• magnus, lying on the floor, knitting:hey taako
  • taako, curled up on the sofa, reading fantasy cosmo:what
  • magnus:whats your favourite pixar movie
  • taako:What
  • magnus:like the cartoons? i liked Cars. did you see Cars, taako?
  • taako:is that the one about bugs
  • magnus:no taako that's A Bug's Life, Cars is the one about cars. theres a cool hero car and he saves a town and he's got a friend who's a tow truck and also this old racecar who's his dad maybe I think and a car girlfriend who's a-
  • taako, looking away from his magazine for the first time in this conversation:What... the fuck are you even, saying to me right now
  • magnus, putting his knitting aside and sitting up:...nothing I guess.
  • taako, returning to fantasy cosmo:mmhm.
  • magnus, holding his knees and staring at the floor:...
  • ...
  • taako if you were a car what car would you be

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Just read your blog & wanted to say do honestly think white priviledge doesn't exist? Have you never opened a text book or something, never stepped foot inside a museum, art gallery, looked in a magazine or turned on the tv! White people are everywhere & way over represented! You must be blind to not be able to see whites are more privileged & society need to change!

Ahaha they are represented JUST IN THE WHITE COUNTRIES YOU IDIOT. If you go to a Chinese museum you’re not going to read stories about ‘‘white’‘ men and you’re not gonna experience ‘‘white’‘ culture or gonna see ‘‘white’‘ people. Why should a person expect to read things about or see non-whites in European countries? What the fuck? Idiot.

Europeans gained the power with their own hands and minds, so fuck yourself, no one is going to apologize.

The Side Look of a Barcelonese #606 : Untitled © Di Emerson :

The Side Look of a Barcelonese #606 : Untitled © Di Emerson

the–tomlinsons replied to your post:got my mom on the hunt for copies… 

They did, I called Monday to ask my b&n if they would have them on the 27th and they told me they actually had them in stock already and that they only had 3 so that I should go now cause they couldn’t put them on hold for me, which of course I did. I made a post about it hoping people that were looking for the magazine would see so they wouldn’t wait for today and then have it be sold out :/ .. hope you find some!

ugh i wish i had seen your post!!  i just called one near my mom’s house and the guy on the phone was like “wait did you just call?” LMAO IT SHOULDN’T BE THIS HARD.

you’d think they would have sent more than 3 copies to each store like… they know how in demand this issue was.

You can’t sit with us 💥 behind the scenes from @thekrag_official upcoming campaign. Look for us in your magazines. Always a pleasure shooting with this crew! And welcome to newest addition to the model squad: @ryan_davieshall 👊🏼#kenbek #london #established

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The song[Hello] is about hurting someone’s feelings but it’s also about trying to stay in touch with myself, which sometimes can be a little bit hard to do. It’s about a yearning for the other side of me. When I’m away, I really, really miss my life at home. The way that I feel when I’m not in England, is… desperation. I can’t breathe anywhere else. I’m so attached to my whole life here. I get worked up that I’m missing out on things. So Hello is about wanting to be at home and wanting to reach out to everyone I’ve ever hurt - including myself - and apologise for it.