Cas getting a job in college as a pizza delivery boy, just to pay the bills.

Dean, his asshole college roommate, ordering pizza whenever he knows Cas is working. He likes making Cas drive across town to his own dorm room, finds it hilarious. And he likes making the strangest requests, when he orders.

“Sing a song when I open the door.”

“Balance the pizza on your head.”

“Kneel when you give me the pizza, and call me Your Majesty.”

Cas goes along with it, because - well, he finds it funny in a way, even if he would never show it. It’s something that isn’t monotonous, at least, something different. Something weird. And Dean is kind of good-looking… and he seems less and less like a douche, the more Cas gets to know him.

In fact, he’s kind of… kind of the reason Cas doesn’t sleep at night, for the butterflies in his stomach. Kind of the only person Cas can think about.

Cas rearranges the pepperoni on Dean’s pizza one night, so that it’s in the shape of a heart. When he delivers it, he’s so busy blushing and throwing the pizza at Dean that he completely forgets to fulfill Dean’s typically stupid request at the door, and just runs.

The next night, though, when Dean’s request comes in, Cas doesn’t forget it. He thinks about it the whole ride across town, and when Dean opens the door - looking unusually shy and flustered and hopeful - he smiles.

“Kiss me?” the request read. And Cas does.

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What did Geralt and Regis look like in their early 20's?

In my mind, Geralt looks less weathered and doesn’t have as many scars, and his hair still has just a bit of brown/grey left in it (I know his extra mutations turned his hair white, and he probably received those as a young lad, but I like to think it wasn’t instantaneous but rather a process that was quickened over the next couple years). Regis is just a super typical vampire looking baby. Good baby. Innocent baby.

Hei Briskeby - Fixing vans and pickup lines

4.3 Mandag 21.08.17

Description: Thinking might be a good idea

“What’s up people?” Elias said warmly with a smile.

Elias was the only one in the frame as he looked directly into the camera and said, “I have to say, you look beautiful.”

“Elias, stop being so corny,” Mikael said, behind the camera. Suddenly, all of the boys popped into frame behind him.

Elias turned the camera around, showcasing a red van with the words “Los Losers” written in white tape on the front. The girls were standing next to it, a mixture of apprehension and excitement written on their faces. Vilde was waving enthusiastically to the camera, while Chris grinned at the girls. Eva and Noora smiled into the camera, while Sana on the other hand, well….she looked less than pleased.

“So as you can see, we just finished fixing the ‘Los Losers’ van that’s rolling out in 2018. Shout out to my sister’s russ crew.” Elias smiled at Sana, who was looking annoyed at the prospect of being in front of the camera.

“Anyway, we asked my sister’s friends if they wanted to be in our video and they said yes, so here we are.” He aimed the camera at the girls sitting next to him. “Why don’t you introduce yourselves to the viewers?”

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I'm really struggling with figure drawing, do you have any advice to make them look less shitty?

draw with your shoulder, use long strokes, try not to use your wrist as much

Try to spot the “line of action” in a pose, and use lighting/shading alongside linework

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How did you lose the weight?? I'd message you privately but I feel kind of embarrassed about it bc I'm fat

Alright. So y'all this is what genuinely worked for me! It might not work for some of you, but this is what my body responded to the best.

People say you’re not supposed to eat carbs. Fuck that BS. Eat yo carbs. I tried a no carb diet once and I GAINED weight. Needless to say, carbs are back in my diet. However, try to stick to good carbs! Multi-grain foods taste like shit. I knowwwwww, but they’re so much better for you. I’d have a multi-grain bread, but I’d slather it with my best jam. It blocked the taste out for me. Eating better grains helped all of my bloating go down, meaning I looked a lot less puffy even if I didn’t lose weight.

Not every meal HAS to be healthy. I ate that double cheeseburger from McDonald’s and had a second one, but I made sure to eat healthy foods with it. I’m not just talking about greens and fruits (though you need those), but good foods.

I found out the foods that irritated me! You might not be allergic to something, but it might still irritate your body! Figure out what irritates your body and either cut or reduce the amount you have! I had to cut back on tomatoes after I realized that they were part of the reason I was soooo bloated!

You can have a nice pasta with freshly grilled chicken. THAT is healthy. It doesn’t seem so inherently, but it is. Add a bit of greens on the side, you’re good.

I don’t work out 24/7. Heck, I didn’t do a full work out everyday, but I did make sure to at least stretch for 30 minutes. That doesn’t have to be all at once, but throughout the day. It seems stupid, but it did really help tone me up. The main reason I didn’t do a full workout everyday is that I just didn’t have the time to get sweaty and then take a shower! Stretching a little bit at a time will help you avoid that. Sure, you may sweat a bit each time, but not buckets.

Water is your friend. Your fucking bestfriend. Drink it. It helps clean your body out naturally. Less grease on your skin and less sugar going inside your body when you switch a sugary drink for water. Don’t get me wrong! I still drank my Coke, but I made sure to add more water to my body. We’re like little plants! ❤️❤️❤️

I made sure to do a FULL workout at least twice a week. You want to lose weight quickly? Do a lot of cardio. However, to truly tone up, you’ve got to do some weights as well.

I got a full 8 hours of sleep. YES, THIS DOES HELP! If you don’t sleep your body doesn’t have enough of an opportunity to clean toxins, mah dude. I mean, it still does it throughout the day, but not to the same extent.

I did NOT count my calories. It just didn’t work for me. I ate until I was full and didn’t over eat. If I wanted to snack sometimes I’d have a healthy snack (like fruit chips or legit fruit) and other times I’d have a crappy snack (Doritos where u at). Just find a balance in your body.

I didn’t weigh myself 24/7. My past problems with losing weight came from the fact that I wouldn’t see the results I’d want right away, and I’d give up! I only weigh myself once a week, now! This way, I see a greater change, and I don’t feel hopeless!

That’s pretty much what I did though! I cut back on some of my bad food habits and I made sure to be more active, honestly!

Don’t try to make a bunch of changes all at once and don’t expect to see a bunch of results right away! It took me a while to find my balance! Once I did, my weight start slipping off of me! Everyone will be different!

Again, this is just what worked for ME! It might not work for everyone! If you want to talk more/no my workout routine/diet in detail, you can message me or send me a separate anon!

Also, don’t be embarrassed, Nonnie! If you feel more comfortable using anon, that’s fine! I won’t judge whatsoever! ❤️❤️❤️ We’ve all been uncomfortable with our bodies at some point. ❤️

Lots of love!!!

Am I the only one slightly annoyed that the familiars are slowly becoming more and more anime looking like? They seem less like they might actually exist somewhere on the Earth and more like you’d see them in an anime monster hunter show. I appreciate the nice art for what it is, but I wish that it was more consistent. You can tell there are two distinct styles going on with the familiars. The new foxes, the new cerdea and the new dryads just do not look like they belong.

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HEY FAM so I just saw that last prompt then realized that theres one prompt in my inbox that I never answered when we switched souls. in any case, it literally just said "Lumiere and chip fic or Lumiere and cogsworth" so I'll leave it up to you if ya wanna do it. ~the Meme Goddess

still can’t fucking believe i was possessed by a fellow squadie. fucking #amazing

also that is a vague as fuck prompt but a-o-fucking-kay

“mum says you’re not supposed to stare directly into the sun,” says chip, his back on the ground, grass in his hair. his hands are smashed into his face; he looks less like he’s shading his eyes and more like he’s trying to squash his head.

“your mum is a pinnacle of genius and it’s a mercy she puts up with the rest of us,” says lumiere. “and don’t look into the sun.”

“but how am i supposed to see the eclipse, then? belle’s not done making the glasses, yet. and i don’t want to look at its shadow through a cardboard frame, like maurice said.”

“mm, yes,” says Lumiere, a little drowsier than he’d like to let on. He can’t help it. Laying in the sun, practically glowing against the fine meadow grass, fills him with sleepy pleasure. “well, we must think of something else then.”

“what if we take out my eyes?”

that gets lumiere’s attention. he rolls over, fixing one blue eyeball on the boy. “you’re not still a cup, chip. we can’t paint you over so la mere won’t see.”

“oh. right.” chip is silent for a moment. “….you think so?”

Lumiere’s chin rests in his hand. he pokes at a snail with a blade of grass. “we’re not still cups and candelabras, mon ami. you have to remember to use fingers, and nails, and yes—your eyes.”

“I just….” Chip flips himself over, copies the maitre d’s position. “lumiere, do you still feel stuck as a candle, sometimes? don’t tell mum, it’s just…..i still sometimes think, think as if…..”

He trails off. Lumiere is not having luck pushing the snail into action. It’s quiet in the meadow.

“Like you have porcelain hands?”

Chip looks up, excitedly. Lumiere smiles, the sun winking off his face.

“Or handles, still, I’m sure. It’s not strange, mon ami. Your mum feels it too. Cogsworth feels it. Even I, the brave hero of every story, have felt a touch of wax.”


“Well, non. Actually, wax doesn’t seem to bother me anymore. It is supposed to burn, right? When you touch it?”


C’est vrai. I am free from the burning of wax. And you are free from having your eyes chipped, or painted, or knocked over by Cuisinier.” Lumiere grins. “Just as he is free from making breakfasts in his belly.”

“Lumiere! Chip!” Belle is calling, from very far away. The meadow grass waves and something slides in front of the son—something dark, and great, and beautiful. “I’ve finished the glasses! Come and get them, before the eclipse starts!”

“It’s already started!” yells Chip, and is running over the fields before Lumiere can get up. Two human legs go bounding down the hill: and Chip is gone, blinking his bright, brown eyes against the sun.

“Yes, I’m only 36 and yes personal circumstances have caused me to…look a bit less than my best, but you know what? I’m tired of letting such comments get to me. I have a cushy leather chair at the Pokemon League, a large and very fancy cat (which, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t be envious of that?), I know some VERY wonderful people that I would do anything for…

And I probably look better in heels at ANY age than the people who give me grief. I just also happen to be fortunate enough to have people in my life to remind me that they like me because of the impression I left, and that I STILL look good.

This is the hand I’ve been dealt and you know what? I’m going to play it like a champ.”

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Lydia literally wasn't 'checking out' Parrish. All I saw was a look to see if he was okay after he exploded trying to defeat weird skin thingy. The look lasted for less than half a second, it was so short that if no one had mentioned it I wouldn't have noticed it. Everyone is overanalyzing and need to calm down, Lydia is loyal to her man Stiles Stilinski (aka love of her life/ man she created a rift through time and space for!!!)

yeah same, and if i were with them i would be looking at his body because he fucking turns into flames, I want to see that. 

The lip sync tutorial they DON’T give you

I mentioned on twitter that I wanted to do a lip sync tutorial and immediately got some people who were interested so I put one together real quick!

I’m going to use a bit of unfinished lip sync from my taz animated part as reference. They’re just gifs so no sound, but you should still be able to tell that he’s saying “I’d say a solid B… Solid B minus.”

Anyone who’s looked up how to do lip sync has seen phoneme charts. Phonemes are just the shape your mouth makes when you make certain sounds.

When you do lip sync, you want some kind of reference to make sure it’s right

What’s easiest is to say it yourself and pay attention to the shapes your mouth is making. Since you’re going frame by frame, your audio is slow enough that you can make each shape slowly and distinctly and you can get each individual phoneme down in the animation.

Don’t do this.^

An easy way to tell if you’re animating lip sync wrong is if you run out of frames to make each shape. You don’t need them! Making each shape is unnatural. People talk quickly and the mouth doesn’t have the time to get into each shape. They blend together, sometimes to the point where the shape doesn’t change at all!

Not only does the 2nd gif take less frames and energy to make, it’s more relaxed, it looks less distracting, and his lips are much easier to read!

These are reference charts to show the differences more clearly

This is the difference between getting swallowed up in every last detail and paying attention to reality.

What matters more than hitting every syllable is making it look natural and flow with the acting. That’s why anime mouth flaps can work so well. A strong pose through the whole body matters more than one mouth shape.