I fucking love Liam Payne.

I know I’m a Harrie, but I fucking love Liam. I love Liam so much I refuse to relegate him to #2 in my rankings. He is my #1.5.

I love how vocally versatile he is. I love his falsetto. I love his musical skill. I can’t wait for his solo career, he’s gonna be amazing.

I love how he has the personality of a big puppy dog. I love his sense of humor.

I love his heart. I love how charitable he is.

I love how he does kind things for his family. I love how much his family supports him. I love his family

I love Cheryl too, because Liam smiles like this when he looks at her. Look how happy they are! I love them.

Oh yeah, also, he’s sexy as fuck.

Basically I just really fucking love Liam James Payne.

Happy Birthday Liam!!!!!


look at how happy Zeref is when he looks at the pendant. he was cursed, he’s been suffering for over 400 years, he lost everyone he loves, because of his attempt on bringing his brother Natsu back. but he never blames natsu for it.
I strongly believe zeref still has such a sweet and sincere heart all these times.

anonymous asked:

Imagine having a kid with Remus and him freaking out scared that his kid is gonna be a "monster" like him and on Halloween your kid dresses up as a werewolf and Remus flips out

oh, my fucking heart. 

He would be so shocked when your little man came pounding down the stairs and he had a furry mask on and he would just be stunned because he would run up to his daddy and be like “Daddy! Look! I’m a wolf- rawr!” And he would just look at you like what the actual fuck?? “Y/N- wh-what on earth?” And you would sigh, shaking your head as the toddler ran over to you and asked you to fix his costume. “Remus, he chose it out. Look at how happy he is. It’s just a costume, love.” And Remus would still be grumbly but when he saw how happy his kid was, he would forget all about it.