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Hey just wondering. What's your nationality? Hope you don't mind. And also I love your fics and you make incredibly happy when I find that you have released a new fic while I was in school.

No I don’t mind! My nationality is British-Irish bc i got dual citizenship. My ethnicity is a mix of Irish, Indian and Caribbean. And I don’t write fics but I’m sure whoevers fics it is that you’re talking about would love this!

The NAVER article BIGHIT tweeted called Hoseok gorgeous, excellent, and an amazing dancer. It also says while HYYH pt. 2 was about youth, anxiety, and struggles- WINGS will be about youth, conflicts, and temptation. TEMPTATION!!! AM I FINALLY GETTING MY SEXY CONCEPT?! OH MY GOODNESS I CAN PICTURE IT NOW.

aside from the privacy breach with the leaked photos of jongdae

i am so happy he even managed to date someone as an idol, to even keep it on the down low for a while it seems, to find someone that made him happy (even if it was for a little while), i love kim jongdae and ill support whoever he chooses to love. and from what ive seen, most of us jongdae stans have been pretty good about it. like sure it might hurt a little but what matters is that jongdae is happy and im so glad that you guys have all been so mature about it

most fans would be flipping tables right now and leaving the fandom but i havent seen that at all, this is why i love jongdae stans