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Hi Synne!! I don't know if you've answered this already so I'm sorry if you have! do you know any specific people or videos to watch for tutorials since you said you were a visual learner?

hi anon! i actually don’t really watch too many videos… but Sycra they cover like…a lot of stuff so take a look. I like their videos. A lot of it has helped me. Also this quick video How To Draw Better In 2 Minutes is really good. I hope that helps a bit ;;;;; sorry it’s not much.

also i suggest asking artist you like if they do have videos or something to share, often times they dont post or mention it, but do have things to share with you if you ask politely!

I ran through atomic bombs and
falling stars and wrecking cars just
for a glimpse of you being
reborn to a mother who
actually wanted you

I ran through sinking ships
and cut my hips and
kissed the lips of ghosts
only you knew just
for a glimpse of you being
reborn to a mother who
actually wanted

to love you

I just wanted her to love you ( like I did)

It’s crazy how much work I’ve put into this drawing and it’s starting to actually look finished (how many times have I said that now?). For some reason I’m becoming emotionally attached to this, probably because how many hours has gone into it and the fact that a lot of people have cheered me on and supported it from the beginning.

Tonight was a great stream, I’m so overwhelmed with everyone who comes to watch me draw, helps me with stuff and just chats and hangs out with me, it makes me so happy. Thank you so much if you stopped by.

Yesterday (today…? I need sleep) a couple of pretty awesome art blogs reblogged Treasure and it’s given me so many likes, reblogs and new followers and it’s just… mind-blowing. After a 5-hour session of drawing I’m so tired right now I don’t even know what else to say, except a big thank you for all your support and love.

I’m going to bed now, I’ll talk to you later. Good night!

(partially illegal) things the signs wish they could do:

aries: how many people can i hit and run today? i reckon 11293871

taurus: woah, my neighbour has a really nice table… i like that table…. wow that table looks so great in my house once they see it they wont care how i got it

gemini: how many times can i lie my way out of a speeding ticket in one day…

cancer: i said that potatoes i bought were onions oh my gosh i’m so evil

leo: illegally download clothes? fuck yea

virgo: do you think i could order a bunch of dildo’s to my old math’s teachers PO box? imma try

libra: lets break into the aquarium.. they can only arrest us if we actually cause damage right?

scorpio: can i just stab that bitch? please? just once? no? oh woOps she’s dead

sagittarius: the security guard over there looks friendlyish “hey, can we just walk past here to get to where we’re going.” “no.” well fuck

capricorn: anything illegal because they know they could get themselves out of jail if they had to

aquarius: can i convince everyone i know to elect a dog as president? i think yes

pisces: wow why’s everyone so tired today? maybe i should hand out free brownies……


Today I finally went to Mir’s mother’s café Esugoroke! It was so weird to meet Mir’s mother after seeing her on pictures and videos so many times, but she was so kind and sweet to us! The bread was so delicious and the cafe itself was so cute, with all the pics of Mir and MBLAQ lol she’s really their number 1 fan ㅋㅋ Anyways, due to language barrier we couldn’t speak much to each other, but I think my message got through quite clear how much I love Mir lol she asked who our favorite member is and when I said Mir she laughed lol but looked proud and happy ^^ I showed her my background pic of Mir on my phone and she laughed again lol she also said MBLAQ gonna have comeback next month! When I asked her that MBLAQ should please come to Europe she said that they want to! :D She also asked where we are from and where we live right now in Korea. ^^ Besides that, I think I told her countless of times that I really really like Mir lol I also told her that I’m studying Korean right now and wanted to go to Korea just because of MBLAQ, and she asked how long I’ve been in Korea. ^^ I’m wondering how many foreigners have visited her café tho, I’m guessing it’s not that many which makes it even more awesome bc then I’m more rememberable lmao I’m just imagining her telling Mir about me ㅋㅋ

I also gave her some presents and a drawing of Mir, and she seemed very happy and surprised about it and searched for a place on the wall to put it up *-* before we went out I asked her to say hello to Mir from us and she said she will~~ 

 Also~~~ I uploaded the pics on my Twitter and she replied “Thank you😄” which is crazy and I’m still screaming inside bc I met my mother in law and she replied to me on Twitter and knows my Twitter account loloolollol and now I’m just happyyyyyyy I really wanna see Mir too but maybe soon!!!!!!! It was so surreal meeting his own mother like wtf this is the closest I’ve ever been to him for now and this is the person who knows him the best and gave birth to him and I’m just dead.

Deal With The Devil - Marvel (Pietro Maximoff aka Quicksilver ft. Loki) *AoU* Part 1

I don’t know why I had gone to him in the first place. Maybe because my curiosity was too strong, and had been building up for too long, or just because I wanted to see him, see who he was for the first time. 

My mother had forbidden me to ever go near Loki, but I had done so anyway, so here I was, in one of the many houses in Asgard, to talk to the famous trickster. How I had found him was a mystery in itself, half of Asgard thought he was dead long ago. But he wasn’t. 

 «Well, well. Y/N, daughter of Idun, a mere demigoddess.» Loki teased, grinning towards me. 

 «Yeah, you know, I was planning on presenting myself.» I said, looking irritated over at Loki. 

 «Sorry, dear. Did I take the words out of your mouth?» I just sighed at this, did he have to play games all the time? When I didn’t come with a witty reply, he sighed loudly, looking as if he had given up on me. 

 «What can I do for you, Y/N?» His eyes were sincere, but I knew there was only a matter of time before that mischievous look would be back in his eyes again. 

You could never ask a trickster for a favor without them claiming something in return, normally something dearly to you. 

 «I want to go to Midgard, to earth.» I spoke determined. 

 «To earth? Why would you want to go to that god forsaken place?» Loki said, his eyebrows furrowing at the thought. 

«Because I want to meet my father.» I tried to seem calm, so not all of my nervousness would seep through and ruin everything. 

 «To your father huh? Tony Stark, if I am not mistaken. I like that man, witty one.» That mischievous look back in his eyes. 

 «So will you help me?» I asked, my voice full of hope. 

 «Of course, little princess.» A smile broke out in my face and I swear at that moment I could have jumped of joy, but then his last words came. «That is, if you help me with something, after your visit to earth.» He added, his grin back on his lips.

 I chewed on my lip, knowing it would be something I would absolutely not like. Loki came closer to me, his hand cupping my cheek. 

«Come on, it’s only one favor.» He whispered. I looked down for a second, before looking up at him again, a determined look in my eyes. 



I looked over the city. Earth was so different than home, such a different kind of beauty. Of course if you looked away from the constant smoke looming over the city like a poisonous shield. The avengers tower stood high and proud in the middle of it all, and from where you stood on the top of a building together with Loki, it almost looked like the sun itself. 

 «Now how do you plan on getting inside?» Loki asked from where he stood beside me. 

 «I…I don’t really know.» I admitted honestly, looking over at the tower. 

 «You’re a demigoddess with eternal youth, a complete genius and you can’t come up with a plan on how to get into a tower that your father designed?» Loki raised his eyebrows at me, looking rather unimpressed. 

 «Well, do you have any good ideas?» I asked, looking over at him with raised eyebrows as well. 

 «In fact I have.» He grinned down at me.


«So this is the grand trickster’s amazing plan?» I asked, looking down on myself where I stood in a cleaning uniform. 

 «Oh, don’t mock me, little demigoddess. At least this plan will work.» Loki said from where he stood beside me with the same uniform, which was weird since I only had seen him in his Asgardian clothes up until now, and right now he looked ridiculous. 

 «Okay, okay, let’s get going.» I sighed, dragging with me Loki over to the elevator. 

 Well up in the tower, where I presumed the sleeping area was, I looked down the corridor. So far no one was in sight. 

 «So, we’re inside. What’s your plan now, Loki?» I asked, turning to face my companion. 

 «We can start off with going in that direction.» He pointed down the empty corridor. We started walking, passing door after door, some with name tags on, some I had heard mentioned in Asgard a couple of times after Thor came back from earth. 

 Out of nowhere a wind passed my side, leaving behind a silver tale behind. I stopped abruptly, looking over at Loki who looked just as confused as me. The silver colored wind, or what one should call it came back again, this time towards us, but stopped just before it hit us. 

 In front of us stood a man, silver hair, striking blue eyes and with some tight fitting clothes on. 

 «You guys going to clean around here?» He asked, with a thick accent you had never heard before. Must be one of earths many accents. 

 «Yeah, what else would we be here for?» I asked back, trying not to sound nervous to be caught. 

 «Just a message from Stark, you don’t need to clean up the mess of broken stuff in my room.» My heart skipped a beat as I heard my father’s name, but I tried to hide it as much as possible, under the guy’s intense gaze on me. 

«Alright.» You answered simply. Not wanting to say too much. 

 «You guys new? Never seen you two cleaning here.» He said, his brows furrowed. 

His eyes seemed to never leave mine as he talked, so when I looked over at Loki, so he could dodge the question, the guy involuntarily looked over at him. 

«We just started.»

 «Ah, then sorry, I must be confusing. Pietro Maximoff’s room.» He said, smiling gently at us both. 

 We were about to part from silver hair aka Pietro when someone shouted to Pietro down the hall behind us. I saw Loki stiffen beside me, giving him a worried glance. 

«Pietro, time for some training, buddy.» The man said from behind us, coming closer by the second. I turned around to get a look at the man, who looked like he really had been spending a few hours a day exercising.

 «Alright, cap.» Pietro replied, his gaze coming back to meet mine as he said so. Cap? Then maybe he is captain America then? I thought, my gaze still locked with Pietro’s. 

 «Done messing with people?» Cap said as he came up beside me and Loki, who looked rather nervous if I should say so myself. Before Pietro could answer him back, he looked over at Loki, his eyes widening at the sight.

 «Loki, what are you doing here?!»


Part 2 

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

I’m sorry I know this has probably been said many times before, but I am absolutely sick of the hypocrisy of people- particularly those on this site. Many ‘say’ that they want to 'destroy’ gender stereotyping, that it is wrong to make assumptions of someone’s sexuality, gender identity, etc. based on how they act, choose to look or their own personal interests. Yet they enforce the very thing they claim to hate! This sort of attitude can be found everywhere! From the speculation of certain celebrities sexual orientations based on photographs often taken out of context or without permission and the particular icon’s choice of style (despite them dismissing any present rumors), to the repetitive cries in many fandoms, “but -insertshiphere- HAS to become CANON, I know because they act like this together, dress in these colors, like this sort of music etc.”, plus when they are called out on it they say it is all for something that is very dear to me, ’representation’.I have ironically been called homophobic due to my own opinions in the past, again I’m sorry I can’t speak for all but I am a member of the LGBTA community and as wonderful and important good and proper representation is in media, especially today’s media,those of you are not helping the cause much at all. Forcing identities on people- and characters but especially people- is harmful as it carries implications of 'because you act like this, you must be this’ , this prevents certain groups from expressing themselves freely and may even cause actual people that identify as a member of the LGBTA community to feel inadequate. You are enforcing the stereotyping of genders and sexualities. You are making assumptions of actual living breathing people you don’t even know. You are therefore a part of the problem. I’m sorry if I come across as incredibly aggressive as I’m sure there are plenty of people that disagree with me who might even feel like their helping people(heck perhaps they have), however the disregard for any discussion and the unhealthy assumptions many people make- some of whom aren’t necessarily in any position to even claim understanding of the cause they are trying 'help’- has created a toxic atmosphere which I and some like me no longer want part in. I’m sorry but I needed to vent on this as I feel that this which I can only describe as ’entitlement’ that many have has left real people feeling uncomfortable, insecure and in my own case, silenced. 

One time I was looking at somebody’s iPad and they complained that the battery was running down too quick so I asked how many apps were open and they said “none” but when I actually had it in my hands I saw that every app on the iPhone was open and running. They hadn’t been closing them, they’d just been hitting the “home” button and figured they closed. They were shocked that dozens of apps were running, including ones that had not been used in at least one year. 

That sense of surprise we all experienced in that moment is the same one I get when I find out they’re still makng new episodes of “Supernatural.” 

Look, I’ve been hurt too many times…“

"Maybe they’ve been playing the wrong song and playing it out of tune.”

“But how do I just let you go…”

He bit his lip in thought and said, “Do it when you have no hope left of me coming back.”

—  T.G. // Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #181

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so here i am w/ these glasses that i only wear in my room bc my mum said they look horrible :^ )

idk how many times i’ve done this so i’m sorry if i tag u again ok ilu and you’re all beautiful ♡♡♡
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First a boob job, now tons of makeup. How many times are you going to shit talk something one minute and then go do it the next? You're a terrible person, and your boobs look horridly botched. (im guessing you paid under 10k USD)

Hahahahah man I wonder why people get off on this?

I am wearing the makeup for shoots/meetings btw haha but even then, as I said in my recent video- I was being so judgmental and cynical about everything- yes makeup! Now I’m like do whatever you want- just know your value without it Ya know? I always post on snap and instagram bare face x

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What is it with the tumblr fandom? You guys always try to prove that tronnor is real like with the chandelier and troye's snapchat in bed. If you guys were actual fans of troye and connor you would respect their privacy. They haven't confirmed anything for a reason. Stop looking into every thing. Sheesh

listen, i dont know how many times i’ve said this but for the most part the tronnor fandom here is extremely respectful, we don’t push it in their faces at all and the only way the boys can see us shipping is if they look for it. we do not try to ‘prove’ tronnor is real, bc frankly i believe it’s real, and there’s no need to prove it with silly things like troye taking a pic at connor’s place. these things are just posted bc it’s cute and exciting that they are such close friends- no one is prancing around claiming troye staying in connor’s apt. must prove that they are dating. 

yes, they haven’t confirmed it for a reason, and we obviously respect that by not mentioning it to them or shoving it in other people’s faces. if you want to find tronnor shippers shipping tronnor you gotta look for it, or you must follow us, otherwise we shouldn’t be disturbing anybody. this is what shipping is about, let us ship what we want as long as we’re doing it respectfully. 

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hello! has anyone ever seen yana's face? has she ever posted an actual photo of herself? has any fan ever met her in person? maybe i missed something or is she just not comfortable with showing her face? or there's some history behind that? don't want to seem rude or anything, it's just that i know absolutely nothing and do not understand a single word of her blog ('~')

There was an autograph session back then in 2007, when the first volume of Kuroshitsuji was released and that was the only time Yana appeared in public. There aren’t any official photos of Yana either, so only those fans who went to that autograph session know how she looks like. Yana is extremely shy of strangers (and so are many other mangakas), so like you said, I think she doesn’t feel comfortable with making a public appearance or showing her face in general.

BTW: If you currently lived in London and if you had been here this afternoon, you might have met Yana and her crew (Miss Murakami) there! =D

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it's crazy how mixed up everything is. my friends were almost crying over a dead bird they heard about the other day saying "that's so sad!! it didn't do anything!!" To that i said,"sorry to break it to you, but neither does all of the other (farm) animals whose deaths you support on a daily basis. Their take on this was that "well it's different because they are raised for food."//it breaks my heart knowing how many animals are suffering and I worry about it all the time-I wish I could stop it.

I feel your pain beteenoire ! If only people could be coherent with their words and actions if only they could actually take a look into what they’re saying they would know why we seem so “extreme” about it. I really hope for the animals and really for all living beings that humans can change this path we’re following because is leading us to a very dark place. 

i pronounced the word ‘water’ as ‘wadnenun’ until i was like 3 and nobody could understand why? i could say ‘watermelon’ just fine. but no matter how many times i was corrected, it’s like it didn’t register at all, every time we passed a pond or river i’d be like “look! wadnenun!”

then one day one of my parent’s friends was in the car when it happened again and they said “no that’s called water” and i was like “……water? okay” and that was the end of it

emderavin said: emma ruth eva regina grumpy stealthy ruby ariel i will always find you swan

“Emma Ruth Eva Regina Grumpy Stealthy Ruby Ariel I Will Always Find You Swan–”

“Mom stop.”

 “–you were named for two dead relatives, one dead dwarf–”

“When I made you guys marathon the Harry Potter movies this isn’t what I–”

“–a werewolf, another dwarf, a mermaid, your step-grandma, and our family mottto.”    

“I’m out.”

linkonokteivia said: Emma Black Swan

Mr. Swan: What if we made her middle name “Black”?

Ms. Swan: Why do you hate our child?

Mr. Swan: No, look, it’ll be all great and thematically cool if she ever gets possessed by some kind of primal evil.

Ms. Swan: How many times do I have to tell you–


Intimidating: The word I hear most when people describe me

Sitting and chatting with a woman who was scheduling private training lessons with me, she admitted that she almost walked out. After inquiring why, she explained that she thought I was a student, but stayed when she realized I was the teacher. Expanding more, she said, “You’re very intimidating.”

I hear the word “intimidating” more than anything else when people describe the first time they see me. One of my best friends said so, “Yeah, you’re scary with all those big muscles.” A personal training client said the same thing.

It makes me wonder how many people I’ve missed out on meeting or teaching because they took one look and felt that way. I think it all goes back to insecurity. What is about me that makes people uncomfortable? [Honestly, if you’re reading this and may have felt like that, please comment or send a message with your thoughts.]

I’ve been racking my brain trying to think how I can change that perception. But I don’t think I can. I think it’s something they have to acknowledge and overcome. I guess I’m more curious about the specific feelings and initial thoughts that come into a person’s conscious.

I’m prepping a lecture/talk about insecurity in health/fitness. I would love any feedback any of you might have on this. Thanks so much for reading and in advance for your thoughts.

TVD-6x20- If You're a Bird...

…I’m a bird. Look, I don’t mean to compare Damon and Elena to Noah and Allie. Although, there are many similarities, there are also many differences. But this quote. “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird” defines Delena perfectly. Not just this time, but the first time the cure was in Elena’s hands too. And I know Damon said no to taking the cure with her back then. Out of fear and anger. But at the end of the season, when Elena is given the choice to take it or not and Damon yells at her how if he took it, he would grow old and she wouldn’t. And he would lose her. And how he would rather die, then and there, than have to live without her eventually. Elena took that all in and chose to stay a vampire. For him. With him. Because she didn’t want to have to eventually live without him either. Because he made vampirism worth it with the promise of eternal love. So, back then, it was Elena who basically said “Fine, If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.” And this time it was Damon.

I know I wasn’t on board this is Delena human storyline at first. Which is why I waited until now to write about it. Because I have watched the final three episodes and took time to process it all. I took the time to be angry and bitter and sad. But now I’m in a better place. I can now look back at the last three episode of the series, I mean season, and accept it for what it is. And what it is, is beautiful. All of it.

“Or what if the human you doesn’t love Damon anymore? What?Someone had to say it.” -Bonnie

“That’s ridiculous. Being supernatural doesn’t change who you are. I should know. I’m an ex-witch who’s about to marry an ex-vampire. Deep down, you know who you are and what you want. Love’s always gonna require a huge leap of faith, a big scary leap over a hot pit of lava, and you might end up heartbroken, but you might be the happiest person on the face of the earth. Personally, I’m glad I took that leap.” - Jo

I love this quote so much. Because it’s meaning goes beyond just what is being said. It holds meaning for Elena’s past feelings for Damon and the decision Damon will have to make later on. It confirms the reasons Elena didn’t chose Damon when she was human. Deep down she knew who she was and what she wanted but she was too afraid to take that huge leap of faith. She wasn’t ready to take that big scary leap over a hot pit of lava. It was only once she faced her demons that she was finally strong enough to take that leap. And she took that leap again when Damon came back, based off a tiny glimmer of a feeling she just couldn’t shake. That’s love. But this quote isn’t just about Elena, its about Damon too. Because it was said immediately after Damon’s best friends tell him that turning human isn’t what he wants. That he’s making a mistake. That he couldn’t have changed so much. But Damon knows deep down who he is and what he wants. “I want to be with Elena.” And even though turning human again would mean taking a big scary leap over a hot pit of lava… Damon would take that leap for Elena. Because Damon loves Elena more than anything in the world. Including vampirism.

“What’s your favorite thing about being a vampire?’ 

“Well, I guess if I had to choose one thing, it would be that I can heal people.” 

“Said no vampire ever.”

“Ok. Well, then enlighten me.” 

“I like all of it… The speed, the feed, everything’s so heightened, and eternally looking great in a black leather jacket’s not the worst thing. I’m forgetting something, though. Hmm. Oh, I remember. Getting in people’s heads is quite a bit of fun, too.” 

“My old house.” 

“You won’t remember this, but this is the first place I ever kissed you. Another very happy memory Ric scrubbed from your brain.” 

“But this isn’t real. It’s a fantasy. You put this in my brain.” 

“Isn’t that the point? I mean, as epic as this life is, we’d be giving up so much more if we didn’t do this. I’ve had so much fantasy in my life, Elena, enough for 100 lifetimes. I’d give it all up for one life with you.”  

“You brought it with you.” 

“Well, I wasn’t gonna leave it in the soap dish.” 

“I want this, Damon. No matter how much it scares me, I can’t pretend that I don’t.” 

“I know you do. You’ve wanted this since the day you became a vampire.” 

“But for you, there’s no going back.” 

“That’s never been my style.” 

“And you’re impulsive and reckless.” 

“And madly in love with you. Forever. No matter how long that’s gonna be, and taking this cure, Elena, won’t change that. I’m ready for a little reality if you are.”

“I love you.” 

“Till death do us part.” - Damon

I was going to just pick one quote to talk about this scene. But I couldn’t choose. It’s all too important. Every word of it. I love Damon admits that he loves everything about being a vampire. I mean, if it wasn’t for him being one, they would have never met. Let that sink in for a second. It brought him to Elena It served its purpose. As much as he loved that life, he doesn’t need all the fantasy anymore. He has her. And she’s real. Their love for each other is real. And that’s all he ever wanted. Yes, I loved Elena as a vampire. But if you really think about it, Elena never really did. I mean, sure she embraced it. She even accepted it. I’d even go as far to say she needed it. Because vampirism allowed her to look at the world differently, which in turn helped her find herself. Accept herself. It made her a stronger person. And when she couldn’t be strong anymore, it allowed her to forget what was making her so weak. It brought her to Damon. Twice. It served its purpose. She doesn’t need all the fantasy anymore. She has him. And he’s real. Their love for each other is real. And that’s all she ever wanted.

I love the way they talk about the memory of their first kiss being scrubbed for Elena brain and then have Elena say that what she is seeing isn’t real. That he put it in her brain. Because it all ties together. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to explain this well but basically, the Elena without those memories is fantasy in itself. And Elena has always been about what’s real. Until facing the reality of never seeing Damon again was just too much for her to bare. So, she resorted to this fantasy world where she wouldn’t have face that reality. What I’m saying is that the capability of compelling someone to forget or getting into people’s head is what makes vampirism this sort of fantasy life. It’s not real. This prospect of an eternal life, be it for love, or survival, or whatever reason, is fantasy. And that’s what Damon means when he says “I’m ready for a little reality if you are.” The reoccurring theme of their entire relationship has always been about being real. Since the beginning. Since their road trip to Georgia. So, to me, after a little bit of time to process, I came to realize that them turning human again is what would makes the most sense in the end.

How you feeling about that? -Damon

I feel… I feel like I want to kiss you. -Elena

This scene man. It was so beautiful. I don’t have much meta about this moment. But I wanted to bring it up because it’s a crucial part of the episode. Confirming to the audience, once and for all, that Elena’s feeling for Damon didn’t change after turning human again. There was also something cinematographically beautiful about the red neon Mystic Grill sign behind them and Damon’s Camaro being there. Because it takes you back to the night when she lost him. It takes you back to the reason she compelled those memories away to begin with.  And I loved that the first thing she does as a human again is jump and kiss Damon. Because it’s what her reaction would have been if Damon made it back to her before she compelled her memories away.

“I remember everything, every moment. It’s like a million tiny, little pieces of my heart have fallen back into place. I remember the moment that we met, the moment that we fell in love, how much I didn’t want to love you, but it was like… it was like I was being swept up into a current. I… I… I was consumed by it.” 

“That’s a good thing, right?” 

“Damon, I remember everything, every kiss, every conversation.”

“I still don’t see how that’s bad.” 

“We’ve already had this discussion, Damon, about the cure on the island.” “What? No. That was totally different.” 

“Was it? Because I remember it like it was just yesterday.You walked away from me because you didn’t want me to change your mind because you don’t want this.” 

“Hey. That was a long time ago.” 

“You haven’t thought this through.” 

“What? No!”

“You’re so afraid of losing me that you’ve convinced yourself that you can endure a human life.” 

“Don’t tell me what to think.” 

“Ok. Fine. What about Stefan? What does he think?” 

“I don’t care what Stefan thinks! I’ve made up my mind. I’m not going to have him drown me in a fountain of guilt and have me change my mind.” 

“Damon, I love you. More than I ever thought was humanly possible. I’m not trying to hurt you, but I can’t let you do this, not before you’ve let everyone in your life try to talk you out of it, including you.” - Elena

This scene was so frustrating to me at first. I hated that they made Elena getting her memories back about her doubt in if Damon really wanted to take the cure. But in retrospect it was very necessary. Because having gained all her memories back, she realized that she herself took the cure recklessly. Having her life endangered moments after she took it. She went by what she felt like was what she wanted, what they wanted, without really thinking about if it was the right time to do it. Because she is just as impulsive as him. So, she remembers something he said two years ago how of fear and anger, and uses it as an excuse to get him to really think about it. If you’re going to be a bird, you better really think about whether or not you can handle having wings. That’s what she’s telling him here. And Damon’s having none of it. He had already made up his mind. He didn’t want to have to be convinced otherwise. But Elena needed him to make sure. She needed him to take his time with this because she didn’t. And she loves him too much to let him make this decision recklessly too.  

“Won’t you fly with me…

                         … Oh, save me.”