The nomination alone was a win for me because it allowed our culture, it allowed Latinos to see themselves in a beautiful light. It allowed them to see themselves where we all desire to be; invited to the same party. So for me, the win, it meant everything. It meant a lot more than just me. When I look up into that screen we changed the way we feel about ourselves. We changed our perceptions about ourselves by the way art has, you know, created such a ripple effect and if we can create an effect that shows the Latinos like the investors, the doctors, the lawyers, that exist in my own home, that can change the way young girls, young boys look at themselves and that’s needed. Especially now in a time where we have dealt with Eric Garner and Michael Brown. We are dealing with a society that… That is so diverse. That is so human. That is so beautiful. We all need to remember that we all have the same stories. And see them as such.
—  Gina Rodriguez after being asked what the award meant to her for a show that represents so many women of color, backstage at the Golden Globes 

Okay so I know that episode 9 is right around the corner but I just want to talk about one more thing from episode 8. Specifically, this line:

I feel like it rubbed many people the wrong way and gave many of us the wrong impression. I think that a lot of people might have interpreted it as Yuuri basically saying that the tie-pull and everything that he does/thinks while skating Eros is just a performance, that it’s just acting, that it’s not real, and I would understand why it would make people angry.

But thanks to @juicy-shuu I noticed a new side to this line. Because let’s look at the context of this scene here: a moment earlier Victor is showing off to his fans and waving to the crowd – he’s not even looking at Yuuri, much less focusing on him. I think a much more plausible interpretation of the line is “The performance has begun, so from now on, you only get to keep your eyes on me.” (Think of it as an extension of ‘Don’t ever take your eyes off me’ from episode 6.)

And honestly? This makes way more sense than the idea that Yuuri is just pretending to be seducing Victor in his Eros program, because believe it or not, you don’t get extra points in figure skating for being gay. There is absolutely nothing he could gain from just acting all the things he says and does, including the kiss he blows at Victor.

The line doesn’t dismiss their relationship and what Yuuri does during his programs, in fact, it reinforces it. Add to it the line “I’ll show my love to the whole of Russia” and it’s hard to argue that what Yuuri says here is anything but romantic/sexual love. Also, notice how it’s no longer about ‘seducing’ anymore, and now it’s about ‘love’? In essence, all of this is a way of showing the viewer how far these two have come.

Not to mention that Victor was always an essential part of the Eros performance – he’s the person that Yuuri dedicates the program to, the one that helps him focus and draw his sexuality out onto the ice. It’s Victor’s attention, the fact that he’s watching, that’s spurring Yuuri on here. And he wants Victor to see as he flaunts his love in front of all of Russia. All this does is reaffirm their romantic/sexual relationship, albeit in a subtler way than just saying “I love you” or something similar.

So yes. That line (and the tie pulling) isn’t just teasing and is in fact a rather explicit way of showing the current status of their relationship. Anyone feel the same?

what she says: i love freeze your brain

what she means: If you look at Freeze Your Brain at face value, you could easily interperet it as simply about JD’s fixation on 7/11 and his issues oversharing. But it’s really more about a place that feels normal and familiar and safe in a frightening and new situation. It’s easy to overlook this, as a lot of the song is made to be comedic. Take the lines “When mom was alive/we lived halfway normal./Now it’s just me and my dad,/we’re less formal” for example. During the musical, it’s easy to focus more on Veronica freaking out than on JD’s words and their meaning. This is done intentionally, as if to show that JD hides how hurt he is about his mother’s death with other emotions, as many people do. Towards the end, it is shown that JD uses slushies to control a possible self-harm habit and self-destructive thoughts, and that’s when the gravity of the song hits you. Despite sounding light-hearted, Freeze Your Brain is about a teenager trying to hold onto the one place that makes him feel safe and happy no matter where he is. If you consider the possibility that his mother introduced him to 7/11, it’s also about trying to recapture childhood emotions, despite the fact that so many things have changed.

“we only care about the attacks because white people died”

tumblr people are feeling guilty about showing support because the killings happened in a western country, so now suddenly they’re caring a lot about everything that’s happening in other countries just so they can say “I support Paris but IT’S OKAY BECAUSE I ALSO KNOW ABOUT THIS BAD THING HAPPENING THERE AND THIS OTHER BAD THING HAPPENING THERE”

It should be a good thing, it’s important to shed light on all the events happening everywhere. But it’s getting out of hand when you can’t say you’re sad about people dying literally two streets away from you without having random people telling you that you can’t be sad because “all french people are white” (btw it’s not true. Like at all. Just study french history or look at a fucking map then come back for a chat. smh) or “get over it, the real pain is the one muslims will feel because of the increase in islamophobia” 

that pain of course is real and I fully support muslim people in these bad times but a) it’s not a contest b) lots of you guys are being gross and pretending you care and know anything about the french muslim community just so tumblr thinks you’re a good person. ew??? c) ok so what about the pain some muslims felt when getting SHOT AT in the middle of FUCKING PARIS because like you do realize in the crowd there were HUNDREDS OF THEM as well as black brown asian people jeWS IDK I MEAN CAN YOU JUST TAKE THAT PICTURE OF A BLOND-HAIRED CHRISTIAN FROG-EATING GUY YOU THINK REPRESENTS US AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS RIGHT NOW PLEASE 

The thing is, we all spent a night wondering whether all our friends and family were alive. And now french tumblr users are going on this website and get the weirdest response ever, some kind of backwards half-hearted support, like you’re all afraid you might not be politically correct enough by showing you care… yeah, gross.

tl;dr : Show your love and support to everyone that needs it in these times of crisis, you don’t get to say who has it worse, please hear the voices of the people who actually lived/are living the thing right now

So, I was watching Heathers...

And when ever I do, I always tend to focus on a different ensemble member.
Today, it was the Young Republicanette.

And, I noticed, after Shine a Light, she tried to get Heather Duke’s attention, and Heather just ignored her.

But then, in the Finale, she tries again,

And Heather actually waves back, 


okay i just have a lot of feelings because i love cait and this is what happens when a show closes i over analyze things okay–


Okage the Shadow King is a Playstation 2 Game from 2001 that showed me how amazing an RPG can make you feel when you actually just stop and let yourself explore a universe. 

You begin your journey as the apathetic and reluctant Ari, though its up to you how indifferent Ari can be through your choices! Due to your idiotic father’s latest archaeological find and some crazy dance moves over a cheap looking genie bottle your sister becomes cursed to speak the horror of all horrors; PIG LATIN. Some even more insane shit happens and suddenly your sisters curse is lifted but oh no her shadows pink and your shadow is suddenly the one who cursed everyone in the first place;            

I mean “Stan!” :D (Yey for Censored Localization!)
But Sa-Stan can totally help you, once he’s back to full power. It seems after being trapped in a bottle for centuries other ‘Evil Kings’ have sprung up everywhere and tried to steal his title! You are now Stan’s friend/slave and must defeat all the false kings to find the master mind behind all these uprisings! 

Did  I mention Stan has an adorable butler?? This is James:

He’s always cute and helpful and smooth as fuck with Ari’s mother and helps you out when you’re stuck in the game! 



THE Music is so unique and upbeat too, just listening to it screams BAG PIPES ADVENTURE!

Plus all the bad ass ladies, and charater art in general. 

I don’t want to spoil it all so I’ll stop, even game-play wise but the mechanics are very good for the ps2, loading times are surprisingly short, and leveling up isn’t a complete nightmare. Yeah the dungeons can be hard, but the story is expertly told, and full of hilarious puns and plot lines. The world building is amazing in this game, and the diversity is incredible for a game of its time. Every character is different and full of their own motives, even down to the npcs.  Every time I play it I find something new to be in awe and fond about.

Please, Please, find a way to play Okage the Shadow King.

Thank you!
It should be noted just in case that All image and music rights go to Sony Entertainment and Zenerworks, I made none of the content above.

  • Me: Oh, this looks like an interesting show.
  • Me: Okay the cute tech guy and the main girl have awesome chemistry. I like it so far. Science makes absolutely no sense but whatevs. I'm down for mindless fluff.
  • Me: Okay trading quips and Cameron's giving Kirsten a LOT of nicknames and Kirsten's learning to feel things and okay... I'm not at all obsessing... Damn those two have AMAZING CHEMISTRY...
  • Me: Fluff. And chemistry. And the nicknames ALL THE NICKNAMES. And Linus if you weren't a dork I'd kick you. And Camille is so boss I love you. And Camsten. CAMSTEN. CAMSTEN. If I didn't ship CAMSTEN SO HARD I'd be shipping Camille and Kirsten because their banter is just as awesome. And OMFG SERIOUSLY A CONSPIRACY AND COVER-UPS AND LIES ALL THE LIES WHAT THE FUCK DID I SIGN UP FOR?
  • Me: ... fuck you, ABC Family. You better not cancel this. *watches Stitchers*

Okay, we all know Darcy was looking up data on the convergence portals for Selvig. But I like to think Darcy was looking desperately for any readings of the Bifrost, hoping Jane will come back soon.

Darcy loves Jane as a friend, a sister, and mentor, so she always wants to be by her side seeing her be brilliant and awesome. I want to believe Darcy knows a lot about Jane’s work, sure she doesn’t show it but she does! She can read the worksheets of data Jane writes and input them in the computer like a regular temp, but Darcy can understand everything Jane does even if it takes her a while. Jane wouldn’t have kept Darcy if she didn’t understand half of her life’s work, and we’re sure Jane feels the same for Darcy even though she doesn’t show it. 


Are you good with, I mean, can you handle that stuff pretty well, at this point? Like are you good when things are going well?

GA: That’s a really good question. I think I’m better at it. I don’t think I used to be real good at it. You know, during – I was having this conversation last night… 

Um, you know, there was a period during The X-Files when it got attention and we started to win awards, and it was so – I didn’t know how to handle that, either. I didn’t know how to take in all the goodness. And so I just – like there are pictures of me with awards, like, the Golden Globe or the Emmy, where I look like I’m upset that I won an award! Like  I’m not happy, like, what’s wrong with her?  It was so– it was too- it was a LOT. And I didn’t know… 

And also because we were shooting in Vancouver, we were protected from a lot of – and it was before TMZ, before Twitter, before anything, right? So we were in this bubble, and then coming down for award show, award show, award show, win win win, and I, I did not know how to handle it. And even to the point where, I don’t know what the sequence of things were, but one year I ended up – and it actually might have been for the episode in season three, but I won the SAG, the Golden Globe, and the Emmy. And the last one, I realized that I hadn’t mentioned my family, and so I can’t remember which one it was, it might have been the SAGs, but I only talked about my family and didn’t talk about my reps or David or whatever – and there was an uproar, and I had to take out an ad in Variety or something, apologizing. But that’s where my brain– I , I, I’ve never KNOWN these things. 

And I have a tendency to be really inappropriate, and tell the truth, and run off at the mouth… and to say, just to say what the shit is. What the facts are. And either people go, “oh, that’s just Gillian,” or they go, “OH my GOD, can you BELIEVE she fucking DID THAT?” … So it was… it’s… it’s all good.

Good. Good. Were you and David, did you kind of share the experience of the success of the show, or did you guys kind of go off a little bit in your own corners?

GA: Well… it’s weird, cause we’ve talked about it since then, about the opportunity that we had to… you know, because we were the only two people who were going through the same thing at the same time. But I think that something had wedged itself in there at some point that kind of had us on different sides of the planet for a little while. So through a lot of that, we, we, there were moments where we were together in it, and a lot of where we were on, um, just not, just not. And it’s a shame. And we’ve talked about the fact, you know, in private and in public, about what a shame it was that we didn’t utilize that.

Nerdist podcast, Jan 12, 2015 (x)

I would like her to be happier because she’s gotten such a short end of the stick throughout the first season. I want her to have a better sense of who she is and to discover that these feelings are okay. If she happens to meet somebody else than so be it, but the one thing I do want to say is Amy is not straight and that’s something Carter (Covington) talked about because a lot of fans were like “Is this going to be like other shows where this character teases us and she finds out she’s not gay is like just kidding I was just experimenting.” It’s not going to be like that, and that was very important for me because I know that Amy is really a vessel for a lot of these fans because of the fact that she is a lesbian character that’s why we have this amazing fandom around her. So I will say that if she does meet someone I want it to be a girl and I want her to not be tortured by secrets like she was in the first season.”

– Rita Volk on what she hopes will happen for Amy in the second season (x)

okay, so i was thinking about dottie and the scene where she buys the baby carriage:

a) her cover for planting an dangerous destructive object is a mother with a baby, because what does society see as more innocuous and docile?

b) when she’s asked to pick a blanket, she picks pink. she genders (in the way that society traditionally genders) her dangerous destructive object as a girl. we saw the absolute wreckage of the thing, while it’s wrapped in a pink blanket with all the connotations of a baby girl.

idk how intentional this is (especially the blanket), but i just really love that we’re equating women with power on both sides of this. yes, we have peggy kicking ass and being one step ahead, but we have dottie weaponizing the same sort of invisibility that peggy’s added to her arsenal. leviathan’s a formidable opponent right now largely because of dottie, largely because dottie’s playing by the same rule book that peggy is, and there’s this underlying thread of taking power right under everyone’s noses that’s pretty cool to see.

If zodiacs talk about what would they rather do all day.

Aries: Kill that annoying neighbour who doesn’t leave me the fuck alone. Like bitch, calm your tits!!! 

Taurus: Sleep! 

Gemini: I’ll look myself in the mirror. Call the police and the fireman, i’m too hot. Hot damn. 

Cancer: I’ll bake sweet cookies made out of rainbows. I just have a lot of feelings. 

Leo: I’d scroll through all my social media. Silently judging everyone. 

Virgo: I’ll clean my house. 

Libra: I’m actually here to listen to what Scorpio has to say! 

Scorpio: *laughs evily” You already know what i’m gonna do. But its okay. I’ll be easy on you ;) 

Sagittarius: I’m gonna spend my day with Scorpio. Sounds adventurous! 

Capricorn: Work work work work work work. 

Aquarius: Binge watch all my favorite shows in one go and see if i’d still be alive. JUST DEAL! 

Pisces: Tumblr. Tumblr. Tumblr. Tumblr!  

I had hoped that if I slept on it, watched it again, I would somehow feel differently but I don’t. The first feeling of disappointment has faded and I’m almost ready to just start looking forward but I do want to write some of my thoughts out because I need to sort them and it will make it easier to let it all go again. 

Below a cut where they’ll be easy for you to skip, because it’s extremely long and really more for my thought sorting than it’s probably going to be interesting for you. 😊

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But just imagine, at some point at Skyhold, Cullen finds one of the younger templar-turned-inquisition recruits in his office 

And this kid is like some knobbly-kneed early twenty something who barely looks old enough to wield the sword she’s holding, and she looks like she’s about to shit herself, but she blurts out that she wants to stop taking lyrium. 

Cullen is just staring like he’s been hit in the face while this kid stammers her way through an explanation, explains how her friend died of an overdose after wasting away with the craving, and how she wants to stop and she understands if Cullen has to relieve her of her duty…

Cullen holds up a hand and the poor girl is almost in tears, and Cullen slowly and surely tells her that it’s the bravest, rightest decision she’ll ever make, and gives her his full support before telling her of his own struggles with quitting, swallowing the desire to endure it alone in order to offer some sort of hope, a possibility of success in the face of a daunting task. 

That girl goes on to be his lieutenant, and never touches the stuff again.

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Why Do I Praise Steven Universe So Much?

Okay first of all, this is like the first Cartoon Network show that was created by a woman. That’s big right there.

Secondly, look at the Crystal Gems:

They’re diverse not just in personality but in body shape! Finally, an animator who realizes that women are not all the same and have different body types!

I also love the family dynamic. Steven does have a father but he spends most of his time with the gems. Pearl and Garnet act like mothers while Amethyst is like a sister. And Steven doesn’t see anything wrong with this. He accepts it and loves it.

Also, lets look at Steven.

Oh Steven, you are fucking adorable.

The thing about a lot of TV shows that have young male leads is that a lot of them are selfish, vain and just down right annoying. Steven, however, feels like a real kid. While he’s usually happy-go-lucky, he does have moments where he gets angry and selfish. But what I really like about Steven is that he’s caring. Steven kinda likes everyone, even Lars who is a major buttface. Not only that but Steven also has no problem in having his heroes be three women. He’s caring, silly and sweet.

This show is just perfect and I can’t help gushing about it.

Suzuki Kanon LoGIRL Spring Tour Interview Translation

“World Standard Kannon”

How did you think the tour would start?

This time the rehearsal period was about a full month so we have been able to carefully practice but, there was impatience to show off the full Morning Musume ‘15. After the 2 days of performances in Hachioji without any big mistakes, I am relieved.

How did you feel when you saw this tours setlist?

There are a lot of songs from when I was a Morning Musume fan and I thought “Uwa, is it really okay if just us performs these?”. At any rate, I was anxious.

How did you resolve the anxiety?

I consulted with Niigaki Risa-san. She gave me the advice “Without thinking deeply, do it in a way thats like you,”. And then she told me “I’m looking forward to seeing it,”. Knowning that our Senpai is watching over us, I’m not so worried about it.

You’re showing off a new version of “Joshi Kashimashi Mongatari”.

They’ve changed it quickly, it makes me happy. Nothing is more delicious than being able to be the straight man. The dance is interesting, and even during the time of rehearsal I thought “We have won it,”. It will be burned into the minds of everyone who watches it at the concert!

Do you care about the fans reactions?

Of course I care. Good opinions and bad opinions. Impressions like “This wasn’t good,” are valuable opinions because they should be taken as points to improve on.

Conversely, do you feel sad when you hear those impressions?

If I have made a mistake and its greatly pointed out, I’ll say “It was ballet,”.

On this tour, you get ot show off a solo part, right?

With the new lineup, each member is given their own chance in certain situations, I think. But, its like we have all tried to (receive solo parts). Before I told myself “Its useless to think I will get a solo part this time,”. In that sense, the current solo parts are being influenced by the future Suzuki Kanon. Therefore, I am working really hard.

On this tour, what challenges were you given?

Expressions. I can’t do them for lonely or sad songs. The teacher told me “You always make the same face,”. Its like I can’t show more on my face than what I’m feeling. I try to give my very best impression of a sad girl, but I can’t. Sad facial expressions are my number one challenge.

Suzuki-san was popular at last years New York concert.

I was surprised. It made me think “I want to perform more overseas,”.

For your Birthday in 2012, the overseas fans made a collaboration message for you, didn’t they?

Not just in Japan, but I felt the warmth of the overseas fans as well; it made me really happy.

On the project, the overseas fans had a bulletin board that explained the fan’s plan: “Kanon-chan’s smile has been lost so we are showing our love for you so Kanon will regain her smile,”

At that time, I wasn’t able to have any confidence. After the 10th generation entered, I was no longer the youngest, but I was still coming along with my singing and dancing…I didn’t know my standing position anymore. I would think things like “Is it okay that I am here?” but this even changed to “Would it be alright if I wasn’t here?”. My smile may have faded because of that. After receiving messages of support from the overseas fans I realized “There are fans who do watch me,”.

After that, you regained your smile?

It may not have been something that specific; I noticed being able to make those around me smile. That meant that if I were to smile, I might be able to make those around me smile as well. I thought of that, and suddenly my thoughts became “Its good that I am here,”. At that time I had some conflict, but now I have a completely regained my smile.

Recently, has your friendship deepened with any of your juniors?

With Oda Sakura-chan. We think about the group similarly. We’re also the same age so talking together is easy. I often think, “Is it alright if I talk to Sakura-chan?”.

How do you feel about the 9th generation being at the top?

The 9th generation were the only members who were able to perform with Takahashi Ai. Therefore, we want to actively teach our juniors the things Takahashi-san taught us.

Its like you’re firmly holding on to the history you inherited.

But, on the flip side, we have many younger members, so for people who do not know the history. its our chance for them to get to know Morning Musume ‘15.

I see. In that sense, it is close to a being new group?

Inheriting the history of the group is our problem,  so for those watching us, its okay to not worry about it. On the first day of the tour impressions, there may have been critics who said (to them) “You don’t know the old song’s calls,”.

Its like you have many new fans, huh.

In that sense, its an easy time for beginngers to enter, so by all means I want you to come to a concert! And of course the old fans as well. Especially those who have been watching the 9th generation from the beginning, there are certain things that will make you definitely want to see (the concert). I look forward to it!

Sam, Dean, The Cage, and Memory

Or Multidimensional Beings, Celestial or Otherwise.

Been thinking about time in hell and how old Dean and Sam feel in their own heads. Does Dean really feel like he was born over 75 years ago? That he has 76 years of experience in life (much of it really pretty horrible.) Or is the time he spent in Hell sort of blurry, a kind of PTSD landmine that he can function around but that sits there ever ready to screw him up? Five years after spending 180/4-5000 years in Hell, does Sam ever feel like he can just relax and feel like he’s really back?

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okay but imagine gansey holding seasonal fashion shows at monmouth and forces ronan, noah and adam to be there for moral support. and he struts out in a polo and khakis and boatshoes and has them comment on whether or not the outfit makes sense. and at first ronan rolls his eyes and makes fun of it but at some point he gets in to it and makes gansey do turns and try on a combination sweater vest and polo. and adam loves it and puts on his best tim gunn voice and comments on gansey’s lack of flair jokingly (which really offends gansey and adam has to assure him that no he did not mean it richard and yes you look beautiful in everything). and noah just lays on the floor shouting about how pastels are always better and where the fuck are gansey’s pastels.