Maria Mercedes Coroy for Look Magazine Guatemala

I watched the trailer of Ixcanul, of Jayro Bustamente, a director from Guatemala. I really enjoy those kind of films… Then I noticed the lead character, the young actress Maria Mercedes Coroy, went searching more about her. So inspiring and beautiful, somehow she remembered me of Frida Kahlo, but certainly she have an unique personality.


Name: Miki Ryder
Age: 33 but lookin’ young as hell 
Ethnicity: If I recall correctly, I’m mostly Chinese but kinda have some German mixed in there? Not too sure, mate.
Nationality: colony kid
Training: N7 *clicks tongue*
Hobbies: I watch way too much anime. Hmm, I have a pet snake I call Bunny, I…what else is there…I collect socks.

I’m excited for Mass Effect Andromeda and I want her hair option to be real. Bioware, please please please look at hair magazines and give us all the hair options PLEASE.