reasons to love dk
  • his voice (obviously)
  • it’s so good it deserves two points
  • cheekbones for days
  • horse seokmin
  • his laugh
  • his smile 
  • basically a ball of sunshine
  • high notes
  • him singing live (okay I’ll shut up about his voice now)
  • you know how most people call idols cute or hot and he’s both of those but also he’s so handsome?? he really does look like an actor you know what I mean right I hope you know what I mean
  • his hair
  • he works insanely hard but not enough people recognise that 
  • “people have been saying I look like an actor”
  • “don’t say stupid things.”
  • “does it hurt to just agree with me”
  • his aegyo
  • him with glasses
  • “people say my hands are really nice”
  • he’s so selfless and always thinks of the members before himself
  • seventeen’s happy virus
  • he brings so much happiness and energy and positivity to the group
  • he’s always there for the other members
  • “I work hard to give positive energy to the members.”
  • even though he acts happy all the time he isn’t afraid to show that he’s sensitive and still feels sad like anyone else
  • “He would call me at night and ask, ‘Hyung, how do you do this?’ He’s definitely a kid who’s vocal ability is outstanding.” - Bumzu, seventeen’s producer
  • “if I can make you guys laugh, I’m happy.” 

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Hey Matt, could you do a cute Ruki x Ayato story where Ayato is teaching him how to play basketball?

Ayato took a deep breath, grinning triumphantly at his half-court shot, which made it in. He looked excitedly to his boyfriend on the sidelines to see if he saw too- But he was reading a book. Ayato pouted a little, walking over and picking the book away from the other, who didn’t seem happy with that.

“Oi, play a game with me.”

“I don’t like basketball.”

“Everyone likes basketball.”

“Not me,” Ruki replied, snatching his book back. Ayato frowned, crossing his arms. It became apparent to the black haired vampire that his boyfriend wouldn’t take no for an answer. He sighed, “If I play one game with you, say, P.I.G, will you leave me to read?”

The red head nodded and quickly threw the ball. Ruki caught it reluctantly and sighed, standing. He walked to the basket, standing right before it before throwing. It missed the backboard entirely, “Your turn.”

“Are you KIDDING?” Ayato growled, “You have to at least TRY.”

“I am trying,” Ruki hissed back, “I am not good at basketball..”

Ruki? Not good at something? Ayato smirked a little. The other’s expression turned even more sour, if that was possible. “Want Ore-sama to teach you?”

“No. Just shoot.”

Ayato rolled his eyes and took an easy shot. The ball went in, so he stood there until Ruki was ready and stood there. He watched as the vampire tried to hold it like he had, furrowed eyebrows showing he had no clue what he was doing. Ayato quietly snuck up behind him, putting his hands on his, “Here..”

Softly, he guided the others hands to where they should be, mumbling where to put pressure and such into the ravenette’s ear. Once he was in place, Ayato pressed a sly kiss to his pale cheek and pulled away to watch.

Ruki shot and after the ball circled the rim, it fell in. The red head could have swore he saw the others eyes light up a fragment and a small smile make its way to his lips. Ruki looked to Ayato like Ayato had to him before, and Ayato grinned, saying he should join the basketball team, teasingly of course. With little roll of his eyes, Ruki stepped forward and pecked his boyfriends lips, “I guess there’s some things even you can teach me..”

Michael Taking Your Virginity Would Include...

Requested: by anon

-him being so shy to ask if you were ready
-him planning this cute little date that surprisingly didn’t have any mistakes throughout it all
-being a few inches from each other, and his hand gently cupping your cheek and jaw, his thumb running over your skin
-looking directly in your eyes
-”Would… Would you let me be your first?”
-you getting all happy because you were thinking about how you wanted Michael to be the one a lot recently
-”I’d like that, Michael.”
-really happy and giggly kisses
-but they quickly turn heated and slow and passionate
-him carefully and slowly laying you down on the bed/couch/floor and hovering over you
-him so gentle I can’t
-sweet, hot, wet open mouthed kisses absolutely everywhere he can reach
-being really nervous
-his hands shaking a bit as he goes to undress himself and you
-climbing on top of you, both of you completely naked, but feeling so comfortable
-”Do you trust me?”
-him being really shy about putting on the condom, and about his body in general
-whispering “Ooh… Sweetheart” in an almost inaudible voice
-your hands finding each other’s and tangling your fingers together just as he enters you
-deep and slow thrusts
-throaty groans and high pitched whimpers
-his cute tummy brushing against your own
-pulling at his hair a bit
-so many love bites
-sweet nicknames
-being really slow tbh
-lots of giggles
-him wanting to make sure you finish first, but quickly cumming seconds after you
-sweaty bodies pressed together, and his head resting on your chest as he lays on top of you
-”Thank you… Oh, god, thank you so much, baby.”
-sweet and soft kisses afterwards
-really sleepy smiles
-”I really, really like you, y/n.” “I really, really like you, too, Michael.”
- :-((

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SAME Ive always seen him as being unsure of how to express emotion because hes just so reclusive so hes not sure how emotion do but by god he's not an emotionless ro ck. (They commented on someone elses work once claiming it was cute but switzerland looked 'too happy' and i just. ughgj)

???? switz is ALLOWED to be happy, gosh. he has emotions, and i wish ppl would execute that more often. ;-;

My work place got Steven Universe Vinyl Figures so I bought some as a late birthday gift to myself

I was going for both Pearls but I got Pearl and Garnet instead so I gave the Garnet to my coworker then he bought me another in hopes it was Pearl but it was Rose I’m still happy tho~

Look at how cute they are

You’re my sunshine by ClaimTheSkies

Hi there! I wanted to draw something happy and cute, so Mark and his adorable dog Chica were a perfect choice for the subject. I tried to make a card-kind of thingy and I’m thinking about making a night themed one to match this one as well, let me know what you think! : )

They were certainly a fun pair to draw, I hope you enjoy! (also how come Mark looks sooo different everytime I draw him :’D )

Have a great day!


Oh my goodness I remember following u on my first blog and I was like in love with u,,, I always looked up to you you were like my absolute favorite blog ever… It wasn’t until like my second blog that you followed me back and honestly I was so happy!!! I was like ur biggest fan I looked up to u and u reminded me of how I used to be,,, you’re just always so wonderful and amazing I’m so glad that we’re friends now (I’m still like so stoked that were even mutuals ahhhh) like you just make me
Happy and ur blog is always so cute and I love ur selfies

A glimpse of Vmin’s friendhsip

The fact:

JM->V :  Love you pretty

V-> JM :  Love you and I adore you


How Jimin calls Taehyung: Taetae, our Taehyungie~my bff

How Taehyung calls Jimin: Jimminie~, my bff


Jimin said: 

  •   Taehyungie is handsome
  •    You look sexy on the camera
  •    He is awesome, you know?
  •    You are full talent and energy, you punk

Taehyung said:

  •    Jimin’s smile is seriously charming
  •     I just want him to be happy
  •     Jiminnie is the man who can and will! grow big succes for a long time
  •     Jimin was very cute when he first came to the dorm
  •     He is someone who always works hard and #1 in efforts

Friendship which is deep like the ocean

  • Let’s keep going for a long time. I only have you V
  • I took care of Taehyung when we were traines  like waking him up, cooking for him and wiping his butt
  • Hyung will always support you ( Jimin said)
  • You’re more than a close friend. You’re my savior! So you’re very precious to me and I want to be with you even when we become grandfathers ( Jimin said)
  •  I want to be Jiminnie’s friend forever 
  •  I’m thankful when Jiminnie is by my side
  •  I like that we are so similar ( Taehyung said) 
  • The moment I was happiest with Jiminnie is when we saw each other for the first time in 2nd grade and how we were able to keep being with each other without being hurt

Future Plans:

  •   (talking about buying two building close to each other)    Jimin: We’ll face each other at the top and talk to each other . I will be here and you go over there (pointing at the buildings)
  •       Jimin : Taehyungie and I talked about going on a trip to Japan together, just the two of us
  • They want to get old together ( both of them mentioned so many times)

Common Conversations

  • Jimin:  How come you always look cute by yourelf?//  V: Orange hair looks good on you //  Jimin: You look good in pink //  V:  You look good in that colour too
  • Jimin complaining: He doesn’t wash up and comes up on my bed.Come after showering please, i get angry seriously ( he still didnt say not to come though)  // V revenge:  He keeps touching me. Like he strokes my hair //  Jimin: I do that because you are cute

Who am I without you

  • Always missing the other’s presence:  (bon voyage) jimin kept sending messages to Taehyung before he joined them. In the live broadcast he told immediately that Taehuyng is not here because of drama ( Lost my Taehyung ~ thanks yoongi :D) …
  • ( V app ) Fan asked where is Jimin Tae said that he is with Jungkook with a sad face

Moments which will melt your heart

  • Taehyung giving saranade to Jimin
  • Jimin practicing with Tae when he is the MC
  • Taehyung’s speech:   There are some who made this moment the most beautiful moment in life …mentioning Jimin (  nobody else’s name were heard just jimin’s)
  • The train was quiet high in I need U shooting, but Jimin could jump on it easily …the next moment without question he held his helping hand to Tae
  • Taehyung was fake crying but worried Jimin immediately asked: Why are you cying? Don’t cry …and don’t forget the picture where Taehyung was really crying and Jimin embraced him in his arms  

Vmin things:

  • Sleeping together a lot
  • Being roommates even abroad
  • Feeding each other
  • Sharing secrets
  • Teasing the hell out of the other but in the end reassuring how good the other is
  • Cheating in the game just to feed the other or Giving own present the other who couldn’t get it
  • Playing out a break up between boys,
  • Going on ’dates’,
  • Speaking with satoori,
  • Having twin pullover
  • Praising, supporting each other
  • Playing in the practice room when everyone went hom or even in the office,
  • Twitter wars
  • Going crazy
  • Being kinky as hell together
  • Listening to music with one earphone
  • Giving pecks on the cheek ( both did!) 
  • Being dork and savage to the other
  • Sneaking out together
  • Being in sync
  • Knowing each other’s weakness

And you just saw a glimpse of this friendship ~