my fucking brain at 5am, for some reason: saintly shepard outlived his entire family

My strength is not in steel and fire, that is what the parasites will never understand.

Andrei Rianofski [ The King of Rapture ]

…….did no one tell Kanda that Allen died?? i can imagine Lavi or Lenalee casually bringing it up bc he’s fine now anyways like “hey remember that time we all thought Allen was dead for literally days” and Kanda is just “wait what” because no one fucking told him??? 

I’m almost certain that the trailer for Season 2 of Voltron isn’t about Shiro dying, but about Shiro and Keith’s backstory???

Like, OK think about it: in the first episode after they all rescue Shiro, he introduces himself to everyone- but NOT Keith. In fact the first time we see both Shiro and Keith having a conversation was isolated from the others, and Keith was saying that “It’s good to have you back” and asked “what happened out there”, not to mention the whole time Keith had his hand on Shiro’s shoulder- it kinda looked like a reunion almost.


Idk about lars and IDK about larsadie and stuff but im defensive af of him.

tfw Tony knows little things about happy and it look like he boutta cry in that hospital room he’s probably been there once the doctors let happy have visitors bye