After a very long time I managed to finish a small drawing. (Hope it looks ok. I’m a bit rusty. Haha.)

Drew @borurou‘s OC Tres as a little present for an amazing artist.

I really like your art, especially your clear & crisp looking linearts. Your OC’s are very charming looking! I’m always interested to see new stuff from you! You really inspired al lot of people with G!Sans, because his overall design really was something to look at! I quite loved to follow @junkpilestuff‘s interpretation of G!Sans or @raintalker‘s take on that guy! You really created a wonderful domino effect there! And I’m grateful for that!

But even if you don’t finish your own G!Sans comic I still love to see more of your awesome art & I hope you will enjoy as well as create new wonderful things in the future!

You are quite awesome in my book! So keep up the great work of yours, Boru!

anonymous asked:

Maya! I'm looking for a new perfume at the moment, do you have any recommendations? Thank you, btw you are soo adorable and your blog is downright amazing💖

omg my favorite perfume ever is prada candy l’eau, its definitely my scent and every time i wear it i get compliments or people ask what smells so good and i’m like “its me”, but i also love marc jacobs daisy eau so fresh, miss dior eau de parfum, viktor & rolf flowerbomb, and chloé eau de parfum, thank u angel 

my mum is so against me cutting my hair short and I just know it’d make me so much happier :I I really don’t like my hair at the moment, it’s just a bit mess all the time and I want something easy to look after, uggh. I’m getting it cut soon but there’s no way she’ll let me cut it short and IWANTSHORTHAIRDAMNIT.

All I want is short hair and tattoos I AM MY MOTHERS NIGHTMARE :’D




Cardinals will be released on September 9th.

The new EP from Klone, Cardinals centres itself around the 5 cardinal questions - who, what, when, where, and why. Running at approximately 30 minutes through 6 tracks, each track is an exploration of what each word means to me translated into song.

It is also the first release to feature vocals. Here is a teaser from the WIP of Where.

There will be two versions of this release, the first what you would expect from Klone - distorted guitars, guitar solos, just with the new introduction of lyrics into the mix. The other version of the album is an entirely acoustic experience, allowing you to happily play these tracks in your place of work or otherwise.

If you haven’t yet picked up a copy of the debut album More Than Nothing it is available for free on Bandcamp, thank you for sticking with me through all the silence, and I’m looking forward to see what you all think of Cardinals.