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You wanted requests? I'm guessing artsy ones? how about Blackhat insisting they go on a Convention for Villainous Shenanigans and Wheaponry, and he INSISTS everyone dress to the nines for this. He will not have his employees look less fancy than anyone else in public. Tuxes all around. No one knows how he got one that fits on 505.

(Behold, my very first comic, and I realised I have no idea how to draw hands)

It probably took 2 hours to dress 5.0.5 (BH of course didn’t helped Flug in any way), and Demencia destroyed 10 hats until they left.

BH is done with everything and everyone, and Flug is 100% anxiety. 5.0.5 would get over his fear eventually and would probably start to hug everyone there.

South Africa Continued: Sam’s Special Sustenance? 🤔

Alrighty guys, I got one more for ya, since apparently me and this Tweet are now BFFs. As a reminder, here is me rn:

S/O to @outlanderskin for pointing this out, I would never have noticed this before but again, curious to hear everyone’s thoughts. Let me preface by saying that the more I look at this, the less I am convinced that there is anything of relevance here.

She pointed out the plastic container on the table, saying it looked an awful lot like the containers in this tweet from Sophie, which she admittedly stole from Sam. Took a look at the labels on the containers and the food is from a company called Soul Mate Food, which is a meal planning & preparation service in the UK. If you look at the plastic lids, they look similar, and both have the label wrapped around the container. 

This is by NO MEANS conclusive, could easily not be the same packaging or company, could easily be something that Cait purchased for herself in a SA grocery store. In fact, there’s no evidence that this company would ship to SA, although since Sam is famous (no matter the letter on the celeb list, still can make a difference to a smaller company like this), I can imagine they would make an exception for him. The placement of the container is interesting, since it’s sort of hidden, but that could very well mean absolutely nothing. 

Like I said, this is most likely a complete coincidence, but as always love to hear everyone else’s perspective. No matter what, all of the shenanigans from the infamous birthday seem to me about as legit as good old Vincent Adultman: 

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Gallery & Library

The first-floor entryway leads up to the gallery, which overlooks the dining end of the ballroom. This was originally just a long hallway filled with art until I realised the ballroom could use some more ceiling space XD. It looks better now, less like a giant empty room XD

Also, on this floor is a small library. There is a hidden room behind one of the bookshelves, but it’s literally just a little room with computers for the producers and Karaish siblings to discuss stuff in private if needs be. I may never use it XD

Now in store for a limited time: SHIPS!

Okay guys here’s the thing: I recently have managed to reach the 100th story written for the lovely @steverogershield`s imagines. And I really wanted to do something special for this occasion but it coincided with the last weeks before my exams aka the time I really needed to study.

After having written my first exam today I finally figured out something I really want to do to celebrate the 100 imagines and 100 days in a row I managed to pull myself together and write at least 500 words a day:



But beware!

I don’t plan on doing your usual ships. But plan to do “Love at First Sight”-ships. You might ask what is so special about them then? While regular ships – which are wonderful by the way – require less looks and more personality description the requirements/rules for this kind of ship will be different.

What I need from you:

  • looks, Looks, LOOKS: Tell me everything about your appearance you are willing to let the world know: eye colour, hair colour and style, if it is important to you your skin colour or ethnicity, height, glasses or not, any and everything about the way you look. Big nose? Thin lips? As much as you want would still be preferred. NOT YOUR AGE THOUGH!
  • STYLE: Tell my about the clothes you like to wear, make-up, shoes, accessory, whatever – go wild! Add a stereotype or a subculture, or… whatever you can come up with.
  • FAVOURITE PLACE TO HANG OUT: well that’s self-explanatory I’d like to think. Where do you like to hang out or meet your friends or whatever. Just some place/places you frequent often: Club, Bar, Park, Mall, Library, Café, Lake, Beach, Arcades, certain Shops. You get the idea, right?
  • PREFERENCE: Like what gender you want to be shipped with and what fandom you have in mind. To make things easier for all of us the options are MARVEL, X-MEN or DC (the X-Men get their own category for a reason, deal with it) PICK ONE.


THAT’S ALL - I am deliberately being really shallow here.



Every and any request that includes hobbies or personality traits will be ignored and/or deleted. I want nothing like that in my inbox + it will tell me if you read and understood my very short list of rules, which is my absolute basic requirement to do anything for you in my free time.

That’s really it – now keep them coming. I am ready!

-> Ships will presumably be open until August 2nd


Also important (thank you for asking):

[Please take note that the majority of the ships or potentially any ships at all won’t be posted before August 2nd the day after my last exam.]  


Gwendoline Christie on what drives Brienne to never give up: “I think the relationship between Brienne and Catelyn Stark, the moment where Brienne realized strength in another woman… I remember quite fervently that line she says to Catelyn Stark, ‘You have courage.’ Not a man’s courage, but a woman’s courage. I think it’s that realization that Brienne didn’t have to force herself into a mold of masculinity; she didn’t have to take the path of men before her in order to be taken seriously or to do good. That she could be propelled by her own intuitive sense of what was right, in terms of a moral compass. There’s something very beautiful about the way she’s projected that into the future, that it doesn’t matter if someone lives or dies, because that goes into that person’s daughters, which feels significant. To Brienne, the Stark girls are her own. In her own way, I think Brienne feels that even if it’s one small thing for one person or two people, that that’s going to perpetuate a sense of good, which maybe subconsciously creates a greater sense of equality. That’s what I think is driving her; she’s connecting to an idea that’s greater than herself.”


Happyly dies! (not for V route) i think @cheritzteam has gone far and beyond. I’ve never saw a company give all this love for the game AND the players. I’ll miss the old ufo and menu desing but this is… Just great. They also had translated the greetings!!! And look closer… In less than 10 days a new story but there’s more 4 new contacts to call!!!! They made room for 4 more characters!
My bets: V, Rika, Saeran and Vanderwood.
Oh my, i’m diying!