“You doing okay? You look kinda funky…”
                                                                “I confess I’ve felt better”

ithinkiamanartist  asked:

Who would you say you're more like, Cuphead or Mugman? :3

I’ve answered this before, but I love both cuphead and mugman! <3

but if I had to choose just one…..Mugman. Because I always play as mugman when we play the game and well…he’s pretty adorable! Look how happy he is! <3 (but I seriously love both of them ;w; so precious! x’D )

I wasn’t sure what ship you’d like most but since I know these characters I went with drawing them! I hope your day gets better and some dancing shiragoshi will help with that! ;v;


The way she looks at him...

Piggybacking on our earlier post about that certain way the cameras have captured the adoration on Captain Morgan’s face as he gazes at his co-captain, we couldn’t help but notice how *she* lights up when looking at him. 

Here’s a sample of our favorites. Feel free to reblog with your favs. We can’t get enough of these two. 







“Love works miracles.” Indeed. 

anonymous asked:

I've come over to "test the waters" of this ship so to speak. I get that you have a nautical theme -shipping - I do get it. But I feel like the tone of your posts are a bit heavy handed. I'm used to seeing the likes of "omg isn't this cute" "they so adorable" "look how happy" with my ships. And what's stopping me jumping aboard right now is the tone really - there is a strong element of one upmanship and bitter tones. Just let it be. Promote love not discourse. Rise above, no need for the snark.

Well first up anon, welcome, grab a drink and take a seat and we’ll try and explain ourselves, because although HMS is a “shipper” blog, it’s not the usual kind.

Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE our Captains, adore their chemistry and find them cute, adorbs etc etc ect, but we’re never gonna be that blog. The reason is twofold. Firstly we don’t think Gilligan are ever gonna do the mainstream couple thing, it doesn’t seem very them and while Keeping Up with the Morgandersons might amuse the fandom, the Captain’s rightly enjoy their life out of the spotlight. 

But the second reason is the biggun. The founding Shipmates of HMS Gilligan were moved to launch the ship in reaction to an absolute monsoon of nastiness directed at Gillian Anderson/Peter Morgan, both separately and in their activities together. At first we believed that the storm would pass, we could rise above, as you said, but that was 10 months ago and in the time since the tide of ridiculousness has only risen. For us, this was all we needed to know.

Him + Her + smile = reality. Move on. But the noise against them was endless. Months of crosspromotion theories, showmance scandal, character assassination, look shaming and words being tossed about like misogyny, abuse, ugly, undeserving by factions who supported another relationship. Even as the evidence became undeniable, there were those who spun increasingly intricate webs of fantasy to support their delusion. Many blogs tried to tackle the cruelty head on, to defuse the ugliness, but members of the fandom approaching those shouting the loudest were met by hate, mockery, rudeness, blocks, witchhunts and equally wild accusations which in extreme cases extended beyond fandom and into people’s real lives. It was shocking but it seemed there was no reasoning with the lies, no defense against the “alternative truth” or the harsh words and judgements couched behind side eye emojis and overuse of the word “interesting…”

So we did all we could think of. We overreacted in the opposite direction. We chose to laugh. Instead of fighting ugly with ugly, we countered preposterous theories about overnight Cancun trips and meaningful bracelets with our own brand of ridiculous! We saw their speculations and countered with our own, equally improbable equivalents. If one “side” can claim that Gillian is gonna start designing costumes for The Crown to explain a set visit then why not have a laugh by imagining how that might look….

 Essentially, instead of screaming into the abyss, we chose to laugh. and once you strip away the nastiness, a lot of what was being suggested was pretty funny. The idea that Gillian not tweeting or getting spotted in London for a few days implies she’s in New York with a former co-star is so abstractly entertaining we think whoever first intuited that gem should probably join The X-Files Season 11 writing team because they logics be cray cray.

Anyway. That’s a long way of telling you that if you’re looking for just cute comments on pics, that we’re probably not the blog for you. We will post them, but we’ll also be keeping our tongues firmly in our cheeks, for tis the HMS way of life. We have a pretty strict rules of what we will/wont past (no kids/RPF/nudity/no mocking comparison of former/current co-stars/spouses etc), essentially what we consider to be basic decency, but our love will always come with a side order of silliness, we will continue to snark at stupidity and unkindness, and we will never ever take our ship too seriously. Life’s too short and this ship is just for fun.

So jump in if you feel like walking on the wild side with us and the Captains… we hear the water is lovely