a fight or when I’ve got too much time on my hands (you always did joke that thinking is dangerous). Except every scenario I think up- no matter how great it looks- feels empty. Hollow, like a vase without flowers to fill it… only your strength and beauty is undying, leaving me knowing I’m definitely right where I should be: by your side.


Okay I have something super important to say, so bear with me for a second.

deep breath


It’s damaging to you, because it sends you into a sneaky hate spiral of “man I’m never going to be as good as I want to, look how crappy this is, whatever I’m done” and makes you cranky and frustrated.

In addition, here’s another scenario, one that you likely hadn’t considered-

That person who follows you, who admires everything you do, sees you calling your writing or your art garbage? They immediately give up because damn, if this person I idolize is saying their work is bad, how on earth am I ever going to be any good at it?

Having standards is good. Knowing what YOU think looks good is how you improve- taking those techniques and borrowing them, implementing them into your writing or your artwork or whatever and putting together this beautiful tapestry that becomes YOUR STYLE.

If you worked on something- if you put ANY effort into something and you’re even a little bit proud of it- say so. Be like damn, this story came out friggin’ incredible, and OWN it. Months later you’re likely going to look back and be like haha wow that was actually not that great, but you know what? That’s a sign of IMPROVEMENT, and you should be proud of that.

Just don’t insult the work past you did. Don’t insult the work PRESENT you has done. Chalk it all up to learning, to improving and persevering, and KEEP AT IT. How you talk to yourself is inevitably how you will end up talking to others, and trust me- you wouldn’t dare say half the things you say about your own work in regards to someone else’s.

if you see this, post a section of your WIP

“You avoided me last night,” Louis says the next morning. Direct, straight to the point. Normally Harry would like it, but now, with his stomach twisted up in knots and Louis’ hair wonderfully messy, crying out for Harry to run his fingers through it, he just wants to run away.

“I was sitting right next to to you,” Harry says, not meeting Louis’ eyes. He checks his beeper reflexively for something to do, and then looks down at the patient charts on the cart by the nurses’ station, making sure they’re all in alphabetical order.

“You were. But you didn’t talk to me all night.”

“I don’t want the others to find out,” Harry hisses, looking around to make sure that no one’s around. The surgical floor is busy, but he’s still nervous someone will notice something’s up. It’s been 12 hours and Liam’s words are still getting to him.

“They’re not gonna find out,” Louis retorts.

“Liam noticed that we’re being nicer to each other.”

“Nice?” Louis says, affronted. “He thinks this is nice? Styles, you’d know if I was being nice to you. It’d be a hell of a lot more than sex in on call rooms and not bitching you out during rounds.”

“Keep your voice down!” Harry hisses. “And he better not know about the orgasms.”

“God, would you chill out? He doesn’t.”

“But how do you know?”

“You’re being insufferable, I can’t deal with you right now,” Louis says, his voice louder, and that’s the moment Dr. Ferguson chooses to walk by with Liam.

“Not that I want the two of you arguing, but at least I know neither of you are sick now that I’ve seen it for myself once again,” she says.

Louis rolls his eyes and storms away.

i really hate taking pictures on my shitty phone so have yet another oldish photo of me where i look sad but my eyebrows dont look like a cave mans (which is what they do rn) so you know you win some you lose some.

bought myself a giant bottle of pepsi so i can caffeinate myself into the oblivion and stay up late enough to watch the episode live and tweet unfunny jokes about it

also! today i finally watched lost in the white city and even though i found it the film equivalent of watching someone jerk off (which actually happens in the movie) bob was beautiful and talented and thats all that counts really

also part two! happiest of birthdays to @forgivenessishardforus !!

tagging the rest of the bfc cuz they’re my only friends @bellamyblakesprotectionsquad2k17 @ginalou16 @bellamyblake @hehmionee @adancergirl @sarahkomskaikru @the-ships-to-rule-them-all @jenarchis @bellarkefamlove

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I'm very technologically troubled so I don't know how to make the symbols, but... Hi! I think you're really cool, and even though we did do one rp together once upon a time I really wanna do another with you! I'm low-key kinda intimidated by you but you're one of my all time favorite blogs and I super look up to you. Phew. Okay. I think that covered it.

((OOC: Okay. Pause. Deep Breath. NAY liSTEN. I’m like seriously so obsessed with you and want this to happen so damn badly like oh my god. You seriously just like constant floor me with your RP’s and your humor and I just. can. not.))

cleric: -wearing shitty heavy armour- oh that looks like a nasty lil wound dearie let me patch it up for you -their gods sing as they cast cure light wounds-

sorcerer: -wearing light but stylish armour- fuck you -spins around casting magic missile- -it looks rly cool bc of their high charisma-

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*curtsies* hello duke! thank you so much for that reply to the A+ grade anon. i'm struggling with the exact same thing and your words really helped to reset everything into perspective. thank you for being straightforward, and for taking the time to answer that. i hope you have a great day. :)

*Curtsies* Hello! You’re honestly so very welcome. Way to many people wreck their college experience by getting hung up on the wrong things. And here’s another thing that your university isn’t going to tell you: unless you’re thinking about grad school, after college nobody cares what your GPA was. Employers are going to want to know that yes, you got a degree and where you got it, but they’re not going to look at your CV and be like, “Tell me about this B you got second semester sophomore year.” Grades have no real-world value (again, unless you plan to go into higher ed), but your education does. So focus on actually learning stuff instead of what letters are on your transcript, because that’s what actually going to matter when you graduate. 


Oh gosh. Forgive me, they’re in my art style ;w;
And I’m glad you added that info in because I really don’t know what stage gay is ‘w’)“

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LETS TALK ABOUT SHAWN AND SKINSHIP like he's so conflicted when u wear his shirts to bed because it's his ?? but it's on you ?? how does that look so good ?? it just does things to his simple teenage boy mind but at the same time he wants it off and he's always putting his hands under it to pull you closer and run his hands along your skin and pulling it up so your stomachs are touching when you lie half on him help me bye 👋🏻


in my professional opinion….

I am stand offish.
I look as if
ice runs through
my veins. 
What can I say? 
I’ve been hurt so many times
that I don’t know how to be
any other way, 
so I guard myself. 

Look at me however you want. 
Ice queen. 
Cold hearted.

Maybe I am…

But in the end, 
if you look past
my icy exterior 
you would find 
a friend who is
loyal as fuck, 
willing to do anything
for you, ready to 
back you up and 
throw down if
need be. 

Judge me any way you like
I know who the real me is.

The Linestrider’s Tarot by Siolo Thompson, published by Llewellyn. Oracle of the Mermaids by Lucy Cavendish, illustrated by Selina Fenech, published by Blue Angel.