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Practice room aesthetics🎶 (also known as people sleeping in the closet, doing strength training using piles of sheet music as weights, and laying on the floor crying over our incompetence)

A Gift for Santa

Poetry for the nms give away @notice-mesenpai

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anonymous asked:

What's the lifespan expectancy of a galra?

Personally I imagine from about 800 to 1000 years. Adulthood begins at about 70.

So in other words, a 70 year old could be in a relationship with a 700 year old and it would be fine and nobody would care.


victor’s the kind of parent that will set you up w/ some embarrassing shit while you’re still young and naive and will use it against you if you fuck w/ him (insp)

I did some quick sketches of @thatsthat24 bc I thought he looked gorgeous in the pictures he posted. I could have spent longer on this but I’m so impatient with my work lol. also ignore the fact that I gave him no hands bc I CANNOT draw hands.