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So, I became a fan of the guys quite recently (right the day before Mikey caught fire, to be precise) and this is my first video premiere eve ever. How do you guys usually prepare yourselves for such moments?

You don’t. You just suffer from anticipation before the music video comes out and then you suffer a lot more after you’re done watching the video for the first 100 times over and over again, every time trying to focus on another member and looking at everything you may have missed and making sure to breathe properly whilst doing all of that

I remember back in the 7th grade how little I felt, how worth less, how broken down, how bitter, how jealous, how vulnerable, how useless. I thought about every way to numb the pain, but I didn’t, some how I powered through and here I am in 2015 alive and with a healthy mind set toward myself. This is why I push loving yourself, this why I urge you guys to not end your life before seeing what comes after the pain and suffering, its such a beautiful thing to look back and realize how much that pain aided me to become who I am today. You guys are great, important, you are just a bit broken right now, but you are more than capable of creating a better tomorrow ! 💙

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can you talk about the "tell me about paris" scene please?

Ohhhh nonny yes I can! Okay so this scene is one I almost included in the massive top 5 scenes post I did recently, but it was already at over 4k words and I decided that would just be insanity to make you guys suffer through anymore of my rambling at the time, but since you asked so nicely… ;)

Okay so the happily reunited viking husbands are sailing from Wessex back home to Kattegat, and Ragnar is looking a bit mopey…

I don’t wanna go home. I wanna stay on my ship with Athelstan so we can explore together and maybe we’ll find a magical land inhabited by nothing but baby goats.

And he is in desperate need of a distraction…

bb, you know how much I love your stories, especially when it’s the same one you just told me fifteen minutes ago.

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So I rarely post pictures like this but I decided to be courageous (since everyone is getting that title now lol) and show my body. There was a time when I hated how I looked tried extreme dieting tactics to lose weight and I thought if I was a size 0-2 I could get this guy to love me. But ultimately I learned to love my body the way it is; my 38D chest 30in waist and my 45in hips, even my stretch marks are beautiful and a reminder that I carried a life inside me. I have wide hips and thick thighs and I’ll probably never be below a size 8/10 but I love the size I am, I still exercise regularly, I’m healthy and happy and that’s all that matters. (PS this is def not a thirst trap😒)
#MomBod #BeautifulTheWayIAm #BodyAcceptance #AuNatural #NoPlasticSurgeryNeeded #BlackQueen by bri_yvette26 https://instagram.com/p/5WLwUSDFD6/

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"It took a while, plenty of dead enemies, but he finally found her in a room with one other man. By then Naruto had run out of bullets but he gladly used his fists. His knuckles bled and the other mans red blood soaked his arms, making his tattooed beast look more vicious than ever, as he punched him over and over and over again, yelling out obscenities, cursing him for trying to use Hinata against him." ٩(//̀Д/́/)۶

HOLY HECK! This is so suspenseful!!!! HOW COULD YOU MAKE ME SUFFER OVER JUST A SECTION? Now I’m dying with curiosity! TT^TT 

Seriously, guys, please read Tales Of Two Ninjas! It is such a gift to this fandom. And loversnaruhina is a cinammon bun that is too sweet for this world!

Thank you so much for entrusting me with this section! I hope we could continue this in the future! IT MAKES ME IMPOSSIBLY MORE EXCITED FOR THIS FIC! AHHHH! (*≧▽≦)

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"Brown boys are happy to let brown girls self esteem suffer at the hands of everyone, and will blatantly talk shit on brown girls while praising white girls." Hate to break it to you, but plenty of brown guys can attest to how brown girls were quick to put them down in favor of white guys. (Of course, I'm not saying brown guys were much better in this regard.) The British left us in a state where we hate our own blood and see whiteness as the ideal. Both sides have shit to work through from it.

Look, I understand where you’re coming from, and you’re actually one of the few decent sounding anons I’ve gotten in regards to this post. But the fact remains, this post was made for me, myself, a brown girl who has seen not only herself, but her friends, her mom, her aunts, her cousins, every woman she has ever cared about, be hurt, and killed (read that again, btw, read it a hundred times, I know 5 brown women in my personal circle of relatives who were killed by the men in their lives) by cis brown men that, while I want to be all understanding about where you’re coming from, I honestly don’t give a fuck. Brown girls/women are hurt more by cis brown men an their actions than cis brown boys and men will ever be hurt by us. 

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bad things happening to good characters doesn't mean the author hates them though? and good things happening to bad guys doesn't mean the author loves them? It's a story. You can list the bad things that happen to Jade over and over, but I still don't see how that translates to Hussie hating her? The story isn't over yet, so I don't feel like we should just say "hussie hates jade" when we don't know what his plans are yet.


Look, when Hussie constantly rewards consistently shitty characters AND doesn’t have the narrative calling their horrible shit out then he goes and makes a lovely person like Jade suffer over and over for no fucking reason then I get the impression he hates her.

Or at least hates how powerful she is so he goes out of his way to nerf her constantly.

[Triads: Rule of Three || Chapter VII]

IM SO SORRY! I completely forgot that I still had like three chapters to cross post onto here from AFF oopsies. But if I’m finally posting the remaining chapters, then it can only mean one thing: I’ve got my mojo for this fic back! I know a lot of people have been waiting for me to update this since like January when I still wrote on AFF so I’m happy to say that an update is coming very soon (erm…after I finish posting current chapters of course).

Thanks for putting up with my shit lol, I love you guys seriously <3


The next morning Youngjae couldn’t help but look at everyone with new eyes. Each and every single one of them had suffered before they came here. Sure Youngjae had lost his parents in a murder, but he had some how been able to get back on his feet and make a living for himself. These boys, they genuinely had nothing until Jaebum found them. Now though, they had each other. Youngjae decides that he’d cook breakfast for everyone before he left for work. It’s the least he could do for everything they’ve done for him so far.

He tried to cook as quietly as possible, wanting the others to get as much sleep as they could. Unfortunately, it was nearly impossible to be quiet when he’s frying bacon, scrambling eggs, and flipping pancakes. He had this kind of breakfast before when he went out, and he hoped that the others would like it as much as he did. Just as he finished piling the food onto plates, six sleepy boys shuffled into the room. Youngjae smiled. “Good morning.”

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Give me a fandom and I’ll tell you:  
  • Favorite Female Character: Celty <3 
  • Least Favorite Character: Uhhhh… um….. shit. Idk, that one dude that tries to fight Izaya because he smashed his girlfriend’s celphone?
  • Favorite Ship: AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Shizaya.
  • Favorite Friendship: Anri and Celty tbh. I love them both.
  • Favorite Quote: God I can’t pick just one. How about: “as long as I exist, I don’t care if I go to hell, or if there’s suffering there.” 
  • Worst Character Death (if any): I don’t actually think I’ve experienced one yet? I’m only up to date on the anime, so…
  • This made me so happy you have no idea Moment: Izaya getting stabbed… >.>;; Look, I love the guy, but that really needed to happen.  
  • Saddest Moment: Uhhhh…. I don’t think I have one? I don’t remember anything making me particularly sad. 
  • Favorite Location: Izaya’s apartment.

True to my word, I wanted to create a post about food allergies, sensitivities, how to know the difference and solutions if you suffer from them.

Before I start, can I just say that I noticed something semi-sketch, semi-disturbing while going through my blog? Perhaps you’ve noticed this already (you are my readers, after all) but I’ve been struggling with my food sensitives for awhile.

It seems that every few weeks I write a post about breaking out into some type of rash or having to detox because of my diet. Don’t believe me? Look at the above photo or check out this and this.

It’s so embarrassing, you guys! I’m a bloody fitness/wellness blogger (with freaking credentials, I’d like to add) and I’m struggling with this sh!t? Please don’t misunderstand, if you’re dealing with something similar, I’m not judging you. If anything, I hope you find solace in knowing someone who knows better is having the same issues. However, I am judging myself.  I was right in my last post, I’m repeating history and that is bullsh!t.

But for once, this post isn’t going to be all about me. This is a more “informative” entry. Let me begin by saying the following: Food allergies are real and so are food sensitivities. Yes, they are sort of trendy terms these days because people looking for quick weight loss fixes are eager to blame their denial of certain food groups on these things. However, for people who really suffer from an allergy or sensitivity, #thestruggleisreal and it’s about time people paid attention. Ten years ago the term gluten-free was not a common phrase. Neither was Celiac disease. If I’m correct, I think kids were still allowed to bring PB&J sandwiches to school. A lot can change in a decade.

If you didn’t know, food allergies and food sensitives are two very different things. Here’s the scoop: Read more

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Hope you're doing okay and have lots of people that love and support you because what you're doing is amazing and you should so proud of how strong you are !

I am proud. I’m very proud of this blog. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

But I still suffer. I miss my brother tremendously. 

And on the drive home from therapy I saw a guy who resembled my high school abuser. Only this guy was wearing a cap so it was too hard to make out his face. The body type just really reminded me of him. But thinking that it even just reminded me of him did freak me out. I don’t like men who look like the bad people in my life, because they make me panic.

My life has been majorly interrupted and it’s on pause. Years and years and years worth of trauma. 

So for Halloween a few years back when I was about 9, my mother got me this “Indian princess” costume. At the time, I thought it was ok, because my only real knowledge of racism was that it “didn’t exist anymore”. I didn’t realize how bad this country really is in its treatment of PoCs. I didn’t truly understand all the pain and suffering that was still happening, I didn’t realize how truly oppressing my race was. And now, I’ve grown and seen the error of my ways. I recently found the costume when I was looking for my Elvira from last year. I ripped it to shreds and threw it in the trash, because fuck racism. Fuck treating cultures and races as though they’re some joke, never fully getting the respect they deserve. Fuck awful stereotyping, and fuck this blatant disrespect. You guys don’t deserve this kind of bullshit treatment. I am honestly truly sorry for all the shit you go through, and the worry you all have for your safety. I am sorry.

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idk, I’d have to say (based on your posts and the gifsets) that the US version of Shameless seems better? the UK version seemed to cross over into ‘look at how the filthy trailer trash/council estate types’ live a lot.

thecoppercow said: also omg if you end up introducing ‘fit lad’ to america as the new hot slang I will cry and applaud

Yes the US version is kinda like that and suffers from delusions that its jokes are “irreverent satire” which should pretty much tell you everything you need to know. But literally my favorite thing about it is that the fandom predictably got ~uwu~ over the two gay guys and then the show tried to cater to that by making it more serious and darker and brooding and then broke them up obnoxiously and literally all hell broke loose, like that is where people draw the line. Sure one of the dudes was originally introduced as neo-Nazi trash, but the feels.

And yes I will either have everyone saying “fit lad” or someone eventually will kill me for saying “fit lad” too much, and then everyone will end up saying it anyway because of the headlines that will break in regards to my unfortunate death.

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So if you guys split up to grow as individuals, how come it looks like you're really suffering and unhappy? In my opinion it's not good to keep being "friends" it stifles the whole moving on part of the breakup. It's ok to not be ok. But the best way to move on is cut the ties.

I’m really not unhappy. I was trying to find happiness in the wrong place for minute and got my feeling hurt, but I’ve been keeping myself busy and trying to hang out with friends as much as possible. I’m not suffering either. I’m really just a big baby and start to get mopey when I’m alone for too long. I just don’t like being alone in general, so when I am I get kind of sad just because I want to be in someone’s company. If that makes sense. And my situation with Jack isn’t what has been bringing me down at all, I was able to get over those feeling very quickly because I realized how much happier we both were since he moved away. Our relationship is strictly platonic and there’s really no feelings other than that. Long story short, I’m just a drama queen and like to have pity parties sometimes. ✨

Just as a note: You know that thing where you’re not presently showing emotion on your face? Like you’re just indifferent? Now you know how some people look mad, irritated, or cranky when they’re like that? I call that Chronic Neutral Shit-Face Syndrome. CNSFS for short. I am a sufferer of it as well.

So to all my ladies who keep being told to smile, from a man and a fellow sufferer of CNSFS, next time some basic-bitch douchebag uses this line for the umpteenth time, hit ‘im with one of these and tell ‘im Joe sent ya!

Fuck it, girls AND guys… if some one tells you to smile, thinking that they’re helping you somehow, hit ‘em with this too!

Then when they scream in terror, … well,… they told you to smile!

Day 17: Climate Ignorance: Flooding, Drought, Famine… the poor suffered first.

Comment: What do you think about Climate Change?

This morning we sat in the visitor cantine of the old hospital. It was quiet, left as it was on the last day. The old coffee machine looks very inviting, I would love to have a real nice cup of coffee. We tried to compose a breakfast of the remaining food mix we brought with us. A lot of work had to be done today.
While finishing breakfast, Travis and the skinny tall guy came back. He told us about how Amina was handling the glider very well and wanted to tell us more. But the skinny guy stopped him, noting that they stay out of our business, if we stay out of theirs.

The rest of the day I walked through the building distributing the work to our group and giving everybody a kickstart in what to do. In the afternoon they brought me to the ground floor, handing me a blindfold. After walking for a while in the dark, going down some stairs and riding an elevator some stories down, they lifted the bandage. There was a room with four digital access stations and two pilots connected to virtual reality through gloves, glasses and strapped into the walking harness. Two of the stations had to be fixed. I could repair one of them and they allowed me to test it myself.

While working down there the others left and one of the pilots took a break talking to me for a while. He mentioned that they hunt down environmental sinners who still continue to damage our planet. They use old drones, industrial robots or even takeover military equipment for short time spans to locate sites of violations. Then they rather try to stop the polluters or try to gather evidence to report them depending on the region.

The environmental sins of our fathers make everybody suffer till today. The great wave of famine, drought and flooding is over, or let’s say people moved away from the red zones. But still after the big wave of mass migration and slowly increasing death toll, from man induced climate change, we live in a world with less and less habitable or fertile areas. 

Greed, ignorance and even active denial of proven known facts lead to this catastrophic chain of events. We now start to adapt, the populations moved and reformed matching the new landscape given by pollution and warmer climate. Still today we have many corporations and regions that sin, although the old center of the world was forced to stop consumption. Once we were the nation that consumed and destroyed more than any other region of the world, now we are this fabled old patch of the world, that destroyed their own economy, land and society. But we had to fast and our self induced sickness like diabetes and overweight reformed our population.

Back then the poor or ecologically vulnerable regions suffered the most. All the countries that back then belonged to the so called first world waited and waited to keep their economies untouched which were built on sand. Sand that finally eroded and sucked in their whole system.

But the time after the long period of first world countries burned fossil resources, destroying nature and provoking mass extinction, was even more brutal. The uprising nations in south america and asia made a high speed move towards western wastefulness and tipped the ball over the edge. 

I remember how my mother told me that everybody knew about the unstoppable grimm future when she was a kid, but still everybody looked away focusing on their own well being and continuing to burn their gasoline and powering their fridge with coal electricity. Even the top leaders of the western world, the past center of globalism, stood around in their own backyard that was in a horrible drought, just nodding and doing nothing. Humans are not good in doing big change without direct benefit, although they exactly know what to do, they rather eat the chocolate now than staying on carrots for some weeks.

Comment: What do you think about Climate Change?


Day 1: To the city. - Day 2: Entering the grey Zone. - Day 3: Broken bridge. - Day 4: Toxic Rain. - Day 5: Forsaken robot. - Day 6: Eating Insects. Kyleis robot. - Day 7: Neglected cities. -Day 8: Hiding in the Pharmacy - Day 9: Everybody left - hoping for satellite images - Day 10: Toxic oceans and soil - farming in deserts of concrete. - Day 11: Worthless bills on a shabby boat. - Day 12: The gap of long living. Ruled by scientist elite.  - Day 13: Fixing bionics. - Day 14: Future Inbox: “Women revolutionised Asia - the new center of the world…” - Day 15: Joining “The Digital People” - living in Virtual Reality. - Day 16: Resistant bacteria - greed and cheap meat destroyed antibiotics.