Somewhere only we know

You feel the sand beneath your feet. You hear the sound of the sea’s stories in your ears. You see the warm air dancing in front of your eyes, lifting the few leaves of the fallen trees around you. His eyes are deep. 

No one is around. It’s just you and him. Holding hands, intertwining the fingers that held golden rings. It’s an empty place, there’s no trace of human life. Everything is beautiful. It’s the kind of place you visit when you have a minute to think, think about nothing. His lips look soft and cherry like. 

“Is this the place? The place you talked in dreams?” Chanyeol mumbled against your hair as he held you close and rested his chin on your head. “Is this the place you always dream of, knowing the path like the palm of your hand?” It was surprising enough that Chanyeol decided to take you there out of nowhere. Let’s get married already, I can’t wait more time. He said five hours ago, while driving to the government office, filling the important papers and kissing you after taking a picture in a what seem like an altar in the nearest mall. They always have weird stuff here. You thought as Chanyeol drove to another unknown place and the Polaroids of your unplanned wedding laid on your legs. 

It took me a while, but I found it jagi. The place you always describe in dreams”. You were still in some kind of shock. I thought I was the only one who knew. Chan kept well hidden the fact that you spoke in your sleep, not to mention you told him exactly that dream. We were getting married there…. here.. 

“You planned all this, didn’t you?” You never thought your unplanned day was actually something Chanyeol had been thinking of the past few months. You were stressed and busy enough with the idea of planning a big wedding, a movie like one. You felt the pressure since he was an idol and everyone would be attending. But you didn’t want that. And he knew. He knew you wanted a day full of odd things. A day where literally would be just him and you. Because it’s the day “we” becomes a forever. 

“Of course I had it planed, jagi. I know perfectly what you want, and if you wanted to get married in a place only we knew, then I would make sure it happened that way. Even if I had to travel all around the world to find it”. His head leaned forward, not letting your eyes see the beautiful sea before you, and as slowly as he could, his lips met yours, dancing together until the first stars rose in the sky. 

This is our secret place Liz. We’ll come back every year and make new memories. I would do everything for you,  I would even give you your dreams. I love you Mrs. Park”. 

Screams in .3…..2…..1….. …… 

I’m sorry xD :D @fandomobsessedteen

EXO as princesses
  • Suho:Snow white *Always surrounded by his dwarfs.. I mean his dorks.. I mean.. exo... yeah!*
  • Chen:Cinderella chenderella... *He got that tittle himself!*
  • Kai:*Always sleeping* Well he is Aurora.. yes. Sleep well Jonginnie.
  • Luhan:*never looks ugly* Well he is Belle Definitely... so cute.
  • Xiumin:Merida of Brave. That boy fears nothing
  • Kris:Princess Leia. We all know his head is in another galaxy.
  • Chanyeol:Tiana. Well he never gives up, and neither does she. They'll find that person and break the spell. "Let's not lose hope"
  • Baekhyun:He is curious af.. so he is Ariel. Definitely going to other words just because he feels like it.
  • Kyungsoo:Elsa. He seems cold af but deep inside he has a warm heart.
  • Tao:*fighting style* He is Mulan, he got that warrior inside
  • Lay:Pocahontas. He is a hero and so is she. Their heart is so pure!
  • Sehun:Rapunzel. They have beautiful hair. He must be her! Only them would think of using their hair that way tho xD

For the first time in 614 years (see what I did there?) the legendary moment has come…







Oh my god, we Chanbaek shippers have waited for so long and we got our wish thanks to the all mighty match maker Oh Sehun! *gives bubble tea as an offering to the mighty Oh Sehun* Ok, so at first I was a bit nervous about this hug, because I was afraid that this hug would be a friendly one, and that would be so sad because the first hug being merely just a friendly one. 

But I feel like that was not the case at all.

Oh Sehun ready to make the top happen.

Chanyeol looked so hesitant and stiff, but what caught my attention was how Baekhyun was just standing there with a nervous yet happy expression on his face, as if he was anticipating this thing. 

Why so stressed Park Chanyeol? And Baekhyun was like so shy, with his head down and stuff. I can’t see the full thing, but doesn’t it look like Chanyeol’s arm had pulled Baekhyun in, but I can’t see so I’m just assuming.

*Boom* *dies*

The way Baekhyun is like burying his nose in Chanyeol’s shoulder, and the height difference making them fit into each other’s arms. Kyaaa~

Then Chanyeol falls because he can’t handle the feels

So a person messaged me saying that others are saying that these to were so awkward and asked me what I thought about it. Well what I have to say is…


As you know they are not merely just friends because if they were, then something like this would come naturally, I mean they can hug everyone else but these two can’t hug each other (at least not in public) even though they are really close. That makes you suspicious and debunks my theory on them already having confessed to each other, so they still haven’t told each other their feelings or they don’t want to act like this in front of their fans.

But Baekhyun was like so ready, he didn’t resist like Chanyeol, and how he looked like he was about to bury his face in Chanyeol’s shoulder, like he always does that. And his face, it looked so serious and reminds me of an angst scene. And how Baekhyun wrapped his arms around Chanyeol, was so perfect. Chanyeol was in fact awkward but in the end he let Baekhyun into his arms, his arm wrapped around Baekhyun’s waist, it just looks like they would start dancing, doesn’t it?

What I’m trying to say that this is not merely a friend hug, like to me it doesn’t give me that mere friendship feel, but something much deeper, the shyness, the expression on Baekhyun’s face, the way they hold each other…plus mighty Oh Sehun’s facial expression. 

Like I’m so comfortable hugging my friend even when I’m not a really touchy person, and please don’t say something like “Oh well I’m not comfortable with hugging my friend! And I’m not gay!” Well then two things I need to say to that, first, then that friend is not very close to you and two, well you should know that Chan and Baek, as a person they are very touchy, they hug the other members all the time. 

I wish I could’ve seen Chanyeol’s expression, it would’ve been easier to analyze this whole thing. Baekhyun’s face tho, he looks so serious hugging Chan, it was obviously not at all meant to be fan service.

Just because they were awkward like this does not mean it’s because they are not good friends, they are really close (I know I’ve said this before) but their relationship is so complicated. One second I see them as lovers then as friends.

But based on my observations and thoughts. I feel like they would be so comfortable doing this is they weren’t on stager, but on stage doing such close contact things like this probably unnerve them to no end.

Plus I once again thank the all mighty Oh Sehun for letting this unforgettable moment come upon us. Maybe next time he’ll try making them kiss :D let’s see how that turns out.

This is so long woah, but what can I say?

Chanbaek is love! Chanbaek is life!

Lol I know this is late XD don’t hate me

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puppy gif xx i really in love w/ Ur blog

Awww thank you so much~ I’ll not disappoint you hehe! Hope you’ll enjoy anD I LOVE YOU

Imagine you’re an idol and nobody has to know you’re dating Chanyeol. Both of you are invited to the same show and you agree to be discreet during the show.

But while the MC was talking to another guest, Chanyeol turned his head and looked at you. You looked back and he couldn’t help but smile like this when you were looking at each other :

Originally posted by dezalvertkr

The show came to an end and you met him in his dressing room.

“Yah I told you to be discreet !!” you said as soon as you entered the room

“But you were so cuuuute~ You looked like a doll in this dress I couldn’t help it…”

“You idiot I love you…”

Ta-dah~ Hehe I wanted to put this gif from the beginning, it’s one of my favorite he looks so cuuute~

I hope you liked it :3

Ofc the gif is not mine

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chanyeol scenario meeting u (a snowboarder) at a ski slope

Thank you for your patience and for your request! I hope you like it! :D I really was at a loss how to write this so if it’s not to your standards, I do apologise :) x

‘Oh God it’s been years.’ Chanyeol mutters as he stretches his arms out above his head, Sehun laughing beside him.

‘Hyung we came here last year. Is your memory failing on you already?’ The younger teases, laughing even louder at the look he’s given.

‘You know what I meant.’ Chanyeol pouts before breaking out into laughter himself, shoving Sehun enough for the male to fall into the snow. 

Chanyeol stops a moment before laughing even louder, clapping his hands happily at the sight of his friend struggling to get up, his board clasped tightly to his boots.

‘Hyung!’ Sehun snaps before falling back again, spluttering out the snow from his lips that suddenly fell around them.

Chanyeol merely wipes it off from his coat with a blink, looking up and seeing the figure take off their scarf and board expertly before rushing over to them. 

‘I’m so sorry! I didn’t realise I stopped so hard.’ You squeak at the sight of them and move forward to help the male on the floor up. 

Sehun grunts but nods at you, shaking his head to get rid of the cold. He looks at you and smiles a bit shyly, thanking you and turning to hit his Hyung in the arm, distinctly muttering under his breath. Chanyeol all but ignores the younger male as he keeps his focus on you, his cheeks turning red as he grins sheepishly.

‘No it’s alright. It happens so don’t worry too much.’ He says charmingly.

You let out a relieved breath and grin back. 

‘That’s seriously so kind of you! Thank you.’ You point behind you, laughing.

‘It’s my first time at this ski slope so I’m trying to get used to it.’ He nods interestedly, smiling widely.

‘Well I come here all the time. I’m not a bad boarder myself but I can help you out?’ He looks at you, a bit nervous and surprised at his sudden request, Sehun portraying a look of utter disbelief as he stares between the two of you.

You flush in astonishment but nod, playing with your gloved hands.

‘That would… That would be great.’ You clear your throat and glance at him, grinning softly when you see his own smile widening.

‘Awesome! We can meet at the cafe by the ski lifts for around 9 tomorrow morning?’ You laugh at his term but nod again, your cheeks flushing exactly like his.

‘Or we can go now? So I can figure out if you’re going to kill me or not?’ You say jokingly.

Chanyeol laughs and shakes his hands before turning his head to Sehun, giving the younger a clear look. Sehun blinks at the transpiring events before lamely holding a hand behind him.

‘Right yeah. I have…’ He rolls his eyes and makes a sound. ‘Oh who am I kidding. Enjoy your incredibly sudden date!’ He calls and jumps around with his board before huffing, bending down and unhooking himself from it.

‘I hate this stupid thing.’ He turns around only to blink, the two of you having completely disappeared from his sight.

‘So, what’s the verdict?’ Chanyeol asks you, blowing on the Styrofoam cup and then taking a sip of the hot chocolate, humming happily at the taste. 

‘On what?’ You blink up at him, settling back into the seat comfortably as he grins at you. 

‘Am I going to kill you or?’ You start to laugh and shake your head, grabbing hold of your own drink.

‘You said sorry to the door when you let it slam open! And you’re like a big friendly giant who is too optimistic. I think I’m safe.’ You snort at the pout he gives you. 

‘And what about what my friend said? About this being a date?’ He blinks before letting out a deep breath, his cheeks colouring once more. ‘Why am I being so forward today?’ 

You laugh shyly but lean forward, crooking a finger to beckon him closer as you whisper when he follows.

‘Because you fell for me and my snowboarding skills at first sight~’ He looks at you with shock before pushing your temple with his finger, flushing as you laugh at his expense.

‘You mean the skills when you flung snow from stopping your board like it was falling from the sky?’

You wave off his comment, still laughing in amusement. 

‘God you’re so cute! Now finish your drink so I can beat your butt down the mama slope.’ He lets out a growl and narrows his eyes at you.

‘Just wait kid.’ He says before gulping down the rest of his drink, suddenly choking and spluttering in pain as your eyes widen, squeaking and grabbing the water bottle for him.


Ramyun Kiss

(EXO Kai and You)

“You just got back home from university your boyfriend Kai was making ramyun for you. When you got back from changing you saw ramyun in a big bowl and just started eating. Kai came and sat next to you with his elbow on the table and head on his hand and was just looking at you for what felt like eternity. Until he finally spoke “you know I made two packets of ramyun….enough for both of us…and who told you to start eating I went to get bowls” he lifted the bowls in his hands. 

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Aww, thank you! I’m glad you liked it. I hope you like this one too!


When you told him he just looked at you for awhile before he gently took your hand. “You think that would bother me? Listen to me, no matter what ‘flaws’ you have, you’re still the only thing that makes me truly happy.” 


When you told him with such a saddening tone he only could muster a loud laugh. Which made you make a face of confusion before he shook his head, holding you closely to him, “You’re still my Y/N.. no matter the circumstances.”


He listened intently, seeing your frown made him then huff, interrupting you, “This sad face doesn’t suit you, Jagi.. Honestly, you shouldn’t act like I’m going to disappear. I’m not going anywhere. Well, I take that last part back, I am going to get us some ice cream!” He kissed your cheek before he said standing up, “Actually.. you’re coming too-”


Hearing you start to question whether or not you were enough for him he quickly kissed you. “Hey.. Stop talking like that, Jagi. You are the only girl I could ever want. Your heart is what I’m in love with. Your laugh.. Your smile.. That is what I care about.”


He looked at you, listening to you softly explain, as if you were trying to talk him out of something. “You’re going to have to try way harder if you want to push me away.” He said finally. Your face showing confusion as he sighed, “That is definitely not going to be a reason that would make me walk away from you. I have way too many reasons against it.”


“You worry too much about what I think of you. Stop doing that. You’re perfect just the way you are.” He explained as he wiped a tear away from your eye. You sniffed as he nodded slowly. Getting another chuckle from him, “Ah, stop looking so down before I start tickling you.” You screeched and covered your body before the tickle war began. 


He poked your cheek as you started to get emotional, “Nooo. Don’t get upset, Jagi. I still love you! I mean.. a lot!” He gave you small kisses all over your face making you laugh a bit. He always knew how to make you smile.


You getting so worked up about it only made him smile. “Jagi.. you honestly need listen to me more often now. Didn’t you hear me tell you over a million times I love you? You think it didn’t apply to all of you?”


He listened to you ramble about your worries, he looked down at you lips. They just looked so kissable just then. He smiled before he leaned in pecking your lips gently, he then slowly pulled away “I hope.. you can understand my feelings more clearly now.”

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baeksoo & suyeol

  • Who picks the restaurant on date night: Kyungsoo
  • Who stands outside with a radio over their head after a fight: Baekhyun
  • Who Instagrams everything they do together: Baekhyun
  • Who insists on wearing couple’s sweatshirts: Kyungsoo
  • Who proposes and how: Baekhyun tries to be romantic and hide the ring in Kyungsoo’s dessert. It… goes poorly.
  • Where they honeymoon: Los Angeles
  • Lyrics that remind me of this ship: “I’m joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks and it all makes sense to me.”
  • What their Christmas card looks like: Miracles In December era Chirstmas sweaters and hand-holding in the snow.
  • What they name their kid(s): Twins Jimin and Giryang.
  • A random headcanon: Kyungsoo says he hates when Baekhyun talks in his sleep but he can’t sleep without it.

  • Who picks the restaurant on date night: Chanyeol
  • Who stands outside with a radio over their head after a fight: Chanyeol (and he’s playing his mix tape)
  • Who Instagrams everything they do together: CHANYEOL
  • Who insists on wearing couple’s sweatshirts: Chanyeol
  • Who proposes and how: Suho, very nervously and very publicly in the spot where they first kissed. His hands are shaking so much he nearly drops the ring.
  • Where they honeymoon: Hong Kong
  • Lyrics that remind me of this ship: “So let them talk about us, let them call us funny things. People sometimes do. But I don’t care as long as you know I love you, and you know I do.”
  • What their Christmas card looks like: Collared shirts, peace signs and something very scenic in the background. 
  • What they name their kid(s): Haneul and Sarang
  • A random headcanon: Chanyeol keeps asking fans to bring him Leggos so he can lowkey give them to Suho and be like, “Oh, hyung, you know I don’t play with these. You take ‘em.”
I just had the best dream ever

I dreamt that I met Chanyeol lol XD
He was so kind and tall and lol omg he gave me this plushie that I think I’ve seen before but I’m not sure if my imagination made it up or if they really do have it…. And lol I’m also not sure if he is that tall but in the dream I had to crane my head up all the way to look at him lol and also! His voice was higher? Like not high pitched but it was different lol XP

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Puppy gif~!! I love your blog! <33

Thank yoooou~ I love you hehe >v<

Imagine you’re studying for your exams at home, and Chanyeol being all alone, wondering what to do while you’re so busy

“Ahhh~ What to do, Y/N is so busy and I don’t have anything to doooo…”, he said to himself.

Finaly, your little lost puppy decided to go in your room to watch you studying. He entered the room without a single word and looked at you and your work, behind your shoulder

“…Chanyeol what are you doing..?”, you said, without moving.

Originally posted by basicbitchbaek

He rose his cute head and turned back, like nothing happened.

“Nope. Nothing at all. I’m not here you’re dreaming, I’m not trying to get your attention by acting cute nope”

You chuckled and looked at him while closing your book.

“Let bake some cookies” You stood up, and get out of the room, with your Happy Virus following you with a smile

Here you are sweetie~ Sorry if I’m late, I’m currently studying for my exams too, actually haha ^^“ I don’t want to studyyyy…

But actually,  your request cheer me up hehe~ Thank you so much anon <3

Ofc the gif is not mine

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“Okay, okay.” Sehun blows his hair out of his eyes. He shuts off his tablet, and his hovering study notes disappear. “A Fracter is an Icebreaker that breaks barrier ICE, but a Killer is used against sentry ICE.”

Kyungsoo nods earnestly. On his other side, Jongin has fully given up and tucked his head onto Kyungsoo’s shoulder. “And what is sentry ICE?” Kyungsoo prompts.

Sehun bites his lip. “The. Uh. Dangerous… one?”

Kyungsoo sighs. “Yes, it can be the most damaging one to Runners. But what specifically?”

The library is busy today. The examinations are coming up and along with Kyungsoo, Baekhyun has given up his spare time to help them study.

Mostly though, he just wanted to get out of his room because Chanyeol snores too loud for nine o’clock in the morning.

Sehun looks like he wants to die. “Man, I don’t know,” he whines. “How did you guys even pass this?”

“It’s possible,” Kyungsoo pokes him in the cheek to keep studying, and then shrugs his shoulder so that Jongin will get off of him. “Baekhyun passed it, so there’s hope for all.” He points at Baekhyun, who is seated across from them, watching a movie on his tablet.

“Baek, tell them—what does sentry ICE do.”

“Lots of things,” Baekhyun shrugs. “Trace, tag or damage a Runner. Have to be real careful about them.”

Dutifully, Jongin and Sehun go over their notes again. Baekhyun falls asleep watching his movie, and wakes up again when Kyungsoo brings him coffee.

“Chanyeol’s pretty fond of you,” he says. Baekhyun takes the plastic cup, blowing on the steam lightly.

“Says who?” he mutters, as he brings the rim to his lips.

“Says Chanyeol,” Kyungsoo replies.

“Chanyeol is fond of everybody.”

Sehun looks up from his work and taps his stylus on his chin. “Similarly, everyone is fond of Chanyeol,” he says.

Baekhyun swallows his coffee. It’s hot and bitter on his tongue. Kyungsoo didn’t put sugar in it. “Not me.”

“You’re such a liar,” Kyungsoo cuts in. He looks like he wants to laugh. He leans against the edge of the table, sipping his own drink. “If you still hated him, you would be whining a lot more.”

“He just—“ Baekhyun frowns, and can’t find the words. Chanyeol is a people person. Baekhyun doesn’t think he’ll ever quite understand that, but Chanyeol is driven by some desire to take care of people. Baekhyun’s always just had to take care of himself.

“I think he’s just, I don’t know, protective.” He blows at his coffee again. The black liquid ripples. “He clings on to people easily.”

Kyungsoo sighs. “At least you know.”

“Know what?”

“That he’s clingy,” Kyungsoo says.

“Yeah.” Baekhyun shrugs, considering it. He knows they’re the same age, but Baekhyun doesn’t have that weird paternal instinct for every person he meets. “I guess he tries to be everyone’s hyung,” Baekhyun decides. “Like I’m a little brother.”

Kyungsoo’s coffee shoots up his throat. “A little br–?” He looks at Baekhyun strangely, and almost wheezes from choking or laughter, Baekhyun doesn’t really know.

He turns his tablet back on and tries finishing the movie.


Chanyeol is humming some weird show tune as they make their way through the servers. They aren’t in the simulator this time. This is real, and Baekhyun is trying to focus but Chanyeol’s off key melody is grating his ears.

“Do you seriously need to sing?” Baekhyun mutters, trying to keep the bite out of his voice, or else Minseok will chastise him for bad attitude again.

“It’s calming,” Chanyeol answers.

“It’s distracting.”

“Hey, there it is.”

The main server is heavily guarded. Already, they realize it’ll be a two-part job. Baekhyun reaches out tentatively, analyzing it.

“Sentry ICE, I think,” he decides.

“It could be a Trap, though.”

“Yeah, well, it ‘could’ always be a Trap,” Baekhyun retorts. “Minseok-hyung. Run a Killer.”

Chanyeol doesn’t interject, but he shifts around uncomfortably, frowning at the server. They wait for the Icebreaker program to run, and Chanyeol exhales softly through his nose.

“Your confidence is frightening,” he says.

Baekhyun lifts an eyebrow. “It’s not confidence,” he replies, bouncing back and forth on his feet. He likes moving around in cyberspace. His bones feel like a bird’s—hollow and light. “It’s blind hope and the guts to be stupid enough to believe in that hope.”

Chanyeol catches his lip with his teeth, then releases it. “Don’t you worry you’ll be wrong?”

Baekhyun touches the ICE experimentally. It sends a little jolt through his metaphorical finger. Chanyeol is frowning, like he disapproves. “Maybe that’s why Minseok-hyung put me with you,” says Baekhyun, hands on his hips. “You’re like the conscience I never had.” He smiles up at Chanyeol wryly. Chanyeol is so tall, Baekhyun always has to look up at him. “I was wrong that one time. And you had been right.”

“That was a simulator, though,” Chanyeol points out. “This is the real thing.”

“The simulator is based on the real thing, anyways,” Baekhyun says, coolly.

Chanyeol scoffs or laughs, or some mix of the two. He crosses his arms. “You’re crazy,” he states.

“Not the first time I’ve heard that one.” Baekhyun huffs a little. The Icebreaker is taking a long time to activate. He wonders how much time has passed on the outside. It’s been ten minutes in cyberspace.

Chanyeol coughs. “Remember when I said Junmyeon-hyung doesn’t like girls?”


“How—what did you… think about that?”

Baekhyun looks to him sharply, confused. Chanyeol is staring at the blocked server. “Nothing… in particular?” Baekhyun answers. Chanyeol is chewing his lip again. “I wouldn’t run away from the showers if I saw Junmyeon-hyung there or something, if that’s what you’re asking,” adds Baekhyun, not sure if he should be offended.

“No, no I just meant—“ Chanyeol drops his arms, and sighs. “Never mind.”

He had seemed pretty close with Junmyeon, now that Baekhyun remembers their encounter in the training room that one time. A thought sprouts in Baekhyun’s mind, then gets stuck in his throat, on its way out. He wonders— “Do you… maybe… like—“

“No!” Chanyeol’s eyes widen immediately. “Oh, no it’s not that.” His shoulders slump. Baekhyun’s head feels like it’s swimming a little bit, but this sort of thing usually happens when he’s in a Run.

“Not exactly,” Chanyeol mumbles, soft.

Baekhyun purses his lips. He can’t figure out why his skin feels so warm, though. He wonders if the temperature is up in the Run room by accident, and if his physical body is just acting up. “Do you like Sunyoung, then?” asks Baekhyun.

“I—um,” Chanyeol falters. “Aren’t you guys together or something?”

Baekhyun tilts his head. “Me and Sunyoung? Not at all.”

“Oh. I just assumed.” Chanyeol’s frown disappears. Baekhyun hadn’t noticed he’d been frowning. “Because she kissed you in the training room.”

Baekhyun presses a hand to his warm neck, and turns back to the pending Icebreaker. “She’s all yours, if you want her,” he says. He watches as the loading bar chugs along. It’s almost finished activating.

Chanyeol wets his lips. “It’s not her that I want.”

“All right,” Minseok cuts back in, “Icebreaker is ready when you are.”

Baekhyun takes a breath, and looks to Chanyeol, who seems like he wants to install the Icebreaker himself. But Chanyeol had done it last time, so Baekhyun ignores the look and pushes forward.

He starts the Killer, but immediately that jolt Baekhyun had felt when he’d touched the ICE, shoots through his system again. Except this time, it’s more than a spark—more than a jolt. It burns across his insides.

A Trap.

Baekhyun releases the Icebreaker with a cry, knees buckling. Chanyeol’s voice is a distant noise as Baekhyun collapses over. He can hear Chanyeol saying his name, but the sound grows muffled and vague. Nothing fades when you’re going braindead, Baekhyun realizes. It isn’t a gradual process. It’s more like a power outage—sudden darkness that comes all at once.

The last thought he has is that Chanyeol, even in cyberspace, has very warm hands. Baekhyun feels himself being lifted, head tucked into a warm chest, and then the lights of the virtual world shut down.


Baekhyun is asleep for four days. He knows this because the first thing he sees when he wakes is the hologram calendar at the foot of the hospital bed. His tongue is dry when he tries to lick his chapped lips, and for a moment, he can’t decide if this is the real world because he isn’t sure how he is alive.

He shifts as he sits up slowly. He can feel the tight coil of bandages across his head, and the hospital blankets are too soft to be a figment of his imagination so Baekhyun exhales quietly and wonders why fate had been too kind to him.

His bones feel heavy when he tries to move his arms around, until he realizes his left hand is sandwiched between something. He looks over, and Chanyeol has Baekhyun’s hand enveloped in his own. He’s asleep, with his head on the edge of the bed, mouth parted.

Baekhyun is afraid to move his hand away. So he keeps it there, chest all tight with some implacable feeling, and then Chanyeol stirs a few minutes later.

He meets Baekhyun’s eyes as soon as he straightens.

“Oh my God, thank God.” Chanyeol lunges forward with all his weight, pressing Baekhyun’s bandaged head into his grasp and squeezing so hard Baekhyun can’t breathe for a second. He can feel Chanyeol’s breaths, and the galloping tempo of his heartbeat. “I thought I lost you, oh my God.”

Baekhyun’s voice comes out scratchy. He clears his throat, relaxing into Chanyeol’s arms. “I’m fine, I—I’m all right,” he says. Chanyeol steps back. His eyes are red, now that Baekhyun is looking at them, and for some strange reason, Baekhyun’s chest soars. “Stop… worrying.”

Jongdae and Kyungsoo rush into the room. They catch sight of Baekhyun and they exhale in unison, smiles splitting their faces.

“Byun, you piece of shit,” Kyungsoo says, shaking his head. He looks like he wants to hit him and Baekhyun chuckles weakly.

“If you were asleep one more day, I thought Chanyeol was going to fly in a whole new team of doctors,” Jongdae jibes. Kyungsoo laughs with him, but Chanyeol is still nibbling his lip, staring at Baekhyun with wide eyes. His fingers are fidgeting in his lap, so Baekhyun reaches out and grabs his hand again without thinking.

“We’ll go tell Minseok-hyung you’re awake.” Kyungsoo grabs Jongdae by the elbow, dragging him out of the room.

“The doctor didn’t know if you’d make it, those first two nights,” Chanyeol says quietly. He runs his thumb along the curves of Baekhyun’s knuckles. “You… have really pretty hands.”

Baekhyun squeezes, and Chanyeol squeezes back. Chanyeol isn’t meeting his eyes. “What happened to the Run?” asks Baekhyun.

“I don’t know. I haven’t really left this room much. Minseok has the operation on hold for now,” Chanyeol shrugs dismissively, head hanging low. “I should’ve never let you break that ICE.”

Baekhyun blinks. His heart is pounding as hard as his headache. “Chanyeol…”

“You know, my parents used to work for Weyland Consortium. Architects, for that big Space Elevator project,” Chanyeol says. He’s still rubbing circles into Baekhyun’s hand with his thumb. “They died. Remember the huge, mysterious bombing incident? Weyland wouldn’t talk about it, so Runners carried out their first operation to hack them and find out what happened.”

“That was ten years ago.” Baekhyun remembers it, vaguely. He was still in training back then.

“Yeah. My older sister was on that Runner team. She was like you—totally relentless, in love with Running,” Chanyeol murmurs. “And she wanted to know what killed our parents.”

Baekhyun sighs. That operation had been more or less a failure. They came back with only speculations and a lot more casualties. A lot of his peers in training had dropped out afterwards.

“Yura-noona is still alive, but she went braindead like you, during a Run. Except… she’s in a permanent state of paranoia and shock. Some days, she’s a vegetable and can’t move, and some days she’s having panic attack episodes where she thinks she’s in cyberspace limbo.”

Chanyeol places one hand atop of Baekhyun’s, and pulls him forward so that their faces are inches apart. Baekhyun can feel Chanyeol’s shuddering breath, and the burn of his gaze as their eyes meet. Chanyeol licks his lips, red from all the biting, and Baekhyun watches the movement of his tongue.

“I can’t watch another person go through that, Baek.” Chanyeol shakes his head. “I won’t let you go through that.”

It’s very simple, what happens in that moment. Chanyeol squeezes his hand again, and Baekhyun lets go so that he can wrap his arms around Chanyeol’s neck. He pulls Chanyeol forward, and Chanyeol snakes his own arms around Baekhyun’s waist.

This is what an embrace feels like. A real touch. Baekhyun holds him tighter so that he’ll never forget. It’s very simple, he realizes, why maybe those feelings for Sunyoung had died out, like a flame burning up its match. Maybe he and Junmyeon are sort of similar.

Chanyeol buries his face into Baekhyun’s neck. “I’m a Runner, Chanyeol. You know that it’d be hard for me to give that up,” says Baekhyun.

“I know,” Chanyeol replies. “But I won’t give you up, either.”


It’s chaos in the Run room. Baekhyun has never seen Minseok look so much like he wants to rip Baekhyun’s head off.

“What kind of supervisor do you think I am?” Minseok slams his tablet on the table. “You honestly think I’m letting you anywhere near cyberspace after what happened?”

Baekhyun slides into his seat, twirling an electrode around his finger. “I will be careful.”

“You are insane, Baekhyun.”

“I know that already.”

Minseok turns to Chanyeol, who’s leaning against the wall behind Baekhyun. His face is rather impassive. “How are you okay with this?”

“I’ll open the servers,” Chanyeol says, uncrossing his arms. “He won’t do anything dangerous.”

“Oh man,” Minseok throws his arms in the air, exasperated, but he’s already booting up his computers. He makes a GO sign at his team in the viewing area, and they all get into their places, exchanging uncertain looks. “Baekhyun’s insanity has finally rubbed off on you too.”

“I won’t let him get hurt, Minseok-hyung. I promise.” Chanyeol puts a hand on Baekhyun’s shoulder, but takes it away quickly as if catching himself. For a long second, Minseok stares between the two of them. Then he turns back to his computer screen.

Chanyeol walks around to his own seat. Baekhyun grips his arm and pulls him down a little.

“Hey,” Baekhyun says.


“Lean down more.”

Chanyeol’s eyebrows pull together. “What?”

“Just—lean. A little more.”

“O—kay?” He bends down awkwardly and Baekhyun chuckles.

“Were you jealous that one time?” he murmurs, breath ghosting across Chanyeol’s skin. “Of Sunyoung?”

Chanyeol blinks rapidly. “W-what are you—“

Baekhyun scoots up in his chair, and presses his lips just above the line of Chanyeol’s jaw. He laughs when Chanyeol almost loses his balance.

“There. Now don’t be jealous anymore.” Baekhyun pushes him back into his seat, and Minseok hooks them up to the electrodes.

“Chanyeol, your heart rate is alarmingly fast right now,” Minseok says. He glances at Chanyeol around his computer screen. “Are you good or what?”

“I-yes. Yeah. Totally fine.”

Baekhyun smiles before the electrodes put him to sleep.


In real world time, the Run takes ten hours and forty-eight minutes. When they break the main server successfully, that familiar rush of weightless adrenaline hits Baekhyun harder than it ever has before. They make cyber-hacking history.

Minseok collects the data files as Baekhyun and Chanyeol mill around, on standby. “Don’t pull us out unless we know we’ve done it for sure,” Baekhyun says. Minseok is quiet for a while. Baekhyun throws Chanyeol a worried look.

“Is there a problem, hyung?” asks Chanyeol, once the silence has become alarmingly long.

“These… files,” Minseok says. “I mean, we were right about the illegal military weapons. That’s actually—the answer to the bombing incident from ten years ago.”

“Oh my God. We really did it,” Chanyeol says, half in shock, half in awe. He grabs Baekhyun by the shoulders and shakes him. Baekhyun laughs.

“It’s not just that, though. There are classified files here that outline a direct approach to usurping the current government,” Minseok continues, voice rising. “Guys. We hit a whole conspiracy against this corporation.”

Chanyeol throws his arm around Baekhyun’s shoulder. “Nicely done, partner.”

“Congratulations, Byun and Park. The good news is that our operation is successful,” Minseok says. Baekhyun freezes.

“What the hell? Is there bad news?”

Minseok clears his throat. “Well, we’re hitting a few software issues with the computer systems. So it’ll be a little while until you two are out of there.”

“Fuck, but it’s fucking cold in here,” Baekhyun shivers.

Chanyeol pulls him in closer, tucking Baekhyun’s head under his chin. “Huddle with me. I’ll warm you up.”

“Oh my God, Chanyeol,” Baekhyun squirms uncomfortably because the whole tech team can see them, even if it isn’t really them. “You know I’m not actually cold. It’s just our minds.”

Chanyeol hums. Baekhyun can feel the vibration thrum through his body. “Then I’ll warm up your mind.”

Chanyeol is warm, strangely. He keeps Baekhyun clutched to him tightly. A long time passes like this, with Baekhyun thoroughly confused as to how he ended up glued to Park Chanyeol and his addictive warmth.

“Your sister would be proud of you,” Baekhyun says softly.

“I couldn’t have done it without you, though.”

Baekhyun snorts. “That’s not entirely true.”

“I’ve always thought you were great,” Chanyeol says, shaking his head. Baekhyun’s hair tickles the bottom of his chin. “So sure of yourself and all that.”

Baekhyun bites his lip. “No one is sure of themselves. My brother thinks being a runner isn’t moral. Stealing from corporations and all that… but I’m good at it, you know?” He looks down at his hands. Chanyeol said he’d had pretty hands, which is just so weird because Chanyeol keeps saying all these things about Baekhyun that Baekhyun can’t understand.

“I was never good in school, never good at sports. Was never that great-looking, like my brother. But then, Minseok took me in—a bratty, dumb teenager and made me into something. So I don’t know. I don’t really know who I am. I have two worlds and I know one of them is ‘real’ but sometimes… I don’t know. Sometimes I feel like I could get lost in here, too.”

The free, weightless feeling. He can’t describe it but he thinks, at least right now, that Chanyeol knows what he means.

“You don’t think you’re good-looking?” Chanyeol says, mouth moving against the top of Baekhyun’s head.

“All of that, and that’s what you hold onto?” Baekhyun exclaims. He smacks him lightly in the leg.

Chanyeol laughs, but doesn’t let go of him. He pulls back a little, to study Baekhyun’s face.

“Don’t hit me, okay?” he murmurs, lips barely moving, words hardly out of his mouth. But it doesn’t matter because Baekhyun is already leaning forward to meet him in the middle.

“I won’t,” Baekhyun whispers.

Chanyeol slides his lips onto Baekhyun’s, the folds of their mouth opening easily to breathe each other in. Baekhyun makes a noise when Chanyeol runs his tongue along Baekhyun’s bottom lip, a hand moving up his neck to pull Baekhyun towards him more.

“This is so weird,” Chanyeol exhales between kisses, and Baekhyun laughs but doesn’t stop. “I mean, is my real body going to pop a boner or is none of this real. Because it feels real—“

“Chanyeol,” Baekhyun says, biting the other’s lip frustratedly. “Shut up for once.”


When the mission is over, Chanyeol is offered a teaching position and is moved out of the local dorms. Baekhyun moves back into his room with Jongdae, and goes weeks without seeing Chanyeol.

He does more Runs when Minseok asks—side jobs for quick cash—but they start to feel tedious and boring and eventually Baekhyun just transfers the jobs to Jongdae who is more than happy to take them.

“Okay. Now this is just weird,” Jongdae announces one day. It’s four in the afternoon and Baekhyun hasn’t left his bed.


“You haven’t done anything in like, a month.”

Baekhyun shrugs. “I don’t feel up for it.”

“I thought Running was, and I quote, ‘the only thing I care about.’” Jongdae does his worst impression of Baekhyun’s voice.

Baekhyun pauses the movie on his tablet. He’s gone through almost the entire film library on his device, and he’s running out of things to keep him busy. Jongdae is giving him his concerned face. Baekhyun hates concerned faces.

“I don’t think it is anymore,” Baekhyun says, shutting his tablet off and rolling into the blankets.

Jongdae sits at the edge of the bed, stroking Baekhyun’s hair comfortingly. Baekhyun thinks Jongdae knows. Even though Baekhyun hadn’t said anything about it, Jongdae must know because he hasn’t even said Chanyeol’s name once in weeks.

They sit like that for a while. And then the moment is over.

Jongdae moves his hand and slaps Baekhyun’s butt hard enough to get Baekhyun jumping out from under the covers.

“Now that you’re up, why don’t you get some exercise in the training room?” Jongdae says. He pulls Baekhyun to his feet and shoves him out the door.


Baekhyun thinks the training room is empty when he walks in. The lights are dim, and it’s quiet inside. He pulls his shoes off, padding barefoot onto the mats to start half-hearted stretches.

“Hey, you.”

Baekhyun spins. Chanyeol is propped up on a bench, water bottle in hand. He waves lazily with his other hand. Baekhyun nods at him.

“Hey, yourself,” he says. Chanyeol stands up and joins him on the floor. His forehead glistens a little with sweat, but it’s hard to tell with the lights so low.

Chanyeol sips his water. “Where’ve you been? I haven’t seen you anywhere.”

“I don’t know. Just around.” In bed all day.

Chanyeol starts nibbling on his lip, and that’s never good, Baekhyun thinks. He’s nervous about something, and it’s weird that he’s nervous. It’s making Baekhyun nervous and he doesn’t know why.

“Are you avoiding me?”

“Of course not.”

“Then how come I can never find you?”

Baekhyun lifts an eyebrow. “Why were you looking for me?”

“Seriously, Baek?” Chanyeol huffs. He cards his finger through his hair, pushing away his sweaty bangs. He glances back at Baekhyun. “Why are you smiling now?”

Baekhyun cocks his head to the side. “I like when you call me Baek.”

“Lots of people call you Baek,” says Chanyeol.

Baekhyun shakes his head. “It sounds nice when you say it.”

He steeples his fingers in his lap. It seems like Chanyeol wants to reach out and hold them again, but he doesn’t. Baekhyun studies the outline of Chanyeol’s face in profile, highlighted dully by the lights.

“I know that Running is everything to you. But I can’t—I hope you’ll consider… taking it easy, maybe,” Chanyeol says, after a while. He rubs his hands along the back of his neck. “I just keep thinking about the way your eyes rolled back during that Run. And it freaks me out, Baekhyun.”

Baekhyun remembers telling Kyungsoo that Chanyeol probably saw him as a little brother. Kyungsoo had laughed, like he’d known it was ridiculous the whole time. Baekhyun wants to lean forward and kiss Chanyeol so hard. The thought keeps swimming in his head.

“It freaked me out too, when I saw you in the infirmary,” Baekhyun admits.

Chanyeol’s lips part. “What?”

“Your face all sad and concerned,” says Baekhyun. He smiles faintly. “I don’t like that. But it was also…” He doesn’t know how to say it. “I’m not used to feeling so many things at once. I’m not really… I’m not good at this stuff.”

Chanyeol’s large hands come up to cup the sides of Baekhyun’s face. Baekhyun stops talking. The edges of Chanyeol’s eyes are so soft. “You’re so… beautiful,” Chanyeol says, so quietly that Baekhyun has to read his lips to know what he’s saying. “I’ve always…”

He never finishes what he says. Instead, he clears his throat and leans back and Baekhyun is frozen.

“The team wants to celebrate the Weyland operation,” Chanyeol sighs, picking at his nails.

Celebrate?” Baekhyun scoffs. “The country’s biggest corp wants to overthrow the government and we’re celebrating?”

“We’re celebrating our job, at least,” Chanyeol answers. “We did good… you did good.” He gives Baekhyun a vague, lopsided smile. But he starts fidgeting again. A hard crease forms between his eyebrows.

“You know how you said the net world… sometimes it feels like it could be real?”

Baekhyun shrugs. “Yeah?”

“I agree with that,” Chanyeol goes on, turning his head fully so that Baekhyun is no longer staring at him in profile. His breath catches in his throat.

“So if I kissed you in there, I meant that to be real too.”

Chanyeol pauses, and doesn’t say more. After a while, Baekhyun sees the rigid line of his shoulders tense up when Baekhyun offers no answer.

“Maybe you’ll have to do it again, then,” Baekhyun says, eventually. “So I know it’s real.”

Chanyeol’s eyes widen. Then, he laughs. Baekhyun doesn’t wait this time, as he leans forward to kiss him.


Baekhyun finds he quite likes being a supervisor. When Minseok gets promoted, he offers the old position to Baekhyun hesitantly, but Baekhyun is happy to take it. He’ll never be in cyberspace again, but he doesn’t miss it very much.

“Baek,” Chanyeol says, wrapping his arms around Baekhyun’s torso in the middle of the cafeteria. Baekhyun starts, almost dropping his food. He spins around and Chanyeol grins at him.

That weightless feeling that makes his chest all light and free, he realizes, doesn’t just exist in the virtual world.

// end.