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Right now I think Ed needs to turn into the Riddler. It was something that was going to happen and it looks like this will push him over the edge. Cory said he wanted a darker Riddler, but I still hope they keep humanity in them. It is what I love about the Batman villains and how Gotham shows them. Oswald as the Penguin still keeps his humanity, still feels love and loyalty. They show them as bad people, but still people. So I hope in time the Riddler and Penguin can be crime friends again.

(2/2) So many people are saying for Ed to become the Riddler he can’t love or be friends with Oswald. Which for now is true, but once he has become who he is suppose to be it is very far from the truth. In the comic the Joker and Penguin are best friends, there is even close to love between them. So two villains can be friends and even lovers. One thing I would love to see is something that happened in the comic. The Joker cried when he thought Penguin was dead, how about we see Ed crying over Oswald.

Thanks for sharing! The thing about the Gotham villains is that there IS humanity to them so I don’t think we need to worry about that. Ed has feelings, even if he doesn’t want to sometimes. And I have very much hope for Nygmobblepot!! It’s not over :3

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The AU doesn't last very long, so I guess I can live with that. However, I found out that Gideon is aged now - so I guess the Black Fairy returned him and possibly tampered with him. Do you think he'll be de-aged? I can not see how this season can end without that happening. Thanks!

I have said this before, I think we’re looking at a Doctor Who-esque situation where adult!Gideon is like possible future Gideon and things are a bit timey wimey. This works because the Black Fairy is in some dimension where time is running differently.

My brain is totally okay with this because I have watched so many time travel shows. I’m just like oh, okay, he’s back to change his fate/future/past/whatever. And someone coexisting with their younger or baby counterpart doesn’t even faze me anymore.

(( Usually, I don’t swear but right now I just had to….frickle frackle fudgeledeedoo! 。゜(`Д´)゜。

Tumblr mobile has deleted and made a mess out of the answer I wrote for you! I tried so many times to reply. I will HAVE to reply this way..sorry!


Dear, Dark

As I said, I was really looking forward to your reply/another message –
I was checking every so often if you send me another message or not hehe~(灬♥ω♥灬)

Why? Because your messages make me really happy! You know what to say and how to say it, you are really eloquent! Your words made me all giddy and happy like a child!ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

Usually I smile like an idiot and am so, so happy! I hope, my feelings do come across in a way…! You make it really hard for me to reply tou you in a way that you can understand…that I am really happy and grateful and …yeah!
Sweetheart, I did sense that you were a girl~ hehe! I don’t mind – honestly I really don’t care for gender. If you are a kind, nice person, that I can get along with~ you are a-okay! And I would love to hang out with you, maybe that way it would be easier to tell you~ ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡

Ahhh you have silver hair?! You must be incredibly CUTE! And you are a prince? No wonder you are so charming and eloquent! I truuuly!!! TRULY wish that you are having good days, that you are doing great! I missed you and your messages!♡(*´・ω・)(・ω・`*)♡))

Felix and the Bullies

A/N: This is back when Simon and Felix were in High School. Simon is 14 and Felix 16.

The day started the same way it always did. Simon woke at the same time everyday and went about his morning routine and arrived at the meeting spot right on schedule. Only trouble was, Felix wasn’t there. He wondered why. A great many reasons floated through his mind, each more unlikely than the last.

Finally Felix showed -10 minutes late. “Hey.” He said in a bored tone. It was weird because he was usually a morning person. “Sorry I’m late, I overslept.”

“You look like shit.” Simon informed him, not realizing at first just how rude that was.

“You really need to work on your greetings.” Felix replied frowning.

Simon’s eyes went wide behind his thick glasses. “I didn’t mean it like that! I just meant you look unwell. Are you sick?”

“I think I might be coming down with something. That wasn’t exactly a lie, but it wasn’t truth either. He had a fever and he knew it. He checked before school, “101.7” the thermometer had read.

“Maybe you should just go back home?”

“No way is that happening.”

Simon looked at his friend with worry.

“I’ll be fine I swear.”

“If you say so.” The bell rang just then and both boys headed into the school.


The two boys had the same schedule and Simon was just waiting for Felix to crash and burn. He looked ready to pass out by 3rd hour but still somehow managed to make it to PE - their 5th hour class. He took a no dress after Simon pressured him. However, Felix couldn’t sit back and watch as Simon was getting bullied by the three big Seniors in their class. He waited for Simon to need him, seeing if Simon would be able to get by with just some nasty comments, he could handle those. They both could since they both got it a lot.

The gym teacher was off in the equipment room and didn’t see what was happening. The three big boys had cornered Simon and the other students pretended not to notice.

“Sup twitch?” The middle boy said, an ugly sneer across his big ugly face.

“Thought his name was tweaker.” Another snickered

“It could be either. Have you seen how he moves?” The third said to the others like Simon wasn’t right there.

“That isn’t my name. Not that you’re smart enough to remember.” Simon commented back to the idiots in front of him, it would have been a successful act had his body not betrayed him and start with his most common tick. A rapid head jerk to the left.

The three boys cracked up.

“Not funny! Leave me alone!” Simon said getting so angry he wanted to cry. He pushed away from the wall and tried to walk past the brutish boys. No luck, one shoved him back. “Don’t touch me!” Simon shouted, panicking a bit from the unwanted contact.

“Oh, you don’t like being touched little freak?” Simon didn’t know their names either but he had names for them. This one was Brutis, he was in the middle, to his left was Thugly, and to his right was Slug.

They each were named according to body and personality features. Slug was very slow and Simon could easily out run him. Brutis – the ringleader – was not unintelligent like the other two he was just very, very big and mean. Thugly looked like an ugly thug, he hadn’t been too creative on any of the names but he figured that one was the least imaginative.

“No! And don’t call me that!” Tears threatened to overtake his vision.

“Let’s skip to the part where we put him in the trash” Thugly said with that grin that made him look extra ugly. Slug cheered and Brutis went in for the grab.

Poor Simon had no where to go, he flinched deeper into the corner. “ENOUGH” Came the loud yell of Felix coming to his best friend’s aid. Brutis had both hands out ready to grab Simon, Felix grabbed both  and twisted them both away from him. He screamed in pain, they weren’t broke, but it couldn’t feel good. Thugly came at him next, he side stepped and let the large idiot punch the metal bleachers instead.

It had only just dawned on Slug what just happened and he gave a long drawn out, “heyyyy.”

Simon looked stunned as he watched his very sick best friend fight his battle. He became upset with himself but he also felt awe and amazed by his friend. “Fe…” he whispered.

The fight wasn’t over yet as Thugly came back ready to try decking Felix again. Again he side stepped and the giant tumbled to the ground, he had swung full force and since he hit nothing but air, that energy took him to the floor instead.

Felix looked ready to drop, or be sick, or both. Simon would never forget what happened next. He was too stunned to even be scared and then too worried for his friend to even care about being scared for himself. Brutis looked angry as he came back for Felix, nobody ever knew what Brutis had planned to do but he immediately stopped when he got thrown up on. Felix had just stood there, too exhausted to fight anymore. He knew he was about to throw up and he just didn’t care. Nobody wants to punch someone who is spilling his guts on the battle ground.

It just sounded like he was grunting until suddenly a projectile stream went from his mouth onto Brutis’s chest. The other boy immediately looked just as sick as Felix. He turned and ran for the locker room presumably to join Felix in the act of emptying his stomach.

Simon got over the shock and went into action. Felix wasn’t done being sick- you could tell just by looking at him- but Simon didn’t want to take him to the locker room with Brutis. He slid one of his slender arms underneath Felix’s armpit and started guiding him to the school office, there was no way he was letting him stay here anymore. Plus there was a restroom on the way there.

They didn’t make it to either place before Felix made them stop. “I’m going to be sick again.” He whined. He may have played it brave and strong before, but he was truly a softy and now that Simon had already seen him puke, he didn’t care to hide it anymore. Unfortunately there was nothing to be sick into. Simon kept trying to drag him along, but it was too late, and he was too dizzy to keep moving.

He was never really the type to hold back, even if he probably should. Simon was trying to tell him to wait that there was a bathroom just around the corner, but he couldn’t. Felix just bent over and let loose.

Not as much came up this time but it was still sizeable and went splattering on  the ground and both of their sneakers. Simon yelped but held tight, he held Felix by letting him rest against his forearm. The other rubbing gentle up and down passes on his arching back. His muscles were tensing and his spine arching as each new wave came up. Simon didn’t say anything while Felix purged his stomach onto the floor in front of them but once they tapered off to dry heaves he made him start walking again. They had to stop every twenty feet for Felix to retch again but nothing else was coming up and they made it to the office without making more of a mess.

Simon spoke for Felix and told the nurse to call his Gran and he told her about the mess in the hall. Once all was squared away with Felix, he sheepishly brought up the fight so that the Seniors couldn’t report first and change details. He hoped that Felix wouldn’t get into trouble, technically he made the first physical contact even if it was to protect him.

By the time Felix was sent home he had a fever of 103.2 and Simon got to go with him to ensure he would be safe until someone got home to take care of him.

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Hey :). I'm not sure if you've come across it already but there seems to be a real time "hack" currently occurring on Liam's Facebook page and it's quite sexually charged. There have been so many staged hacks within this fandom and it's always used as an opportunity to lash out at us for invasion of privacy. I suppose we have to wait and see if this one is staged as well based on how they handle it but I just find the timing interesting given the slanderous articles Liam's endured today. Xoxo <3

I’ve just been looking at my Inbox, so no I haven’t seen it. But another hack? Without knowing anything about it, I’m incredulous. They’ve cried hack too many times. And like I’ve said before with their hacking situations, it’s cheap publicity and cheap fandom manipulation.

In an age where hacking may have changed the course of history, miss me with “that hack was so annoying” type antics. 1D regularly encounters the nicest hackers in the game.    

The Big Seven Headcanons: Draco Malfoy
  • Draco Malfoy never hated Muggle-borns. He always felt like dirt whenever he insulted them.
  • Draco may not have been hit and punched, but he was verbally abused and sometimes that does worse things to people.
  • Draco Malfoy did not know how to make friends because his friendships were always made for him. That’s why he acted like such a prick on his first encounter with Harry. That was how he acted with the people that he wanted to like him.
  • At one point, Molly Weasley accidentally bumped into him whilst buying some of Lockhart’s books. Expecting a round of insults and disrespect, she was shocked when Draco picked up the books that fell and said a muttered, “I’m sorry, Mrs. Weasley. I wasn’t looking,” before quickly leaving.
  • Draco was a jerk to many people at many times, but you can bet your bottom dollars that he was once late for class because he comforted a student a year younger than him because she was scared, and she needed someone. Draco decided that that “someone” was him.
  • That’s the story of how Astoria Greengrass fell in love with Draco Malfoy.
  • First years came to him when they needed help with their homework. It was tiring at first, but Draco soon liked the idea of being a tutor.
  • Snape visited Draco when he was a kid once, and he asked the man for advise. Snape looked at him, and said, “never let what people say define who you are.” And that’s why he always looked up to him.
  • Draco genuinely hated the prejudice between houses, and would often tell first years to never listen to anyone.
  • Draco Malfoy never loved Draco Malfoy because, at an early age, he decided that there was nothing to love anyway.
  • He wanted to be a Death Eater for one reason and one reason alone: he wanted to make his parents proud.
  • He failed.
  • He was a major sweet-tooth.
  • He never, ever called Luna, Looney.
  • Sometimes, when he was walking alone in the corridors because Crabbe and Goyle had decided to skip, he would pass by Luna, and they would have short chats about whichever mystical beast she thought of.
  • This started when Luna, as a shy first year, went up to some Gryffindors and wanted to be their friends. They laughed and teased her, and it was all-too-familiar for Draco’s liking.
  • Besides, Luna didn’t seem to hate Slytherins as much as other Ravenclaws did, anyway.
  • The reason why Draco was not on her ceiling was because he was in her drawer, safely hidden and kept because she knew that their friendship was secret, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t true.
  • A black dog once comforted him while he was crying.
  • He’s been very fond of dogs ever since.
  • Draco was depressed for a long time in his life. He often cried himself to sleep when he thought no one heard.
  • The Dementors took such a toll on him that he was sent to the Madam Pomfrey twice because he had a breakdown.
  • Remus actually attempted to teach him how to conjure a Patronus.
  • He didn’t have any memories that were happy enough to perform the spell.
  • He didn’t care if Remus was a werewolf, actually. He gained a fair amount of respect for the man.
  • Draco Malfoy hid behind smirks, sly remarks and insults because he decided that it’s the only place where people like him were allowed to be.

it actually pains me every time calum denies being a heartthrob when everyone else says he is or how he said he doesnt really like when michael says stuff like ‘who wants to kiss calum’ at their shows bc it makes him insecure or when he makes downright shocked faces when he’s called attractive/good looking like i truly dont think he knows just how amazing he looks or how many people love him like???? hes the cutest??? but also the hottest??? and hes so sweet? and he writes arguably some of the best songs ever?????? i love him and my heart hurts whenever he thinks otherwise


So this is really my top gripe about anime at the moment, so succinctly summed up by an episode in the show Shirobako. So many times you will see a decent character “moe-ified”, that is, given a heavily amplified kawaii/tsundere/kuudere/nadeshiko/whatever type of personality, and then given awkward proportions in order to fanservice the audience. Cuteness and male-gazeworthy proportions trump everything else. Do the folks in that industry not realize just how derivative it all is when female characters in every show start looking the same?

Last year world famous director Hayao Miyazaki gave an interview in which he said that the anime industry was declining in quality due to it being full of otaku who didn’t observe real people. He also said that the content creators entrenched themselves in the tropes they were used to instead of observing real people. I happen to agree with him. It’s becoming more and more amplified as the characters get less and less relatable. Everyone seems like a carbon copy of each other. And women are represented worse than ever in a lot of these shows, which is highly disappointing. In a lot of ways, with a few exceptions like Fullmetal Alchemist, women in 90s anime were treated far better than their contemporary counterparts. They were far more realistic. Watch an anime like Blue Seed and then compare it to any anime that’s on air today and the difference is noticable.

A new concern of mine that I’m noticing is starting to creep into modern anime more and more is production teams re-interpreting characters and relationships from the original work and showing favoratism in certain areas while bashing others. For example, I just finished watching The Devil is a Part-Timer and I found the Emilia character really interesting. When I did some research into the series, I discovered that the anime director of the series liked another moe female character named Chiho more, so he played Chiho up in the anime and put down Emilia by purposly exaggerated Emilia’s negative qualities. Chiho was featured prominantly throughout the show and was pretty much exclusively featured in the ending credits. I didn’t mind Chiho as a character but I wasn’t intrigued at all by her like I was with Emilia. The director cranked Emilia’s tsundere-ness up to 11 in order to make her less appealing, and although Emilia a main character in the light novels, she was more or less demoted down to an extra in the anime. If you read the translated light novels of The Devil is a Part-Timer, it becomes apparent that Emilia is a lot more subdued and far more likable. She’s still a tsundere but she’s not her anime counterpart. It’s stuff like this that annoys me. When character bias creeps in the story loses. And I’m seeing it a lot more than I used to in anime, which is so disappointing because it means you’re not getting a good adaptation of the source material. I’m not saying that anime has to be 100% true to the source material but I am asking that today’s content creators try to keep their personal biases out of the story. It hurts the message when it becomes super apparent that the storytellers don’t like certain characters or a certain pairings.

I love anime, but lately I have found myself becoming increasingly frustrated with it. After awhile I get bored seeing the exact same tropes played out again and again ad nauseum across the different genres. They need to shake it up and stop pandering to the lowest common denominator. This is what makes series like Attack on Titan and Fullmetal Alchemist so captivating; in the anime world they’re very unique and the characters are far more multidminensional and realistic.


Jon said, “Winterfell belongs to my sister Sansa.”

“I have heard all I need to hear of Lady Lannister and her claim.” The king set the cup aside. “You could bring the north to me. Your father’s bannermen would rally to the son of Eddard Stark. … Take a knee and swear that bastard sword to me, and rise as Jon Stark, Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North.

How many times will he make me say it? “My sword is sworn to the Night’s Watch.”

Stannis looked disgusted. “Your father was a stubborn man as well. Honor, he called it. Well, honor has its costs, as Lord Eddard learned to sorrow.” (A Dance with Dragons)


“When you said you were going to Tokyo,” Haruka finally broke the silence, and Makoto was happy to find he had been wrong about the power of the human voice. “I was confused… I just thought we’d stay together after graduation. No other alternative was a possibility. Then in Australia, I realized why the thought of you leaving terrified me.” Makoto closed his eyes and pulled in closer to Haruka. “And where did all that stuff about smothering come from? You never smothered me. Sometimes, I stayed in the bath too long… because I knew you’d come and pull me out.” [x]


ʏᴏᴜ ʙᴇᴛᴛᴇʀ ʙᴇ ʀᴇᴀᴅʏ ʙᴇᴄᴀᴜsᴇ ᴘʀᴇᴅᴇʙᴜᴛ ᴄʜᴀɴ ᴡɪʟʟ ɴᴏᴡ ʙᴇ ᴍᴏᴏɴᴡᴀʟᴋɪɴɢ ɪɴ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴅᴀsʜ!


…You keep going on and on about stuff like “I want to die,” and “I want to disappear”… You just haven’t found a reason to live. You’ll find it soon. Just don’t throw away the life you managed to put back together. Look, you can walk already, right? Go.

…Kaneki. “I want to die in style,” “I want to risk my life for someone else,” you said? I~diot, back then, I was thinking, “I want to live with you.” I’ll say it as many times as it takes for you to listen. It may not be stylish but… live.

Tamlin: High Lord of the Spring Court vs. Rhysand: High Lord of the Night Court~Round 1

Tamlin: *Trying to Compliment Feyre*

“You…look better than before.”

Was that a compliment? I could have sworn  Lucien gave Tamlin an encouraging nod. 

 And your hair isclean.”

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Meanwhile, In A Court of Mist and Fury…

Rhysand: *Nearly Twenty-Four Seven*

“Someone thinks mighty highly of herself.”

“Why shouldn’t I? You seem to have difficulty not staring at me day and night.”

There it was—a kernel of truth and a question.

“Am I supposed to deny,” he drawled, but something sparked in those eyes, “that I find you attractive?”

“You’ve never said it.”

“I’ve told you many times, and quite frequently, how attractive I find you.”

I shrugged, even as I thought of all those times—when I’d dismissed them as teasing compliments, nothing more. “Well, maybe you should do a better job of it.”

The gleam in his eyes turned into something predatory. A thrill went through me as he braced his powerful arms on the table and purred, “Is that a challenge, Feyre?

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I am so goddamn happy ????? honestly that bubble of sadness inside of me that grew bigger and bigger ever since zayn left just burst into a huge fireworks of happiness ????? he looks sO beautiful and full of joy and peace and contentment and with his mom by his side like that, giving him all the comfort he needs, in a suit and smiling and the hair is gone together with all the negative energy inside of him and HOW MANY TIMES I’VE SAID THIS IDC IF ZAYN’S HAPPY I’M HAPPY GOD THANK YOU

Psalm 34:18
‘The Lord is close to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.’
I have seen, many times, the Lord’s love sustaining those going through great difficulties, in remarkable ways: ‘The righteous may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers them from them all’ (Psalm 34:19). I would rather it said that the righteous ‘won’t’ have many troubles, but it does say ‘may’ have many troubles. I think if we didn’t go through the difficult times then we wouldn’t know that God is a deliverer and that we can trust him in those times.
Look back at what God has already brought you through and delivered you from. Don’t look at how far you have to go. Look at how far you’ve come. So smile today knowing the God who has been faithful in the past will prove to be faithful yet again.

Yesterday, the FBI opened an inquiry into the brutal and outrageous murders of Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha, Deah Shaddy Barakat, and Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. In addition to the ongoing investigation by local authorities, the FBI is taking steps to determine whether federal laws were violated. No one in the United States of America should ever be targeted because of who they are, what they look like, or how they worship. Michelle and I offer our condolences to the victims’ loved ones. As we saw with the overwhelming presence at the funeral of these young Americans, we are all one American family. Whenever anyone is taken from us before their time, we remember how they lived their lives—and the words of one of the victims should inspire the way we live ours.

‘Growing up in America has been such a blessing,’ Yusor said recently. 'It doesn’t matter where you come from. There’s so many different people from so many different places, of different backgrounds and religions—but here, we’re all one.’

—  President Obama
Samantha Bee On How White People Ruined America

The 2016 Election was a national embarrassment, and a catastrophe for the nation. So who deserves the blame for all this? White people.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

During a fiery opening segment on Wednesday’s post-election episode of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, host Samantha Bee blasted white voters for putting Donald Trump in the White House instead of Hillary Clinton.

“In the coming days, people will be looking for someone to blame: the pollsters, the strident feminists, the Democratic party, a vengeful god. But once you dust for fingerprints, it’s pretty clear who ruined America: white people. I guess ruining Brooklyn was just a dry run,” Bee said. “The caucasian nation showed up in droves to vote for Trump. So I don’t want to hear a goddamn word about black voter turnout. How many times do we expect black people to build our country for us?”

Bee added, “White people, this is the worst thing we’ve ever— no, I’m sorry, that’s a very high bar. But holy s—, and don’t try to distance yourself from the bad apples and say, ‘It’s not my fault, I didn’t vote for him. Hashtag not all white people.’ Shush. If Muslims have to take responsibility for every member of their community, so do we.”