i get so sad sometimes, because I love dream catchers and I love the beliefs behind them, but where I am, it’s impossible to get indigenously made dream catchers

the one time I did get an indigenously made dream catcher, it was while I was in Alaska, and the (very nice) lady sorta kinda followed me around her corner of the store and any time it looked like I might buy something, she’d come over and explain the meaning, so I wouldn’t buy it without being educated. And when I picked up the dream catcher, she said “do you know how those work?” and I told her “the bad dreams get stuck in the webs, and the good dreams go through the center circle, right?” and she looked actually very surprised that I knew that, which broke my heart, like. How many people came into that shop and just liked the aesthetic of her culture enough to buy it, without knowing anything about it? How many cheap dream catchers which plastic beads and craft feathers had I seen in the shops closer to the docks?

Please, please buy indigenously made items, and please take the time to learn at least a little about the cultures that these items come from.

Steve Rogers Imagine Paint (Au)

Requested by @heiresstoslytherin

“Are you sure you want to do this Steve? I don’t mind, if you don’t. There are other people who’d be willing.” You rambled awkwardly, as the two of you walked towards the art studio. Steve chuckled and shook his head. 

“(Y/N), how many times do I have to tell you that I want to do it? You’re my friend and you’d do the same for me. Besides, with your art skills, it’ll look great.” Steve said sincerely and you blushed. You’d had a crush on him since you’d met on the first day of art school and now you were working on a final piece. Steve had completed his and the best were being shown in a prestigious gallery. You’d accidentally asked Steve to model for you and he’d said yes. 

“Ok, ok, I’m just checking.” You said, unlocking the door and walking in. You started to set up your easel, paints and pencils. You were planning on putting paint on Steve and then painting him with a variety of colours on his body. 

“I’m ready.” You nodded and looked up, your jaw dropping when you saw Steve shirtless. He grinned at you and you coughed awkwardly. 

“O-ok, just, um, just stand over, um, there, maybe?” You stuttered and Steve chuckled, before moving over to where you’d pointed. You dragged your eyes away from him and to your paints, picking them up and walking over to him. 

“I’m going to put paint on you and then I’ll start, ok?” Your voice wobbled and Steve nodded. You started spreading paint onto his torso, your hands shaking, as they glided over his muscles. The atmosphere had turned tense and you looked up at Steve to find him staring intently at you. 

“I…” You started, but you couldn’t think of what to say. Quickly, Steve kissed you and your hands were pinned to his chest. You kissed back eagerly. Steve pulled away and smirked down at you. You blushed and continued your work, stealing kisses every few moments.

“I’ve finished!” You shouted triumphantly and Steve looked up from his sketchbook. You’d been working on it almost constantly and you smiled at your finished work. Steve walked over and looked at the painting. 

“It’s amazing (Y/N). You’re brilliant.” Steve said and kissed you again. You were official, but you’d kissed a lot since that night. 

“Thanks Steve. I’d stay longer, but I’m hungry, so I’m going back home.” You said and started cleaning your things. Steve cleared his throat and shuffled his feet, which made you look over at him. 

“Everything ok?”

“Yeah, I was just wondering if…you’d like to go out to dinner with me? Tonight?” You blinked a few times, slightly shocked by his words. 

“Really?” You asked and Steve chuckled. 

“Yes (Y/N). Believe it or not, I really like you and I’d like for us to be a couple.” Steve said earnestly and you blushed, before nodding slowly, which made Steve’s smile widen. 

“Ok, we can go out. Just let me finish up here.” You said and attempted to hide the beaming smile on your face.

“Don’t be nervous. You’re painting is in the place of honour. This is your night (Y/N).” Steve reassured you, as you walked into the gallery. Your work was being displayed and you walked over to view Steve’s sketches first. 

“Well done babe.” You said and he grinned, before leading you towards your painting, where a large crowd were gathered. You’d ended up graduating top of the class.

“I’m so proud of you (Y/N). I always knew you’d do this.” Steve said, pulling you close to him. You giggled and kissed his cheek, before smiling at your painting of him proudly. 

“Thanks. We’re a pretty formidable couple, aren’t we?” You asked and Steve nodded in agreement. 

“How about we go recreate that night?” Steve asked and you smirked, pulling him out of the gallery quickly.

Requests are open


AGUST D - Skit

Yoongi’s brother: hey! oh, you got here fast.

Yoongi: no, no, I was just right outside. (to waitress) hello.

waitress: welcome.

Yoongi: we’ll sit here, I’ll get two orders of lamb ribs.

Yoongi: the entirety of this mixtape I’m doing this time…. isn’t something I’m doing as BTS’ Suga, I think it’s more like showing one of my many other sides. anyhow, for the whole time that I’ve been doing music, hyung has believed in me a lot, that’s really… I said as much to Yankie hyung and Suran noona earlier, that me being able to do music like this is thanks to my hyung’s belief in me. and no matter how I look at it, I think that having someone who believes in you like that is in itself a good thing.

Yoongi’s brother: to me… ever since your trainee times until you finally made it, I’ve believed in you.

* what gives it away that he’s talking to his actual older brother is that he refers to him as “우리 형,” “our hyung,” which is a way that you refer only to your actual family members as opposed to hyungs or noonas that you know that aren’t related to you.

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Meeting My Doctor; Or How I Accidentally Made Sure that Peter Capaldi Remembers My Smart Ass

Okay, I meant to write this all out on Tuesday to share the fun times with everybody, but I have literally been sick on my couch for like 48+ hours so it’s a bit belated.

Location and casting spoilers for S10 ahead, please use discretion if you don’t wanna know.

I found out that the Doctor Who folks were filming S10 in Newport, Wales last week. Looked it up and discovered that hey, it’s only a 3-hour train ride from where I live. Which is apparently a big deal in British time but is pretty much nothing in American time, so I said why not?

So I get up super early on about 3 hours sleep maximum, hop on the train, and go to Wales. I’ve never even been to Wales before. I did not know how many steep hills there are. I found out very quickly, upon hiking up a very steep hill in order to get to the set. This was not entertaining. Worth it in the end, though.

Most of the day was spent sitting with other folks across the street from Fields House, watching people set up and knock down props and cameras. We got to watch Pearl Mackie and David Suchet (plus a few extras) rehearse and film a scene, which was cool. Mostly we just sat around and chatted about stuff. I met another woman there who was a pro photographer and she’d brought her fancy camera, so we talked photography for a bit. Most of the folks visiting the set were from Wales, and they all thought I was crazy coming all the way from the London area (as I said, that’s apparently a long ways to them). It also came out that I’m from Chicago originally. There were only about 20 folks tops there at any given time, so it was actually quite an intimate, laid-back time.

Anyway, Pearl had free time first, so she came out and signed stuff and chatted with us, and the woman with the camera grabbed me and yelled “THIS GIRL CAME ALL THE WAY FROM LONDON!” which confused Pearl because I had an obvious American accent. Embarrassing, but she was really sweet.

Peter came out a lot later and was signing for everyone. Because there were so few people, he actually took the time to chat with everyone a bit individually, which was really cool. He signed for the camera lady first, and she handed her camera off to a friend of hers to take photos of them together. Unfortunately for her, her friend turned out to know absolutely nothing about photography and didn’t get a single photo. She was upbraiding him for it when I met her gaze and said “You want me to?” and she just nodded gratefully and silently handed me the camera. I took some photos (that actually came out) while Peter very obligingly and graciously posed with her again.

As soon as they were done, she pulled the exact same wonderful, kind, embarrassing bullshit on my poor ass. She turns to Peter, points at me, and this time goes (again, very loudly) “She came all the way from Chicago to meet you,” which is patently false, but it did get his attention. His mouth just popped open in amazement, and I went over and admitted that no, not really, I’ve actually been living near London for the past year, to which he shrugged and said, “Well, via London, then.”

He took my things to sign and told me that he’s never been to Chicago but would love to go, and I advised him to visit in autumn because every other season is awful (truth). He asked why it’s called the Windy City, and I confirmed that it is very windy (a partial and severely annotated truth).

That was when I cleared my throat and told him, “Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for your performance in Heaven Sent. It really meant a lot to me to see that, and had a deep impact. So thank you.” And I managed to do it without getting emotional, so good for me! Still, though, it must have struck something, because he stopped what he was doing in signing and raised his head to look me straight in the eyes and told me, “Thank you. That’s really lovely to hear. I mean it.” Which made me smile. All the while the camera lady had been snapping photos of us, so he very suddenly wrapped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me in for a pose for her (which was a super super super nice feeling, gotta admit).

Anyway, this is where the whole story takes a hilarious and embarrassing and utterly surrealist turn and I am still laughing about it days later.

He must’ve glanced down at my chest tattoo because suddenly he goes. “Oh, is that Tolkien? You know, I went to Hobbiton down in New Zealand.”

I say something along the lines of “Oh wow, I wish I could afford a flight to New Zealand, I’ve always wanted to visit there,” and he shrugs it off saying, “Well, we were doing a promotional tour for Doctor Who.”

At which point, my smart mouth immediately says “So they’re big fans of Doctor Who in Hobbiton, then?” in the perfect deadpan I always do when I’m being a smart ass piece of shit, because I apparently have no fucking filter.

He pauses and tries to figure out what I’m saying, before continuing. “No, I mean we went to Hobbiton…”

He’s not getting it, I think frantically. Oh God, he’s missing it. So I pitch it to him a second time, looking him in the eyes and practically begging him to please get it this time. “Aaand Hobbits are big Doctor Who fans, huh?”

And I swear on my mother’s name, the poor man got a rather concerned look on his face, because in this moment it was absolutely clear that Peter Capaldi honestly believed he had misled a girl into thinking that Hobbits are real.

“No, no, no,” he begins explaining to me, “We were in New Zealand, promoting Doctor Who to the New Zealanders, and as a special treat they took me for a visit to the set of Hobbiton.”

Now, this entire time I am just about to lose my fucking mind because how has my life gotten to the point where Peter Capaldi is standing there in full Doctor costume explaining to me that Hobbits don’t exist? But instead I just stand there like a deer in headlights, my cool very slowly breaking as the smile on my face gets wider and wider and wider until I think I’m going to break, and I can no longer restrain the giggles fighting to escape my lungs, God help me.

And that was when the most beautiful thing I’ve seen all fucking year happened: Peter Capaldi (looking very stern and severe in his black sweater and long black jacket and black sunglasses, not to mention more than a little worried about this poor deluded child standing in front of him) finally notices my grin and the fact that I am very close to dying, and this look of pure unadulterated realisation just washes over his face. I can still see it in slow motion in my head. It was glorious.

He stares at me, trails off mid-sentence, and then silently mouths an “…oh.”

I could no longer hold it back. I started giggling like a moron. I apologised to him, thanked him, and left him standing there staring after me before he moved on to signing things for other folks.

And that is how I accidentally and unintentionally rekt Peter Capaldi.

Why “But your signature is still on it. So you’re still getting credit!” doesn’t work.

How many times have you seen a picture on the internet, looked at the signature, googled that name, and went through the search results until you found the original post?

How many times have you seen a picture on the internet, said “Ha! That’s great!” and continued on with your day without thinking about who made the image?

How many times have you seen a picture on the internet, said “That’s great! Oh, there’s a link here for more of their work, I’ll check it out!”?

See, very few people do the first scenario. And it makes sense. The internet, and specifically social media where most of this is shared, is where people go to relax, to escape. Readers don’t want to do the work of looking stuff up. But they’ll click a link. Oh they’ll click links for days.

So what’s the point of putting your signature on stuff if you don’t expect readers to look you up?

I don’t expect readers to look me up. I expect content posters to look me up and include my info with the post they’re making. Ideally, I want them to look me up, see I already made a post on tumblr or twitter or facebook, and share that post, along with my commentary and information. But if they absolutely must make a new post, they should post a link back to me so their readers can find me easily. 

I hate that so many people amass thousands upon thousands of followers posting things they didn’t make to people who don’t care that they didn’t make them, while the people who do make them struggle in their careers with 1/20th the amount of followers. Drives me bonkers man! Don’t do it!


Here are some things from gamescom
it was such a blessing week
you don’t know how happy i am
i met muselk like idk four or five times, it was funny, because he saw me every fucking time and said that i am everywhere and that he keeps running into me
it was too funny, really
the overwatch booth looks amazing, really but i couldn’t play the new Eichenwalde map, too many people.
The Overwatch cosplays were L I T especially the junkrats, i love them so much

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I love how all of you Swift fans are all about Tom just because of Taylor. If it weren't for her you would never be posting pics of him calling him a babe. I guess it's irritating speaking as a Hiddleston fan myself because we all put our blood sweat and tears in getting to know that man and none of you can name five or six of his movies without looking it up. It's embarrassing how you guys obsess over whatever guy she's with and then you completely forget and disregard her past relationships.

I have literally spent hours of my time listening to his interviews, reading articles and have watched every movie of his, EVEN the Joanna Hogg films. He’s funny, kind, smart and shares a lot of the same sentiments that I do - I relate to him as a person. As a matter of fact, many of his characteristics mirror what I love and appreciate so much in Taylor.  That being said, I think he’s brilliant, irregardless of Taylor - it’s just a bonus that they are dating and I feel lucky to have been exposed to him through her. So you can kindly shut the fuck up.

As for past boyfriends, I don’t “disregard” anything. It happened. It’s over. End of story. However, I was never interested in any of them this much outside of dating her. The closest was maaaaybe Calvin, because I made an effort to listen to his music and watched a couple of interviews (he didn’t do many). But 80% of his music is just not for me - it’s not my style. His art and his interests don’t move me or speak to me or connect with me in any real way. He’s super hot. I get people appreciate that about him. Tom, on the other hand, is more someone that I would follow long term - but that’s just my personality. I hope that he and Taylor work out, but if not, I highly doubt that he would behave in such a way that would would put me off, like Calvin did. And if they don’t work out, I would not obsessively ship something that is no longer in existence - I don’t find that fun or worthwhile in the slightest.

Okamas ARE NOT Modern Trans Women!

In fact, they are not Trans at all.

okay, how do I start… I was talking with @mossybrows @curlysword and @shitcook-idiotswordsman about some shits and the topic about “Sanji is afraid of Okama”, “Oda does really sucks in representating Trans”, etc. popped out. And I have to say I’ve said it many times before in my reblogs, but it never gained enough attention. So here I am, making a whole post to educate you shitloads what actual, real life okamas are. And how they looks like and acts. Because I am fucking tired of you guys thinking they are trans/drag queens, when in fact, they are actual, horrible, monsters.

I know in fact you guys are not from around Asia, and we got different culture and all shit and I don’t blame you. But hear me out, I am just tired of the arguments and how no one heard me out back then so let me just get started at this shit ass essay post.

(on other note if you are not aware, this post is gonna be long so just be prepared to read a shit ass long education post)


so hear me out

this is

a real life okama pic

facts : they are men dressing in drag, wearing thick ass horrible make ups, acting like “woman”, wanting to be woman. And does that means they’re trans women? Sure. In some way, they are. But don’t let that makes you think all trans women are horrible. These are okamas, they are in fact a “special” category of men in drag.

Ok what does make them so different you wonder? They do, in fact. Are. Aggressive. REALLY. VERY. AGGRESSIVE.



in my country, you can find these kind of people around at many areas. They do have their special area that people don’t dare to step in to because man, they are filled with these people. But sometimes, they do walk around the town just like that.

Sometimes they bring around a fucking big ass stereo set and sings some old folks song while dancing (and holy hell it was loud) and they do BEG for some money from you. Like beggars.

Hmm but what would happen if you didn’t give them any or just give them a very bit of your money you ask?

and then they mock you or in rare occassion chase you to hit you with their bag and kick u and shit and holy fuck maybe they would steal your money or phone who knows no hey i am not kidding

you might think i was joking but i really am not. Also I was not done. Whenever they see a handsome men they actually flirt and catcall them and tried to get their hands on their pants. No really. My old school mate was once got his pants tugged by these shitheads and now he has a phobia on these okamas.

aND DID YOU THINK BECAUSE YOU’RE A WOMAN YOU’RE SAFE FROM ThEM? HAAA NOPE. NOT AT ALL. If you are pretty enough they would ENVY you and eyes you and fucking angry on you just for that reason alone and cough they might actually attack you (again, no exaggeration)

So yeah I pretty much can confirm Oda did shit right representating Okamas in One Piece. Because that’s pretty much how they are.

oh yeah you noticed on the pics they got boobs(and on my real life samples too). Are they real? Naaa… how do I put it. They kinda inject some stuffs to themselves without seeing consequences and consulting doctors. Sometimes those “boobs” become oh so swollen and shit. Or becomes to gigantuous. Like anime boobs. They are silicons.

And real life okamas often acts too “girly” and in fact, are like these okamas. They do walk in those style and all. And those shaved faces that are still there? Yeah. Absolutely. ANd they’re horrible with make ups. And actually colors their hairs like that. Legs hair? Yep. THey don’t even bother to shave them too.

At times they are even muscular and tall. Definitely looking like a man while dressing like a “woman”, especially with those overdone make ups. (And Oda do really just have to make them into gigantic sized huh? Nice way to represent though 8) )

Okay okay, now let’s move on to the fact that these okamas DO chase after men. Normally, they only chase after their type. And normally, they really are into “manly men”. Men that are masculine, handsome, and gentleman-looking.

Ring a bell?

To be honest, one of my cousins is one of these lots’ type of man too. (he is @dokuroskull23‘s brother) and once a fucking okama knocked on his car door because they saw him from the window. Creepy huh? It was in the middle of the road. In front of the traffic.

Oh, what do these okama do with these men you ask? Put a dress on them? Is this real?

The answer is, actually, no.

They do not chase for men for the sake of putting them in dress and make them pretty.

In fact,…

it was for the sake of fucking with them 8l

so long story short

if these okamas of kamabakka are actually more realistic and one piece is a fucking r18 series

well, it’s safe to say sanji was actually runNING AWAY FOR THE SAKE OF NOT GETTING RAPED


(somebody save this man)


ok some videos just because

before I finish this post: a reminder that sanji is actually ok with transwomen.

and note the fact that mr. 2 was their enemy on that moment too

so end note i can confirm oda actually makes sanji’s phobia of okama pretty realistic. And that’s not actually a problem.


I hope this post clears things about okama especially on debates about how oda actually sucked in representating trans women.

oh, Oda does it really good with representating trans woman. *Cough* there is Iva.

ok that’s all from me. I hope the post has been educative and fun and amusing or whatever shit XD

thanks for reading this far!!!

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special thanks to @r-for-real for the help in some parts of this post.

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I never knew Morrigan or Cassandra were people of colour. Not that I disagree at all, but where do we find this out? I assume in the books or some other form that is not the game?

One of the first things Alistair says upon meeting Morrigan is that she “looks Chasind.” She also has many party banters talking about Chasind people, although it’s hard to tell how much is the truth and how much she says just trying to scare them. (Mainly Leliana.) And it’s said many times that Flemeth has been with many Chasind men.

And in World of Thedas Volume 2, they finally come right out and say that yes, Morrigan is Chasind. They even use “The Chasind Shapeshifter” as her title.

And while vanilla Morrigan may be white passing, that doesn’t mean she’s any less biracial. (However as I said here, making her visibly so is great and I support it 100%.)

And Cassandra is Nevarran. It was said here in the Dawn of the Seeker behind the scenes that she, like most Nevarrans, are poc. (And in DA2 this was much more visible, but her skin was lightened in DAI.)

Tumblr, listen.

Being fat, in and of itself, does not automatically make a character fat positive.

I’ve been seeing this worrying trend where people will try to take any fat character and turn them into an empowerment icon, and it needs to change.

Fat representation is not just about how many fat characters there are in the media, it’s about how they’re being represented. It’s about whether or not harmful tropes are being subverted or perpetuated.

Not every fat character needs to be embraced as fat positive, nor should they be. Especially not uncritically, which (as I said) I feel like tumblr has been doing for a long time. We need to stop trying to shoehorn every single fat character that gets chucked at us by the media into a fat positive role, and start looking at them critically.

If a character is themed around a pig and he murders innocent people for fun, he (Roadhog) isn’t a fat positive character. If a character is vindictive, mean, and steps on other people to boost her own self-esteem, she (LSP) isn’t a fat positive character.

I mean, if you didn’t know who I was referring to, and you just had my descriptions to go by, would you blame me for not wanting to be represented by those characters?

Stop trying to act like they are, or that you’re doing us a favor by trying to make them fat positive icons.

And guys, they aren’t real people!! They don’t exist! We need to stop treating them as if they’re going to tear up and cry if we don’t support them. You seem to think you’re doing a good thing by embracing ALL fat characters, even the NEGATIVE ones… they’re your children, they must be protected at all costs, etc etc… but you aren’t. You’re sending the media a message that we don’t care how we’re represented, just that we’re so desperate just to SEE our bodies that we’ll accept any depiction of a fat body, no matter how it’s depicted.

How does that help us? How does that improve how we’re perceived? Do we need to start seeing a resurgence of Fat Bastards, Rasputias and Mr. Creosotes before we realize what we’re doing wrong? We’re already seeing that in characters like Roadhog, (who is pretty much why I wrote this) so it looks like we’re heading that way.

I wonder what kinds of soppy, apologetic headcanons people would make for Fat Bastard.

…You see my point?

Twenty-three,” he said.
“Mm?” She opened her dazed eyes. Thorne pulled back, looking guilty and worried, which made some of her euphoria fade away.
“You once asked me how many times I’d told a girl I loved her. I’ve been trying to remember them all, and I’m pretty sure the answer is twenty-three.”
She blinked, a slow, fluttering stare. Her lips pursed in a question that took a while to form. “Including the Lunar girl who kissed you?”
His brow furrowed. “Are we counting her?”
“You said it, didn’t you?”
His gaze darted to the side. “Twenty-four.”
Cress gaped. Twenty-four girls. She didn’t even know twenty-four people.
“Why are you telling me this?”
“Because I need you to know I never meant it. I said it because I thought that’s what you’re supposed to say, but it didn’t mean anything. And it’s different with you. This is the first time I’ve been scared. Scared you’ll change your mind. Scared I’ll screw it up. Aces, Cress, I’m terrified of you.”
Her stomach fluttered. He didn’t look terrified.
“Here’s the thing.” Thorne crawled over her legs and lay down beside her, boots and all. “You deserve better than some thief who’s going to end up in jail again. Everyone knows it. Even I know it. But you seem determined to believe I’m actually a decent guy who’s halfway worthy of you. So, what scares me most” - he twisted a lock of her hair between his fingers - “is that someday even you will realize that you can do better.”
“Thorne …”
“Not to worry.” He kissed the lock of hair. “I am a criminal mastermind, and I have a plan.” Clearing his throat, he started to check things off in the air. “First, get a legitimate job - check. Legally buy my ship - in progress. Prove that I’m hero material by helping Cinder save the world - oh, wait, I did that already.” He winked. “Oh, and I have to stop stealing things, but that’s probably a given. So I figure, by the time you realize how much I don’t deserve you … I might kind of deserve you.” His grin turned smug. “And that’s how that speech was supposed to go.”
“That was a good speech,” she said.
“I know.” Scooting closer, he kissed her shoulder. Goose bumps erupted down her arm.
She couldn’t not say it, although she realized he was right. It was sort of scary. Much scarier than it had been the first time she’d told him, out in the desert. It was different now. It was real. “I’m in love with you.”
He chuckled. “I should hope so, after all that.” He leaned forward and pressed a kiss against her temple. “And I love you too.
—  Winter by Marissa Meyer
Gryffindorness (Remus)

Requested- Can you write Remus x reader were the reader is a very brave gryffindor and Sirius told her about Remus’s crush on her so she asks him out and he’s very shy around her and she thinks that he’s cute when they go to honeyducks?? Thank you❤❤💛💛

- - -

“What?” You said for the god-knows-how-many times.

“I said, Remus likes you! Merlin, the both of you are blind.” A very annoyed Sirius replied.

You were currently in Potions, where you were grouped with Sirius for a project. You didn’t believe him at first, but he started to talk about all the proofs that he had got. So at the end of the class, you gathered all your Gryffindorness in you and stopped Remus. 

“Hey, Remus! Do you have a second?” You called. He looked at you with a confused expression but stopped in his tracks for you. In the corner of your eye, you saw Sirius and James shooting a knowing look to Remus, and the stated boy apparently responded with coloured cheeks. 

“Hey,” he scratched his neck, greeting you with a charming smile. His oversized sweater looked adorable on him.

“So I was wondering, um, if you’re free tomorrow for Hogsmeade? We can go out and have fun?” You blurted out.

“Wow,” he expressed. A look of surprise brushed over his face. “I certainly did not expect this, but yes, definitely. So… you’d want it to be as friends, right?”

You swallowed hard, “Well, if that’s what you want- but to be honest, I was thinking about a date?”

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School story time

In grade seven, my science teacher pronounced my name correctly for the first half of the year, but then incorrectly for the rest no matter how many times I corrected him.

In grade eight, my science teacher claimed God was not real and that, “when you die, you are worm dirt.” I am not religious, but this made me uncomfortable as this teacher did not let us express our own opinions.

In grade nine, I was an art minor in an arts program school and was sketching some kind of anime drawing in my sketchbook before class started. The teacher walked up behind me, took a look in my sketchbook, and said, “you are not an artist.”

In grade eleven, I failed math because I, “did not hand in two out of four of my major assignments.” One of which, I handed in when a friend was also handing it in; she saw me give it to him and she was there when he said he could not find it. The second one which I had gotten where the deadline was two days after my grandmother died. After getting back into the habit of school for taking a couple of days off, I handed in my assignment which was excused as late due to the predicaments, realized I gave him the wrong assignment, went to give him the correct one where I was greeted with a shrug of the shoulders and, “you should have given me the right assignment.” I still do not know to this day what I gave him; I never got it back.

In grade twelve, my math teacher would say my name like a cat’s meow. On the first day, he turned to some poc students and asked, “can you understand me? Do you speak English?”

In grade nine, I had a drama teacher who was outgoing, quirky, and fun to work with. She had her, “teachable moments,” where she would squat down and make a T with her hands.

In grade eleven, I had a drama teacher who would have days where she had everyone sit down and just talk. She was open to our suggestions and while she was very critical, she was an amazing teacher.

In grade twelve and during my extra semester the year after, I had a drama teacher who was chill and easy to work with. He was not an easy person to please but he made you want to do the work. He was funny and got along well with the students(even though he usually intimidated grade nines, as he did me, without even doing anything), and he gave me the opportunity to help teach as a teacher I would have wanted to have when I was not supposed to be doing so for him, and instead another teacher. It was a fortunate mistake.

In my last semester of high school, I had a co-op teacher who was also my peer tutoring representative teacher. He was open to creativity and put faith in his students and ended up being a big part of why I made it into the college I did. He was marvelous and helped me in the workforce, and I’ll always be grateful for his recommendation.

There are questionable teachers but there are great teachers as well. Children cannot have their hands held for their whole lives, but as a teacher, it should be important to give students the opportunity to learn, grow, and evolve. A teacher who belittles their students will not be forgotten just as a teacher who praised their students will not be either.


Pre-Winter Soldier/ 1940′s Bucky x Reader

PROMPT: He pulled against the ropes with all his might, but they wouldn’t give. “Don’t bother,” a voice said. He looked up to discover a thin girl bound with the same rope. Although it was dark, he could see her bruised eyes and bloody wrists. “I already tried”

WARNINGS: cursing, mention of injuries, Cursing in German


Part 2 of my 1940′s BuckyxReader drabble series is here! Thanks for being patient, let me know if you want to be tagged!

It had been roughly 5 days that she had been stuck in that cell. She could tell by how many times guards had come in to give her a meager meal of bread and brown water. Staring at nothing but the crack of light coming from under the door and the harsh voices of the guards outside. Nothing had changed, except for the occasional sting in her wrists as wounds reopened when she tried to release herself from her restraints. Nothing worked. Nobody listened to her cries and screams, nor did they care. She was trapped and knew she would never see the light of day again.  That was until the glint of a smirk and the sound of someone else breathing woke her from her trance. The sound of struggling and soft curses under a man’s breath that she knew she wasn’t dreaming. Her voice was harsh, her first words sounding like gravel going through a grinder, and the look on his face when he realized there was another person in the cell with him.

              “How long have you been here?”

               “Five, maybe 6 days? I’m not sure anymore.” You coughed. He sat silently as he processed your words. “There’s not much to think about when it comes to the time I’ve spent in this shit hole, soldier.” You scoff, causing you to wince at the pain in your ribs.

               “How do you know I’m a soldier?” He asks, his shoulders somehow becoming stiffer. I try to laugh, but all that comes out is another cough, this time leaving a taste of iron in my mouth.

               “All of us are. I know there’s other men out there, my men and yours alike that are most likely in worst shape than we are. We’re in charge, so they want us alive for information. Our men on the other hand, they’re Hydra’s play things.”

               “What the hell is Hydra? How do you have men? You’re a woman for God’s sake!” He yells, his frustration obvious as he tries to break free from his ropes once more.

               “Knock it off!” I snap, my eyes darting to the door to make sure it wasn’t about to open. It stayed closed as the man took a deep breath and stopped struggling. “Hydra is the mastermind behind all of Nazi Germany, more specifically the science division. Top secret facilities all over Europe, only top officers on both Ally and Axis sides know about it. Now, keep your sexist comments to yourself unless you want our dear friends to come back in and beat us both. We’ll figure something out as long as-“The door clanks loudly against the wall as its thrown open, the Brute walking in, his machete at his side.

               “Guten Tag Arschloch.” I grumble, earning a kick from said asshole, causing my teeth to grind to hold back the yelp of pain

               “Butch! Long time no see! Are you going to fill me in on what she said? I’d love a good German lesson to fill in the time.” The man cracks a smile at the Brute, or as he called him ‘Butch’, causing him to growl and grab him by the collar of his shirt.

               “You lucky I’m not here for you, you Muschi.” He spits in the soldier’s face before turning back towards me and pulling out a key.

               “A gift, for me? You shouldn’t have, Arschloch!”

I yelp as he yanks me up, my body screaming in pain at the new position. As I’m shoved out into the hallway I catch a final glimpse at the mysterious man before the door is slammed shut behind us. 

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Ok so my 3-year-old cousin completely bashed gender stereotypes the other day when her very transphobic aunts were over. She drew a stick figure in a dress and said "It's Luke Skywalker! He looks very pretty!" And when they'd said "but sweetie, don't you mean Princess Leia?" one too many times, she stomped her foot and yelled "NO! I draw Luke and he NOT a Princess, and he has a pink dress! LUKE IS VERY PRETTY!"

I love how if you leave kids alone their instincts are to be loving and to ignore gender roles. There’s the whole “childish cruelty” notion, but with a little bit of right guidance you see that no child is inherently bad.

things from bitty’s twitter part four:

( pt 1, 2, 3, 5 ) - december thru the first half of january

  • jack literally counted the number of pies eric baked in september (17) & used that information as a chirp against a finals-stressed bitty
  • they all text each other when dhall has chicken tenders
  • shitty & dex have weirdly civil convos on current events that they probably have vastly different opinions about
  • holster & shitty sorted all of smh into harry potter houses & i need to know the results
  • ransom has never read harry potter??
  • jack is actually not a terrible dancer
  • “dex’s expression 60% of the time is ‘how do these people exist’”
  • shhhh dex be quiet u love them
  • chowder hates his braces :///
  • jack who “doesn’t have that many expressions” looks visibly happy w himself after chirping bitty
  • holster sang nick jonas’s “jealous” to ransom
  • when asked by nursey, dex said he would most definitely not sing to him
  • jack procrastinates by bothering bitty and asking him a bunch of questions about his vlog/twitter??

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For My Love

Pairing: Reader (Rebecca) x Cas
Words: 962
Requested by @peek-ahh-boo. This is part three to Angel Of Jealousy and Who Do You Love?

“What are you doing?” Cas asked, making you jump. It didn’t matter how many times he just appeared, you always seemed to jump.

           “Folding laundry,” you said, “What are you doing?”

           “I came to tell you something,” he said. You looked at him, realizing how distraught he looked standing in your room.

           “What’s wrong, Cas?” you asked, dropping the shirt you had been holding.

           “I don’t really know how to tell you,” he said, looking down, away from your staring eyes.

           “Tell me what?” you were definitely getting worried now. This was worse than the time Cas was so protective of you because he loved you; worse than him being worried that you didn’t know he actually loved you. This was bad and you could tell.

           “They know about us,” he said.

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Since when eric and hyesung became oil and water? I knew that they really bestfriend since long time because in old videos they were very close and even stay in same room. hyesung acted normal and didn't try to make it looks like they are not close like now

I can’t say when exactly they became Oil & Water, I’ve seen people said it was around the 4th album? But actually on the contrary they are close friends even till now, since forever. During Hyesung’s solo promotions in January this year, I’ve probably lost count of how many times he mentioned Eric in his radio shows/ interviews, saying how Eric had an eye for detail and sent him long messages of advice and tips:

Many times, Hyesung pushes Eric away when Eric comes after him, and on rare occasions, vice versa XD Because that’s just how they are, the Push-and-Pull couple, and for the fact that Hyesung feels more awkward when the members tease him about it: (from 0:32)

But somehow now I think that awkward wall has broken down, now that there aren’t much push-and-pull moments between them (I do miss that tho)

From 1:04 to 2:10, You can see how Eric’s clearing things up but teasing Hyesung again – which is what best friends always do lol:

Eric: I’m not on bad terms with Hyesungie, and about us being water and oil, cat and mouse, I just said it to play around with Hyesungie. But as we played along people started to think that we’re really not getting along. And when Hyesungie goes on programmes, we start to worry about situations where people would ask about this.

So, I’ll stop saying things like that. Although I don’t like Hyesungie that much, but Hyesungie likes me a lot, so he has now moved to where I moved to first. He was afraid that I would oppose if he told me beforehand so he sneakily moved here. I stay at Unit #6, and he’s in Unit #6 on the level above mine. So if he jumps around upstairs, I can hear him. We’re close to each other. (cr: absolutshinhwa)

Even Andy said before they aren’t on bad terms with each other it’s just that personalities are very different. And here’s the story about them maknae told: http://hearts-shinhwa.tumblr.com/post/138668596040/the-maknae-tells-a-story-of-water-and-oil

They really are close with each other, both physically and emotionally, keep that in mind that they are best friends/neighbours living in the same building. 

From Hyesung’s pikicast interview:

From Hyesung’s guest appearance at Kangta’s Starry Night Radio:

So I hope you can see how close of friends they are ♥

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Oooooohhhhh- Share the Eevee part of the story please please please???

The Eevee story is something that’s been in my head for a while, but I’m not sure how it will look on paper. I want to look it over before I publish it, so it will probably be online tomorrow. That said…

Prequel time!

This story is an old one.

When the world was still young, a Pokémon took another much like himself as a wife. They were not particularly special, but they loved each other. And their children. Much like the old couple, their many children were long-eared and thick-tailed. They were not fast or strong compared to their neighbors, nor were they remarkable to look at. But they flourished in their parents’ affections. They grew and became adults and, as is the way of the world, they prepared to explore it. Before they left, though, their father spoke to all of them. He warned them of the world’s dangers and they would face fierce situations with fiercer people. No matter what, though, he begged them to cling to the virtues they were taught by him and his wife. So did the world’s first Eevee teach his children, as he watched them leave for their fortunes…

*before EXO heads to the airport*

Ksoo: Jongin really how many times do I have to tell you to button yourself up?

Jongin: I have an undershirt like you said, are you happy now?

Ksoo: *looks at self with unbuttoned plaids and undershirt*

Jongin: exactly…