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Gafou friends,

Let’s talk about how potentially angst the “Gaston is always the best!” mindset can be? Imagine Gaston hiding insecurities and suffocating feelings because he /has to/ be the best. Imagine LeFou seeing him with dark circles under his eyes and asking what’s going on and Gaston saying just he hadn’t much sleep that night, his tone implying a wild night with some girl. The truth, though: he spent the night tossing and turning on his bed, plagued by dreams of the war.

Imagine Gaston missing an easy shot and becoming enraged with himself at his “failure”. Gaston working out to the point of complete exhaustion. Lefou finding him sleeping against the wall of his house cause he didn’t have energy to drag himself back.

Gaston waking up to see Lefou sitting beside him on the ground, asleep, because he wasn’t strong enough to carry him inside but couldn’t leave him alone outside.

Gaston breaking down at the sight of his friend, uncomfortable on the cold floor, but keeping him company anyway.

Lefou waking up to the sound of Gaston’s muffled sobs and, instead of asking questions, just holding him and squeezing his hand and pressing closer and just being there.

Gaston, after calming down, being embarrassed because of the display of weaknesses and Lefou interrupting him with a smile and getting up, offering to cook them breakfast and asking if Gaston has eggs. Gaston giving a shaky laugh as he answers that “Of course there’s eggs, my dear Lefou.”

Them walking inside hand in hand and Gaston /knowing/ that Lefou wouldn’t mind if he wasn’t the best all the time. And maybe he doesn’t have to.

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Isak x Even & Sana x Yousef double date??

Is this a prompt? Am I being prompted? This is legitimately so exciting I don’t think I’ve ever been relevant enough to be prompted before?

But honestly imagine if they all plan to go on a double date? Sana tries to make out like it’s going to be super chill, they’ll just hang out and chat, or something. No big deal, Isak and Even probably need to save their money anyway now that they’re living together. Isak says, “Yeah, sure,” To the whole concept without actually thinking about it before remembering oh shit Even used to know this guy.

Even spends the entire lead up to the date alternating between trying to pretend that it’s super chill, he’s totally chill what the, fuck, Isak? Why would he not be super chill about this? And calling his mum and just Darth Vader breathing down the line because if there is one thing Even is not - it is chill.

The whole way to meet Sana and Yousef, Isak keeps trying to apologise for organising something without checking if it’s okay with Even, first, and Even is like no baby I love you it’s fine just excuse me for a little bit while I breathe into this paper bag. Except, Yousef is totally doing the same thing on Sana’s end?

“You’re so cool, Sana. Your friends must be so cool, all the friend’s I’ve already met were so cool what if I seem lame to these guys?” He’s whining, and he definitely changed his outfit like, seven times before coming? Sana just rolls her eyes and laughs at him. Isak and Even are, like, the exact opposite of cool. “Don’t worry, they’re really lame. They’ve been dating like half a year and they’re already living together.”

The second that Yousef pulls up with Sana he takes one look at Even and fully gasps. He’s like, “Even, bro! We all missed you so much when you left Bakka! We looked you up but we couldn’t find you on Facebook or anything man we were so sad!” Like, we’ve all seen how Yousef looses his chill and he is freaking out about Even. Even’s just staring at him wide-eyed and he’s like, “I didn’t think you’d want to see me anymore?”

Yousef is honestly so. offended. “What? Bro? You were like one of our best friends Mikael still misses you?” At this Isak makes this unintentional noise (like, Isak so has Mikael’s name as a note on his phone with PREVIOUS MAN OF EVEN’S LIFE in capitals after it) and Yousef looks at Isak and he’s like, “Oh my god is this your boyfriend? He’s so cute you guys look sso cute together! I’m so happy for you, Even!”

And Even (because he is the lamest guy in the world) is like, “YES THIS IS MY BOYFRIEND ISAK LOOK AT HIM. YOU ARE RIGHT HE’S CUTE HE IS THE CUTEST BOY IN THE WHOLE WORLD MAYBE THE WHOLE UNIVERSE.” And pulls Isak close and kisses his cheek. Then Yousef does this big double take and he’s like, “Oh my god, Isak and Even. Are you Sana’s friend Isak? She talks about you all he time, she thinks you’re really cool I was so excited to meet you!”

So at this point both Sana and Isak are so flustered because this is really not what their friendship is founded on. Isak is like, “You think I’m cool, Sana?” And Sana is like, “I guess you’re okay I can tolerate you.” Isak grins, “Cool.” Sana nods, “Cool.” This is the most they will acknowledge their friendship for the Next Ten Years. 

Anyway the double date basically turns into Yousef and Even catching up on everything since they all left Bakka, while Isak and Sana trail behind and roll their eyes fondly at their significant others. (They’re sickeningly into them. It’s really adorable.)

Isak posts an Instagram and Yousef likes it and twenty seconds later all of the Balloon Squad are commenting on the pic like HOLY SHIT IT IS EVEN. and wtf why is even’s boyfriend so cute. Sana posts an Instagram of Isak blushing because all these attractive ‘97 guys are calling him cute, with Even scowling in the background because he’s jealous while Yousef laughs at them both. The Balloon Squad all like that one, too. 

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