10 Random Facts!

I was tagged by the lovely @tipsycowplant! Thank you (:

  1. My middle name is Jessica
  2. I do not have any pets atm, but am dying to get a cat and dog for my daughter when we finally buy a house.
  3. I can eat chicken everyday for every meal and be happy.
  4. I wear a size 10 in shoes
  5. I’ve got 4 tattoo’s; a sparrow on my forearm, a pocket watch on my ankle, drama faces between my collar bone and shoulder and a big back piece ( not finished ) dedicated to my grandparents.
  6. Currently obsessed with World of Warcraft.
  7. Really hoping the creators at The Sims gives us something exciting and new in the next EP. I’m lacking motivation atm.
  8. If I could have picked another name for my daughter, it would have been Scarlet.
  9. My all time favorite movie is P.S I Love You.
  10. My family is the most important thing to me.

I hope that wasn’t as boring as it looks lol. I tag; @hopelesslydevotedsimmer, @selaronosims, @ailurophilesim, @obisims, @eightysixsims, @aperfectlittlesimblob and @thesimsofnoalyn

The Resinsoul group order got to the host and I was sent a picture of my new baby! He looks distraught for being in that tiny bag, and I can’t really blame him. So excited to have him home soon, I still need to think of a good name for the little guy.

this is one of the first properly new full scenes for hathnabook that i’ve been able to write since i first finished! that’s quite exciting. it’s turning out alright, not amazing but it doesn’t have to be, just there.

Do you know how bad I want to do editing?? And I have nothing to edit??? And I don’t even have a good program for it anyway. BUT I CAN DO FLASH ANIMATION AGAIN YES actually holy shit holy shit I can do a lot. Next week is gonna be amazing. I ALL OF A SUDDEN HAVE A LOT OF IDEAS IM EXCITED. I swear by the spring I’m gonna get my shit back on track I’m gonna promise myself that