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twoyellows tagged me. I like this one.

  • A song I once loved, but can no longer listen to. All I Want // Toad the Wet Sprocket. Reasons.
  • The most embarrassing song I know all the words to. Billy Don’t Be A Hero // Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods. I’m a fan of a lot of bands that many music fans would be embarrassed by, but that’s not how I roll. I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. That said, sometimes you fall in love with a song when you’re a kid and realize later that you fucked up big.
  • Least favorite song by my favorite band. Tie: D’Yer Mak’er // Led Zeppelin and Wild Honey Pie // The Beatles. Look, I don’t listen to Zeppelin for deep lyrics. But you have to make a better effort than that. And by the time The Beatles got to the white album and clearly hated each other’s guts, I get the sense that they were putting some garbage on the records intentionally just to fuck with the other guys, to see if they’d put up with it. This is Lennon’s crowning achievement in that race. Unredeemable shit. It’s barely 1 minute long and it just about ruins the album for me.
  • If they made a movie about me, what song would be played over the opening credits? All I Want Is You // U2. As much for structure as content–the way it builds from nothing to a huge emotional peak, and then fades into dissonant strings.
  • What’s the best song for a very warm, sort of sunny spring day, when you’re driving a little too fast and your music is playing a little too loud and you don’t care because this weather is awesome? Windows Are Rolled Down // Amos Lee. Maybe a little too on the nose here, lyrically, but this song really does evoke that mood perfectly. If you pull up next to me at a red light and this comes on, roll down your own window and treat yourself to me going for and killing the high C after the choruses.
BMP: Butlers Angst Quote

Claude: Since when you become a habit? Something that I look forward seeing as I open my eyes every morning. I wasn’t aware how it happened. I wasn’t planning. I wasn’t expecting. I wasn’t even sure if what I feel is what I think it is because it scared me.

Alberto: How many times a heart can break because mine breaks again and again every single time without failing when I see the love you have for him in your eyes.

Louis: How cruel fate is for making our paths intersect and asked me to choose if I would abandon my master or extinguish my love for you.

Jan: You said that we’re all entitled to our happiness. But what if it comes at another person’s expense? Someone I so respect and love.

Yuu: How can one day change the course of your life completely when I was the first to meet you?

Luke: To get one kiss from your lips and one night in your embrace, I will sacrifice everything.

a/n: The princes’ quotes [x]

crazy how leusner has always been able to just look at me and tell something is wrong. no matter how many times I tell her I’m ok. the first thing she said to me this morning was “you look physically and mentally exhausted” thankgod for this woman. for being my voice of reason. for letting me bounce ideas and feeling off of her. don’t know what I would’ve done without her today.

30 more days!

Yo! Monday in 4 weeks I’ll finally be on my way to Mason again! :D We’re both super excited.
I know i’ve said this sooo many times (sorry) but I will definitely start making videos! Not sure when though. Probably when I get to Florida!
I/We will be talking about things such as advice, how we deal with the distance, what being in a LDR has taught us, our experience when we met for the first time, etc!

Mason’s birthday is in June, and since I’ve only got one more month here, I’m planning his presents!
Also, my nerd just built his own computer, it looks so cool :D my smartie.

I’ve been so freaking happy lately. Everything is just so perfet.

Within 24 Hours

Request from Anon: Someone one did a short reaction to bts and their girlfriend being spies and having to kill each other it was really cool but way short you could try writing a scenario with namjoon and reader

“We warned you,” your boss said sternly. “Do not get attached. How many times do I have to repeat this to my team? Do not get attached. Do not get attached. Do. Not. Get. Attached.” You stood, hands held in front you, looking down. “He is one of the most deadly assassins in the world right now. You’re telling me that you had no clue that you were dating a murderer? Did love blind you that bad? I’ll get someone else on the case.” He snatched the classified documents out your hand and turned around to walk away.
Your head shot up. “No.”
“Excuse me?”
“No. I can handle it. I’m his girlfriend. He won’t expect anything.”
Your boss cocked his head to the side and raised an eyebrow. “And you’re okay with killing your boyfriend?”
“Regardless, he’s going to die right?” you mumble. He slid the document back in front of you. “Well then handle it. I want this case closed within 24 hours, do you understand?” You looked away, not trusting your voice. “Do you understand y/n-shi?”  You nodded and he walked out of the room, shutting the door behind him.
What were you doing?  Why did you take on this case? Out of all the ones they put in front of you, why him. You opened his file and looked over his profile.
Name: Kim Namjoon
DOB: 1994/09/12 (age: 20)
Height: 181cm
Skill level: HIGH
Weapon of Choice: L115A3 AWM Sniper Rifle
Location: UNKOWN
Number of Kills to Date (2015): 17
You sighed and tucked the file in your purse. “Within 24 hours,” you mumble.
-Later that day-
Your phone rang. You took a deep breath and picked up. “Hello?”
“Jagiya. I’m so sorry I didn’t pick up. I had work…is everything okay?”
Your phone vibrated and you looked at the text from your boss: Number of Kills to Date updated: 19. Within 24 hours Y/N-ah.
You snapped out of it and replied. “Ah, sorry jagiya. Do you think we can see each other today?” You asked cutely.
“Sure, where do you want to meet?”
“My house?”
You both agreed to meet at your house in an hour and you head over to prepare.
You arrived and attached a gun holster around both your thighs, concealed by your skirt. You threw on a v neck and waited, fumbling with anything and everything.
You opened the door and was greeted by a kiss.
“Ah, keyopta. How are you? You didn’t sound well on the phone.” You moved to the side so he can walk in and you both cuddled up on the couch. “Is everything okay?”
“Yes,” you answered simply. “I just really missed you.”
He hummed and kissed your forehead. You never feel nervous. You’ve done enough missions, seen enough dead bodies, dealt with enough assassins to know that something was wrong. Your gut was telling you that something felt off. Was it because you have emotion attached to your next kill?
“I need the bathroom,” you muttered, standing up.
Namjoon looked at you, confused. You could tell he had a little suspicion in his eyes.
“That time of the month…” you said quickly, and his face relaxed.
“Ahhh, okay. Tell me if you need anything!”
Did she honestly think he wouldn’t catch on? He stood up from the couch and immediately went to her purse, disappointed that she thought so lowly of him. As soon as he opened it, he pulled out the file. He smirked as he read over his description. He chuckled.
“It clearly says skill level high. Why is this girl like that? She’s not making this fun at all.” He sighed and sat back down on the couch, file in clear view and gun on the table. “Might as well have this handled now.”
You took a deep breath, placed a gun between your skirt and lower back and left the restroom, slowly walking back to the living room and peeking in. Your heart stopped.
“How did you find that?” you asked, reaching to the gun you had just repositioned to your back.
“I’m just really insulted,” Namjoon muttered. “Did you really think you could get to me that easily?”
“You knew?”
“Well of course I knew. You’re not exactly an actress are you?”
He stood up and you pulled the gun on him. He slowly raised his hands.
“Name, Y/N-ah. Age, 20. Height,” he paused and looked at you up and down, “169cm. Skill level, hmmmm…will be determined. Number of kills to date, 27.”
How long did he know about you?
“I placed my only gun on the table. I’m interested in something.” He took a step closer and you aimed. “Your boss said within 24 hours. You must be quite the killer if he thought you could get to me that quickly.” You looked at him, confused. Are these mind tricks?  
“Let’s have a little wrestling match.”
Your mind was everywhere. Why did he put his gun down? Why isn’t he making a run for it? Was he underestimating you? Were you underestimating him?
You snapped out of it and realized how close he had gotten to you. He slapped the gun out of your hand and you ducked his punch. You threw a kick at his thigh and he retaliated by throwing you on the couch. He got on top of you and pinned you down. You kneed his crotch and he fell on the floor. You ran over to your gun and he grabbed your ankle, causing you to fall. You both fought for about 5 minutes, giving him your all, until he had you pinned against the wall.
“Skill level, high,” he said through breaths. You pushed all your weight against him and continued to wrestle for another 5 minutes until he again had you pinned against a door.
“Y/N-ah! I’m not trying to hurt you,” he yelled as you struggled under his grip. “Listen,” he yelled, trying to get a hold of you. “LISTEN.” You stopped moving and looked up at him.
“I’m just trying to make this a little fun, geez” he said playfully, showing his dimpled smile. He gave you a peck on the lips and apologized before stealing your handcuffs from your waist band and cuffing one arm to the door handle. He walked over to the table and grabbed his gun, hiding it back under his shirt.
“Yah!” You yelled, using your free hand to reach for the gun you had hidden under your skirt, aiming it directly at the back of his head. He turned around and smiled.
“We both underestimated each other. I can see why he thought you could get this done quickly, but your boss should have known not to pit two lovers against each other.” He walked over to the kitchen, grabbed a ziploc bag and filled it with ice. He walked back over and tried to hand it to you.
“Here,” he said, waiting for you to set your gun down. You took the ice pack and placed it on the throbbing pain on the back of your head.
“So, let’s have a little fun shall we? Killing me within four hours of receiving the mission is borringggg.” He readjusted the couch and table and smiled. “Your description included lock picker so I’m sure you can get out of those handcuffs quickly. They are yours afterall.”
With those final words, he left and drove off quietly. You quickly got out of the handcuffs and slumped to the ground.
You looked at your phone to see the text. “Within 24 hours jagi~~~~^^”

I’m starting a psychology project for the month. I’m writing down times during the day that I am made to feel inadequate about something I do or say or how I look and who said it, whether it be a stranger, a friend, a parent, or other. Then the next month I will be writing down the opposite, when I am complimented and about what. I want to see how many parallel as well as see who are the most negative and positive voices in my life. Would you guys be interested in the results?

madame-montgomery asked:

Hello! I've been meaning to comment for a while now, but college has kept me so busy!!! Anyway, a few weeks ago, you reblogged your dcbb, Hart of the Storm, suggesting that we try it out and read it. I downloaded the pdf for a weekend. And it was spectacular. The imagery. The characters. The representation oh god. It was well-paced and I was hooked the entire time. The original character were brilliant also. I could totally see them fitting into regular SPN canon. I often forgot they weren't. ..



To conclude, I’ve been reading your fics for quite some time and I couldn’t imagine how they’d be better, but this was a really spectacular piece. I’ve never had so many mixed feelings about deer. I loved it, and if you plan to do the big bang again this year (it’ll also be my first time!!), i look forward to your new work(s)!!! Much love!!! :D

I think tumblr ate a message in the middle there, but thank you so muuuch~

I do indeed plan to do the DCBB again this year. I wish you all the best on your story! <3

[fic link: Hart of the Storm]


The Night’s Watch is your house now. We are your brothers now.”


“I’ve worn kilts before,” Sam confessed…with pride. “I thoroughly enjoy it. When I do have to put trousers on now, I sort of refuse and stomp my feet because riding a horse in a kilt is very liberating, very freeing actually. And very comfortable. Also, should you ever need to do a nature relief, go to the restroom behind a tree, it’s very quick, it’s very easy. I recommend it for everyone.” (x)


I am so goddamn happy ????? honestly that bubble of sadness inside of me that grew bigger and bigger ever since zayn left just burst into a huge fireworks of happiness ????? he looks sO beautiful and full of joy and peace and contentment and with his mom by his side like that, giving him all the comfort he needs, in a suit and smiling and the hair is gone together with all the negative energy inside of him and HOW MANY TIMES I’VE SAID THIS IDC IF ZAYN’S HAPPY I’M HAPPY GOD THANK YOU


Jon said, “Winterfell belongs to my sister Sansa.”

“I have heard all I need to hear of Lady Lannister and her claim.” The king set the cup aside. “You could bring the north to me. Your father’s bannermen would rally to the son of Eddard Stark. … Take a knee and swear that bastard sword to me, and rise as Jon Stark, Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North.

How many times will he make me say it? “My sword is sworn to the Night’s Watch.”

Stannis looked disgusted. “Your father was a stubborn man as well. Honor, he called it. Well, honor has its costs, as Lord Eddard learned to sorrow.” (A Dance with Dragons)


Jongdae + My Turn To Cry VCR


t: l o v e can be misspelled and messy, but it still w o r k s.
                     it just needs to be given a c h a n c e.

t: are you going to punch me?
h: i don’t think so.
t: okay then….


Happy 41st birthday, Chad!


JEALOUS!ERiN gives me life tbh

Squid incident part 2
  • jason:eliza that wasnt in the script. how many times do we have to tell you not to bring anything squid related with alycia around?
  • eliza:*recovers from laughter* im sorry. im sorry. *wipes tear away* i know. i just couldn't help it. sorry
  • eliza:okay. im done now. okay. i'll go get alycia
  • jason:thank you
  • eliza:heeeeey. jason said we have to film now
  • eliza:alycia? give me the squid. we have to film now okay
  • eliza:c'mere. give eliza the squid
  • alycia:*looks up at eliza from her curled position* my. squid.
  • eliza:
  • eliza:your squid
  • ...
  • eliza:i - she wouldn't give up the squid.
  • jason:*drags hand across face* we were so close.
  • jason to everyone:that's it! we're wrapping up for the day. eliza gave alycia a squid
  • everyone:*groans* again?
  • eliza:i can't help it alright?

During yesterday’s Nintendo Direct presentation, we learned that Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem is still alive, and even got a look at its first trailer. Devil Survivor series producer Shinjiro Takada, who is also the producer behind Illusionary Revelations #FE (the game’s Japanese title), shared more on the newly-erected official blog.

Here’s what Takada said:

It’s been two years since the first report. We’ve kept you waiting a long time, but how did you like the trailer?

Since it’s a collaboration title with Fire Emblem, I believe there are many of you that saw something different from what was expected.

Personally speaking, I really worried a lot about just how much Fire Emblem should be incorporated into the game, and we spent a lot of time carefully discussing this with Nintendo.

However, after getting together with everyone we arrived at the conclusion of: “if the development of this title conforms with the original [series], then Intelligent Systems should handle it. If Atlus are going to develop it, then it would be best to make it into the kind of title that Atlus specializes in.” And so, the direction [of the game] was decided upon.

As a result, “a stage set in a modern Japan, an RPG that tells the story of realistic characters growing through various concerns and troubles” became the basis of Illusionary Revelations #FE. Interlaced with the essence of Fire Emblem, we decided on the goal of making this a title that goes beyond your average collaboration.

We still have a lot of work that needs to be done beyond what you saw in the trailer, but were you able to get a good idea of the game’s atmosphere from it?

The essence of Fire Emblem may have been a little difficult to notice, but please wait for further news on that front.

Again, we’ve requested toi8 to do the character designs that will become the face of this title. Using refreshing coloration and a touch of pop, we’re having him draw Illusionary Revelations #FE’s unique world setting to have a feeling of both friendliness and splendor.

The trailer highlighted four characters, but there are other wonderful characters (some that briefly appeared during the trailer) that we’ve prepared for the game as well.

Moreover, we’re getting the help from other renowned developers for Illusionary Revelations #FE. Since this is the first part of the developer’s blog, I ended up being the first to bat, but for our next post, we plan to have comments from the other developers and staff members of Atlus, so please look forward to it.

Well, now that the development has reached its climax, we, the staff, will unify and work hard toward increasing the quality of the game so we can deliver something that you all will get to further enjoy.

The release is this winter, so it’ll be a little longer, but please look forward to it.

As Takeda says, the game will be released in Japan this Winter. In the West, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem doesn’t have a release date yet.

[Only the article title mentions anything actually related to Persona, though. =o Also, fixed the name for Devil Survivor’s producer.]